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22 Feb

Short thread. If you disclose sexual harassment, sexual assault or rape within a group where the perpetrator is known to others in that group (which could be a family, work or social setting), here’s some of what you can expect to happen to you in the aftermath:

A few people may treat you v. well, but many people will:
A. Express surprise & horror but keep socialising & happily working with the perp.
B. Tell you they want to help but “can’t get involved” & “don’t want to get mixed up in anything unsavoury”.
C. Start to subtly ...

... or not subtly) distance themselves from you.
D. Inform you the perp couldn’t possibly be a danger to anyone else in the office/social group/family.
E. Privately talk with each other (& whisper to you) about whether you have motives for making the incident up.
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22 Feb
Hey, witches. This is a crucial short thread.

The launch of our new #DontFundRape campaign will occur (hopefully) tomoz, not today as prev stated. It will target companies who pay political “donations” to the LNP, which can now be seen as an org. which covers up rape.

This short delay in rolling out #DontFundRape is due (as usual) to a lack of finances to pay workers. We try to pay all those who do the work to organise lists. It might seem like a quick task, but it takes hundreds of hours each month to organise & operate our campaigns.

The most valuable thing you can do today is donate to help us get this started. A 1-off amount, or (preferably) a recurring payment each month. This could be $5, $10, $20 or more/month, depending on your anger & income. Donations can be made via here:

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18 Feb
In case you don’t know, here’s a short thread on why @Facebook is doing this & why they won’t back down. Pls RT.

Apart from the fairness (which is #NewsCorpse blackmailing FB into paying them when it should be the other way around), be aware FB can’t do anything else.

If they give in on this, other countries will bring in similar laws, & FB will be forced to pay many billions for something that was never fair or reasonable.

For FB, it’s a simple economic proposition. They either lose Australians (who make up only 4% of their market) ...

... or they lose a far higher percentage of their income if other countries follow suit. Economically, they would easily choose to lose Australia.

This is why people closing accounts is so stupid: THEY DON’T CARE. They already knew you’d do this & they’ve factored it in.

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28 Jan
I will vote for anyone leading the Labor Party at the next federal election. & I won’t talk against that leader as altho I know I can vote for other progressive parties & still preference LNP last, ppl who see what I say may not know how to do that.

Short thread.

Which means anything I say against Labor or their leader will negatively influence their chance of winning that election. This doesn’t mean I think Labor is perfect, or even great. It means I think voting Labor is the ONLY chance AUS has of being a slightly better place.

Once it is a slightly better place, then ppl will see their lives improving & momentum will build to make it even better still. This is currently the ONLY way to make a better world. Yep, it’s really hard, & made harder by lying media (which is why we’re working on them).

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14 Jan
Here’s a thread about the media, prompted by many people seeming to not understand what’s going on RN.

15 years ago I worked for a training org. At one point the @theheraldsun, owned of course by #NewsCorpse, wanted to run a feature on the type of training we were doing.

They asked the company I worked for to design a quiz, to test people on what they knew about the specific skill set our company trained for.

We were, of course, happy to help. It would not only highlight many important safety issues, but would promote our services, too.

After doing preliminary work, the young journo working with us to plan the double-page spread sent an email saying it was cancelled.

The reason? One of @theheraldsun’s biggest advertisers weren’t happy about running the quiz. Reasons for their objection were complex ...

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16 Nov 20
A. Witches, this is a thread based on extensive criticism we’ve had this afternoon that we’re a “vigilante group” hell-bent on “taking down people for one mistake” becos of Pete Evans.

It’s been put to us that ppl are “scared to say anything” in case “the witches attack them”.
B. While in our opinion many of these comments vastly over-estimate our power, we’ll briefly address the main issues raised.

Firstly, here’s a list of people we witches believe we’ve had removed from positions of influence (or helped achieve this) in the past year or so:

Alan Jones
Sam Newman
Pauline Hanson
Pete Evans

What do these people have in common? Well, they’re all constant, unrelenting and contemptible offenders. They all lie and/or engage in overt racism, sexism, climate-denial, #COVID19-denial or other forms of hate repeatedly.
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13 Nov 20
1. Okay, witches, short thread.

We’ve spent today fielding dozens of messages from angry Aussies.

The gifting of ANOTHER 10 million $$ to #NewsCorpse is the last straw for many.

While old hands know what we witches do, there are new ppl all the time who want to get on board.
2. So: who are we?

We’re a group of about 75% women & 25% men, & call ourselves the witches. Our name comes from a text message Peter Dutton sent the wrong person 5 years ago.

Our first big campaign was to get Alan Jones sacked, by asking his advertisers to boycott his show.
3. After Jones was sacked, we were instrumental in getting both Sam Newman & Pauline Hanson sacked from Channel 9, both for outrageous racism.

Our next target was #NewsCorpse. Like you, we’re furious about the lies, denial of science, & disgraceful corruption enabled by him.
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9 Nov 20
A. Okay, here’s a tweet thread about asking people to “be kind” & “forget the last four years of abuse from MAGAs”.

