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Warning ⚠️ ⛔️ : Uncomfortable Thread 🪡
My tweets lately have focused on my daughter’s #healthcare at @SanfordHealth & our struggle to access appropriate & compassion care where her agency is not taken away. I know the threads my be uncomfortable for some particularly if you 1
are a #medical professional. I am aware that many are thinking 💭‘what’s the back story’, ‘something they did caused this no #medical facility or #medical #professional would partake in this’. I get that. There IS a back story. A child at 2 wks having her 1st #hereditary 2
#pancreatitis flare. In 1st grade undergoing her 1st #transplant. In 6th grade undergoing 2nd #transplant. Complications, no real follow up. Complications being ignored. Physicians both on #transplant team as well as others questioning her symptoms, her #pain. Dismissing & 3
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Incredible piece in @propublica on the dark underbelly of #healthcare #insurance — making profit margins off of denying claims (aka healthcare) to its members when they need it most…
If time is money, this is what @Cigna thinks the health of its members is worth: 1.2 seconds Image
It’s not just @Cigna, it’s all the big insurers — @UHC @AnthemBCBS @Aetna - multiple lawsuits filed for the amount of denials they have, but it’s more profitable for them to rampantly deny claims and settle the class action lawsuits later than it is to just do the service they……
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Few words about an interesting project - WorldCoin

1/ Sam Altman, a prominent tech entrepreneur and AI expert, has announced his latest project: a cryptocurrency called Worldcoin.

@sama #Worldcoin #AIexpert
2/ Worldcoin aims to create a global digital currency that is accessible to everyone, regardless of location or financial status.

3/ To achieve this goal, Altman and his team are developing a scanning device called Orb that can scan people's eyeballs and create a unique digital ID for each person.

#Orb #DigitalID #IrisScan
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Covid is not a “single issue” 1

Every 4 Covid deaths = 1 US child loses a parent/caregiver

Healthcare staff shortages risk ALL patient lives

MILLIONS of newly disabled folks are entering a system that was already failing to meet needs

Life expectancy ⬇️

Domestic violence ⬆️
Covid is not a “single issue” 2

4 million workers are out of workforce from #LongCovid

#Hospitals are unsafe for EVERYONE who needs them

Opportunistic infections ⬆️ due to #immune damage

Many #vulnerable folks are into year 4 of isolation

#Schools are even more unsafe
Covid is not a “single issue” 3

#Covid causes #brain damage, leading to ⬆️ dementia, attention issues, human errors - there has been a record increase in traffic fatalities

#SuddenDeaths ⬆️

#Bullying #harassment #assault of vulnerable people ⬆️

Accessibility in #healthcare ⬇️
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1/10 🌟 Let's explore 🔟 Fortune 100 companies and how they could potentially benefit from building dApps on @Conste11ation $DAG. Get ready for some exciting use cases! #Constellation #Fortune100
2/10 🚘 #1 Walmart $WMT: The retail giant could build a dApp on Constellation for supply chain management, tracking products from source to store, ensuring transparency, and reducing inefficiencies. #Walmart #SupplyChain
3/10 ⚡ #2 Amazon $AMZN: Amazon could leverage Constellation for a decentralized e-commerce platform, creating a secure, transparent, and efficient marketplace for buyers and sellers. #Amazon #eCommerce
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Today’s #JobsReport was very solid, but like is often the case in the movies, it’s very hard for the sequel (today’s report) to match such an unexpected hit (January’s revised 504,000 jobs gained).
Still, a nonfarm #payroll gain of 311,000 jobs is quite good and having 815,000 jobs created so far this year after the #economy has already created 12 million #jobs over the past two years is pretty amazing in its own right.
Further, the 3-month moving average of 351,000 jobs, after a 12-month moving average of 362,000 jobs gained per month is also pretty remarkable, particularly after the market-implied pricing of the terminal #FedFunds rate has move up 500 basis points (bps) in a year.
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The establishment creates this problem by first denying the disease, creating a vacuum that quickly fills up with untested treatments & questionable cures. Then they go about trashing their victims who desperately need relief, and the doctors who are willing to treat.
#BTDT #Lyme
It is both infuriating & heart wrenching to watch this scene play out again, with some of the same establishment players engaging in narrative control. Go to ~48:00 for IDSA creep Paul Auwaerter’s word salad tossed at Congress, thx to my friend @PowerOfNeo…
That they have denied, conflated & confused for DECADES #LymeDisease #ME #mecfs #cfs #fibromyalgia and passed them off as psychiatric, and now are doing the same with #LongCovid, should tell you all you need to know about #PublicHealth’s intentions.
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The #russian embassy in 🇬🇧 tried to mock @RishiSunak for legislation that prevents migrants from crossing the Channel on small boats.

They didn’t mention that 🇷🇺 is responsible for the largest European conflict since WWII that caused immense suffering and destruction in 🇺🇦.
The russians are responsible for 14,000 Ukrainians #killed in 2014-2022 and 8,173 more Ukrainians killed since 2022 (@UN_HRC). No one knows how many Ukrainians were murdered in #Mariupol, #Volnovakha, and other occupied cities, towns, and villages. 2/5
The russians are responsible for 8,104,606 #refugees (@UNRefugeeAgency) and 7 million internally displaced people (@Kabmin_UA_e).

