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12 Jan
We have just published our second briefing on the Scottish Government’s draft update to the Climate Change Plan 2018-2032. This briefing examines the impact on different sectors 1/11…
The draft plan anticipates a 56% reduction in total Scottish emissions over its lifetime. 2/11
The anticipated sectoral change in emissions for each sector is shown below 3/11
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12 Jan
We have just published a briefing on the Scottish Government's draft Update to the Climate Change Plan 2018 - 2032… 1/4
The Scottish Government’s draft Update sets out Scotland's path, across eight key sectors, to achieving a 75% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, and ultimately net-zero emissions by 2045. 2/4
Scotland's greenhouse gas emissions have nearly halved in the last 30 years, and they will need to more than half again in the next 11. Emissions have reduced notably in the electricity, industry and waste sectors, but less so in buildings, transport and agriculture. 3/4
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11 Apr 19
Morning! I'm Iain McIver, SPICe's EU researcher. Some reflections on #euco decision to extend the #article50 #Brexit process last night. See #council conclusions for more details… 1/10
#euco met in its EU27 formation meaning the UK Government was not part of the decision-making process. Instead, the Prime Minister spoke to #euco ahead of its considerations. 2/10
The UK will not now leave the European Union on 12 April. Instead a flexible extension has been granted to 31 October. If the Withdrawal Agreement is ratified before then, the UK will leave the EU at the end of the month in which the Agreement is ratified. 3/10
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