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2 Jul 20
We are now live with Agritech & The Future of Food. Thank you everyone who's logged in to join us.
There is not enough in the Agriculture Bill about food production. We need to be clear that we need to use every technology possible to produce good cereals, vegetables, meat etc competitively. @neil_parish
The PM has sympathy with farmers but he is determined to forge ahead with trade deals - so there will be more competition. @neil_parish
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15 Jun 20
We are live at @PetFedUK #virtualpetindex conference! If you weren't able to attend this talk on the £131 billion pound #pet industry, you can catch up later in the week when our recording be live on
The death of the #highstreet is not universally applicable. Empty shop fronts range from 5% to circa 30%.

Future of the high street may lie in more residential and entertainment space in the centre of towns, alongside #retail.

Jack Tindale, #retail expert from @Policy_Connect
We need to re-imagine the #highstreet. #Pet businesses can offer a tactile #shopping opportunity that isn't open to other commercial entities

Jack Tindale, #retail expert @Policy_Connect
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11 Jun 20
We have just gone live with our talk, Creating Good Mental Health For Life & Business with speakers @normanlamb @Cognacity @anhcampaign @MHUpdates @WMonckton @TweetTeamPiP @CorrinoHLTA. Don't worry if you couldn't make it today; we'll have the video online next week
"The psychological fallout of COVID-19": @normanlamb sums up the malady many of us are suffering from at the moment and calls for a Resilience Taskforce.
Mental health costs our economy £100 billion pounds a year in lost productivity and costs of care. It is a significant challenge for business.
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21 May 20
#REDTalk now live! Is the pandemic an opportunity to review the food system. Live tweets here..
The Shadow Environment Minister @davidzeichner thanks food workers for their support during the pandemic.
Yes, the pandemic is an opportunity to review our food system. But we are unlikely to take it. @DavidZeichner
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