So far, the russians have #destroyed 2,660 and 1,200 #education and #healthcare buildings and facilities (@MoH_Ukraine, @MON_UKRAINE). 3/5
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#MondayMorning 🧵

Repeat after me:

Patient burnout is an undocumented public health crisis. 🚨
2) #PatientAdministrativeBurden (PAB), or the work that individuals need to do to get the care they need, is of epic proportions, especially in the context of chronic illness, multiple co-morbidities, life-altering, and life-limiting conditions. 📈

#MissionImpossible #PtExp
3) Patients are buried in:
👉 piles of paperwork
👉 fragmented, manual, poorly coordinated workflows
👉 massive losses of time in waiting and navigating uncharted, unsupported care journeys

#PtExp #Healthcare #UnblockHealth
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This is a threaded version of Chapter 22:

“Better Off Than Fifty Years Ago?

“Rules Made to Benefit the Wealthy Are Now More Important Than Life”

of *Culture War, Class War 2022: Truth & Generations

by Michael Adzema

THREAD… #history #Blue

CW22 22/1
“[*Chapter 22 text begins:*] So these days you have the attitude, “A dollar laid is a dollar played”; people’s suffering is irrelevant to the game.”

THREAD #history #Blue #economics #Reagan #80s #politics #resist #Republicans #Reaganomics #60s

CW22 22/2
“*Foolin’ the People About History*

“*Obvious “Truths”:*

“*Reagan “saved” America.* [untrue truism]

“*Reagan rescued Americans from an oppressive tax burden.* [untrue truism]

READ/DWL BOOK...… #history #Blue #economics #Reagan #80s #politics

CW22 22/3
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Insufficient levels of folate can negatively impact the synthesis and stability of both DNA and mtDNA, leading to oxidative stress in the form of reactive oxygen species. Why is this a problem? (1/8)
This type of stress is linked to the development of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Neuronal damage and an increase in cell death are observed in individuals with AD. (2/8)
Lack of folate can result in decreased methylation of enzymes and promoter regions of genes that may also be associated with the development of Alzheimer's Disease. (3/8) #AD
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We have now moved into committee! SB23-111 is for #worker protections & makes sure that public employees can engage in the political process like everyone else

Public employees are nurses, teachers, public service workers & EMT drivers #copolitics

YES ON SB23-111 👨‍⚕️
The right to strike for public employees is only possible after presenting to a board - there is not a avenue for public employees to #unionize or #organize if they think they need too

We are now hearing from a Nurse who tells us 'this impacts you all cause you seek health care'
We have testimony from @DenverHealthMed worker - who says "you do not need a heart beat in a seat, you need a capable health care worker when you are seeking health care"

"we need to level the playing field between our bosses & unions" #copolitics

YES on SB23-111 🔥
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We’re at the press conference for SB23-111 Protect Public Employees Workers Protections Act! #copolitcs

Jade Kelly is starting us off this morning from @cwa7799 #laborstrong Image
Jade tells us she can feel the #change for #workers & it’s happening

She says “we need to get the elephant out of the room” #copolitcs…
Jade continues to tell us that the public institutions fail to listen

Staffing shortages

🚨 this is why we need a YES 🚨 on SB23-111 “we need this bill!” Image
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I educate on ketogenic diets for mental illness & neurological disorders because I want you to know all the ways you (or a loved one) can feel better. 🧵(1/4)
Learning all the ways you can feel better helps you understand that you deserve better treatment options than you are currently being offered. (2/4)
Learning all the ways you can feel better means that you no longer feel like you have to suffer in silence because you are already receiving a standard of care that is not working well for you. (3/4)
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Attention healthcare professionals, if you haven't yet explored training in ketogenic dietary therapy for mental illness and neurological disorders, you may be missing out on a groundbreaking approach that is transforming lives. (1/10)
The online training program designed by @KetoPotterRDN @KaniaZupec has seen tremendous success, with several hundred professionals completing the training within the first year. (2/10)
@KetoPotterRDN @KaniaZupec In addition to benefiting those with epilepsy, advanced ketogenic dietary therapy has shown promise in improving the symptoms of a variety of neurological disorders, including migraine headaches, autism, and dementia. (3/10)
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A 50-YO ♀️ bitten by her pet rat: fever, myalgia, sore throat, headaches a nonpruritic rash on extremities including palms & soles, arthralgias, knees arthritis.

A punctate wound with central necrosis on L palm, & her R thumb.

#rheumatology #internalmedicine #dermatology
Leukocytosis with neutrophilia
ESR & PCR:⬆️

Purulent R knee synovial fluid:
✔️46 000 cells/mL (88% neutrophils).
✔️Gram stain: scant pleomorphic gram-negative bacilli in chains with lateral bulbar swellings
#microbiology #rheumatologist
Synovial fluid 🧫culture: Streptobacillus moniliformis identified by biochemical testing & confirmed by MALDI-TOF.


#bacteriology #IDtwitter #microbiología
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13 años ♂️: lesiones verrugosas en mucosa oral de 2 años de evolución, con progresivo aumento en tamaño y número.

