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1. This is Part 2 of The Modern Church: Imperatives. Please read Part 1 at… #Illuminare
2. The second challenge facing the modern church is the challenge of intellectualism. #Illuminare
3. Inadvertently pastors are reinforcing the notion Christianity is anti-intellect. We’re labelling the use of intellect anti-faith, anti-Spirit and carnal. That is a troubling misrepresentation of Paul’s submission on faith and intellect. #Illuminare
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1. Churches are critical to developing economies. They often constitute the social security system of developing nations. #Illuminare
2. Churches take street urchins aka “area boys” off the streets; they reach out to sex workers, act as ameliorators for mental health challenges, organise conferences for SMEs, set up hospitals, set up schools, feed the hungry, take care of drug addicts... #Illuminare
3. They provide scholarships, clothing and accommodation for the poor, organise job seminars and placements, motivate the youths, teach them values... #Illuminare
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1. If you ask the average Pentecostal what Pentecostalism is he’ll probably tell you it’s a Christian denomination defined by the experience of speaking in tongues as evidence of in-filing of the Holy Spirit. #Illuminare
2. Pentecostals are huge on practical relationship with the Holy Spirit. They believe God can speak to you directly, hold conversations with you on a regular basis, even on mundane stuff. #Illuminare
3. Some people think that’s insane of course and it’s understandable. God is far up there and we’re far down here after all. #Illuminare
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1. This week’s #Illuminare is a reminder of God’s promises to you. #Illuminare
2. I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out — plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for. Jeremiah 29:11 MSG. #Illuminare
3. Do not be afraid — I am with you! I am your God – let nothing terrify you! I will make you strong and help you; I will protect you and save you. Isaiah 41:10 GNT. #Illuminare
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1. This is Part 2 of Total Man. Please read Part 1 at…. #Illuminare
2. The law of visualisation says you must see it before you see it. That’s because you can edit yourself. You have the capacity to become what you see. You can write your history in advance. #Illuminare
3. And so to maximise your potential as a man you must learn to use your imagination, you must be creative. And you must learn to reason analytically. You can’t do Twitter reasoning. #Illuminare
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1. If you’ve been following #Illuminare you’d have noticed I am emphatic about five things: #Illuminare
2. a) You don’t have to be a pastor to have a profound understanding of scriptures, or to operate in the gifts of the Spirit. Every Christian is supposed to operate in the gifts of the Spirit. #Illuminare
3. b) Everything shouldn’t take place in church. We’re supposed to take Christ everywhere we go – to the political, social, cultural and economic nooks of society. #Illuminare
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1. The man Judah was a most interesting character. The fourth son of Patriarch Jacob, he oscillated between moral poles like a man struggling with something deep inside him. There were moments he rose in nobility, and other moments he might have shocked himself. #Illuminare
2. What made Judah even more interesting was the fact he had a pharisaic disposition. He was quick to condemn sin in others even when he was ensnared in the same issues. In other words, Judah was a man of like passions like us. There’s a Judah in all of us. #Illuminare
3. The meaning of Judah is “Praise.” It was his mother who gave him that name not his father. And that for good reason. The name is actually tinged with sadness. #Illuminare
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1. Even if we can’t agree on many things about God one thing we can all agree on is, and this from the evidence before us, God is super intelligent. #Illuminare
2. In acknowledgement of God’s intelligence, John declared him the Logos. John 1:1. Logos is the principle of divine reason and creative order. It’s the code running the universe. It’s otherwise known as WORD. Hebrews 1:3. Logos means “word.” #Illuminare
3. Here’s the thing about God though - he doesn’t do random. Everything he does is strategic. His intents are goal-oriented. And he seems fond of intricate plans. That’s probably because he cannot be God if he can’t forecast far into the future, or even create the future.
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#Illuminare – MY HEALING STORY starts now.
1. I had always wanted to be a lawyer, since the age of ten. I don’t understand the mechanics of how children are stirred in a vocational direction, but for me the inspiration was a legal drama series on TV. It was called The Main Chance. #Illuminare
2. The lead character, David Main made me want to study law. He was played by John Stride. He was absolutely brilliant in and out of court. #Illuminare
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#Letr2Jack – SUCCESS AND MARRIAGE starts now.
1. Dear Jack, two friends got married. One became successful, the other struggled to succeed. Yet both their marriages failed. Moral: both success and failure can produce a failed marriage. #Letr2Jack
2. We tend to imagine only lack can break a marriage, but success can also break a marriage. It’s sad but true. Partners have to be mindful of the effect of success on their marriage. #Letr2Jack
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#Illuminare – LESSONS FROM NOTRE DAME starts now.
1. Some say the Notre Dame Cathedral is the symbol of Christianity in France, and even Europe. Maybe, maybe not. The name is French for “Our lady”. The church was named after Mary, the mother of Jesus. It was built for almost two centuries between 1163 and 1345. #Illuminare
2. The Notre Dame is an architectural icon for its pioneering use of rib vault, flying buttress, and those huge colourful windows. Her two spires were the tallest structures in Paris until completion of Eiffel tower in 1889. #Illuminare
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#Letr2Jil – LIFE HAPPENS starts now.
