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New figures from @peoplesvaccine today show that Big Pharma monopolies are making vaccinating the world at least 5 times as expensive as it needs to be. “The most lethal profiteering in history” says @Anna_Marriott (1/5) #PeoplesVaccine
Pfizer & Moderna accused of overcharging by around $41billion. These corporations received over $8billion in public support, and could be making their drug for as little as $1.20 a dose. Covax has been paying 5 times that. (2/5)…
Uganda just lost 50 health workers in one week. One dose of Pfizer costs what the country spends per citizen on healthcare over a year. (3/5)
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Two things EVERYONE should do:

1⃣ Get vaccinated if you can.

2⃣ Ask why most people cannot.
Our current global vaccine shortage is not "natural" or "inevitable".

It is the result of a POLICY DECISION by leaders in some rich countries - the EU, UK, Norway, Switzerland & others - to allow pharma monopolies to control the production levels of vaccines.
Specifically, the EU, UK & others have a policy of blocking wider vaccine production globally by obstructing the #TRIPSwaiver, a proposal at the World Trade Organization to temporarily waive some intellectual property rules on vaccines & other health products.
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From the beginning of the pandemic, the EU, UK & other rich governments have been blocking & delaying wider vaccine production globally by obstructing the #TRIPSwaiver, a proposal to temporarily waive some intellectual property rules on vaccines & other health products.

The EU (led by Germany in this) has produced misinformation & outright lies to defend their deadly policy.

These arguments have been debunked comprehensively:

Again & again:

For a long time:
From the beginning, the EU, UK & others have been ignoring the request of the majority of countries in the world, as well as the advice of public health professionals and medical experts.
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Big Pharma Greed is not new.

From insulin prices to HIV treatment access, monopolies in the face of suffering are business as usual.

We have our #EyesOnPharmaGreed
Do you?
Big Pharma companies don't want to talk to us.

So we talked to @JolyRubs instead.

Every stat levied at him in this 'interview' is true.

We have our #EyesOnPharmaGreed

BigPhama have shown they can't be relied upon to do the right thing. They must be compelled to.

100+ international IP academics signed a letter in support of the TRIPS waiver, providing academic justification for the temporary Waiver in pandemic times:…
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The new restrictions that Macron has announced in France are concerning.

We need to fight the pandemic, of course, and that means protective measures will be needed. However, some of the new proposals go too far.

🧵 A thread...…
There are a number of points in Macron's plans related to Covid passes that are worrying - I'll get to that in a bit - but let's focus first on what is perhaps the most troubling part of the whole thing: rolling back on testing to "encourage vaccination". This is a terrible idea.
⚠️ Knowing your status, even when vaccinated, is critical for individual health.

⚠️ Knowing case positivity rates is necessary to understand if and how vaccines are working, and critical for public health.

✅ Testing should remain free, accessible, and prioritized.
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LIVE: Wednesday 14th: 10am BST

Members of the #PeoplesVaccine alliance and more to talk vaccine access inequality, Merkel's visit to the US and how we speed up global #COVID vaccinations.

Join us 👇
On current trends it will take 57 years to get many countries vaccinated.
It's completely gross.
@nickdearden75 of @GlobalJusticeUK
Oxygen demand in Africa is now 50% greater than it was at the peak last year....
Some countries like Israel are starting to offer booster shots... whereas in many countries, even health workers have not received a shot.
It's ridiculous on so many levels
Maaza of @Afri_Alliance
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Vaccines "outpaced by variants", says World Health Organization.

#Delta now in 98 countries:…

French minister fears "fourth wave":

➡️ We are not vaccinating people fast enough globally. Image
Governments are again arguing over scarce vaccines: who should get the doses - children here or older people there?

But we could tackle vaccine scarcity itself.

The world could make more vaccines faster.

Outrageously, the EU & a few other rich governments are blocking it. Image
From the beginning, the EU has been blocking & delaying wider vaccine production globally by obstructing the #TRIPSwaiver, a proposal to temporarily waive some intellectual property (IP) rules on vaccines & other health products.
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#Covax is failing. Big picture: even as delivers doses, it won’t deliver goal of EQUITY.
Short term: By June was to reach just 3% of LMIC pops. Delivered only 1/4 of that (88 of 337m forecast).
We need to talk about why & learn real-world, politically-informed lessons
The goal: at a high level, COVAX as a pillar of ACT-A aimed to “ensure that every country gets fair and equitable access to eventual #COVID19 vaccines…. By acting as an insurance policy.” At this point, it's clear this model has not been successful /2
Not #VaccinEquity: Dec 2, 11, 21 of 2020 UK, US & EU authorized #COVID19 vaccine.
6mos later, so many ways (data, stories, lives) to see inequity outcome of current vaccine prod & distrib systems.
Here's 👇from @fibke:% pop vs % vax does NOT approach equity /3
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A new must-read from @TheLancet on why COVAX won’t save us and why experts agree: we need a #PeoplesVaccine.… Image
Some background on COVAX in this thread, along with the questions Human Rights Watch has been raising about it:
This bit from The Lancet article is particularly devastating:

"As of late May, COVAX had supplied about 80 million doses to low-income and middle-income countries; 22 million doses had gone to high-income countries."

