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So earlier today I posted on my FB about the anti-mask "freedom rally" in #Vancouver today of over 1,000 covidiots w clear presence (perhaps even organizing impetus) of #QAnons--a fundamentally antisemitic set of conspiracy theories. And this is tiny glimpse of 130 comments Image
Full comment stream here, not that I expect anyone to want to wade through it. Most replies are from my FB friends who are appalled by today's super-spreader rally. But since I keep my FB page open, anyone can jump on, and the #QAnons did in places…
The Guardian did a good backgrounder on #QAnon earlier this year. Q-Anon today is source of the "covid is a hoax" conspiracy theories that place Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates at center of some grand cabal. Q-Anon basically generates Trump's support.…
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Ted Kuntz of Vaccine Choice Canada says in his speech at the anti-lockdown rally that it's time to take the BC government to court. The crowd went wild.

Anti-lockdown protestors have been threatening this since April. What's taking them so long? #Vancouver
They're collecting donations for their lawsuit. Speaker Tanya Gaw says people are donating $50 and $100 bills.
One lady announced she'd be donating $1000 Image
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🇨🇦 Health Regions 930pm Sep 4
Canada climbs to 10.2 weekly cases per 100K with 611 new cases reported by PHU's today. That's double what it was on July 12th.
More ⤵️
#CovidCanada #Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #Covid19MB #BC #COVID19AB… Image
Case Incidence by region. Every region in #Alberta is either yellow or red now. Image
Reported cases today by region, led by Edmonton and followed by Vancouver, Calgary and Fraser. Image
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So proud of @Raptors + coach #NickNurse -gr8 initiative to encourage #USA #ExpatVote #election2020 (only5% of 650,000+ eligible did so in 2016) See their Aug 29 vid here->
Dear 650000+ #USA citizens currently living in #Canada,
I don't know what brought you here (welcome to #WeTheNorth land)
But I can't understand why only 30500 of you voted in #2016USElxn. That's downright pitiful by any #voter turnout standard...
#USPoli #Toronto #Vancouver
..The results of the upcoming (66 days) #2020Election will have profound repercussions to not only #USA, but to #Canada . As a Canadian, I'm not eligible to vote. What's your excuse if you're a #USAexpat?
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Thread: A major warehouse facility in #SurreyBC, larger than #Vancouver's #Amazon complex, is being billed as a #BeltandRoad initiative in Beijing, #China. ...…
What follows is an exclusive interview with #Vancouver businessman Guo Taicheng, a VP of the China Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs, an association of the #UnitedFront of the Chinese Communist Party, the #CCP. Interview jointly conducted by
Guo and his Hong Kong based company Shing Kee purport to be building a "mother centre" import-export facility in Yanjiao, on the outskirts of Beijing. His association membership, tied to the CCP (he is not a CCP member), brings opportunity for business, he says.
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holy heck lightning in downtown vancouver???


#BCStorm #vancouver
this is wild this like n e v e r happens in vancouver I've seen maybe 7 lightings in my 6 years here before this!!!

I was just saying how I miss my big toronto summer storms!
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Dear BC,
This is Not Good.

This is on the “ohno, we fucked up” path of ramping up too much contact.

We can still fix it, although we’ll have a 2-week lag before any improvements show up.
Dear #Vancouver,
We're the problem. We need to be personally responsible with our choices. We're seeing way too many people way too quickly (& often close, indoors, with no masks!), leading to community spread.

Chill. Enjoy the sun, but do it solo. Yeah?

Our second wave is hitting faster than our first, and this time it’s in our most population-dense region with spread at social gatherings.

We got complacent & sloppy, but we know better. We can turn this around again, but we gotta reign it in.
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Life for me went back to fairly normal in early June when I got childcare back. Everyday since then I have felt grateful &guilty - I know others have not been so lucky.

Today my kiddo woke up with a cough. Luckily we had a super speedy negative COVID test in #Vancouver #BC. 1/2
However, we have no childcare again until symptoms resolve. This has been an emotional day, and a stark reminder of the "new normal" of our lives. That we need to plan ahead, and have strong supportive work networks that let us attend to family and health when we need to. 1/3
I realize and aware of how lucky I am to have childcare to go back to, live in a place where we could get a quick and easy test and an amazingly supportive team (@UBCMDS you are the best). All of this made today much easier than it would have been otherwise. 1/4
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If you see anything on anti-mask protests in Canada today, whether it's in the single digits or larger, please send it my way.
There's a couple dozen at the Ottawa anti-mask rally.
Hamilton proposed speakers according to Justin Long are Letitia Montana, Elle Sophia Resetti, Chris "Sky" Saccoccia, Vladislav Sobolev, and some 13 year old. So it's the Toronto anti-lockdown people and the Yellow Vests. Saccoccia planned to give out "exemption cards"
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THREAD: This is Shivali Lekhi. She saves lives at BC Children’s Hospital as a respiratory therapist.