1. My dear Jil, let me tell you a little bit about life. It’s important you understand life. I’ll tell you a little story. #Letr2Jil
2. There were four friends, all female, all beautiful. Each was building her business, and each turned out successful. They were all married by the way. Let’s call them Mrs. A, B,C & D. #Letr2Jil
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#Illuminare – THE JESUS BRAND starts now.
1. Many, many, many years ago I got a call from a church to design and produce invitational fliers. The church was new – it was a demographic outreach of a particular denomination. #Illuminare
2. The church is located in the high brow section of town. Successful people live in that part of town and certain pedigree of businesses occupy the real estate. It is an expensive locality, one of those areas rent is paid in dollars per square metre. #Illuminare
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#Letr2Jack – DON'T WASTE YOUR YOUTH starts now.
1. My dear Jack, I must confess I read your mail with a tinge of sadness. How do you do that to a woman? #Letr2Jack
2. You dated this young woman for two years, all the while sleeping with her and impregnating her. And now she’s suddenly no good for you. Meanwhile you were the one who insisted she keep the pregnancy. #Letr2Jack
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#Illuminare – TERMS OF PAYMENT starts now.
1. There’s a measured feeling inside of me, like a tape-measured nudge to share a few reminiscences. These are bits and pieces of biographical sketch. I want to give you an aperture into the past. Perhaps we can see the future from the past. #Illuminare
2. It all began in church on Sunday. As the preacher exhorted I was transported to a thought island. On that island I saw that people had abdicated responsibility for the preaching of the gospel to pastors. This is of course the opposite of what the Bible teaches. #Illuminare
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#Illuminare – MARRIAGE DIVINATION starts now.
1. One of the most troubling aspects of Nigerian Christianity is the concept of marriage divination. #Illuminare
2. Marriage divination is now prevalent in Pentecostal circles, and this is what happens: A young man who has been dating a girl realises he needs to take the next step and so he approaches his pastor. The pastor promises to “look into it.” #Illuminare
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#Letr2Jil – DON'T TRADE HAPPINESS starts now.
1. My dear Jil, I think you’ll be making a huge mistake if you go ahead and marry this gentleman. The issues will only get magnified in marriage. #Letr2Jil
2. He’s not satisfied with you, you’re trying to adjust furiously, you’re not really yourself in the relationship. And in spite of all the adjustments things are still not okay. #Letr2Jil
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#Illuminare – THEOLOGICAL ABSURDITIES starts now.
1. This is a continuation of a long discourse on marriage. To catch up on past postings please click the links at the end of this article. #Illuminare
2. There are all sorts of funky theology out there concerning marriage, and they’ve been around for some time. These malevolent theologies seem to hang in the air, afflicting generation after generation of Christians. #Illuminare
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#Letr2Jack – TWO CAPACITIES starts now.
1. My dear Jack, there are two capacities you must develop if you want to make a success of your relationship and indeed life. You must develop capacity for introspection and capacity for critical self analysis. The two are not the same. #Letr2Jack
2. By introspection I mean the ability to look inward, to consider your life, your direction; to see where you’re coming from, know where you are, where you want to go. #Letr2Jack
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#Illuminare – COMMONSENSE AND MARRIAGE starts now.
1. This is a continuation of a long discourse on matrimony. If you’ve not been following please scroll down and click on the links at the end of this article. #Illuminare
2. I thought the masochist theology of matrimony ended in the 1980s until I came across some comments posted by some young men and women on Facebook. They were advocating the failed matrimonial ideology of the 1980s. #Illuminare
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#Letr2Jil – THE SHIP HAS SAILED starts now.
1. My dear Jil, it’s unfortunate, and I quite empathise with your situation but that ship has sailed. You’ll have to accept the reality. He’s gone! Another woman has him now. Prized guys don’t hang around for too long. #Letr2Jil
2. You were late in appreciating his worth. He waited on you for two years! That’s a long time for a guy to be waiting for a response. #Letr2Jil
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1. A young man wrote me the other day asking if he should marry someone he doesn’t love. My response was simple and immediate. I told him it was not advisable. You will suffer, I said. #Illuminare
2. Outside of ancient cultural mores such a proposition would ordinarily not make sense. The issue shouldn’t even arise in Christianity. #Illuminare
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#Letr2Jack – ASPIRE starts now.
1. My dear Jack, I think you’re mistaken about issues of life, possibly conflicted by your ego. #Letr2Jack
2. There’s no nobility in poverty. If you don’t accept that as a basic fact of life, you’ll keep having problems in this relationship. #Letr2Jack
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#Illuminare – THE CHURCH AND STATE starts now.
1. The year 2018 was annus horribilis for the Pentecostal movement. It was the year the image of the Pentecostal pastor sank so low many pastors dropped the honorific from their social media handles. The word “pastor’ became synonymous with greed, avarice and exploitation.
2. 2018 was the year of the concerted crusade against the payment of tithe. The income of many ministries dropped. To be fair much of the attack was unfair. A very, very large accusatory brush was used to tar a large swath of pastors. #Illuminare
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