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🇮🇷 #Iran & exactions 🇮🇷

La situation en Iran continue de se dégrader. Il est temps de faire un debrief des crimes commis par le régime.

Ce thread va être glauque, avec parfois certains détails mais qui sont nécessaires pour comprendre l’ampleur de l’horreur.

Let’s go🧵
1/17 Image
👉 #MashaAmani : l’origine de la révolte.

➡️Elle est arrêtée pour tenue « incorrecte » puis rapidement envoyée dans un hôpital pour des problèmes respiratoires. Techniquement elle a des dents cassées et des traumatismes crâniens preuves de sévices.

➡️ Répression & Arrestations

La répression du régime sur la contestation est sanglante et est aveugle. A la date du 12 novembre il y avait environ 326 civils tués selon Human Rights et à minima 12 500 contestataires en prison.

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NEW: Having been subject to multiple Turkish ground incursions, is #Iraq on cusp of witnessing an Iranian ground offensive too?

Quds Force commander Qa'aani's recent visit to Baghdad has raised many speculations. @amwajmedia can confirm...…
.@AP report that Iran is threatening a ground offensive unless Iraqi authorities deal with exiled Iranian Kurdish opposition groups.

The Islamic Republic wants the groups "disarmed" and moved away from the border. Tehran accuses them of fueling the ongoing unrest in Iran.
The prospect of an Iranian ground incursion could be Iraqi Prime Minister @mohamedshia's first major foreign policy challenge since taking office last month.

The #Iran-backed Shiite Coordination Framework put him in power, and his response will show his priorities.
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JUST IN: #BNNIran Reports.

Voria Ghafouri, an Iranian soccer player was arrested Thursday on charges that included destroying the reputation of the country’s national team, which is competing in the World Cup, according to reports. #Iran #Protest #Football Image
During a match against England on Monday, Iran's national team refused to sing during the playing of the country's national anthem, in what was widely interpreted as a silent acknowledgment of the protests.
Ghafouri, has previously criticized government officials on social media and recently posted messages on Twitter condemning the killing of Kurds.
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This plate contains some hot 🌶green chillies called "kochchi" in 🇱🇰 #SriLanka.
A Sri Lankam student of year 5 (around 10 y/o) gave these chillies to the canteen staff of the school asking if she can get some food in return. 1/ Image
🌶Imagine how many children of 🇱🇰 #SriLanka are malnourished now? 🌶Imagine how desperate this child was for some food?
🌶Imagine how many children skip school because of hunger?
Dear 🇱🇰#SriLanka,
Do you still support these politicians who stole from you and are stealing? 2/ ImageImageImageImage
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die peinliche aktion des 🇩🇪 teams, geplant als signal während den vielen stunden ihrer spiele durch eine armbinde #OneLove, geendet als sekunden fürs pressefoto, wurden mit anderen protesten im sport verglichen.
doch wird dabei etwas vergessen.
zunächst die häufigsten vergleiche: deutsches wm team 22 hält s...
das wm team des iran schweigt während des abspielens ihrer nationalhymne vor dem spiel gegen england (wm 2022)
#JinJiyanAzadi #Iran drei spieler des iran währe...
colin kaepernick kniete während der us-hymne vor footballspielen, statt zu stehen (2016 ff) #Kaepernick #TakeAKnee colin kaepernick in sportkl...
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@JudySgroMP stood with #Iran’s people by chairing a Canadian Parl. session in which Iranian opposition coalition NCRI President-elect Maryam Rajavi provided a report on #IranRevolution2022.

Why any Iranian, incl. @kshahrooz, would be against such an event is telling. Image
@JudySgroMP @kshahrooz 2)
While #Iran’s people are in the streets in unprecedented anti-regime protests, it is the duty of all Iranians abroad to be their voice & raise awareness about the regime’s human rights violations.
Demonizing Iranian opposition groups in such circumstances only benefits Tehran.
One of #Iran’s long-term investments has been planting certain “experts” in the West with the mission of providing a relatively acceptable picture of the situation on the ground in Iran and pushing the regime’s talking points in MSM.…
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[🧵All the conditions should met without an exception before the Imam will have the authority according to Islam to pass the Judgement of R*jm].

#Taliban #IEA #Afghanistan #NRF #ISIS #UN #Palestine #Syria #Pakistan #India #Iran Image
Even though Ameer ul-Mo'mineen Mullah Hibatullah Akhundhzadhah حفظه الله has ordered for hudud to be implemented,

But in the heat of the moment some people started imagining the scenery of bloodshed that everywhere people will be grabbed and St*ned...
But that's not the case, in reality it's quite difficult to make sure that all the conditions are met before implementation of R*jm punishments in an Islamic state,

Since IEA is administered by Hanafi jurisprudence so we'll take a look at the requirements in Hanafi Fiqh...
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JUST IN: #BNNIran Reports.

