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12 Sep
Sunday reflection on #COVID19AB . What we are witnessing is the failure of individualism, the idea that we are only individuals and as Margaret Thatcher famously said, society does not exist. (1/n)
Throughout the pandemic, conservatives (not just Kenney) have argued that we can only respond to COVID as individuals protecting our own interests, i.e. our personal surivival. (2/n)
If you don't think COVID is a serious threat to your survival, you can just ignore it. In fact, you have the right to ignore it. (3/n)
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29 Mar
I worked in the Science Expert Working Group in the K-12 curriculum review conducted during the NDP government. So I am particularly interested in the science component of the draft curriculum published today. #abed #abpoli #ableg (1/11)
We produced a draft K-4 curriculum that was to be field tested the year the UCP took over government. Here are some links to compare the two documents: (Previous Science Intro) (Previous Science K-4) (Today)
I will focus here on the Organizing Idea "understandings of the physical world are deepened through investigating matter and energy". (3/11)
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22 Oct 20
I was involved in the curriculum review before the UCP came in, in the area of science. Given what I know about the process, I have some thoughts about the document that has come to light in K-4 social studies. 1/10
In the previous process, AB Ed curriculum specialists led meetings with hundreds of teachers, plus some content experts like myself. We met periodically for 3 days at a time. 2/10
The AB Ed people explained the desired structure of the curriculum: at the highest level essential understandings, then guiding questions, and under these, the learning outcomes. The other component was the necessary competencies and skills. 3/10
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