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military academy @ETH. My 2c on int & defense economics, infrastructure, FX, bonds & commodities. Newly appointed armchair general. opinions = mine own.
May 1 25 tweets 20 min read
1/ Dear all, many among you have asked me about my opinion on #oil, #logistics, #pipelines, price movements and a reality check on the #german #embargo plans. So I decided to make another explanatory thread. Grab a beer, this may take a while to read. 2/ It has often been said that oil is a global #commodity that travels on the seas. That view is not wrong, but incomplete. In fact, much oil is shipped by pipelines, on all continents. For an imcomplete but illustrative overview, see…
Apr 27 12 tweets 8 min read
1/ Dear all, before everyone freaks out complete re the #supply #disruption of #natural #gas to #poland and #bulgaria which was initiated by #gazprom yesterday, i thought i'd make a little explanatory thread. 2/ first, consider poland. it exports about 10 bn m3 annually from russia. Image