This morning, she drove with her brothers for hours to their family home to find broken windows and this graffiti. Their parents were alone last night when this happened.
Ramesh Lekhi and his wife were inside when they heard a big bang from the windows breaking.

He showed me the swastika at the front of the house and said he knew what it meant, but had to explain to his wife, who cried the whole night.
This is Abhishek Lekhi, who just graduated from @UBC in Vancouver. He says the graffiti is an act of hatred making him wonder if their family was very truly welcome in the place he and siblings were born and raised.
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I've become passionate about "SIGNAL" BREAKING. See all this? Auto companies signalling celebs, black hats, deep state and cabal. They're #streetstrong ⁠— suppliers equipt for COVID "wave 2". @realDonaldTrump Do they think we are stupid? #QAnon #QAnons ImageImageImage
I wanted to know what the "590W690" on the #Ford windshield was. With 5G at top of mind, the search results were very interesting. I know Ryan Reynolds is Canada's "ambassador", so I thought I'd dig further for fun.
#COVIDIDIOTS #COVID19 #Plandemic #QAnon ImageImageImage
.@realDonaldTrump New themes everyday. Definitely a "dot" and "spot" theme happening since "Mary Poppins Returns". How many SHERMANS are there? Shermanmania? Maybe they're just mad with 'fury' because #JFKJrReturns too. #COVIDIDIOTS #COVID19 #Plandemic #QAnons #MadMax #BlueDot ImageImageImageImage
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Susan Standfield is complaining about a Black Lives Matter group sabotaging her "anti-lockdown" rally! #Vancouver
Here's the video.

"Black Lives Matter today arrived on skateboard. 300 of them."

The banner for the "BLM" protest said "Protect Black Trans Women."

A video of the anti-lockdown march shows anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Raoul Taylor van Haastert leading them in a chant "My life matters" "all lives matter" and "keep the police"
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..It’s a big crowd at the Vancouver Art Gallery for #BlackLivesMatter #protest #GeorgeFloyd #vanpoli #bcpoli
The bells of Christchurch Cathedral began ringing at 5:25 and didn’t stop for several minutes
#GeorgeFloydprotest #Vancouver #vanpoli
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Racism, addiction and a pandemic: Vancouver bus attack a violent flashpoint of city's long-standing tensions.

Piece by me and @wanyeelii where we try to dive into the complex and entrenched challenges facing our city, that #COVID19 has only exacerbated.…
We chose to discuss the particular vulnerabilities of the East #Vancouver region, a gentrifying but still relatively affordable area that has historically been home to many communities of colour, including low-income elderly immigrants from Asia.… #COVID19
Since the #COVID19 pandemic struck Canada, East Vancouver has seen a spate of suspected hate crimes and incidents against people of Asian descent. The bus attack on a woman who tried to defend two Asian women from verbal abuse is only the latest case.…
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NEW: Man punches woman, yanks out her hair after she stands up for Asian women on Vancouver bus, authorities say in latest possible #COVIDー19 related attack.… @TorontoStar @starvancouver #cdnpoli #yvr #vancouver
.@TransitPolice are asking for help identifying the man who allegedly attacked a woman, punching and kicking her and pulling her hair so hard he removed a “significant” amount.

The woman had spoken up after he verbally berated two Asian women.… #COVIDー19
Two Asian women were wearing protective masks on the bus.

“Go back to your country; that’s where it all started," the suspect shouted.

That was when the female bystander spoke up to defend the two women, telling the man to leave them alone.…
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Thread: Dump bad equations. They lead to bad decisions.

On May 10, Mr. @BorisJohnson proposed a simple equation to determine #COVID Alert Level. He then explained how the reopening policy could be shaped based on this "Threat Level".

In this thread, I will explain why this equation is not only wrong, but is also completely unnecessary — especially when we have clear alternative measures that can guide #COVID policies and decisions.

* Fast forward to tweet # 11 if you already know Dimensional Analysis.

