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Lidsville was a camp 70s cartoon & I may be too. A chronicle of this benighted colony's corporate capture, starting with #SiteC dam. No lists. Like ≠ agreement
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Mar 18 22 tweets 12 min read
Had another interesting exchange with my former gas pipeline engineer friend this morning on #TMX & #CGL. You may recall he has high-level Cdn & internat'l experience designing/building pipelines. He's upset Canada would dump failing #TMX onto First Nations.. #cdnpoli #bcpoli ..Engineer: "First Nations groups are now competing to buy #TMX, but with the “repair” from the recent washout sitting on sharp rock, I assume, since they haven't shown us a new sand bed, the rush is on for the gov’t to get rid of it to the first buyer..." #bcpoli
Mar 18 4 tweets 1 min read
How many warnings that are then proven true is it going to take before people stop with this kneejerk "you're Chicken Little, the sky isn't falling" reaction every $#%* time they're warned?

The BC public & #bcpoli were warned about Delta & Omicron & ignored it. And this time? In case you didn't catch it in the tweet quoted above: the BA.2 variant is TRIPLING every two weeks.

Guess the pandemic is over. And if it turns out to have longer term effects on yourself and others, will we hear a mea culpa, or...?
Mar 16 10 tweets 4 min read
Since BC is some sort of Brave New World where adults are treated like infants who must be shielded from data & facts, we must look elsewhere. If Covid is rising this fast in S. Korea, which has had far better pandemic mgmt, then likely in BC too #bcpoli Here's a similar graph for Germany, showing Covid cases spiking fast: #bcpoli
Mar 14 16 tweets 8 min read
When journalists avoid challenging govt because they fear losing access to key politicians for interviews, that's called "access journalism." Related: when govts block a reporter from interviewing a politician in retaliation for a tough story, that's called "source chill" #bcpoli ..Or at least we called it "source chill" when I studied media.

In any case "access journalism" is considered a degraded form of media. Yet it's rampant in BC. Many of the highest-profile journalists in #bcmedia engage in it & for obvious reasons don't like you to point it out..
Mar 13 8 tweets 3 min read
Again! A relative went to a friend's in-person funeral in Vancouver 8 days ago. Many who attended caught Covid. She was the only person in an N95 (didn't eat or drink). This is the 2nd superspreader event she has attended, & both times remained unscathed, thx to N95.
#bcpoli PS funeral was on a Friday & it sounds as if symptoms developed for most by Wednesday (some didn't get symptoms but still tested + on a RAT).

Just remember: even if your symptoms are mild it doesn't mean there isn't permanent damage. Cardiovascular & neuro/brain damage. Avoid.
Feb 13 22 tweets 12 min read
Hi @checkupcbc, it strikes me that your guests & callers are treating the convoy as a grassroots protest & not a highly orchestrated political strategy on the part of large interests. Sure, such interests easily harness free-floating anger, but their money & agenda come first. @checkupcbc Yes, some are upset about the pandemic, some are racist & hate-motivated, others may have other grievances, but it looks as if they're all being easily recruited by good corporate strategists. I work as a strategist & I recognize the signs. There's money behind this. Follow it.
Feb 11 4 tweets 5 min read
Vancouver Coastal Health's chief medical health officer Patty Daly says there's "great debate" over whether #COVIDisAirborne.

It's like saying climate change is still a debate. No, it's not.

Deal with this disinformation, @adriandix.… #bcpoli @adriandix The US CDC has stated #CovidIsAirborne. So has the WHO.

Do @CDCofBC and @VCHhealthcare think BC has a different pandemic with a different virus? #bpcoli
Jan 25 5 tweets 5 min read
If Dr. Bonnie Henry or @AdrianDix use the term "mild" in this 3 pm press conference of theirs, I will lose it. It wasn't "mild." It was dangerous, painful & terrifying. Sure, downplay a virus with unknown long term effects, high rates of #LongCovid, deaths high & hospitals full. @adriandix In ten minutes @Protect_BC will be livetweeting this BC COVID press conference. If you saw their last livetweet, you'll know it's worth following along. Sharp. #bcpoli
Jan 24 12 tweets 7 min read
!!! From a HCW in a #BCpoli hospital just now:

"They are now making it difficult to test people in hospital - they're refusing to authorize PCR tests on people who become symptomatic. There's a NAAT PCR machine in ED but inpatient can't use it without special authorization.." ..I ran this past a nurse who replied: "And we all know why that is! Families are threatening to sue if their relatives get nosocomial [hospital-acquired] COVID" ie. from infected patients placed in the same room. Hospitals covering rears? If you don't test, there's no proof...
Jan 23 4 tweets 3 min read
BCers aren't allowed to wear an N95 into hospitals, but BC govt staff and ministers appear to be wearing them for pressers. #bcpoli

1. Is this the same civil servant who has described Omicron as the sniffles? (Genuine Q) And is this not BC's Health Minister in an N95 under a surgical mask, at a press conference? How is that acceptable when visitors to @Fraserhealth hospitals are forced to remove N95 masks? #bcpoli
Dec 25, 2021 4 tweets 4 min read
"SARS: A costly error" - very interesting Globe article from 2003, detailing the mistakes made by public health authorities in Toronto, notably Dr. Bonnie Henry. They were mistakes driven by non-health-related calculations. #bcpoli… "How had they missed it? Was it inevitable that a sneak ‘More than 27,000 people were quarantined in Toronto's two SARS outbreaks, one in March and April and the second in May & June, according to @AP. AP put the number of deaths in the Toronto area at 39, including a nurse who died’
via @heynursekat…
Dec 24, 2021 5 tweets 2 min read
We imagine that Canada has socialized medicine and the US does not, but has anyone noticed that this appears to have flipped with respect to the pandemic? There's often more equitable access to testing, vaccines, treatment & supports in the US: #bcpoli

