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Wave LGBT network held an event on focussing on women+ and non-binary people a few days before #IWD2020

The companies involved will now be able to tick the intersectionality boxes on their Stonewall Workplace Equality Index.

Optional pronoun stickers were provided.
It was explained Wave was set up a year ago as a network across 6 international firms.

AIG - finance and insurance
BNY Mellon - banking and financial services holding company
BCLP - law firm
Deloitte - accounting firm
Barclays Bank
Wave hold roughly one event every two months.

The discussion was supposed to be about ‘gender’ - it was said there were too many ‘men in suits’ (boo-hiss) and not welcoming of women and NB people.

Currently we see lots in the news about gender, but
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About 7 in 10 Nigerians (66%) say there is no #GenderEquality in Nigeria. SE (78%) has the highest number of Nigerians who think so, in contrast the SW (48%) has the lowest number of Nigerians who think so.
61% of Nigerians say women are NOT given equal opportunity as men in Politics. Similarly, in Family (57%) and Society (56%), Nigerians agree that women are NOT given equal opportunities.
Interestingly, 54% of Nigerians identify that #GenderEquality is most encouraged in the Workplace.

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#UCUstrikesBack Since today's @StrathclydeUCU strikers are participating in today's #FeministPicket I want to add a thread about the motherhood penalty and the fatherhood bonus that I mentioned at the teach in last week #IWD2020 #IWD #IWD20 /1
The motherhood penalty impacts all women - regardless of whether a woman can have or wants to have children - 40% of managers admit to discriminating against women of childbearing age #UCUstrikesBack #FeministPicket #IWD2020 #IWD #IWD20 /2…
"Many mothers also face discrimination from employers. ... This discrimination extends to women without children too, with some employers regarding all women of childbearing age as potential liabilities" (Woodroffe, 2009:3) #UCUstrikesBack /3…
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Inspirisana pričom o uspješnim ženama, evo i od mene.
MIRSADA HUKIĆ. Žena koja je u ratu skupljala miševe po borbenim linijama da bi istraživala mišiju groznicu.Žena koju je BBC došao snimati zbog njenog otkrića. Tokom rata je "sredila" 381 miša i uspjela izolovati 2 nova virusa
Smatralo se da je mišija groznica jedna bolest. U toku rata, kada je kod nas zabilježena epidemija mišije gorznice, ona je primjetila da neko oboli od blage forme bolesti, dok drugi umiru od iste. Uspjela je izolovati novi virus koji je nazvala Dobrava Bosnia.
To je bio prvi put u svijetu da se na jednom mjestu, na jednom ograničenom prostoru javi bolest sa istim kliničkim sindromom, ali uzrokovan s dva različita virusa.
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Okay, you know I have to show love to my econ/policy/biz folks. #HappyWomensDay2020 #IWD20 #IWD to some of the most inspiring women in the space that I know/know of.

Another long thread, but a very important one (feel free to mute this lol):
*Some* Black Women Econ Professors/Deans who are incredible human beings on and offline that you should have followed already: @drlisadcook @jevaygrooms @KEBroady @DaniaFrancis @MackenzieAlsto4

Their work is also really interesting.

If you're not following the entire @SadieCollective team, here you go: @TheFantaTraore @love_sayooo @iKaylaaaa @georgeannjryan @OliviaVarnado @georgeannjryan @FunkeAd @MY_kelle @Jada_H35.

Each of them are going to change the world and Jada is going to be first BW Fed Chair.

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Elizabeth Cotten was left handed yet played a guitar strung for a right-handed player, she played the guitar upside down, this required her to play the bass lines with her fingers and the melody with her thumb.
Clip from TV show 'Guitar Guitar' in 1969.
Elizabeth was born in 1893 and started playing at age 7, she was self taught. While working briefly in a department store, Cotten helped a child wandering through the aisles find her mother. The child was Peggy Seeger, and the mother was the composer Ruth Crawford Seeger.  #IWD
Cotten began working as a maid for Ruth and Charles Seeger. In the 1950s, Mike Seeger began making recordings of Cotten's songs.These recordings became the album Folksongs and Instrumentals with Guitar, her very first recording - she was in her 60s.
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Mau cerita boleh nggak? Di aksi #iwd2020 tadi banyak banget catcalling yang dilakukan sama peserta aksi terutama bapak bapak dan mas mas dari organisasi lain (mas mas dan bapak bapak itu tadi pake baju merah). Aksi yang biasanya jadi safe space jadi tempat yang nggak nyaman
Pertama , mereka ngetawain sign gue karena di dalam sign gue ada kata "VAGINA" dan gambarnya. Kedua mereka nunjuk2 gue karena gue pake crop top ada ada temen gue yang pake tank top #iwd2020 #gerakbersama #GerakPerempuan
Ketiga, mereka ngomongin gue karena gue jalan bareng beberapa temen LGBT. Dengan muka merendahkan. Hello, ini international women day goddamnit!!!!! #iwd2020 #GerakPerempuan #gerakbersama
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I will not support these orgs like Amnesty, UN Women & NOW that claim to speak for us but have #DroppedWomen from their focus. This #InternationalWomensDay I will celebrate those who stand up and fight back! List to follow. >>
> But first I celebrate my mother, one of a kind. She bore me -- along with so many burdens. She gave me life & she gave me tennis lessons when I was in awe of @Martina & just coming out. She eventually accepted my #lesbian life & she died very too young. I miss her. #IWD2020 >
> There are too many women to thank here. Maybe I'll add to this thread all year. Because I appreciate women every single day. We're all fighters. We're all amazing. With respect, #WomenOfTheYear @selina_todd @MForstater @jk_rowling @sueevansprotect @BluskyeAllison @Mason134211f
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Top editorial positions in major news outlets matter. How many women occupy these roles? @simgandi @MeeraSelva1 and I looked at 200 outlets in ten different markets. Only 23% have a woman as their top editor #IWD #IWD2020