🖊️Alonso P, Vázquez A, Santos JL.…
@ContinuumAEP @aepediatria
#pediatria #dentista #AtencionPrimaria
📌infección viral rara de la mucosa oral
📌causada por el virus del papiloma humano, especialmente los subtipos 13 o 32.

#infecciosas #microbiología #MIR
@ContinuumAEP @aepediatria ✔️Es una proliferación epitelial benigna, ✔️asintomática,
✔️ múltiples pápulas de 3 a 10 mm con color de mucosa oral normal.

La frecuencia de esta enfermedad varía ampliamente de una región geográfica y grupo étnico a otro.

#healthcare #MedicinaInterna
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Do you think your innovation can change the way people live?⁠


#innovation #awards #Aarohan #aarohaninnovationawards #education #healthcare #womenempowement #innovators
The Infosys Foundation will commit up to INR 50 lakh per winner. If your innovation can transform lives, then Aarohan Awards can help you scale up.⁠

Visit the link to submit your application TODAY!⁠

Read one such story here : ⁠
Basant Kumar Chandrakar, a resident of Chhattisgarh and a famous ‘bhajia’ stall owner, has made a handheld machine to ease his work. Now, over 200 shops in the city are using his device.⁠
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Do you think your innovation can change the way people live?⁠


#innovation #awards #Aarohan #aarohaninnovationawards #education #healthcare #womenempowement #innovators
The Infosys Foundation will commit up to INR 50 lakh per winner. If your innovation can transform lives, then Aarohan Awards can help you scale up.⁠

Visit the link to submit your application TODAY!⁠

Read one such story here : ⁠
"Recently, many children’s lives have been lost to borewell accidents. The Sujith incident was a real driving force behind my invention."⁠

Sadham Usean Ramasamy, a PhD scholar at #IIT Madras.
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A 17-YO♀️, unprotected #sexual intercourse with multiple male partners: a 1-month history of pruritic genital lesions, multiple smooth, grayish-white papules & plaques were noted on the vulva & upper inner thighs.

DOI: 10.1056/NEJMicm2207538
#gynecology #womenshealth Image
A Treponema pallidum particle agglutination assay:➕
Rapid plasma reagin titer: ➕1:16.


#microbiology #gynecologist #primarycare
✔️Testing for other sexually transmitted infections, including HIV infection: ➖

✔️Counseling on the importance of condom use

✔️IM penicillin G benzathine
At the 1-month follow-up visit, the lesions had resolved, and the RPR was 1:8.

#dermtwitter #IDtwitter #MedTwitter
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Not just the #healthcare system that's on the brink of breakdown, but also many #hcw 's mental health, wellbeing and future. As early as 1st week in office, YBM @KKMPutrajaya has put in motion a healthcare audit which 4sure will be part of the h'care #whitepaper. Addressing 1/6
the legacy mess within the system is a monumental task without the inertia & resistance from powerful forces within the health service. With it, the punitive culture of fear hampers even the first step of solving the problem; admitting there is one. 2/6
On the possible unannounced industrial action by Gov HCWs, many wud cry foul with "even at the cost blood on your hands?" they'd respond "what about the the hands whose our blood is dripping off? 3/6
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🚨"चहा"सोडा आणि 100 वर्ष जागा म्हणे🚨

काही दिवसांपूर्वी @dr_prashantsb यांनी @qhaj यांचा Video Post केला,त्याचं Caption होत "प्रत्येकाला 100 वर्ष जगायला मदत करा"
-चहा खरंच विष आहे का?
-चहा ने आयुष्य कमी होतं का?
-चहा मधील Caffein ची एवढी भीती का?

-पाहुयात या Thread मध्ये👇
🔶Dr हेमंत म्हणाले "गरजेपेक्षा जास्त 1 चहा आणि 6 Biscuits रोज खाल्ले तर 1 किलो वजन वाढते"
▪️भारताच Average Tea Consumption 700-800 Gram/Person/Year आहे
▪️पाकिस्तान-1.5 kg, तर Turkey-3.16 kg/Person/Year आहे
▪️नक्कीच आहारातील Overall Refined Carbes/Foods कमी/बंद केले पाहिजेत,पण
▪️एक साधा प्रश्न डोक्यात येतो की "भारतात किती जण असतील जे चहा सोबत रोज Bread/Biscuits खात असतील"
- साहजिकच ज्यांच्याकडे Smartphone आहे ,Twitter वरील हा Thread वाचत आहेत त्यांची आर्थिक परिस्थिती Avarage Indian पेक्षा नक्कीच चांगली असेल😁
▪️बरं,वजन वाढणे हे फक्त चहा Biscuits शी…
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Data analytics is more than just a buzzword. Let's understand its real-world applications and how it can help you make better decisions and drive growth in your business.
From healthcare to finance to marketing, data analytics is being used in a variety of industries to make better decisions, improve operations, and drive growth.
In healthcare, data analytics is being used to improve patient outcomes. Doctors and hospitals are using data to identify patterns and predict patient outcomes, helping to prevent diseases and improve treatments.
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