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According to reports from #Iran, there is currently an ongoing "Cyber Attack" (as described per media) against the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company, currently there are long queues at Petrol Stations.
64411, happens to be the number for Khamenei's office.
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US still talking to countries about making 'over-the-horizon' counterterrorism strikes in #Afghanistan easier

"We continue to have conversations w/neighboring nations & partners in the region" per @PentagonPresSec
NEW: Latest number on #Afghanistan refugees currently at US military bases

3,000 in @CENTCOM

463 in @US_EUCOM

5,300 in @USNorthernCmd

- per @PentagonPresSec
No comment from @PentagonPresSec about @Microsoft warning on #Russia #SVR #Nobelius attempts to infiltrate the supply chain

But he says, "Our networks on under siege every single day" and that @DeptofDefense, @SecDef is focused on the problem
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There are many Iranian run charities in the US that are not very transparent, to say the least, and have telling relations with #Iran’s lobby arms in the US, including NIAC & PAAIA.

They’re also quite close to important senior US officials.…
ISCC—found in 2004 to provide money for children in #Iran and other countries.

ISCC’s co-founder is Fereshteh Tavakoli, mother to Farnaz Fassihi of The New York Times that is constantly criticized for pushing Iran’s talking points in her NYT pieces.
ISCC has been raising serious money.

However, according to Charity Navigator, the ISCC has “a failing [transparency] score. This overall score is calculated entirely from a single beacon score, and 100% Finance & Accountability.”
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Wait a minute, did #Iran-backed militias just down an Iranian UAV over #Iraq 🇮🇶? 😂
No shit!
They did
Some guy forwarded this and spammed my channel's comments with this post,
The text says:
"Thanks to god, a few days ago, a UAV was downed by the "Sons of the Iraqi Resistance"

This is the #Iran|ian UAV "Mohajer 4"
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@tan123 The 'like' keeps disappearing, whenever I return to your 2019 #SpotOn message, Tom

#FreemanDyson in reply
also my pinned

@tan123 Thank you, Tom
as if you read my mind
about @GretaThunberg puppet

RIP #Freeman Dyson

Free #CO2 !!!!!!!!!!;;

Stop #NetZero #NetZero2050

@NobelPrize is a political prize
- Prof. @MichelChossu
@tan123 @GretaThunberg @NobelPrize @MichelChossu Above, "today we're celebrating #UNDay & @UN, who was awarded Nobel #Peace Prize in 2001"

@NobelPeaceOslo, the #911Truth* 2001 9/11= pretext for war. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld knew* in April 2001

@SLindauer2011 got @FBI #PatriotAct, 30days after btw #McCain
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Fatah and PMU fans tried to storm the Green Zone of #Baghdad and failed before the Muallaq bridge (Suspension Bridge)
And now they're erecting their sit-in tents near the bridge.
#Iraq 🇮🇶
A Big number of security forces were deployed on the bridge and near the Green Zone gates
#Iraq 🇮🇶

[Video via Sabreen]
And Hashed / Fatah members staying in and near their sit-in tents near the Green Zone tents
#Baghdad #Iraq 🇮🇶 ImageImageImageImage
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[1/3] Some thoughts re #FATF Decision to retain 🇵🇰 on Gray List:

1. It's OK. This, too, shall pass.

2. Partly our mistake (slow to realize seriousness) & partly circumstances (geo-politics, "Absolutely Not") have brought us to this point.
[2/3] 3. We need to get our house in "order" - fast! (economy, civ-mil relations, political stability etc.)

4. We need an aggressive foreign policy outreach. Our neighborhood first & then aggressive outreach to #China, #Turkey, #Iran #Russia etc.
[3/3] Lesson: we must learn to walk without crutches & stand on our own feet. Like individuals and families, only those nations are respected that are financially independent. Remember how the world jumped in to liberate Kuwait in first Gulf War?
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Quite close to Tuz Khurma, where #Iran-backed Hashed Sha'abi / #PMU members conduct "Counter-ISIS" operations, time to time!
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A confirmed suicide drone attack targeting the Coalition base in Al-Tanf, #Syria.
This is an example of a suicide drone used by #Iran's regime and its proxies.
—A militia contacted the base of the Global Coalition against Daesh in the Al-Tanf area that it should be evacuated.
—An hour later five drones attacked the base.
—One drone reportedly entered #Syria from #Iraq.
—No casualties.
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Can #Iran and/or its proxies deploy “dirty bombs” with suicide drones?

Tehran knows it will not be allowed to produce conventional nuclear weapons.