Chelsea's thread details supports offered to Covid patients by NY public health. They seem almost fictional from a BC POV. I said this to CBC when they interviewed me about the difficulty of getting access to the rapid tests I needed to try to protect elder family members here..
Dec 16, 2021 43 tweets 26 min read
This briefing by @Protect_BC is today at 12:30. I'm volunteering to live-tweet it. I'll use the #covid19bc & #bcpoli hashtags, but sparingly. Follow this thread.. this is tweet #1. See you at 12:30. The @Protect_BC briefing on #Omicron is in 5 minutes. Here's the link to the 3 livestreams (no reg'n required).
You can watch via YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. I'll be on the YouTube:… #covid19BC
Dec 16, 2021 5 tweets 4 min read
This train is off the tracks. Dr. Henry was just on @CBCStephenQuinn Early Edition saying 2 vaccine shots is the same protection against #Omicron as Delta & downplaying need for boosters. Has she not read the ample data?! Deal with this, @adriandix @jjhorgan. #bcpoli #Covid19BC @CBCStephenQuinn @adriandix @jjhorgan Are we to assume Bonnie Henry hasn't only failed to read Pfizer's own data, but also the data that UK public health has put out on the superior protection of 3 doses over 2? What the hell is going on? She just boldly spread misinformation on our national broadcaster. #bcpoli
Dec 14, 2021 7 tweets 6 min read
Today's BC govt briefing on #Covid19BC was even more disappointing than anticipated. In response, there will be a briefing from @Protect_BC on Thursday, with lots of time for media Qs to PoP doctors, incl. @DrFiliatrault who stopped SARS in its tracks in Vancouver in 2003
#bcpoli @Protect_BC @DrFiliatrault Why was today's BC govt #covid19BC briefing disappointing?:
- NO rapid tests for BCers before Christmas/NYs! Nothing til mid Jan. Dangerously slow compared to other provs..
- rapid tests misinformation (see next tweet)
- NO acceleration of booster shots or kids vaxx shots
Dec 11, 2021 14 tweets 9 min read
"It’s hard to look this in the eye. But COVID’s worst is coming" - Bruce Arthur, @TorontoStar… #covid19BC #Omicron #cdnpoli #bcpoli @TorontoStar “Honestly, I’m not sure I have been as worried as I am now. Probably not..." - Dr. @beatesander

"It’s hard for the human mind to grasp; part of that is the sheer bloody wall of exponential math. The numbers feel imaginary."
Dec 10, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read
I sent this quote to a friend who works in health policy. His reply (pardon expletives):
"That is just.. f'g violent, what she said. Putting the onus back on people to deal with the fallout of her policies. But the thing I don’t understand is... " (cont'd)
.."But what I don't understand is this thing of "x is not a silver bullet, y is not a silver bullet.” Vaccination is not a silver bullet! Should we stop vaccinating? I mean, #Omicron proves that vaccination is not a silver bullet. None of these things are silver bullets"...
Dec 9, 2021 5 tweets 6 min read
You need to respond to this, @adriandix. Your ministry openly dodged reporter @PennyDaflos's questions. We don't pay you to run an opaque operation. You work for us. Come clean, start talking, and release the rapid tests to the public now. #bcpoli… @adriandix @PennyDaflos Shall we review how much evidence there is that rapid tests work, and that BC health officials have been evasive, uncooperative, even negligent on this issue? This goes back a year. Start with this fantastic thread by @npescod #ReleasetheRATs #bcpoli
Dec 8, 2021 5 tweets 4 min read
BC public health is not doing math. We know that a chunk of transmission of #covid19 is by asymptomatic people. How can you break those chains of transmission if you're only testing symptomatic people? I don't understand. #math #bcpoli #FreeTheRATs

There's a whole component of epidemiology that involves stats. It's math: how many people does one person infect; how many of those go on to infect others, & over what space of time; what is the Rt value & is this exponential spread? You want to catch even ONE asymptomatic case.. Image
Dec 2, 2021 9 tweets 10 min read
POPPYCOCK. This false electricity panic must stop. This is nuclear/hydro industry-created panic, for these sectors' own benefit. It's as bad as "WE NEED MOAR SUPPLY" in housing. And it's Clean Energy Canada touting it, as usual. (Thread) #bcpoli #SiteC… If you want to understand the future of electricity you should listen to grid experts, not the industries that stand to profit from massive increases in electricity generation: #NuclearEnergy & #BigHydro. Please read this thread before continuing: #SiteC
Dec 1, 2021 34 tweets 25 min read
This briefing by @Protect_BC starts NOW.

I'm going to try to live-tweet it, or at least the highlights. Do you have questions for Dr. David Fisman or Dr. Amy Tan? Attach them to the tweet quoted here (don't reply to my tweet or they won't see it) #bcpoli @Protect_BC Here are the livestream links to todays's @Protect_BC briefing #bcpoli #covid19BC