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And once again!
2nd round trip of #IRGC's EP-FAB (on OFAC'S SDN list) Boeing 747-281F/SCF (Fars Qeshm Air) to AhmedAbad #India 🇮🇳 in a day!

#Iran Image
*SCD* typo
Sending this to @USTreasury
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A genuine question:

Gulf countries, #SaudiArabia #Emirates and #Bahrein normalised with #Israel to 'counter #Iran". How can Israel help defeating Iran when the entire Israeli army is lockdown in barracks , afraid of #Hezbollah, a tiny small group ally of Iran?

Strange policy.
#US is spending $10 bn in #Lebanon, not to build schools, universities, hospitals, innovative agriculture & industry or alternative energy but to counter #Hezbollah. But Hezb imposed a President (@General_Aoun), a PM (Hassan Diab) and the speaker is his ally.

Weird investment.
And #SaudiArabia King Salman speaks at the #UN against a small group, #Hezbollah, rising the level of a non-state actor to an important player, a competitor to Saudi Arabia's influence.

Also @SecPompeo remembers Hezbollah every single day and imposes sanctions every month on it.
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#Iran #Teheran #Prisoner

Nasrin Sotudeh, a human rights activist imprisoned in Iran, ended her hunger strike after almost 50 days. "Because of her critical condition, Nasrin stopped her hunger strike yesterday," her husband Reza Chandan tweeted today.
Previously, Sotudeh had to be treated for five days in a hospital in Tehran for a heart failure. She was released on Thursday and taken back to the notorious Evin Prison. With the hunger strike,
the 57-year-old lawyer and women's rights activist wanted to protest against the prison conditions of political prisoners during the coronavirus pandemic. According to Chandan, her health has been worrying for the past few days. Sotudeh is accused of "subversive propaganda".
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#Iran #Teheran #Coronavirus #LOCKDOWN

In order to prevent the corona virus from spreading further, the Iranian government has decided to take stricter measures. President Hassan Rouhani announced that a week-long curfew should be imposed in provinces with a high number of cases.
In addition, the penalties for violating the mask requirement should be increased. According to the Ministry of Health, there were recently up to 200 deaths and 3,500 new infections daily.
In total, more than 25,000 people who were infected with the virus have already died in Iran, which has a population of around 82 million. Infection has so far been detected in around 440,000 inhabitants.
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#Iran #Teheran #Coronavirus

Iran is planning temporary curfews due to a further increase in new corona infections. If the number of cases is high, one-week lockdowns should be imposed in the affected provinces,
President Hassan Ruhani announced in a meeting of the national Corona crisis team on Saturday. In addition, there should be higher penalties in the future for violations of the mask requirement, it said on the President's website.
Iranian health experts fear that a further increase in the number of cases could lead to critical shortages in the care of infected patients. According to the Ministry of Health, there were recently up to 200 deaths and 3,500 new infections daily.
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Per quoted /
"Pruma" mall in #Mashhad city of #Iran has been evacuated due to a bomb threat, EOD is on the scene, yet no explosions happened. Image
Another image showing the intense presence of security forces.

[Watermark is annoyingly big!] Image
All clear given.
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Greece Prime Minister welcomes UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed and review regional developments, advancing cooperation 🇦🇪🇬🇷
This came as the Greek premier received the UAE top diplomat and his accompanying delegation in the presence of the Greek Minister for Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias, at a meeting that discussed ways of accelerating cooperation in areas of science & technology,
food & water security, renewable energy and oil, with the two sides reiterating their countries' determination to establish a robust strategic partnership across all fields.
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Alright, that ^ seems to be true,
Apparently an #Iran|ian MP wrote something to the secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran, Ali Shamkhani, and expressed his concerns about the displaced families who live in those 6 villages. Image
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Iraqi PM warns three leading #Iran-backed militia leaders to not follow orders from Tehran & Hezbollah, via Al-Hadath.

Al-Kadhimi presented voice recording indicating an initiative blueprinted in Iran with the goal of toppling his government. Image
Al-Kazemi also ordered the closure of several offices, some of which belong to #Iran-backed militia groups, at Baghdad Int'l Airport.

