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In case you don’t know, here’s a short thread on why @Facebook is doing this & why they won’t back down. Pls RT.

Apart from the fairness (which is #NewsCorpse blackmailing FB into paying them when it should be the other way around), be aware FB can’t do anything else.

If they give in on this, other countries will bring in similar laws, & FB will be forced to pay many billions for something that was never fair or reasonable.

For FB, it’s a simple economic proposition. They either lose Australians (who make up only 4% of their market) ...

... or they lose a far higher percentage of their income if other countries follow suit. Economically, they would easily choose to lose Australia.

This is why people closing accounts is so stupid: THEY DON’T CARE. They already knew you’d do this & they’ve factored it in.

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Here’s a thread about the media, prompted by many people seeming to not understand what’s going on RN.

15 years ago I worked for a training org. At one point the @theheraldsun, owned of course by #NewsCorpse, wanted to run a feature on the type of training we were doing.

They asked the company I worked for to design a quiz, to test people on what they knew about the specific skill set our company trained for.

We were, of course, happy to help. It would not only highlight many important safety issues, but would promote our services, too.

After doing preliminary work, the young journo working with us to plan the double-page spread sent an email saying it was cancelled.

The reason? One of @theheraldsun’s biggest advertisers weren’t happy about running the quiz. Reasons for their objection were complex ...

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BREAKING: @vanOnselenP refuses to justify his claim that @JoshFrydenberg has had a good 2020. Thanks for confirming my view that you are a hack. A thread ⬇️⬇️
#auspol #newscorpse #MurdochRoyalCommission
FACT: The Australian economy was heading to a recession before COVID19. @JoshFrydenberg is the Treasurer. Is that part of his good performance in 2020 @vanOnselenP? #auspol #MurdochRoyalCommission
FACT: The #Jobmaker estimate is a lie! Senate estimates confirmed that the scheme would create 45,000 jobs not the promised 450,000. Is that part of his good 2020 @vanOnselenP? #auspol #MurdochRoyalCommission #thisisnotjournalism
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As I've read the entire report on HQ, it is now time to look at the inevitably biased media coverage. This biased article is written by @EwinHannan. A thread. ⬇️⬇️

#auspol #springst #hotelquarantine #thisisnotjournalism…
I thought the @australian was a National Newspaper? It's hard to believe that as the article doesn't mention the Federal Government once. This is despite the fact that the report mentions their errors several times. #auspol #springst #hotelquarantine #thisisnotjournalism
Coate clearly declares in her report that she couldn't confirm whether the ADF was available for front-line enforcement in HQ. Given that, this entire paragraph is terrible journalism.
#auspol #springst #hotelquarantine #thisisnotjournalism
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It looks like I'm back. Let's start by diving into some trash journalism from infamous Victorian 'journalist' @rachelbaxendale. A thread ⬇️#auspol #springst #ThisisNotJournalism…
.@rachelbaxendale has written a total of 7 articles on Nancy Yang this year! Yang is merely an electorate officer and a part time one at that. Such an intense focus on a partime staffer is unheard of. This is clearly dog whistling nonsense. #auspol #springst #ThisisNotJournalism
The article presents ZERO and I mean zero evidence that Yang has any links to the Chinese Communist Party. It is mentioned in the first paragraph and never touched on again. Trash journalism. #auspol #springst #ThisisNotJournalism
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1. Okay, witches, short thread.

We’ve spent today fielding dozens of messages from angry Aussies.

The gifting of ANOTHER 10 million $$ to #NewsCorpse is the last straw for many.

While old hands know what we witches do, there are new ppl all the time who want to get on board.
2. So: who are we?

We’re a group of about 75% women & 25% men, & call ourselves the witches. Our name comes from a text message Peter Dutton sent the wrong person 5 years ago.

Our first big campaign was to get Alan Jones sacked, by asking his advertisers to boycott his show.
3. After Jones was sacked, we were instrumental in getting both Sam Newman & Pauline Hanson sacked from Channel 9, both for outrageous racism.

Our next target was #NewsCorpse. Like you, we’re furious about the lies, denial of science, & disgraceful corruption enabled by him.
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@Heidi_Cuda @BrentAllpress @Tentoads4truth @elliemail @MalcolmNance @Nick_Carmody @TeamPelosi @YourAnonCentral @jennycohn1 @ericgarland @JYSexton @politico YVW thank you for all your posts/threads..the CA one was excellent- the psychometric profiling of people prone to extremism and weaponizing them is one of the low points of this sad Trump/Brexit saga in history. For my money Murdoch is one of beneficiaries of it.
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Hi @timdunlop - I found your excellent article… by following a link from @JoshBBornstein. The only thing I would add is that with COVID-19, the actual experts, the source of what the journalists are writing about, are also in the audience. /2
In the context of COVID-19, immunologists, epidemiologists & health workers are often some of the most dismissive critics of journalists, and again #NewsCorpse, and its fellow travellers of LNP-aligned organisations are often targeted. /3
In this case because much of what they publish is not only deeply partisan but downright dangerous.
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Many say our #NewsCorpse campaign won’t work as Murdoch values the power of his media so will continue even if losing money.