Shocking. Image
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7th parallel #VaccineRolloutSA

@SAHPRA1 please explain how this is taking place, with what vaccine stock, from where? Why?
And @DIRCO_ZA @PresidencyZA

The French blocked TRIPS WAIVER & greater access in global south, but vaccinates its own, here, first?
@peoplesvaccine @OTMeds
Using JandJ: How was this authorised @SAHPRA1 ?

So we have different stock for different nationals from MNC that refuses full licenses/ cannot meet our domestic supply needs/cost us 2 mill. doses??
Where did stock come *from* ?

Science is not winning.…
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I have been thinking about this lately. An African scientist has developed 2 vaccine candidates and he can't obtain funding to conduct vaccine trials!!!


Western Countries Prevented African Nations From Having Their Own Vaccine… via @vice
For months now, African gov'ts have been lamenting about vaccine nationalism, BEGGING rich countries to share their vaccines and advocating for #TRIPSWaiver . Perhaps if @christian_happi had received funds 2 months ago, he would be inching closer to Africa's own vaccine
Africa's political leadership seems determined to follow the same script of begging their way out of trouble but rich countries don't seem to be moved. Hoarders are still hoarding, some are still opposing the #TRIPSwaiver and now #vaccinomacy has become the norm.
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'Mass' vaccination sites require enough vaccines🧪

Vaccine supplies & deliveries require transparent contracts📚

1% of a 32 mill vaccine promise is not a good or sustainable way forward.⏳

We need a #PeoplesVaccine - share tech, trf know-how, pass the #TRIPSwaiver -urgently🔊
We need the 2 million immediately, overdue.
30 million after.

If not, then demand cannot be met, which means, next steps v. J&J.

*And, 300k is 1%. 1%!

#JandJCrisis 🔊
⏳🧪💧💧💧 Image
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#G7 "Leaders have pledged over 1 billion doses, either through #Covax or directly."
PM Johnson starts #G7 press conference with "The world was looking forward to us to reject nationalism."
Something's not adding up....
Live now here ->
👏 that @GPforEducation has reached 1/2 of 5-year funding target.
But absolutely incredible how #G7 during largest #pandemic in a century fails to do something similar with #Covid19. They could have. They didn't.
"Vaccinating the world - we can do that together" PM Johnson states at #G7.
He didn't add: "But we decided not to."
#vaccinenationalism #VaccinEquity #PeoplesVaccine #Covid19
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Tomorrow, the European Parliament will vote on their global vaccine strategy 💉🌍

🗣 Ahead of that, we thought we would share the 6 things to know about the #vaccine waiver and arguments for it.

Fact #1 

Yes, we can ramp up manufacturing 💪

There are nearly 150 manufacturing facilities that could make #covid19 vaccines... IF we had an open system with distributed manufacturing, tech transfer & we waived intellectual property 🗣💉


Fact #2

A licensing approach will not work 🚫

A 'fair licensing approach' sounds nice in theory, but the power still lies in the hands of #BigPharma.

They have already made their billions, how we step in to save the millions? 👩🏻👨🏽👱🏿‍♀️


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The #G7 are failing in their duty to provide global leadership to end the COVID19 pandemic for everyone everywhere. More than 1m people have died from COVID since G7 leaders last met back in February, when they pledged to increase the global vaccine supply.
@ChathamHouse @CHGlobalHealth @UNAIDS @HelenClarkNZ @DrMikeRyan @yates_rob @G7 Of the 1.77bn doses of COVID vaccines given globally, 28% have been in @G7 countries. In contrast just 0.3% of COVID jabs have been given in low-income countries.
COVID-19 related deaths are increasingly concentrated in low- and middle-income countries. This is heart-breaking.
The scale of this inequality is not an accident. It was predictable months ago. President Ramaphosa @CyrilRamaphosa called it “#VaccineApartheid” - and it is.

