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Oct 9, 2021 9 tweets 5 min read
Thank you to @BaxBrittny of @TrainDems for joining us at #NN21 and teaching us to build progressive infrastructure through partnerships. Maximize the limited resources & choose partners that will have a positive impact on your campaign.

Advice from @BaxBrittny at #NN21
Oct 9, 2021 30 tweets 22 min read
Notes from "Deprogramming Conspiracy Theorists: Advice from Cult Therapists and Organizers"
10/9 3:45ET
moderator: @digitalsista w/
@Janja_Lalich Katia Kramos
@RBernsteinLMFT @_indoctrination
#NN21 @digitalsista @Janja_Lalich @RBernsteinLMFT @_indoctrination From @RBernsteinLMFT
Need to reintroduce civility to the conversation.

Remember that people can get involved with cult movement for community, due to fear...

Approach them from a place of compassion.

First, goal is to get them to re-engage with you, not deprogram.
Oct 9, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read
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The tactics being used to target communities of color with disinformation are vast and varied - a few examples: #NN21 (2 of 4)
The Latin American community is being targeted to get disinfo from the platforms here in the US AND from their home country. They're building ecosystems to push the online info on Spanish radio, TV and Newspapers as well. @vcardenasDC #NN21
Oct 9, 2021 31 tweets 22 min read
Notes from Standing Rock to Vieques, Puerto Rico:
The Cost of U.S. Colonialism
10/9 1PM ET
@juangon68 and Amy Goodman
@jennimonet and Myrna Pagán
@democracynow @Pwr4PuertoRico
"...providing a voice for people to speak for themselves." @juangon68 @CarmenYulinCruz @jennimonet @democracynow @Pwr4PuertoRico s/o to @MMViverito for tweeting this amazing image of voices speaking truth to power
Oct 8, 2021 6 tweets 6 min read
#NN21 Keynote: Rebalancing The Supreme Court: Why Progressives Must Take Back the [Stolen] Court to Save our Democracy with @SenTinaSmith @MondaireJones @RepBarbaraLee & Sarah Lipton-Lubet of @TakeBacktheCt. (via @actdottv)… We have a 6/3 far right hyper-partisan super majority. It is hostile to democracy itself. Policies that are enormously popular across the spectrum are at risk of not being in the #BuildBackBetter Act because of corporate power. -- @MondaireJones #NN21
Oct 8, 2021 11 tweets 8 min read
Dropping into:
Power of Public Banks to Accelerate Progressive Movements 3:45ET, 10/8
@jackiefielder @sfpublicbanks
@j_larosa415 @EquityEconLab
@tran.scends @urbanpartnersla @MandlaTDeskins @navicularity @JackieFielder @J_LaRosa415 @EquityEconLab @Tran @urbanpartnersla So many of us know about commercial banks and credit unions, but public banking is getting attention in US. Public banks challenge Wall Street and empower local governments to invest in affordable housing and renewable energy while tackling racial inequity.
Oct 8, 2021 4 tweets 3 min read
Tax evasion, skyrocketing charges for critical drugs and Covid vaccine access are some of the important issues we need to address to ensure EVERYONE is safe. @ChiBornfree #NN21 Access to vaccines is the first thing we have to address to end the pandemic. We are using shareholder resolutions, direct action, and various types of advocacy to ensure EVERYONE has access. - @ChiBornfree @OxFam #PeoplesVaccine #NN21
Oct 8, 2021 4 tweets 3 min read
Are you talking to people in a way that resonates and shows them how you are being part of the solution? Provide consistent contact and relevant content that drives action - give people opportunities to take action and make change and donations will come - @JamarrBrown #NN21 Build real relationships with ALL of your donors - not just the big dollar donors. - @danysiggy #NN21
Oct 8, 2021 5 tweets 3 min read
"Universal rent control is a Jewish Issue, abolishing ICE is a Jewish issue." -- @carlyncowen of @TheJewishVote #NN21 Carlyn points to how @TheJewishVote was the first space that understood their intersecting identities as Filipine-American AND Jewish and queer. @KUngernyc speaks to how intergenerational Jewish left organizing is.
Oct 8, 2021 5 tweets 4 min read
#CareCantWait: A rising movement for transformative change #NN21