The move comes amid almost daily missile attacks targeting the Green Zone & Iraqi military bases hosting U.S. forces.…
This comes as Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service began a search campaign in different neighborhoods of Baghdad in search of missile launchers (used by #Iran-backed militias) targeting foreign diplomatic missions, specifically the U.S. & British embassies.
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A light aircraft has crashed near Azadi airport in Nazar Abad, Alborz province of Iran.

2 were on board who were severely injured.
[Per state-controlled media]

[approx coords:
35.963946, 50.433014]
08:08 local / 0438z
State-controlled "Mehr" agency has posted this image with the above report, which is an archive image of an o7 crash.
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Recently surfaced video of Nader Mokhtari, a young man beaten into a coma by security forces during the crackdown on protests across #Iran in Nov 2019.

Mokhtari died on Sep 19 in Tehran’s notorious Kahrizak detention center.…
Mokhtari slipped into a coma after being beaten with batons by security forces in the city of Karaj, west of the capital Tehran.

His family has been under intense pressure from the Intel Ministry, forced to say he died of "natural breathing difficulties."…
Security forces transferred him to Kahrizak Prison where he was held in the health center despite his critical condition & opposition from his family & doctors.

Mokhtari’s body has not yet been handed over to his family that is under pressure & threatened to remain silent.
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1/ This week we will tell you about the “Bonardi photo”! Image
2/ Until the New Manuscripts from #Afghanistan (NMA) were purchased by the NLI a few years ago, the oldest surviving Persian document in Arabic script was thought to be the one photographed by Francesca Bonardi (we don’t know its whereabouts now).
3/ The document is a page long, written on a scroll-like paper rotulus, dated to dhu al-qa’da 470 of the Islamic era, i.e. May or June 1078 C.E. [In comparison, the earliest NMA doc is from 395 A.H., i.e. in 1005 C.E. (so just before Firdawsi completed his Shahnama in 1010 C.E.)]
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56 members of the U.S. House of Representatives call on U.S. President Donald Trump to sanction the entire financial system of #Iran's genocidal regime from the global network.
14 Iranian banks remain open and connected to the @swiftcommunity messaging network, providing #Iran's genocidal regime access to the global financial system & the ability to sidestep current sanctions & fund its nefarious activities.… Image
The Central Bank of #Iran capitalizes from these remaining un-sanctioned banks and is most likely using them as fronts for its malign activities.… ImageImage
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#Germany #Iran #Berlin #Coronavirus @no_itsmyturn

The German Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) has lifted the ban on direct flights from Iran to Germany imposed due to the corona pandemic.
"The infection situation allows it," said Ministry spokesman Hanno Kautz of the AFP news agency on Thursday. "Iran is still considered a risk area and the foreign ministry's travel warning continues." This means that tests and quarantine are mandatory.
The suspension is justified with the infection process in Iran and the changed information policy. In contrast to spring, Tehran is now reporting reasonably credible figures.
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#BREAKING: #US will announce sanctions on several Iranian entities and officials on Thursday: #Iran envoy
#BREAKING: Elliott Abrams says the targets of US sanctions will involve the judge who sentenced #Iranian wrestler #NavidAfkari to death
#BREAKING: US special envoy for #Iran: US thinks Iran will come to the negotiating table once Nov. 3 election is over
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Watching the @USIP event with @US4AfghanPeace now. Some points that resonate with me in this thread. 1/n
His opening remarks were prepared and nothing really new there--hit all the talking points he's made in recent appearances. 2/n
First Q from Stephen Hadley: What makes you hopeful that talks will succeed? A: Both sides understand that violence cannot be the answer forever. Afghan leaders recognize they made a mistake in the wake of Soviet withdrawal by fighting each other--want to rectify that now. 3/n
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By attacking #Iran overtly at the UN, #SaudiArabia helped #Tehran to take its gloves off & express directly & explicitly the nature of the Saudi regime and its sponsors of terrorism (AQ and ISIS). This will reflect upon Iran's allies: no more suave effort.
#SaudiArabia has been an ally of #Israel since 1980 but #Iran never wanted to break the relationship w/ Riyadh or overtly act against it as Saudi did. Fear of a sectarian war was greater & that kept Iran cautiously flirting w/ Saudi but confronting it in the field through allies.
Now that #SaudiArabia has lost its sectarian war in #Syria and #Iraq, is not (and shall not) managing to submit #Yemen, has lost its allies in #Lebanon where #Hezbollah (Iran ally) has won, #Riyadh is turning towards the #UN and wishes fight to the last American against #Iran.
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Meet @AlanKhazei who is running for a seat in the U.S. Congress #MA04.