This seems to have occurred in response to @JoeBiden saying he wanted to govern for “all America”, which many have taken to mean he said MAGAs should be forgiven.
B. I don’t believe Biden meant that. In any case he has little choice but to say that, as his literal job is to try to find common ground with everyone he governs.

That’s not true for everyone.

So extrapolating that everyone needs to do that is not only wrong, but it’s abusive.
C. Ppl who’ve spent 4 years being specifically told they shouldn’t be alive, or should be locked up or tortured, have no obligation to forgive/forget.

Because it’s a denial of absolutely justified anger & pain. It makes ppl feel that what happened to them doesn’t matter.
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8 Nov 20

Good morning to all who can see our account again today after we were suspended yesterday for saying *one* word non-abusively about Trump that we’ve seen dozens of men’s accounts say including directly to Trump & none were suspended.



Here’s the thing: Twitter doesn’t suspend accounts on their own. Ever, AFAIK.

All they do is *respond* to ppl reporting accounts, & make decisions on whether those ppl are right or not.

So whether someone’s suspended/banned is 100% due to how many reports Twitter gets.

This makes Twitter extremely misogynistic & racist, & supportive of trolls & the RW.

Becos people report women far more, & Black ppl, & activists. There are RW ppl who spend all their time reporting such accounts, & hoping some of it sticks.

This is amplified ...
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24 Oct 20
Many say our #NewsCorpse campaign won’t work as Murdoch values the power of his media so will continue even if losing money.

That may be true, but his heirs won’t, & his board won’t take it forever, either.

He’s losing a billion dollars a year at present.

Short thread. 1/7.
2/7. Taking money away from #NewsCorpse isn’t just about damaging revenue.

It’s about damaging the brand, as influential media buyers start fleeing the product (just as they’re now fleeing coal investment).

It’s about making the Murdoch name toxic, till nobody will touch it.
3/7. This is a hugely achievable aim.

Ad buyers are *already* advising buyers not to go near Murdoch media.

Share prices are dropping. Other indices are becoming close to useless.

Taken all together, there’s no way Murdoch’s bankers and board will permit this to continue.
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23 Oct 20
I am here today for the last Presidential #debates just to watch @realDonaldTrump’s mouth keep moving when his microphone is muted ...
Their tie colours are the opposite of what they would be in Australia.

This is of interest to almost nobody except me.
He’s not trying to butt in yet but the look on his face is fucking priceless.
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5 Oct 20
1/5. There are a lot of people not in VIC passing a shedload of commentary ATM about how people in VIC do (or, more to the point) should feel & behave.

They mostly forget that VICs, more than any other Aussies, are in “fight or flight” mode RN, & most are under immense stress.
2/5. If you’re not in VIC, perhaps think back to how you felt in Mar/Apr this year.

If you’re honest, it was a helluva time but you’ve forgotten what most of it felt like.

Well, VICs are still in the middle of that, but worse.

Way worse.

We HAVE to beat this wave.
3/5. VICs genuinely feel we’re fighting for our lives.

We all know #NewsCorpse media act in bad faith, but forget that for us VICs, the lies & bias is intensely personal.

This is NOT a theoretical exercise.

If Murdoch has his way, our parents are at risk, & even ourselves.
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30 Sep 20
1. You can’t argue with people who don’t share your values. Short thread.

Conservatives *literally* believe making money unimpeded by #COVID19 lockdowns is more important than 10,000 or more deaths.

You can’t argue them out of it because there’s no connection in values.
2. Take Graham Turner of @flightcentreAU.

RN, he’s on TV arguing some will have to die so he can get his business & wealth back.

You can’t talk him out of his belief as he truly thinks capitalism (HIS capitalism) matters more than dead people. He sees nothing wrong with it.
3. If you can’t or won’t accept this concept, you’ll continue to try to be kind & nice & respectful to ppl who share no kind or nice values with you.

But there’s no point of connection. None.


Because talking to ppl like Graham is USELESS.
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28 Sep 20
1/6. So, here’s an interesting thing.

In past few weeks, MFW have been deliberately targeted for abuse by several different men, all claiming to be progressive.

All but 1 we’d never interacted with AFAWK, & that 1 got ragey after we gently pulled him up on a sexist comment.
2/6. We wouldn’t raise this again as we’d rather focus on our campaign work, but in nearly all of these cases we were contacted by DM after by women who’d also faced abuse from the same men. In one case, we received DMs from EIGHT women saying the man in question had stalked ...
3/6. ... or threatened or otherwise hurt either them or a woman they knew. The lengths women went to to let us know to be extra careful & to have our backs on this was extraordinary, as they didn’t know we’d keep this information confidential so it was a risk to get in touch.
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25 Sep 20
A. We’ve now established, witches, this account is being actively limited by @Twitter. They seem to be doing it on the basis of increasing troll attacks involving multiple, organised reports becos of our increasing success with the anti-Murdoch #NewsCorpse campaign. Short thread.
B. For us to be limited by @Twitter in this way is disgraceful. It means that for trying to improve public discourse in AUS & limit the negative effects of media monopolies, trolls & RW groups can de-rail this just by reporting our account & having Twitter impose sanctions.
C. It also means the more we succeed, the worse these attacks on us will get. Ultimately, it’ll make our campaign untenable & ineffective.

