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KSA & other Arab Countries

They have adopted UnIslamic Civilisation for economic & lecherous reasons since they got independence from colonisation. Warnings of the Prophet SAW were ignored. God has His ways to get the message of #Islam out loud.
Compromising the Islamic #Values of KSA for the sake of #Business & #Money in the name of progress. Ignoring the fact that who tried to poison the Prophet SAW to this level of enmity against #Islam

Intervention and #Deception by the #Kuffar are going on for long time in Mekkah & Madina Muslims’ two holiest cities in KSA. Letting the camel into the tent would have serious consequences to #Ummah…

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1/6 I think that a #DeSci economy that covers all aspects of #academia in one ecosystem (#publications, #peerreview, and #funding) is more valuable and more likely to succeed in the long run than a project that covers only one or two of these aspects. Why? ...
2/6 Because of #networkeffects. All three parts of academia co-depend and influence each other. There are positive network externalities to solving problems in publishing, peer review, and funding to other parts of #academia. ...
3/6 And if such an integrated #DeSci solution helps to reward #scientists more fairly, solve their #funding problems, and raise the standards of #peerreview and #publications, every #scientist would want to be a part of it. ...
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भोपाल, मध्य प्रदेश के 26 वर्षीय हर्षित गोधा साल 2013 में BBA की पढ़ाई के लिए UK गए थे। फिटनेस के शौक़ीन, हर्षित की प्लेट में हर दिन एवोकाडो फल रहता ही था और इस तरह यह उनकी डाइट का एक हिस्सा बन चुका था। लेकिन तब हर्षित ने सोचा भी नहीं था ImageImageImage
(2/4)कि यह सुपर फ़ूड न सिर्फ उनकी डाइट का, बल्कि एक दिन उनके काम का भी हिस्सा बन जाएगा।

BBA की पढ़ाई के बाद, हर्षित ने इज़राइल जाकर एवोकाडो उगाना सीखा और आज उन्होंने अपने पांच एकड़ खेत में तक़रीबन 1800 एवोकाडो के पौधे उगाए हैं।
(3/4)इतना ही नहीं वह देशभर के किसानों को भी इज़राइली एवोकाडो के पौधे बेच रहे हैं और अपने पारिवारिक बिज़नेस को छोड़कर आज वह एक किसान बन गए हैं।

द बेटर इंडिया से बात करते हुए वह कहते हैं, “यह एक सुपरफ़ूड है, जिसके कई स्वास्थ्य लाभ हैं, लेकिन भारत में तो यह इतने महंगें मिलते हैं
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[Thread] Le précieux digital news report 2022 de Reuters @risj_oxford est donc sorti. Voici ses principales conclusions commentées… #medias #trends #presse #usages #news
@risj_oxford [Thread] 2. Ce rapport compile des sondages en ligne menés dans 46 pays, sur les 5 continents, avec un échantillon de plus de 2000 personnes interrogées à chaque fois. C'est unique.… #medias #trends #presse #usages #news
@risj_oxford [Thread] 3. La confiance en l'information a chuté, confirmant une tendance de long terme. Environ
42 % seulement des personnes interrogées déclarent faire confiance à la plupart des informations
le plus souvent. Voir ci-dessous le rapport Edelman 2021…
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You would have read that Flipkart, InMobi, and many more #startups are incorporated in #Singapore 🇸🇬?

Ever thought why founders incorporate their companies and not in #India?

In this #thread🧵, we will share few benfits of setting up a companies in Singapore.

Let's Begin... Image
Every #business or #startup needs money to grow and one way for a business strive to do this is by saving money on taxes.

Likewise, Indian businesses have been choosing Singapore as a business destination.

Let's see what makes Singapore a promising business destination!

India and Singapore have been important trade alliances for a long time.

Both the nations have signed "The Double Taxation Avoidance Aggrement (DTA)", which aims to avoid double taxation of any income that may flow between the two nations. Image
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The Various Ways of determining the #value of a #company/#business

It can be tricky to determine to value of a company.
Most businesses hype their numbers while some don't even know theirs.

Let's see how...
I'm gonna try to keep it very simple, nothing too technical here.
#Asset Approach:
The most common way of knowing the value of the company is by calculating at the value of assets it has (also accounting for it's liabilities obviously)

However, this might not be the best way to value every business.. it might suit some over others.
#Income Approach:
This is by far my favourite, cos I believe the real value of a business is in it's income.

We do this by dividing the annual earnings by its capitalization rate. The C.R is the value that is used to convert a company's annual earnings to its company value.
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"Lending someone money to get double the money after 3 years.
Sounds interesting.

I posted this on my Whatsapp status and some people actually said that doubling your money in 3 years isn't a good Idea?

Someone even said anything that doesn't double his money in 1 year - ❌
I laughed...😅😂😂

Before I start explaining, I want to make some points.

1. If you networth is less than $1m, you are prolly a gambler. Yh, we are basically looking for things to multiply small money fast. That's gambling, and not what Real Investors do with all their money
2. There's a difference between making money (via a job or some'n) and investing money to make money.