One option is using suicide drones in “dirty bombs” attacks by its own forces and/or proxies.…
#Iran has been investing heavily on its drones fleet, especially suicide drones, as new weapons to compensate for its aging air force.

Iran’s initiative was funded greatly by Obama’s 2015 nuclear deal and the resulting $152 billion in credit & cash.
A dirty bomb or radiological dispersal device is a speculative radiological weapon that combines radioactive material with conventional explosives.

The purpose is to contaminate the area around the dispersal agent/conventional explosion with radioactive material.
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With Zarif gone & #Iran's regime probably not having any new talking points for now, Tehran's network of apologists/lobbyists, especially the NIAC crowd, are back to claiming U.S. sanctions are depriving the Iranian people of medicine and medical care.
You might say they're citing a UN report

Reminder—"Russia gave $50,000 to UN expert who wrote report calling Russia a victim"

"The UN report makes the astounding claim that the Russian government of Vladimir Putin is a victim of human rights violations."…
You might also say Johns Hopkins University has also tweeted the report.

Narges Bajoghli of Johns Hopkins University has quite a close relationship with Zarif, #Iran's former foreign minister and the father of Tehran's lobby groups in the West.
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Oct 20—Markazi province, central #Iran
4 am local time
Tabiat Company on fire in the town of Zarandieh.
Local mayor says there have been two people injured. Fire has not been contained despite fire fighting units being dispatched from nearby cities.
Oct 20—Markazi province, central #Iran
More recent footage of the Tabiat Company on fire.
Oct 20—Markazi province, central #Iran
More images of the Tabiat Company on fire.
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#Hamas - Suheib Yussuf, brother of Musab Yussuf, son of a Hamas senior leader / founder, tells how Hamas is used by #Iran to gather intelligence about Israelis & Israeli concerns that have no bearing on the Palestinian issue. Such as intel on Iranian Jews living in Israel. 1/6
He shares #Hamas knowledge of building tunnels & producing missiles w/ #Hezbollah. He says Hamas officials invest in real estate in #Turkey & obtain Turkish nationality w/ donations intended for the poor of #Gaza.
Suheib Yussuf has cut ties w/ Hamas 2 years ago & is hidden. 2/6
In the full version of the interview; He explains that #Palestinians are not free to express their views, neither in #Gaza nor in #PA controlled territory, & mentions the recent murder of Nizar Banat while in PA custody. 3/6
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Let’s talk about a new fake poll from the University of Maryland and Iran Poll claiming, as always, that #Iran’s people love/trust the regime and its officials, and fully back the mullahs’ policies of pursuing nuclear/ballistic missile programs.

Credit: @IranianForum
—78% have favorable viewpoints of #Iran’s regime President Ebrahim Raisi, dubbed the “Butcher of Tehran.”

—76% are certain Raisi will live up to his promises.

—72% are very/somewhat satisfied of the Iran’s June 2021 elections outcome.
The poll also claims the majority of Iranians back the regime’s nuclear/missile programs, support resistance in the face of America’s bullying in nuclear negotiations, and also support Hezbollah (terrorism).
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#Iran’s Armed Forces Chief visited the Heavy Industries Taxila, the Pakistan Air Weapons Complex and the Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works during his visit to #Pakistan this week. Pakistan and Iran will hold joint naval exercises in early 2022 and will also
cooperate on shipbuilding, submarines and maintenance, aircraft and tanks. The Chief said, “military cooperation between the two armed forces is at a good level and currently Iranian pilots are being trained in Pakistan.”
Intelligence relations to also be upgraded.
He also visited the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex.
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Venezuelan envoy Alex Saab, a businessman wanted by U.S. authorities on money laundering charges on behalf of #Venezuela, has been extradited to the U.S.

He has valuable knowledge about #Iran's relationship with the Maduro/Chavez regimes.…
June 13, 2020
Saab, a Colombian businessman, is suspected of helping Maduro orchestrate a swap with #Iran as part of a broader assistance plan that has brought over oil, workers, and supplies in exchange for about 9 tons of gold, worth $500 million.…
Aug 28, 2020
Detained Colombia businessman was negotiating with #Iran for #Venezuela

"As the Trump admin tightened sanctions, Saab has leveraged his int'l contacts to help Maduro barter his remaining resources to obtain aid from allies like Iran."…
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Iranian #COVID19 epidemic: Salient features

Continued circulation of #SARS2 from late jan 2020 to Sep 2021 in iran despite >100% attack rates in 11 provinces. 1/ Image
As of Sep 21, only 48% (95% CI: 43-55%) of COVID deaths in Iran have been reported. Approx 0.4% of the population have died of COVID so far
Estimated #IFR increased by a factor of ~2 over the course of the epidemic (from wave 1 to 5).