At an urgent Human Rights Council meeting on Thursday, UN Human Rights Chief Volker Turk (@volker_turk) demanded an end to the "unnecessary" and disproportionate use of force against Iranian protesters. #Iran #Protest #Crime Image
In a specially called meeting, the UN's top human rights body was discussing whether to open a high-level international investigation into the brutal suppression of the widespread protests in Iran.
Turk, in his first appearance before the council since being appointed, stated that Iran was in the grip of a full-fledged human rights crisis.
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☢️ 🇮🇷 🇺🇸 | Les principaux désaccords entre l'#Iran et les États-Unis sur le JCPOA sont connus ! ⬇️
Les pourparlers de Vienne sur la reprise de l'accord nucléaire ont commencé en avril 2021, et plusieurs cycles ont eu lieu.

Dès le début du mois d'août 2022, même le texte final de l'accord sur le nucléaire a été rédigé.

Cependant, après que le texte ait été envoyé aux principales parties aux négociations (l'#Iran et les États-Unis) pour approbation, les négociations ont été suspendues.

Dans un contexte de protestations et de troubles en Iran, Washington n’en parle plus.
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Given the gravity of HR violation in #Iran, Jina was killed simply for locks of hair not covered. The world was outraged. Discrimination against women brought the country together, wanting freedom of life.
Protesters are labeled as rioters.
Infants & youth have not been spared, 5 at least killed in Kurdish areas.
Kian, who thought of a rainbow God-colorful future too.
Death penalty continues in #Iran against men & women, to crackdown on political activist.
The majority of Parl. voted for death of detainees.
Violence against Iranians is not limited to #Iran alone. Abroad they are under surveillance.
Families of victims cannot peacefully bury their loved ones, have to go remote areas, threatened by other children's death.
The Gov. denies the killing of Jina, says others did suicide.
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Volker Turk: Devastating situation in #Iran is not acceptable.
We are in a HR crisis!
Students, athletes, women, and workers are forcing for change. I urge the Gov. to listen. Head ppl's demand, calling for different version of society.…
The young generation must be free to express views.
Peaceful protesters have been killed, injured fear going to hospt.
14000 arrested including children - staggering No. Arrested at school, questioning of Uni students & barred.
Journalist & lawyers in long detention.
All walks of life in #Iran demand change. Lack of access to the internet & information.
Women have been held back in law & practice. Disillusioned in the hope of any change, they therefore have come to the street.
#MahsaAmini‌'s death must be properly investigated.
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JUST IN: #BNNIran Reports.

Iran's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ali Bagheri Kani @Bagheri_Kani said Iran has formed a panel under its interior ministry to investigate deaths due to recent protests. #Iran #Protest #Politics Image
During his visit to New Delhi, Bagheri Kani told in an interview that around 50 police officers have been killed so far and hundreds have been injured in the protests.
When asked how concerned the Iranian government is after two months of protests, the Deputy Foreign Minister said: "In the name of God, I would like to emphasize that criticism and raising objections is one of the pillars of democracy...
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The last thread today focuses on using illegal weapons and irritants by the terrorist regime to quell protests.
ADAMSITE—also presents as a yellowish to greenish gas—of you see this do not attempt to enter unless your gasmask filter good against arsenic compounds (a lot of them are not) do collect the munition casing with gloves on into a sealed plastic bag to be tested for arsenic.
Nov 21—Javanrud, W #Iran
Near Taleghani Street.

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According to reports, the UAE's foreign minister, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan @ABZayed, received a phone call from his Iranian counterpart, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, to discuss bilateral relations. #UAE #Iran #Politics Image
The foreign ministers discussed ways to strengthen bilateral relations between their countries and potential areas for joint cooperation to benefit their mutual interests.

The two also discussed a variety of regional and global issues of mutual interest.
Sheikh Abdullah expressed the UAE's desire to strengthen joint cooperation in order to increase regional security and stability.
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Nobody can cover all atrocities committed by #Iran’s regime during the ongoing #IranRevolution.
This thread focuses on compiling evidence of the regime’s human rights violations against the Iranian people during the ongoing protests of #IranRevolution2022.
Nov 21—Javanrud, W #Iran
Locals came under heavy machine gunfire by security forces.

"Even in Syria they didn't use DShK heavy machine guns against the people!" the voice says.
The 12.7mm DShK high caliber heavy machine gun, built as an anti-air weapon in 1938 by the Soviet Union, has also been used as a heavy infantry machine gun. The bullet either kills an individual on the spot, or he/she will most likely die of severe wound/blood loss.
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Since the @UNHumanRights Council will be holding a special session on #Iran, we gathered evidence of the regime’s human rights violations against people during the ongoing protests of #IranRevolution.