We’re unsure whether this targeting of us is paid, but it could well be: just as the poll results highlighted by @MediaWatch were paid for.
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17 Sep 20
So, today while I was having my first socially-distanced coffee for 2 months at an outdoor table in a small Victorian country town, something happened.

Short thread.

A. I was having a great time NOT locked down, then I heard a loud bang. Turned around just in time to see ..
B. .. a large dark grey twin-cab ute smashing into the side of the car next to it as it tried to park in the parking bays down the middle of the road. The crash shook both cars.

I waited for the person in the ute to get out, but they didn’t. I assumed they were writing a note ..
C. .. maybe to leave their contact details, so I just waited. And waited. After some minutes, the person in the ute started up their car again, and pulled out of the parking bay & drove off.

I was so shocked at this, I forgot to get the rego number. So my companion said ..
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14 Sep 20
1/4. Short thread based on Guardian story below.

A close friend works for a large energy company which decided a few years ago to ensure its men & women were paid equally. The announcement was made and my friend (in middle management) laughingly told me this wouldn’t affect her.
2/4. She was wrong. She was stunned to discover that for years, she’d been paid around $3,000 per year less than male counterparts, and even less than some of the male subordinates in her team. She had no idea. The company increased her pay, and paid her back-pay for some years.
3/4. She was thrilled about the sudden back-pay boost & pay rise, but devastated that a company she’d trusted would do this to her. She was lucky enough to be able to move elsewhere as this issue destroyed her goodwill.

But this issue is still endemic.
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12 Sep 20
A. Heads-up for those sneering about @DanielAndrewsMP discussing dog grooming at yesterday’s presser.

This is not about wealthy Melburnians & their designer dogs: it’s an animal welfare issue for tens of thousands of people who own non-shedding animals, like me. Short thread. Image
B. The reason people own such animals are varied. Many (like me) have family members with dangerous allergies. Many are rescue dogs, since it’s true that many such animals were over-bred in recent years & many people gave them up as they refused to pay for the grooming required.
C. & many people just wanted dogs that are, in the main, lovely pets who can sleep on the couch or in a child’s bed without requiring industrial-level pet-hair removal.

It’s true many own them because they’re fashionable, but that’s not the whole story. They make great pets.
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12 Sep 20
1. For those now hassling @DanielAndrewsMP about why Mildura isn’t opened up, here’s a short thread.

I was in Mildura some weeks ago before lockdown kicked in again. I was sitting outside at a cafe, & a man sitting at the next (socially distanced) table was regaling his mates.
2. He was telling them how he’d come up from Melb 4 days earlier, even though that wasn’t permitted. He was laughing about how he evaded the harder Melbourne lockdown.

He was sitting at a table with 4 other people, none of them worried about breathing in his (potential) virus.
3. If the VIC govt. announced less-strict rules in some areas of regional VIC, ppl would rush from harder locked-down areas to less locked-down areas in the few days between announcing new rules & implementing them. We’ve already seen this many times on previous occasions.
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9 Sep 20

Short thread. 1/5.

Our new campaign is now live! We’re thrilled to bring you our new list of companies & ppl deliberately working against VIC govt. advice on lockdowns. Details are in the new #DeathMerchant Tab in this link:…

We urge you to boycott companies on this list, & CONTACT THEM TO TELL THEM WHY. If you don’t get in touch, this won’t work. This isn’t our campaign: IT’S YOURS. We notice thousands of tweeps look at & love the work we do, but a much lower number ACTUALLY DO THE HARD WORK.

Campaigns don’t work without huge people power. That’s where you come in. We work our witchy arses off to bring you the info needed, but it takes thousands of witches for this to succeed. If enough get involved, THIS COULD SAVE LIVES: MAYBE YOURS OR SOMEONE CLOSE TO YOU.
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8 Sep 20

Okay, listen up. Everyone’s asking us to add to our campaign boycott lists to include every business who’s helping bully @DanielAndrewsMP ATM.

Happy to do this but need help, we’re already overloaded with work on our #NewsCorpse campaign.

There are 2 ways you can help:

1. We need the name of every company involved in the whinging. We know of Jim’s Mowing, but need all others. & we need more than a name: email, facebook, twitter addresses plus phone, & names/contacts of principals if possible. The more info we have, the more this works.

2. The 2nd way to help is to fund us to ramp this up more quickly. Most of our campaign helpers still work for free, & we could get much more done with more $$$. Donation links are on the bottom of every Facebook post we do.

Help out, Twitter. This could be big.

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