Factsheet here…
More in thread 1/4
23% of the top editors across the 200 major outlets in our sample are women, despite the fact that, on average, 40% of journalists in the ten markets are women.

Percentage of women in top editorial positions varies from market to market - 0% in Japan, 47% in South Africa 2/4
Comparing percentage of women working in journalism with percentage of women in top editorial positions, we find a strong and positive correlation.

Despite this, in 9 out of 10 markets there are considerably more women working as journalists than there are among top editors 3/4
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Sunday is #IWD2020, and a time to reflect on this #onpoli government’s record on women’s work. #canlab #canfem
The @fordnation government had targeted public sector workers. Public sector work is mostly women’s work; women are 62% of public sector workers. @CCPA research shows that the racialized gender pay gap is smaller in the public sector.…
Bill 124 legislates limitations on public sector compensation increases to a maximum of 1%. As @ontarionurses points out, this legislation will disproportionately have a negative impact on women.
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The co-convener of @scotgp, @patrickharvie has decided to mark #iwd2020 first by insulting women in @ScotParl by suggesting all the bad things happen because of identity.

Now, he says the women who object are "boring" him. So, we thought we'd find some dull stats for him./
In 2018/19 there were over 60,000 recorded incidences of domestic violence - an increase of 2%.

In over 80% of cases the victim was female, the perpetrator male.…
In E&W there is a crisis in the justice service in rape prosecution.

Out of nearly 60,000 allegations, fewer than 2,000 are convicted.

Yet women are told that if bad people do bad things, we can prosecute them <hollow laugh>…
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Tomorrow morning I’m on @BBCLeicester radio talking about the rebranding of International Women’s Day by @LeicesterUnion
Update - tune in between 08:00 and 08:15.
Or iPlayer after the show
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For International Women’s Day, I think of the women who were let down.

I think of the women who have been silenced by those who claim to hear but fail to listen.


I think of the women who were told that they would be heard, if they reported their assault.
But weren’t.

I think of the women who were told that #coercivecontrol is a crime, that they should report and their perpetrator would be held accountable.
But were told there was no *evidence*

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Happy #IWD, folks. Today, @jkenney & @Alberta_UCP will to try to tell you they love women, they support women, they defend women. Let’s revisit the short 2 yr history of the party and their action on women’s issues - because we all know that actions speak louder than words #ableg
One: @JasonNixonAB, UCP House Leader fired a woman for speaking up about sexual harassment. Nixon was her boss and he fired her for speaking out. #MeToo
Two: Every single member of the @Alberta_UCP caucus walked out on a historical bill to protect women while they access healthcare. They walked out not once, not twice, not five times, BUT TWELVE TIMES while MLAs debated legislation.
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This week, the Danish Justice Minister called for new legislation in Denmark that recognises the simple fact that sex without consent is rape.

But this didn't happen by chance.

It resulted of some brilliant campaigning & advocacy
2/10. On Tuesday, rape survivors & activists took the stage in front of an invited audience of 200 journalists, politicians, judges & police officials for the launch of a "bombshell report" revealing Denmark’s “rape culture” & endemic impunity for
3/10 The report - the culmination of months of research - identifies key barriers to justice for rape survivors as flawed laws as well as widespread harmful myths & gender stereotypes. Cultural change is needed but "legislation carries culture" so changing the law was the target.
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For #IWD2019, some wonderful women in academia to follow (and some of these are my pals, so yes, I am biased!). First up: @tajmakapic, who works on gender & post-conflict peace agreements #IWD
Interested in India, gender & politics? @arp_chak is your woman to follow! #IWD2019 #IWD
The wonderful @CarolineWest_IE works on sexuality, porn and feminism #IWD2019 #IWD19
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In Delhi a 11 month old girl died because the hospital refused to treat her without an #Aadhaar card.

In Chandigarh, a woman was refused #abortion because she did not have an Aadhaar. She sought a back alley abortion and suffered extreme bleeding and complications.




3/n. HIV+ women in India have stopped their treatment as hospitals demand the biometric Aadhaar. The women fear loss of anonymity & social stigma on them and their families.…

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