One of the first subjects in physics is "Dimensional Analysis". It needs to be emphasized more in high school and college physics courses.

See this @wikipedia article for a technical description:…

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(1/3) Li #Vancouver Aquarium in #Canada anunciat que it sta in dangere de clusion pro li perde de moné quel resultat del manca de visitantes pro li #coronavirus. Secun li aquarium, it perdi $3.3 million mensualmen e solmen du mensus resta til quande it

#Occidental #Interlingue Image
(2/3) va esser fortiat cluder su portas permanentmen. Secun li organisation, it tornat se al guvernament de #JustinTrudeau por apoy pecuniari, quel semblat positiv vis-a-vis li idé de apoyar it ma que un oficial response tarda ancor. Li aquarium possede un lua-contracte
(3/3) de 35 annus con li Parc Stanley, e pro li mult animales qui vive ta it ne posse "simplicmen cluder li portas e extinter li luce" si it trova se in bancrotte. It cludet su portas li mensu passat, con null visitantes desde li 17im de marte. 60 employates ha esset congediat.
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Another death recorded in #BC bringing total up to 1. We have 74 new cases of #COVIDー19 bringing total up to 424. Dr. Bonnie Henry says latest death linked to #LynnValley Care Centre in #NorthVancouver. @NEWS1130
#BREAKING More secondary businesses ordered to shutter in #BC include hair salons and other “personal” service establishments. @NEWS1130
Henry now explaining how she hopes to “flatten the curve” in #BC. She says social distancing measures are key to keeping everyone safe. He voice shakes again as she stresses how crucial it is these orders are followed. @NEWS1130
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“If you’re abroad it’s time for you to come home.”
Canada is closing the border to people who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Image
Starting Wednesday airports in #Vancouver, #Calgary, #montreal & #toronto will be the only airports accepting international flights.
Exceptions for air crews, diplomats, immediate family members and U.S. citizens.
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🇨🇦👨‍💻 Analizando ofertas de trabajo en Canadá como Senior #Software Engineer y similares.

Un compañero de @DevzCommunity está cerca de que se le extienda una oferta para venir a #Canada. "Echamos montón" entre algunos expats para sugerencias y tips. 🧵👇🏼 (1/13)
💳 Creds:

∙ Llevo casi 8 años aquí. Entre #Vancouver, #Toronto y KW.
∙ He contratado, o ayudado a contratar, a algunos muchachos de 🇲🇽
∙ He mentoreado a varios muchachos de varias nacionalidades a establecerse, o mejorar sus condiciones de trabajo

🙅‍♂️ Disclaimers:

∙ No soy abogado
∙ No soy contador
∙ Puede que esté equivocado en algunas cosas, en cuyo caso pls házmelo saber. Pero lo digo con toda la buena vibra del mundo

Dicho lo anterior...

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#Coronavirus UPDATE & Resources
Mar 7th 9PM EST
-105,981 = 95 Countries & China
-3,586 have died🌎
-59,916 have recovered🌎
-80,695 Cases in 🇨🇳
-7,134 #SouthKorea
-5,883 #Italy
-5,823 #Iran
-949 France
#COVID19seattle #NC #WA #CA #MA #CT
1/8 #US #COVIDー19 Stats 👇🏾
2a) #US #COVID19 Update
March 6th 9PM EST
-424 #Coronavirus cases in US
-32 states have confirmed cases
-94 new cases as of 9pm
-15 have recovered
-17 have died #WA #CA
-US Citizens in Self-quarantine: 13,900+
-See Pandemic Prep Resources 👇🏾
#CoronavirusUSA #Houston #Chicago #NJ
Below you will see 3 things:
-The number of #coronavirus cases in the 32 states w/#COVID19
-The transmission origin - nearly half is community spread followed by an infected/sick person who lived in #Westchester who then infected 54 others
-chart showing the daily # of new cases
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#BC government-wide response to #COVID19 includes -IF NECESSARY- prep for outbreak lasting up to 4 months.

Premier @jjhorgan and Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry say focus remains on identification and containment of isolated cases. #health #bcpoli @NEWS1130
.@jjhorgan says more than 2800 tests done in #BC and response so far has been “robust.” He’s appointing deputy minister to oversee response. #COVIDー19 #bcpoli @NEWS1130
Premier offering assurances everything that can be done is being done to keep #COVIDー19 virus from spreading in #BC. So far, only one case out of 21 admitted to #ICU. @NEWS1130
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