That may be true, but his heirs won’t, & his board won’t take it forever, either.

He’s losing a billion dollars a year at present.

Short thread. 1/7.
2/7. Taking money away from #NewsCorpse isn’t just about damaging revenue.

It’s about damaging the brand, as influential media buyers start fleeing the product (just as they’re now fleeing coal investment).

It’s about making the Murdoch name toxic, till nobody will touch it.
3/7. This is a hugely achievable aim.

Ad buyers are *already* advising buyers not to go near Murdoch media.

Share prices are dropping. Other indices are becoming close to useless.

Taken all together, there’s no way Murdoch’s bankers and board will permit this to continue.
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1/5. There are a lot of people not in VIC passing a shedload of commentary ATM about how people in VIC do (or, more to the point) should feel & behave.

They mostly forget that VICs, more than any other Aussies, are in “fight or flight” mode RN, & most are under immense stress.
2/5. If you’re not in VIC, perhaps think back to how you felt in Mar/Apr this year.

If you’re honest, it was a helluva time but you’ve forgotten what most of it felt like.

Well, VICs are still in the middle of that, but worse.

Way worse.

We HAVE to beat this wave.
3/5. VICs genuinely feel we’re fighting for our lives.

We all know #NewsCorpse media act in bad faith, but forget that for us VICs, the lies & bias is intensely personal.

This is NOT a theoretical exercise.

If Murdoch has his way, our parents are at risk, & even ourselves.
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1. This handle is *not* a Dan Stan. We absolutely agree journos should ask hard questions & hold politicians to account. But here’s what we totally disagree with:
- they ask stupid, wasted questions with no purpose but “gotcha”, &
- they don’t hold Scummo to the same scrutiny.
2. If there’s any AUS journo (apart from those who work for #NewsCorpse, natch) who refuses to see Murdoch is trying to get an LNP govt elected in VIC & have NO INTEREST in truth or reasonable behaviour, they’re as complicit in this bullshit as those journos.
3. WE SEE YOU. Defending other journos who are obviously engaging in bad-faith at the demand of their evil, anti-science boss is utterly despicable. There’s no other word for it.

Stand up for our lives and the future of humanity instead of a couple of your deadshit mates.

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Witches, please thank:
Travel Associates SA
Observatory Kent Town, SA
Pinetrees Travel
Travel Directors ACT, and
The Cruise Cafe SA,
for rejecting Murdoch’s lies & hate.

Hit these campaign lists:…. Image

Today, we wanna talk about Neil Mitchell.

The first two photos here are lists of his advertisers last week, as recorded by our campaign witch listening to his show. The next two are her explanation of what he did that day to a young climate activist (more in next tweet). ImageImageImageImage

This is how furious ppl get at Mitchell, and how despicable his commentary is. Read it & weep.

Then, please, go to the #StatusBRO tab in the link in the 1st tweet here, and get working.

We’ll never get rid of this odious cockwombling fuck-up unless we do the WORK. Ends. ImageImage
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1. You can’t argue with people who don’t share your values. Short thread.

Conservatives *literally* believe making money unimpeded by #COVID19 lockdowns is more important than 10,000 or more deaths.

You can’t argue them out of it because there’s no connection in values.
2. Take Graham Turner of @flightcentreAU.

RN, he’s on TV arguing some will have to die so he can get his business & wealth back.

You can’t talk him out of his belief as he truly thinks capitalism (HIS capitalism) matters more than dead people. He sees nothing wrong with it.
3. If you can’t or won’t accept this concept, you’ll continue to try to be kind & nice & respectful to ppl who share no kind or nice values with you.

But there’s no point of connection. None.


Because talking to ppl like Graham is USELESS.
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1/3. There are *still* people here saying it was right for @JennyMikakos to resign as she cost over 700 lives.

Yes, she was Health Minister when those lives were lost.

But that view completely ignores the following:

1. That this is a totally unprecedented emergency, where similar countries have lost TENS OF THOUSANDS of lives & VIC has way way fewer;

2. The main responsibility for areas where the virus spread was and still is FEDERAL. Jenny had to work within that framework; and

3. If not for #NewsCorpse, the intense, unfair public pressure would not have resulted in her job loss.

Blaming Jenny for the deaths & being happy she’s left is totally ignoring the complex, multi-dimensional & cruel nature of what’s gone on. Shame on those doing this.
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@CaoAhMan It would be. How do you see that happening, though? (I'm still reading up on Dan Andrews & the BRI, by the way, even wading through the #NewsCorpse sludge just to see what the other side says about it)
@CaoAhMan OK. I've come to some conclusions..

Dan signed up to BRI in 2018. I accept his statement that it was purely about jobs. But I'd like to know if he still maintains that position.