He is endorsed by #Iran’s first official DC-based lobbying organization @paaia.

America, and the State of Massachusetts, please take this warning seriously.

“What matters is how do we get Trump out of the White House.”

Use young energy to “finally break the log-jam in Congress, break the back of Mitch McConnell.”

“That’s what I am talking about.”
Khazei’s close relations with high-profile figures have helped him raise significant cash.

“Khazei, however, has been one of the most successful at raising cash so far, and ended March with more than $780,000 cash on hand...”…
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🛑Piece of #Qatar Bots🛑


#SaudiArabia 🇸🇦and #Qatar 🇶🇦bots at @Twitter, Myth Vs Relaity !!

First of all, thanks for all my great friends who supported me during the suspension of my account after I posted the below tweet👇
I was expecting @Twitter to take an action against these fake accounts. Instead, the action was taken against me and my account got suspended right after that tweet!
Then, I decided make sure that I was not mistaken bots with REAL humans and thanks for my account suspension, I got excited to read more and do some researches about these fake accounts or commonly called bots and if they are prohibited in @Twitter ??
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Washington, DC | Summit to Support a #FreeIran2020 The Imperative to Sanction and Hold the Regime to Account #NoImpunity4mullahs #DisbandIRGC #UNGA Image
Faced with executions and massacres, the people of Iran urged the United Nations, and the UN Security Council, in particular, to re-impose the six UN resolutions against the clerical regime in #Iran.
#NoImpunity4Mullahs #FreeIran2020 Image
former Mayor of New York
The regime is showing every indication that they’re on their last legs. Everyone knows they are a regime of terror.
#DisbandIRGC #UNGA #FreeIran2020 #NoImpunity4mullahs
@USAdarFarsi @mbachelet @JavaidRehman @antonioguterres Image
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Deterioration of Human Rights
Iran’s Reign of Terror at Home and Abroad
Online Conference
Sept 23, 2020
1600 CEST
#Iran #NoImpunity4Mullahs…
Senator @LucioMalan: Iranian resistance lead by Maryam Rajavi is preforming to preserve the rights of Iranian citizens and to preserve international security.
#Iran #NoImpunity4Mullahs…
Elisabetta Zamparutti: There are thousands of political prisoners in Iran’s prisons and they are torturing the prisoners against the International conventions. This is also a terrorist regime.
#Iran #NoImpunity4Mullahs…
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Hi @TwitterSupport,
On July 22 you said "we will take strong enforcement action on behavior that has the potential to lead to offline harm."

Would you not describe @rezaaslan's tweets as such behavior? He has quite a history of threatening to "burn" places down.
Aslan has a long history of voicing hateful rhetoric on Twitter. Failure to take action against such language encourages others to fall in line and/or express even more dangerous comments on your platform that can lead to devastating consequences in real life.

cc: @jack @Twitter
@jack @Twitter It is worth noting that Reza Aslan is a member of #Iran's lobby group @NIACouncil.

This thread sheds light.
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Rouhani not only does not represent the Iranian people, but she must be tried for crimes against humanity, and he has no place in the United Nations!
#No2Rouhani #NoImpunity4Mullahs
@USADarFarsi @JosepBorrellF @eu_eeas @StateDept @USUN @CanadaUN @CanadaONU @franceonu
The regime is showing every indication that they’re on their last legs. Everyone knows they are a regime of terror. From the late 1970s until now, every year has been terror and slaughter. They have the worst record in killing their own people.
#No2Rouhani #NoImpunity4Mullahs
EU has refused 2 support to the US. They claim 2 defend freedom & democracy & human rights. But they have abandoned those principles. They are doing business with a barbaric regime. They have abandoned methods of pressure that can free the ppl of #Iran from bondage.
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Breaking: This is reportedly a massive fire Southwest of Tehran, #Iran at the Mihan dairy factor. 🤔🔥🔥🔥
More alleged footage of the massive fire in Southwest #Tehran.🔥🔥🔥🔥
Who knew a dairy factory was soo flammable. 🔥🔥🔥🤔🤔🤔
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