@MomsRising, @domesticworkers,
@aijenpoo, @FGossGraves, @rowefinkbeiner, @dhuckelbridge, @PaidLeaveforAll & Nicole Jorwic Make phone calls and remind your senators + house members that you expect them to not trade off families. -@FGossGraves @nwlc
Oct 8, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read
We must include the care economy provisions in our efforts to pass Green New Deal as a part of the Build Back Better legislation - @RepRoKhanna #NN21 Creating millions of green jobs and promoting racial and social equity is a key component of the Civilian Conservation Corps. @laurenmaunus #NN21
Oct 8, 2021 5 tweets 4 min read
Text Care to 787753 to stand with homecare workers! - @SEIU #NN21 Thank you to Bartolome Perez for sharing frontline experience in the @Fightfor15LA. He prob caught COVID @ work & he had to file multiple health complaints with LA County & Cal/OSHA detailing violations of basic COVID safety guidelines. #COVIDisAirborne & #FightFor15 = connected!
Oct 8, 2021 5 tweets 4 min read
Notes from "Trained for Deception"
1PM, 10/8
With @rish_bharwani @spandi_s @Odangaring
+ Dr. Dominque Harrison of @jointcenter & Lauren Krapf of @ADL
#NN21 @Rish_Bharwani @spandi_s @Odangaring @JointCenter @ADL Question from @Rish_Bharwani
Tech is supposed to be the great equalizer but things aren't much better. Thoughts?
Oct 8, 2021 4 tweets 3 min read
Want more about grassroots local efforts on EJ?
For more about @UPROSE and @yeampierre work Follow @eji_org, and @CathFlowers
Check out
Oct 8, 2021 4 tweets 4 min read
The Women’s Health Protection Act #WHPA will establish in federal law the right for people to receive abortion care free from interference. Codifying bodily autonomy. -- @AyannaPressley in #NN21 @wedemandjustice plenary panel on SCOTUS. Calls on @SenSchumer to call for a vote "The power of the people has always been greater than the people in power! As @MsLaToshaBrown says organized power is realized power!" - @RepPressley #NN21
Oct 8, 2021 15 tweets 10 min read

AG @dananessel (MI),
AG @keithellison (MN),
AG @JoshStein_ (NC),
AG @maura_healey (MA), &
David Sanchez of @DemocraticAGs at #NN21 .@dananessel is working on ending the school to prison pipeline.

She says that “the system was stacked against students.”

Restorative practices > ending up in the criminal justice system.
Oct 8, 2021 30 tweets 27 min read
Notes from
Environmental Justice and the Politics of Equity
#CA45 @RepKatiePorter
#NN21 @RepRaulGrijalva @yeampierre @marcidale @CathFlowers @RepKatiePorter @RepKatiePorter
framing convo:
What do WE mean in this session by environmental justice (EJ)?
Systematically addressing injustice in our environmental laws that adversely affect vulnerable, low income, POC communities
EJ is NOT a single issue. It is not its own bucket
Oct 8, 2021 4 tweets 3 min read
Starting NOW!
Join a LIVE panel with Rep. @AyannaPressley, @RBraceySherman, Tamara Brummer & Katie O’Connor, Kelsey Ryland & @UltraViolet Sonja Spoo.
Only in the #NN21 app! "When we say we are in-- the only receipts that matter in this moment are policies and budgets and how unapologetic we are in taking a stand against discriminatory policies."
Oct 7, 2021 19 tweets 12 min read
Starting NOW:

#NN21 Climate keynote with @EJinAction, @GinaNRDC & @SecGranholm.… Secretary of U.S. Department of Energy, @SecGranholm, is discussing the #BuildBackBetter agenda.

Sec. Granholm acknowledged the push from progressives. #NN21
Oct 7, 2021 10 tweets 5 min read
"We all understand that at a transformational moment in history." @EJinAction @EJinAction @EJinAction How do you think the fight is going (on climate issues)? How is the progressive movement doing?
Oct 7, 2021 8 tweets 4 min read
We have to focus not only on the roads and the things outside of homes, but things inside of our homes. @RashidaTlaib @RashidaTlaib We're gonna hold the line. @RashidaTlaib