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Daily @WhiteHouse #coronavirus task force briefing underway.
"We are working hard to get money" to America's 30 million small businesses quickly, says @SBAJovita.
"We are going to raise the interest rate on these loans" to 1%, says @stevenmnuchin1, explaining this will make it attractive for community banks.
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#Iran knew that the country had coronavirus infections in Tehran as early in January, according to an Iranian opposition group -- a timeline far earlier than that given by regime officials.
"The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), an umbrella of Iranian resistance groups opposed to the regime, this week published documents it says shows that Iran had multiple cases in late January, weeks earlier than stated by authorities."…
"... by mid-January, senior officials in the ministry had received letters from doctors warning about the problem in Qom, followed by similar warnings from Mashhad and other cities. 'But the ministry silenced everyone...'"
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#coronavirus test kits were ALREADY contaminated with #COVID19.
Reported by multiple sites at the begining of March.

All the test kits came from the same the @CDCgov

The test kits were recalled and the media blamed @realDonaldTrump
Signed into law, was a bill that made it mandatory for virus test kits to be approved by the @US_FDA before doctors could use them.

Even if doctors had the training and equipment needed.

The @FDA_Drug_Info requires extensive trial periods and large test samples.
Again the #FakeNewsMedia and the usual suspects took delight in blaming @realDonaldTrump
for the delay of test kits.
When the truth is @POTUS
removed those restraints and sped up testing.
@ABC @CNNPolitics @MSNBC and the rest of the MSM has been doing nothing but fear mongering
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#RyanDawson: ".. Why is #Turkey so beholden to #Israel? I like you to see this. I has over half-a-million views.
..I explained this at the very beginning of the #SyrianWar

..Why is there conflict in #Syria, and why is there really a target on #Iran? If you stop thinking about>
it in terms of #US-#interest, the #puzzle is very easy. The US acts for only one state's interest, and that's #Israel.

#AIPAC purchased #Congress with a foreign government's financial backing.

Since we learn nothing in #school,
> and the #press is a joke [#Dawson is referring to the #USA, mind you. LG,I], I must go over some background-information about:#pipelines.

Pipelines are not just for transporting oil and gas, they are for political #leverage as well. Each country a #pipeline passes through
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America continues "to wage all-out to war" to defeat "the horrible, horrible virus," begins @POTUS.
Today US "launching enhanced counter-narcotics operations in the Western Hemisphere," announces @POTUS, adding we must not let the drug cartels exploit the pandemic to harm American lives.
Additional ships and aircraft being deployed to the Southern Command AOR for the operations, says @EsperDoD.
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"The regime in Iran is a terrorism addict asking the world for money to fight a pandemic."
"... systematic corruption of Iran’s leaders and the weak capacity of its government mean it is doubtful that lifting sanctions would translate into the robust response the Iranian people need and deserve."
"The echo chamber is demanding instead that we pay the theocrats’ medical bills and provide them economic stimulus so they can fully fund their terrorism and neo-imperialism."
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Any thoughts @SenSanders?

@khamenei_ir's assets are:

-$95 billion…

-$200 billion…

#Iran has billions of dollars, but chooses to spend them on terrorists, not the Iranian people's needs.
Reminder for @SenSanders:

"Treasury Designates Vast Network of IRGC-QF Officials and Front Companies in Iraq, Iran"…

IRGC & Quds Force are designated terrorist entities.

Sen. Sanders, do you understand that you are defending #Iran's terrorism?
This read sheds light on the fake news published by MSM & pushed by #Iran's regime & its network of apologists/lobbyists abroad.…
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March 31—Ahvaz, SW #Iran
Riot reported in Sheyban Prison
Gunfire & tear gas reported from inside the facility. Inmates are protesting lack of hygiene supplies & the coronavirus epidemic. Authorities have opened fire on the prisoners.
Local source:
-Prison is encircled by security forces.
-Family member of an inmate: "I was phoning my father when I heard gunfire. He told me, 'They shot tear gas at us.' Then I couldn't here my father. Another voice said, 'Hold him. He's not feeling well.'"
March 31—Ahvaz, SW #Iran
More footage from the riot at Sheyban Prison
Clashes reported between inmates and security forces as authorities refuse to provide even temporary leave for the prisoners even during the coronavirus outbreak. Fire reported at the prison.
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March 31—Bazargan, NW #Iran near the border with Turkey

Major gas pipeline explosion rocks the area as some reports claim Kurdish dissidents being behind this incident.
March 31—Bazargan, NW #Iran near the border with Turkey

More footage of the major gas pipeline explosion in this area. Some reports claim the incident took place inside Turkish soil.
March 31—Bazargan, NW #Iran near the border with Turkey

Another angle of the massive explosion targeting a gas pipeline transferring natural gas from Iran to Turkey.
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Doctors & nurses across #Iran are losing their lives as the regime refuses to provide necessary equipment & supplies in the struggle against COVID-19.