Used by security forces in Babol, #Iran
Used by security forces in Arak, #Iran
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[🧵Days after the order of Ameer ul-Mo'mineen حفظه الله
First time after 20 years, the Shari'ah punishments have now begun]

(4/29/1444), Court of Logar sentenced...
#Taliban #UN #Palestine #Afghanistan #Islam #Iran #Pakistan
14 criminals in Sports stadium, Pul Alam Shaar, for various crimes in the presence of provincial administrative officials, religious scholars, common people and tribal heads.
One of the leading scholars of Logar Court Mawlawi Fazal Rahim Abid, said that the hope of this oppressed nation and the 20-year Jihad was this sharia system and the issuance of Allah's ruling,
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JUST IN: #BNNIran Reports.

Iranian weightlifter Emad Bagheri bagged the silver medal at Naim Süleymanoğlu Tournament in Turkiye. #Iran #Turkiye #Sports Image
Bagheri won the silver medal in the 109 kg weight class in the event, the Iranian sports ministry’s local branch in the western province of Kermanshah announced on Wednesday.
He lifted 163 kg in snatch, 185 kg in clean and jerk, and 348 kg in total to finish runner-up in all three categories.
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Mehdi Taremi's answer to @CNN about the current situation in #Iran: "Why didn't you ask me about #Ukraine?" he also said "I'm not political" (but he is)
The reason why Iranians didn't support football players but happiness after winning for the England team is obvious—the lack of Image
empathy and caring for the nationwide uprising. Unfortunately, our footballers are representatives of Islamic Republic, not the people of #Iran. Being silent during the national anthem before the match was a bit late when people are being killed by suppressors in the streets.
In 2017 he tweeted "Israel you will not see the next 25 years" in support of the Islamic regime.
If you claim you are not political, what the hell was that?
Doublethink and make sure you are not on the wrong side! @MehdiTaremi9
#مهسا_امینی Image
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The @UNHumanRights Council will be holding a special session on #Iran tomorrow.

This thread will be compiling evidence of the regime’s human rights violations against the Iranian people during the ongoing protests of #IranRevolution2022.
@UNHumanRights 2)
Nov 21—Javanrud, W #Iran
Locals came under heavy machine gunfire by security forces.

"Even in Syria they didn't use DShK heavy machine guns against the people!" the voice says.
The 12.7mm DShK high caliber heavy machine gun, built as an anti-air weapon in 1938 by the Soviet Union, has also been used as a heavy infantry machine gun. The bullet either kills an individual on the spot, or he/she will most likely die of the severe wound/blood loss. ImageImageImageImage
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#Iran’s IRGC Aerospace Force colonel Davoud Jafari has been killed in Damascus, #Syria, by a roadside bomb. Retaliation is not excluded very soon #Israel.
No coincidence in the Middle East. Time for #Israel to think twice before carrying out target killing in sovereign states.

2 Bomb Attacks in Jerusalem Kill 1 and Wound at Least 18…
The 2 bomb attacks in #Jerusalem were carried out from a distance, using a mobile phone to trigger the explosions, like the attack against #Iran #IRGC in #Damascus.
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In early November 2022, a CAR team had access to Shahed-131, Shahed-136 single-use UAVs, and a Mohajer-6 UAV used by Russia in Ukraine. Here's what we found 🧵 (1/7, report shortcut link:, h/t @damspleet)
Through visual comparison with four UAV models documented in 2017-2022 in the Middle East, CAR confirms that the Shahed-131, Shahed-136 and Mohajer-6 UAVs used by Russia in Ukraine were made in #Iran (2/7)
Investigators also documented a Qaem-5 precision-guided munition, with a May 2022 date mark, indicating Iran has carried out at least some supplies since the invasion in February 2022 (CAR has redacted unique marks while it conducts formal tracing, 3/7)
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JUST IN: #BNNAfghanistan Reports.

The fifth session of a trade relations meeting between Afghanistan's Herat province and Iran's Khurasan Rizwi province was held on Tuesday in Herat. #Trade #Politics #Iran #Afghanistan
Representatives of the private sector from Iran and Afghanistan discussed ways to enhance trade and bilateral cooperations related to areas including transit, gas, fuel, industry, and agriculture.
Deputy head of Commerce and Investment, Abdullah Dashti, in his statement at the meeting said, “I hope in this meeting we can make some practical progress as there have been political changes in Afghanistan."
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Day 273 of #Putin's illegal war and here's the daily news thread.

Today, Wednesday, marks the completion of 9 months since #Russia's full invasion of #Ukraine

This thread's updated live throughout the day. To check what you missed yesterday, click here:

#Ukraine tonight has accused #Russia of kidnapping mayors of various mayors in #Kherson oblast.

The Interior Ministry says invaders abducted the leaders of several communities in the region and took them to the left bank of the Dnipro when they retreated.

They remain missing
It's potentially a huge day for the #EU.
The Union is today scheduled to set its price limit for #Russia's fuel.

Two questions - can they set it at a level which can hold and damage the Kremlin, and can they get all members to agree to it.

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
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