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Democracy defender & human-rights activist. Witness of Assad crimes, Rebels violation & Radicals rising in Syria. | Sr. Coordinator of @CEE_Program (DSC)
19 Feb
More than the half of #Syria|ns are refugees or IDPs. Everything started as we demanded for democracy and more rights in March 2011. Instead of reforms #Assad killed protestors and started a war against the people two years as he realized that the uprising can't be stopped.
The Mukhabarat officials assure in their private conversations one million civilians were killed in jails and we lost almost the same, if not more, by bombing. The #Assad used all kind of weapons even chemical to kill the will of change in #Syria|ns and set Alawis infront.
This took the situation for more resistance & people decided to fight back & this was an opportunity to make it an open war & an opportunity for foreign power and radicals. Assad wanted this situation to bury our dreams under the prominent slogan "#Assad or we burn the country".
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18 Jul 20
The #Assad regime convert the #Syria|n people's assembly to "#Assad's puppets assembly". In this video the currently member Mohamed Kabnad said "Bashar Assad never sleep & at least we should kneel to him".
The election play tomorrow is one more message to the world the #Assad will never accept ANY political settlement. It is one more reason to see Assad as the part of the problem not of the solution.
In the constitution of 2012 the position of president has more power than the assembly, government, army & court together. Actually the assembly has the role to discuss unnecessary decrees for #Assad and some decoration proposes.
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19 Mar 20
#Assad regime closed schools, universities, cafes, restaurants, clubs, mosques, churchs and all social, religious & sport facilities and stopped the citizens services, compulsory recruitment, prisoners' visits & public transportation.

But officially "still NO #COVID19"
The real danger of spreading #COVID19 in #Syria is via visitors/ fighters from #Iran, the lines at bakeries & gas cylinder suppliers and Bazaars.

To talk about the #COVID19 could lead to be kidnapped by the Mukhabarat and accused of spreading false news or supporting terrorism.
The #Assad regime has many secret places as quarantines. The positive tested persons will be kidnapped and send to a quarantine after taking their cell phone.

The families of positive tested persons can't talk to any due fears of killing the patients in the quarantine.
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6 Mar 20
One of the major problems of returnees -if they will return and/or Assad will not arrest them- is the totally destruction in the rural areas. A broken system like #Assad regime will never rebuild rural areas and concentrate more on the big cities.
The most destroyed areas in #Syria are rural areas. The most IDPs and refugees are from rural areas.

in the 80s for less damage -in the uprising at that time- the #Assad regime needed 20 yrs to rebuild the system and still broken what led to the uprising in 2011.
The world ask #Syria|n to be realistic about #Assad but everything since1970 say the regime can never build a stable country. Not economic, not on the social level not even good institutions.

World should be realistic the half of Syrians are IDPs or refugees and refuse Assad.
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28 Feb 20
The UAE seized one of the biggest drugs smuggling in the world belongs to the #Assad regime. It costs $500 millions.

It is the 2nd seized shipment in this amount of Assad regime the last one was in Greece Jul 2019 the amount was €500 millions

New drug shipment of #Assad regime/#Hezbollah seized this time at the borders with Jordan 🇯🇴 by @MaghaweirThowra (Sy. forces supported by @coalition).
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19 Feb 20
#Assad regime used always the international & @UN aids as a weapon against the people to humiliate, subjugation & even for military aims.

In this picture the @UNICEF's schoolbag is used as ammunition bag.
@UN @UNICEF it was not a single case of using @UNICEF's schoolbags. Here are two of them to see
@UN @UNICEF Car of @WFP used as wedding car in #Lattakia. I think it was in 2015.
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