-Dr. Nilufar Ismael-bigi
-Dr. Arastu Rostamnezhad
-Dr. Shahrzad Tabatabaei
-Dr. Hossein Johari

-Dr. Hamidreza Mihani
-Dr. Sa'adat Shakiba
-Dr. Seyed Morteza Vojdani
-Dr. Ali Mahmoudkhan Shirazi

-Dr. Ali Shojaie
-Dr. Hamidreza Davoudi
-Dr. Seyed Mozafar Rabie
-Dr. Samad Babazdeh

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The situation of prisoners is worsening. Many prisoners have died of #Coronavirus, including in Urmia, Great Tehran Penitentiary (Fashafouyeh), Ghezel Hesar, …
@WHO #FreeAllProtesters #Covid_19
@UN @usadarfarsi @StateDept @SecPompeo @mbachelet @javaidRehman @UNHumanRights
In recent days, defenseless prisoners in Khorramabad, Aligudarz, Tabriz, and Saqqez had no choice but to rebel. A number of them managed to escape while several were shot and killed by #IRGC
#FreeAllProtesters #Covid_19 #coronavirus
@mbachelet @javaidRehman @UNHumanRights
The mullahs' judiciary has intensified its repressive measures in prisons, especially in Fashafouyeh in Tehran, and has denied prisoners fresh air.
#FreeAllProtesters #Coronavirus @WHO #Covid_19
@UN @antonioguterres @usadarfarsi @mbachelet @javaidRehman @UNHumanRights
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March 30—Ahvaz, SW #Iran
Reports indicate inmates of the city's Sepidar Prison have launched a riot. Locals say numerous prisoners have fled the facility.

This is the eighth prison riot across Iran in the past two weeks.

March 30—Ahvaz, SW #Iran
Another video from Sepidar Prison and a voice saying inmates are fleeing the facility.
Prisoners across the country are demanding authorities at least provide temporary leave during the ongoing #coronavirus outbreak.
March 30—Ahvaz, SW #Iran
More footage from Sepidar Prison.
Sources say prisoners are escaping and authorities are dispatching numerous units throughout the city to block various roads and round-up the inmates.
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Reuters: Two intelligence officers at #Iran’s consulate in Turkey instigated the killing last November of Masoud Molavi Vardanjani.

This thread provides a different perspective on this issue.
My take:
Knowing his very close ties to senior Iran regime officials, Molavi was killed due to growing internal rifts & to keep a lid on state secrets.

However, why has Western media (MSM) remained utterly silent in this regard.

The name Jamal Khashoggi comes to mind.
@JZarif used the Khashoggi case to dodge questions about Iran’s human rights violations.
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Part 1

Thread Documenting Election/Voter Irregularities, Fraud, Etc.

“According to “Internal Report Obtained by NYT..False Flag Operation..Secret Project Carried Out by FB & Twitter..Democratic Operatives Created Thousands of Fake ‘Russian’ Accounts”

“Reid Hoffman, Member of Defense Innovation Board, Paid Mikey Dickerson for Disinfo ‘AL Project’
“Hoffman invested $750,000 in AET, which was invol in AL Disinfo Campaign”

“Democratic operatives created Facebook page & imitated conservative Alabamians..encouraging them to write in another candidate than Republican nominee”
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1⃣The tragedy of #Coronavirus spread in #Iran's prisons
The Iranian regime angered the prisoners by disagreeing with the release of prisoners.
5 Iranian jail riots in recent weeks, with hundreds escaping jail so far
#Covid_19 epidemic has arguably provided #Iran's regime authorities with an opportunity to ramp up this practice, thereby killing off political prisoners or at least severely impairing their health
#Coronavirus in #Iran'ian prisons

Reports indicate a riot by inmates of "Adel Abad Prison" in Shiraz

and some of them managed to escape. Some local sources report hearing gunshots from prison

Security forces have besieged the prison.
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March 29—Shiraz, south-central #Iran
Inmates of Adel Abad Prison launched a riot, protesting authorities' refusal to release temporarily despite the coronavirus outbreak.
This is the seventh such prison riot across Iran in less than two weeks.
March 29—Shiraz, south-central #Iran
Authorities are stationing security units in streets throughout the city.
The regime cannot afford riots becoming the new norm throughout the country.
"despite" should be "during"
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1. Is the government of #Iran pushing citizens of #Iraq #Bahrain #KSA #UAE #Afghanistan out the way it is pushing #Pakistani #zaireen out?

2. Why is PM #ImranKhan's govt unable to engage with #Tehran or ask it to coordinate return of our citizens w/out risking #COVID19 spread?
@Office_AQPk #Pakistan is the only country in the world where the head of government has called for lifting sanctions on #Iran due to #COVID19 (despite evidence the sanctions & outbreak are not linked). But PM #ImranKhan is unable or won't discuss treatment of #Pakistani #zaireen with #Tehran
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Another prison riot in #Iran
Inmates of Alvand Prison in Hamedan, Iran

This is the fifth prison riot in less than two weeks in Iran.