3. There are many things that can double your money overnight, even scams. We know! the question is the sustainability.

You can find a Crypto, Stock, Startup that can 10x but..
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It's day 1 of London Tech Week! 🌟

Join us as we're at the @QEIICentre campus for a packed agenda with fantastic sessions to explore the next wave of tech innovation. On today's agenda: the Global Leaders Innovation Summit, @EQLHER, HealthTech Summit and more!

#LTW2022 Image
@RishiSunak, opened London Tech Week this morning with a headline keynote.

"If you’re an entrepreneur looking for funding, I want you to look at the UK and say: that’s where I want to be."

#LTW22 Image
Great to hear our Deputy Mayor for Business @RajeshAgrawal talk positively about London's #business ecosystem during his welcome address.

"There is no better place in the whole world to grow you business internationally than London."

#LTW22 Image
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The original thread on what you are not being told about #EU sanctions on #oil has led many people to address many useful questions. The main questions are : tehnical (why is it so hard to make the transition ) , geopolitical (what we can expect) & operational (what other /1
solutions are possible). Assuming the #EU sanctions against #Russia will be maintained here is what we will happen technically, geopolitically, operationally. 1) technically speaking it is very complicated to change The original thread is here. /2
the #EU reffineries to accept non #Russian oil.There are many different types of refinery and no two refineries are exactly the same.This reflects the type of crude oil which the refinery is designed to process and the demand for specific products in particular markets.Refining/3
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I think a lot about search every day, at one level there's search at the scale of Google, but at the other end there's search as a feature of a product, like searching a catalog of things to buy, or looking for a movie, etc. #tweet100 #tech #business #search A 🧵 about search.
Today I sat down to write and the first thing that came to mind is how difficult it is for companies to implement search well in their products. 1/
How many times have you searched for a product on a site that you thought "surely I'll find what I'm looking for'', only to realize that they don't handle synonyms well or that you can only do an exact match to find the item you want. 2/
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[thread] C'est parti pour deux jours de congrès de la presse hebdomadaire régionale. On attend le discours d"introduction de Vincent David, président du SPHR (et accessoirement, le maire d'@aixlesbainsfr 😇) @Alliance_Presse #phr #presse #medias #trends Image
@aixlesbainsfr @Alliance_Presse [thread] Chiffres PHR : 22 millions de lecteurs au total, dont environ 11 millions en presse papier (et 85% sont aussi ou exclusivement numériques - y compris pdf). Et à près de 60% sur mobile.… @Alliance_Presse
#phr #presse #medias #chiffres Image
[thread] Séance de coaching avec
@BenoitCampargue, ancien champion de judo, passé à la course automobile, et qui nous exhorte à croire et suivre sa passion, et à travailler vraiment "collectif" (se mettre au service du projet de l'entreprise, pas d'égo, y compris le pilote) Image
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What is a SPAC? A Special Purpose Acquisition Company, or SPAC are companies who are formed specifically with the purpose of raising funds at an IPO. Why do they do this? They do it to acquire an existing business. And they've risen in popularity.🧵
#Tweet100 #startups #business
They've risen in popularity compared to traditional IPOs because they're quicker to push through to completion, have less scrutiny and present very favorable terms to their (institutional) investors. This means that a business that may not have the financials to succeed through
the classic IPO process is often able to IPO through a SPAC and provide great returns to their investors while having questionable longevity as an investment. As an example,…

Those 25 companies range from EV businesses to Scooters, but what they have in
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Patel Brothers are the oldest & largest Indian grocery chain in the USA. Image
Founded in 1974, by 2 brothers - Mafat & Tulsi Patel, Patel Brothers is now valued at $140 Million (Rs 1090 Crores) Image
Mafat, Tulsi & Aruna Patel were born & raised in Mehsana, Gujarat. Mafat Travelled to the US in 1968 to pursue MBA from Indiana University and eventually settled in Chicago to work as an engineer.

#patelbros #indiana #business #startup Image
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Intellect Design Arena

Software products company competing in Global Tier-1 BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) software market.

A hidden gem or hidden trash 😯

-- A Company Analysis 🧵 --

IDA is a software product company headquartered at Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
Intellect is engaged in the business of software and financial technology development for banking, insurance, & financial services.

But before diving into intellect directly, we’ll first understand, what is Software Product Business? ⤵️
We all are aware of IT service businesses like TCS, they provide services like software development, software testing, IT management etc.

Whereas IT product businesses are completely different, in this, company develop software products which are sold/licensed to others. 🤔
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Having been accredited with its LOTBA certification in November 2021, iSoftBet has since been able to enter its next phase of planned growth across LatAm, securing further #business in the region in recent months. #BritneySpears… Jugadon is widely recognised for its ability to offer the best in terms of online gaming services, providing its players with slots and live casino products from a collection of the industry’s finest developers, as well as a modern sportsbook and… virtual sports offering. It becomes the latest brand to join the supplier’s impressive operator network, with iSoftBet signing recent commercial deals with the likes of PokerStars, Kaizen Gaming, and Casino Interlaken.
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Open Network for Digital Commerce #ONDC

A Thread 🧵↓
1/ What is Open Network for Digital Commerce(ONDC)?