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Nice, but the world needs 11 BILLION doses, and Belgium, as part of the EU, is blocking wider vaccine production globally.

Tiny tokens of charity will not end the pandemic.

We need more vaccine production.

#PeoplesVaccine Image
Belgium has promised to donate 4 million vaccine doses. The EU, 100 million.

But the world needs over 11 BILLION.

We won't get there while the EU continues to block wider production of vaccines globally.

Understand the scale of the problem... Image
Donating millions of doses maybe makes a nice headline, but it hides the real problem: the artificial scarcity of vaccine doses created in part by the EU's blocking of wider vaccine production globally.… Image
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The EU, UK & a few others are deliberately prolonging the pandemic by blocking wider vaccine production globally.

This means:

⬛️ More death;

⬛️ More economic disruption;

⬛️ More chances for new variants of the virus to emerge.
Some leaders in Europe want people to see vaccination rollout in their own countries now moving at a reasonable pace and believe the falsehood that the pandemic is nearly over.

It is not.

Not even close.
The pandemic will rage for years, because global vaccine rollout has been too slow.

Only 5% of people have been fully vaccinated in 5 months.

Vaccine rollout has been slow in part because of the artificial scarcity the EU & others create by blocking wider vaccine production.
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France's Macron has in the past few weeks expressed support for COVID patent waivers:…

Then opposed them:…

Then supported them again:…

Now he wants to wait till October to decide:…
Macron’s skepticism of the #TRIPSwaiver seems in part rooted in an outdated view of the developing world’s capacities. He says that even if intellectual property rules are waived, manufacturers in places like Africa currently are not equipped to make vaccines.

He's wrong.
The Africa Centers for Disease Control has already identified vaccine manufacturing capacity in Senegal, South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, and Tunisia.…
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Récemment, Macron a soutenu la levée des brevets des vaccins anti-COVID :…

Ensuite il s'y est opposé :…

Puis l'a soutenue à nouveau :…

Maintenant, il repousse sa décision à Octobre:…
Le scepticisme d’Emmanuel Macron à l’égard de la levée des droits de propriété intellectuelle semble s’appuyer sur une vision dépassée des capacités du monde en développement.
Le président français considère que même en cas de dérogation à ces droits, les pays d’Afrique, par exemple, ne seraient pas dotés des moyens de fabriquer des vaccins contre le Covid-19.

Mais les temps changent.
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Quick review of who stands where on COVID patent waivers and just how isolated certain people in the EU are...
The EU is split. Despite much top-down message enforcement, many leaders have openly supported COVID patent waivers:

Italy's foreign minister:…

Dutch trade minister:…

Ireland foreign & health ministers:…
Other key voices in the EU supporting COVID patent waivers:

Spain's government:…

Poland's government:…
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“If you aren’t careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

—Malcolm X, December 1964…
I’m a big science fan (🧬!) and admire the stellar people whose effort has yielded—in record time—novel mRNA vaccines for #COVID19.

People like @NIH’s Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, who brought years of prior #coronavirus research to bear on this dire crisis.…
But these aren’t the folks spotlighted in @FortuneMagazine’s World’s 50 Greatest Leaders.

Moderna & Pfizer executives are uniquely revered, even as they (and the govts backing them) uphold a system of global #VaccineApartheid.

Where are their vaccines being used? ⬇️(as of 5/14)
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With the Biden administration thankfully now prioritizing human life over pharma profits…

It's a whole new map!

The EU, UK, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, Brazil & Norway are blocking wider vaccine production globally... and can no longer hide behind the US.

If the EU Commission doesn't turn around as well asap, they will look even more callous than they have done over the past 7 months of their backing a policy that has literally been prolonging the global pandemic.

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"This is the decision the world needed: by backing a waiver of intellectual property protections for COVID-19 vaccines the Biden Administration can increase the global supply of vaccines and deal a deathblow to the pandemic".

"In doing so, the Administration has shown it can listen to the voices of over 100 countries, the World Health Organization, former leaders, public health experts, Nobel Laureates and activists around the world..."

"...and countered the shameful behavior of big pharmaceutical monopolies which are placing profits over the right to health of billions of people."

"While a bold step towards a people's vaccine, this is a first step."

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Neocolonial capitalism is a death cult, the privatisation of the vaccine against a global pandemic episode.
#TRIPSwaiver #PeoplesVaccine #FreeTheVaccine
Why is Joe Biden @POTUS now listening to billionaire @BillGates instead of health hero @AdyBarkan ? #FreeTheVaccine "It's the only humane thing to do."
Billionaire-led policies are a disaster for public health and they are and will be a disaster for the climate.…
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