Since 2018 China has made it increasingly clear that trade and diplomacy can no longer be separated.
@CaoAhMan And trade & human rights cannot be separated either.

On that note, I'll just add the Morrison Government are total hypocrites for slamming Dan Andrews over the BRI. Morrison & his predecessor Turnbull both praised the BRI, & both signed up to it, albeit on more stringent terms.
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A. We’ve now established, witches, this account is being actively limited by @Twitter. They seem to be doing it on the basis of increasing troll attacks involving multiple, organised reports becos of our increasing success with the anti-Murdoch #NewsCorpse campaign. Short thread.
B. For us to be limited by @Twitter in this way is disgraceful. It means that for trying to improve public discourse in AUS & limit the negative effects of media monopolies, trolls & RW groups can de-rail this just by reporting our account & having Twitter impose sanctions.
C. It also means the more we succeed, the worse these attacks on us will get. Ultimately, it’ll make our campaign untenable & ineffective.

We’re unsure whether this targeting of us is paid, but it could well be: just as the poll results highlighted by @MediaWatch were paid for.
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1/3 About the idea of a letterbox drop of a pamphlet on the true evils of the Morrison government and #NewsCorpse...

I'm going to do it. I'll provide my name & contact details so I'll have a way to receive feedback & answer questions, but I'll also have to take the consequences.
2/3 I'm going to give it a trial run in my own 'hood, which sits in a safe Labor electorate but is quite a mixed bag demographically speaking. I don't know what will come of it, but I can't sit here while our main source of media is engaging in Orwellian distortions of the truth.
3/3People need to know the truth about our federal government's inaction, corruption & efforts to destabilise state premiers' efforts to contain COVID-19, but they'll never hear it from #NewsCorpse. I don't know if this is the answer, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. #auspol
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Okay, listen up. Everyone’s asking us to add to our campaign boycott lists to include every business who’s helping bully @DanielAndrewsMP ATM.

Happy to do this but need help, we’re already overloaded with work on our #NewsCorpse campaign.

There are 2 ways you can help:

1. We need the name of every company involved in the whinging. We know of Jim’s Mowing, but need all others. & we need more than a name: email, facebook, twitter addresses plus phone, & names/contacts of principals if possible. The more info we have, the more this works.

2. The 2nd way to help is to fund us to ramp this up more quickly. Most of our campaign helpers still work for free, & we could get much more done with more $$$. Donation links are on the bottom of every Facebook post we do.

Help out, Twitter. This could be big.

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We missed chatter here yesterday because we were on bullshit patrol at @newscorpaus!

Yes, we’re the ones who dumped two tonnes of prime poo on Murdoch’s front door

#NewsCorpse must QUIT THE BULLSHIT and #TellTheTruth about the climate emergency.

Stinky shit ⬇️

Extinction Rebels from Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Tasmania coordinated with rebels in the UK and the US for an international day of action targeting media lies.

#NewsCorpse is the Lord of the Lies!

It must #TellTheTruth and reduce its lies of emission to zero!

Sydney ⬇️
Rebels in @xr_brisbane kicked off the international day of action by blockading News Corp’s printing press and distro centre.

9 Rebels were arrested, preventing lies from being delivered in Meanjin yesterday 💁
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These pics show what #NewsCorpse do when they feel income is threatened. Short thread.

A. MFW are constantly attacked by journos & Tories behind the scenes. They don’t often do it publicly as to Rachael, but they do dox, threaten, & covertly support (& fund) others who do. ImageImage
B. It’s a large part of what stops us moving forward with campaigns more effectively. They also “seed” lies among different online groups, which spread like wildfire & become truth thru repetition. If you see negative info online about MFW, be very, very careful what to believe.
C. We are NOT run by 1 person (as if!): our team consists of more than 40, & several are paid. We do NOT rake in tens of thousands in funding. We are NOT rorting any laws or people. We are NOT “punching down” on other campaigners. We did NOT “silence” or “erase” oppressed ppl.
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Australian Government Corruption Scandals
#RubyPrincess & @PeterDutton_MP Thread: 1/17
Australian Government Corruption Scandals
#NCCC & Neville Power @FortescueNews 2/17
Australian Government Corruption Scandals
#SportsRorts & @senbmckenzie 3/17
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Ok, so now I'm awake and tweeting for the 3rd time today. This time it seems somewhat less apocalyptic and my path is clear (at least for the next 15 minutes or so). First though, I'd better feed the dogs, mow the grass and get a load of washing on. Doh, already distracted.
#australiavotes2019 has spoken. Approximately 51% of our country wants more of the last 6 years.

So, why don't us progressives, nay, outcasts, give it to them?
Step 1. Create a church and make it tax exempt. Membership is open to anyone that believes in a supernatural being that supports, encourages and enables the #LNP government to engage in behaviour that is corrupt and bad for the future and the environment.
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