Across different ages, the 3rd wave in Oct 2020 & the current wave with #Delta had the largest impact on younger age-groups. 3/
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Praying for Sir David Amess MP (@amessd_southend)

He has been a strong critic of #Iran's regime and passionate supporter of the Iranian people's struggle for freedom and democracy.
Police on the scene arrested "a man" and recovered a knife. They're not looking for anyone else. The condition of MP Sir David Amess is unknown at this time.…
It is believed Mr Amess, 69, has been receiving treatment at the scene for his injuries, with a local Conservative Party source telling Sky News that an air ambulance is at the scene.

"We're not sure how serious it is but it's not looking good."…
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HOT OFF THE PRESSES! My team @CNA_org just finished a pair of reports looking at the #psychology of #disinformation. We sought to answer two main Qs: 1) How does disinfo work on your brain? 2) What, if anything, can #DOD do about it? Summary findings in this THREAD. 1/n
@CNA_org The first report answers the first question: How does #disinformation work on your brain?

You can find the full version of the report here:… 2/n
@CNA_org We identified four key psychological principles related to the absorption & spread of #disinformation: initial information processing; cognitive dissonance; the influence of groups, beliefs, & novelty; and the role of emotions & arousal. How do these work? 3/n
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A number of TV channels and websites close to #Iran published a statement attributed to the so-called "Syria's Allies Operations Room" confirming that the #IDF targeted two of their sites in the vicinity of the Syrian city of #Palmyra.1/6
#Syria #Israel #IRGC #USA #Russia
The statement indicated that the attack was carried out from over the Al-Tanf area and confirmed the deaths and injuries among the fighters of these militias. It also explicitly referred to an American role in this attack, and vowed to respond "very strong".2/6
This is not the first time that the so-called "Syria's Allies Operations Room" makes a statement. It has issued a number of previous statements, including the attacks of the #IDF on #Syria, and the battles of the city of #Aleppo against the Syrian rebels.3/6
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Oct 14—Beirut, #Lebanon
#Iran-backed Hezbollah-Amal protesters are demanding the removal of Judge Bitar, in charge of investigating the August 2020 Beirut port explosion.
Up to 6 dead & 60 injured reported so far.

(Two minute compilation of today's violence)
Periodic reminder that the people of #Lebanon are against #Iran's malign influence in their country, especially through terrorist groups such as Hezbollah and Amal. Image
Oct 14—Lebanon
#Iran-backed Hezbollah apparently dispatching reinforcements to #Beirut
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Oct 14—Beirut, #Lebanon
Sniper opens fire at a Hezbollah-Amal protest demanding the removal of Judge Bitar, in charge of investigating the August 2020 Beirut port explosion. Dead & wounded reported.

Me: Could be false flag by #Iran-backed Hezbollah.
At least two explosions reported in Beirut following violence that erupted near a protest staged by #Iran-backed Hezbollah and Amal supporters, Reuters reports.
1 dead, 3 wounded reported from today's incidents.
#Beirut—At least one rocket-propelled grenade explosion (RGP) reported.

Reports indicate 1 dead, 8 wounded

Earlier scenes of today's violence
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Huge blast heard in central #Beirut.
#Iran puts its proxies under tremendous pressure in #Iraq and #Lebanon to survive, as they face an uncertain future after losing the elections in Iraq and major people rejection in Beirut.
Why #Hezbollah wants to remove the #Beirut blast Judge. It's ironic to see such acts from #Iranian proxies which confirm their infiltration into the internal affairs of #Lebanon and wider region countries.
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Khadijeh Borhani, one of the hundreds of women members of the #PMOI whose six relatives were executed by #Iran's regime, is testifying today in a #Stockholm court against Hamid Noury, 4his involvement in the #1988Massacre.
#ProsecuteRaisiNOW @USABehFarsi…
Today, Iranian Resistance member Ms. Khadijeh Borhani, from Ashraf 3, the Iranian #Resistance's headquarters (#PMOI) in Albania, testified online in a court in Stockholm, #Sweden against the leaders of the #Iran'ian regime & demanded their trial.
#ProsecuteRaisiNOW @JavaidRehman
In the 10th week of Hamid Noury's trial for participation in the genocide during #1988Massacre, Ms. Khadijeh Borhani, a member of the Iranian Resistance, call for justice & the trial of the leaders of #Iran's regime for crimes against humanity.
#ProsecuteRaisiNOW @mbachelet
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