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7 Jul
Here it is. The smoking gun. Trump and @SecWilkie used dying vets as guinea pigs. “For more than two weeks in April, a drug regimen that included hydroxychloroquine was routinely dispensed at the struggling center, often for patients who had not been tested for covid-19”
“Though precise estimates vary, the state Department of Military and Veterans Affairs said about 30 residents received the drug. Several nursing home staff members placed the number higher.”
“The Chester County coroner, who reviewed the medical records for some of those who died, said at least 11 residents who had received the hydroxychloroquine treatment had not been tested for covid-19.”
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3 Jun
“The fact is I could have been George Floyd. I could have been Ahmaud Arbery. I could have been Christian Cooper.” VERY powerful, brave and important piece by ⁦@JeremyButler01⁩, CEO of @IAVA. He is a leader America needs to hear now. #BlackOutTuesday…
“It’s about being black while driving, black while shopping, black while doing anything. And yet, I am proud to wear the Navy uniform. As a veteran of the Iraq love of this country and my desire to serve it both in and out of uniform has not changed.” -@JeremyButler01
“But love of country and patriotism don’t mean unconditional loyalty. Dedication to service does not mean blind servitude. It means acknowledging that we live in a deeply flawed country while also working hard to make it better.” -@JeremyButler01
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25 Oct 19
Here’s the episode of @angryamericans where I explained the whole crazy #RudyButtDial story:… It’s also got @marcroberge, which is unrelated, but awesome. @NBCInvestigates @richshapiro
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11 Jul 19
Every since I mentioned @KamalaHarris in a Tweet a few days ago, the torrent of horrendously insulting, racist, misogynistic & obscene things Tweeted at me about her by Trumpers & trolls is like nothing I’ve ever seen. And it was compounded when @LauraIngraham Tweeted at me. 1/8
It’s been a unique experience-to say the least. I thought Harris had a good quote about Trump’s July4 thing—which she did. I’m an observer and critic of politicians of all sides. And I’m not even a Harris supporter. Or a Democrat. But I am a supporter of civility and respect. 2/8
And the lack of civility and respect shown towards Harris in public forums is just a glimpse into what she, her family, and her campaign must be already dealing with—and will surely only increase in the days ahead. And it’s unique to her as a black woman. 3/8
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15 Feb 19
My little boy is 3. And his school has had to teach him and his classmates this “Magnet Game.” In case of an active shooter. When I first got this email, I cried. This is the world we live in. And we owe to them to make it better. Now. #MSDSStrong #ParklandStrong #NeverForget
Thank you to the Parkland kids and parents for your courage. And to the Sandy Hook activists for your tenacity. And to my son’s amazing teachers. And to all the teachers and school leaders out there everywhere that would take a bullet for my kid and so many others.
I’ve seen heroes. And you are among the best and truest of them all. And you deserve better. Until we achieve that, thank you for holding the line. In ways we can only imagine. You are not forgotten. #MSDSStrong #ParklandStrong #NeverForget
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14 Aug 18
Bad. So bad. Bad for our troops, bad our military families and bad our national security. @IAVA and our allies will fight this—just like we’re fighting the ridiculous new attacks on our #GIBill. But it’s really shameful that we even have to. #WTF #DefendTheGIBill #WinterIsHere
If you’re just tuning in, please also check out how @IAVA and our allies are fighting back against a ridiculous attack by bureaucrats at the Pentagon on our earned #GIBill benefits:… #DefendTheGIBill #big6
42,417 people of all backgrounds have signed @IAVA’s petition to the @DeptofDefense & SecDef Mattis to immediately reverse the policy, and put veterans and their families first, instead of creating barriers to access deserved benefits. Join us:… @Change
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8 Sep 17
We are inspired by @TalindaB's courage--and Chester's spirit. 40% of @IAVA members know a vet who's died by suicide:…
Chester was a true leader in helping @IAVA's #CampaignToCombatSuicide and in our fight to pass the #ClayHuntSAV act:
Chester was gentle and thoughtful...he met thousands of vets through @linkinpark's partnerhsip w @IAVA..he was always patient and kind...
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