#ONDC is a decentralized platform that will allow buyers and sellers to connect and transact with each other online irrespective of which ecommerce portal(s) they are listed on.
2/ Why ONDC?

The open technology network aims to challenge the dominance of e-commerce behemoths like #Amazon and #Flipkart.
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9 Things that help startups to improve their odds while facing Angel Investors. A 🧵 thread

#Angel #Investors
1) Explain your IDEA clearly
The inability to describe the business idea early is the biggest mistake startups make while meeting an angel investor. So grab them by the hook early if you want to seal a deal.
2) Highlight the problem & offer solutions
The core idea in your business plan about solving problems is something that angels are really interested in.
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A few thoughts on building out an idea into a business / project. 🧵

1.) Write down everything, do not just put it in your phone. That may be convenient and easy, but something happens when you put pen to paper.
When writing ideas out by hand you will begin to notice more ideas flooding in and you begin to think more deeply about your project.
2.) Since you are writing ideas out by hand, make sure you carry a notebook with you wherever you go. This can be any size, but don't forget it. You never know when new details about your idea will come.
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Thread #2 below about the @cityofwinnipeg “Corporate Advertising Policy.” A 🧵, the story.

See the start of the first thread here:

#wpg22 #wpgpoli #mbpoli
3.2.e: "Only appear in reputable publications." How is it defined? Opinions: not part of #diversity & inclusion. Reputable is an opinion.

Ex: @energy106fm affirmed values & visions to be “one of the strongest media allies to the #LGBTQ community."

#wpg22 #wpgpoli #mbpoli 24/2🧵
Before that, #Energy hired Dave Wheeler, a host released from his last radio position. The release was due to #transphobic #comments after receiving suspensions for racist comments.

Does @cityofwinnipeg define @energy106fm as reputable?

#wpg22 #wpgpoli #mbpoli 25/2🧵
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I've been studying #Bayesian methods in #rstats since the beginning of this year.

The more I learn, the more excited I get about Bayesian.

Here's why... Image
One of the key R packages I've been experimenting with is BRMS (Bayesian Regression Models using Stan).

BRMS allows us to model a wide range of statistical models including:

- linear,
- count data,
- survival,
- multi-effects,
- non-linear (& more!)
The important point is that Bayesian modeling implements a special technique called Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC).

MCMC is a game changer.
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The #West continue to fill the pockets of @Zelensky, who has $850m stashed offshore and no incentive to negotiate for peace as arms & money pour into #Ukraine. Let #Donbas go with #Crimea and stop pushing for #WWIII. The West must obviously want #war with #Russia.
#AnnaMoskwa has zero comprehension of #geopolitics. She wants the #EU to penalize countries that use roubles to pay for #Russian gas. To think that refusing to buy Russian #energy will bring #Putin to his knees pleading for mercy is just absurd.…
#Zelensky has over $800m in offshore accounts while demanding $7bn/month in aid. The #IMF cut off #Ukraine because it is so #corrupt. You cannot do business in Ukraine! NOTHING @ZelenskyyUa says can be verified independently and he will say whatever to keep the money pouring in.
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A man sued his company for throwing him a surprise birthday party
He won $450k!

A Kentucky man was recently awarded $450,000 in a lawsuit against his ex-employer for throwing him an unwanted birthday party that triggered stress and anxiety.
Evidently suffering from an anxiety disorder, Mr. Berling had asked his manager to not throw him a birthday party at work as it could potentially result in a panic attack and bring back uncomfortable childhood memories.
Despite his plea, the company threw him a surprise birthday party in August 2019, triggering a panic attack and causing him to leave abruptly. But, his ordeal didn't end there.
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We are LIVE tweeting the conversation between @byadavbjp (Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, India and @SunjoyJ, Chairman, ORF

Stay tuned for updates!

Join us using this link:

#RaisinaDialogue2022 #TerraNova
.@byadavbjp: There were a few achievements at #COP26. Finally, the developed countries agreed to clearly define #climatefinance and there was an increasing recognition of the greater need for financing adaptation.

.@byadavbjp: In terms of disappointments at #COP26, the US$100 billion promise from developed countries has been ignored. The promised #technological transfer is also not happening at the required pace.

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We are LIVE tweeting the panel discussion with @TimSCahill1, Admiral R Hari Kumar, @CDF_Aust, General Koji Yamazaki, @INDOPACOM, Air Marshal Luc De Rancourt, and @Lisa_Singh.

Stay tuned for updates!

Join us using this link:

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue
.@TimSCahill1: There is a wide range of threats that we are facing today, such as the continuing struggle of #terrorism, emerging asymmetric capabilities, & #military & #economic competition. The domains in which our adversaries operate now are very broad.

.@TimSCahill1: While we have been occupied with #COVID19, our adversaries have grown stronger & expanded their capabilities. There is a need to develop an ability to counter our adversaries’ #hypersonics.

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