Reports indicate inmates of Mahabad prison in northwest #Iran launched a riot, set a section of the facility ablaze and dozens were able to flee.
Sources say gunfire was heard well into the night.
March 29—Images from Mahabad prison, NW #Iran
Prison riot resulted in a two inmates being killed, three wounded by authorities & numerous inmates of the second floor fleeing the facility.
Security forces have taken control of roads leading to the prison
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People need to understand the timeline of end times.. #Dajjal can't be in this world if there is no #mehdi. So dont be panic 🙄
The brief time line is as:
1: there will be fight between arab leaders on the death of one king.
2: Imam mehdi will be shown between "Ibrahim's place"
And black stone( hajr e aswad) "
3: turk army should be in Syria when imam mehdi will be shown.
4: imam mehdi will establish the great world under his leadership with essence of Peace and justice.
5: battle in arab between Believers n non believers (80 flag army)
6: Muslims will
Lost in first phase and Istanbul will no longer be in Muslims hand.
7:two big battles will be fought one in Arab and one in Hind
8: Muslims will regain istanbul
9: then false #Massia the #AntiChrist the dajjal will come with atleast 70 thousands #Jews with him from #IRAN.
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MAR 28 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 1: #Italy now more cases than #China .. but see 101 yo man #Recovered and sent home. 5MIN Test now available from @ABBOTT Runs on #IDNOW Machines .. @CDCgov CHANGES MIND advises everyone wear masks. @maddow @ursulafaw56
MAR 28 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 2: The man, identified as “Mr. P,” was admitted to hospital last week and was released on Thursday, Gloria Lisi, the deputy mayor of the city of Rimini, told local media.
Mr. P was born in 1919 amid the that year’s historic flu pandemic,
MAR 28 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 3: @CDCgov NOW SAYS TO WEAR MASKS. @maddow @CNN @MartyMakary @drsanjaygupta @RepAOC @RepJeffries AND 5 min TEST Now available (ships next week. Runs on #ABBOTT #IDNOW machines Get em tested and get em #QUARANTINED #NYC #Chicago
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Coronavirus Crisis in #Iran
Dimensions, Causes as #MEK Announced Exceeded 11,000 Deaths
#CoronaUpdate #coronavirus #COVID19 #CoronaLockdown…
Mohammad Mohaddessin, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of #Iran , addresses the causes for the spread of coronavirus in Iran #Iranian regime’s cover-up, mismanagement and politicizing the issue to get international sanctions lifted.
The world is dealing with Coronavirus crisis. The situation in Iran is different in many respects, it is alarming, catastrophic and is getting worse by the day.
#CoronaUpdate #coronavirus #COVID19 #CoronaLockdown #Iran
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#Iran’s regime is mercilessly playing with its citizens' lives as it rejects foreign aid over the #coronavirus outbreak to instead push its propaganda that U.S. #sanctions are hindering its fight against the pandemic.…
Some U.S. mainstream media publications are helping the mullahs by parroting Tehran’s talking points.
An editorial in the #NewYorkTimes claims “This #Coronavirus Crisis Is the Time to Ease #Sanctions on #Iran & they insist on #FakeNews.…
In fact, #Iran’s regime is blocking foreign medical aid. One day after #MSF announced that it had sent a 50-bed inflatable hospital and an emergency team to Iran to treat critically ill #COVID19 patients, the regime ordered their expulsion.…
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#MEK should not be called "Iranian opposition". Historically, operationally, and ideologically they are part of the same Islamist revolutionary trend that currently governs #Iran, and a MEK regime would not be noticeably different to the Islamic Republic.
At best #MEK is Trotsky to #Khomeini's Stalin, an opposition *within* the regime that lost a power struggle and wishes, from exile, to displace the ruler of the old country, while not significantly changing the actual system.
The difference in this analogy is that it is far from clear that in #Iran the Stalin figure lost out: MEK's antagonism to Khomeini was because he was not extreme enough in his revolutionary rule.
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Die Werte der verbrecherischen kapitalistischen westlichen Wertegemeinschaft und ihrer verbrecherischen Verbündeten
Die Werte der verbrecherischen kapitalistischen westlichen Wertegemeinschaft und ihrer verbrecherischen Verbündeten
Die Werte der verbrecherischen kapitalistischen westlichen Wertegemeinschaft und ihrer verbrecherischen Verbündeten
Kinder, die
in Gaza ermordet,
im Yemen verhungern &zerbombt werden,
im Kongo in Kobaltminen schuften,
auf den Philippinen auf Müllhalden leben,
interessieren nicht?
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