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[1/n]. Between 2008 and 2015, 27 quarterly reports to assess the impact of #economicslowdown on #employment in India was brought out by the #LabourBureau, see URL:… @NREGA_Sangharsh @AiyarYamini @AninditaAdhik13 @waglenikhil @mandeeppunia1 @IM4ChangeIndia [2/n]. The NDA govt. has carried out no such quarterly surveys (quick ones) 2 measure d impact of #lockdown + #COVID19 on #employment, given d fact that the present #economiccrisis is much more severe than the 2008 one. @mandeeppunia1 @AninditaAdhik13 @nikhilmkss @IM4ChangeIndia
Mar 23, 2020 4 tweets 8 min read
[1/n]. State-wise status of #COVID19 outbreak as on 23rd March, 2020 (till 9.00 am). Source: @MoHFW_INDIA, @IM4ChangeIndia @WHO @thenewsminute @ThePrintIndia @sayantanbera @jsa_india [2/n]. Most confirmed cases among Indian citizens reported in Delhi (28), Gujarat (18), Karnataka (26), Kerala (60), Maharashtra (64), Punjab (21), Rajasthan (25), Telangana (15), UT of Ladakh (13) and Uttar Pradesh (27). #Coronavirus @fayedsouza @sardesairajdeep @cnnbrk @AFP
Dec 10, 2019 6 tweets 20 min read
[1/n]. Wrong/ misleading headlines of various newspapers about improvement in India's #HumanDevelopmentIndex rank between 2017 & 2018 @EconomicTimes @thetribunechd @businessline @bsindia @IM4ChangeIndia @UNDP @UNDP_India @EconomicTimes @thetribunechd @businessline @bsindia @IM4ChangeIndia @UNDP @UNDP_India [2/n]. Fact check: India's #HDI rank for 2017 was 129 out of 189 countries & UN recognized territories, that remained the same for 2018 HDI. See page # 302, HDReport 2019, URL is @EconomicTimes @businessline @thetribunechd @bsindia @IM4ChangeIndia @UNDP