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Das Spiel mit Schuldzuweisungen von Sebastian Kurz rund um die Impfstoffbeschaffung ist gestern Nacht beim EU-Gipfel (#EUCO) hart auf Eis gelaufen. Auch nach bürgerlichen Kriterien hat Kurz völlig versagt (Thread).
Am greifbarsten wird das, wenn man dem bürgerlichen Premierminister Rutte hört, den Kurz oft als seine Verbündeten ausgibt: Ö sei in der Ausrollung der Impfungen "nicht schlecht unterwegs", so Rutte gestern, daher müsse es Priorität für Bulgarien, Kroatien und Lettland geben.
Denn während Kurz sich noch vor wenigen Tagen als Schutzherr dieser Länder aufgespielt hat, will er ihnen nun einen Teil der zusätzlichen 10 Millionen Dosen von Biontech abzwacken. Denn der Vorschlag der andern EUCO-Mitglieder war, die nachhinkenden Länder zu bevorzugen.
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Thread : « Nous avons eu raison de ne pas confiner la France le 29 janvier. Nous n'avons pas eu l'explosion annoncée. Je n'ai pas de Mea culpa à faire" @EmmanuelMacron #EUCO
La situation actuelle est née de votre incapacité à agir.
Vous courrez derriere le 🦠 il donne le rythme
Depuis fevrier 2020 vous courrez derriere le 🦠 ! Jamais vous ne l’avez dépassé , jamais vous n’avez pris la main! Pas une fois en 1 an ! Et ce soir, vous érigé en dogme, « l’adaptation » cette fumisterie qui n’a qu’une realité: l’incapacité à mener la lutte contre ce fléau
Vous n’avez pas su proteger vos soignants qd il le fallait , pas su mettre en place une politique de test efficace : tester, tracer, isoler qui en parle aujourd’hui? Vous avez multiplié les tests jusqu’à l’absurde, sans tracer, sans isoler! Mais nous etions ce qui testent le plus
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#EUCO but it’s Star Wars

From a summit far, far away...
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Alors qu'un sommet UE débute, la pression monte pour que UE & Etats-membres, dont France, acceptent d'enfin lever les brevets sur les vaccins et médicaments #COVID19 au sein de l'#OMC, comme le demandent les pays du Sud

(en rouge, ceux qui refusent)

#EUCO #TripsWaiver Image
Ce mardi, ce sont plus de 275 parlementaires européens et nationaux, dont plus de 60 français.e.s qui ont publié un appel conjoint en ce sens : @eucopresident @vonderleyen @EmmanuelMacron & co vont-ils enfin les entendre ?

A lire ici…

#EUCO #TRIPSwaiver Image
En octobre 2020, Inde & Afrique du Sud ont porté une demande devant #OMC : que les règles de protection des brevets soient allégées, comme prévues par l'accord #ADPIC en cas de pandémie

Soutenue par le Sud (vert et jaune)
Rejetée par le Nord (rouge)

#EUCO #TRIPSwaiver Image
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I think last night's joint UK&EC statement is being misinterpreted in UK as some kind of peace in our time declaration.

It's a positive sign, but really it just said they were throwing in the towel for the night on negotiations for a vaccine-sharing deal to avoid an export ban.
The statement contained reassuring language showing both sides are trying to reduce the temperature. But the EU threat of an export ban is still very much on the table until a vaccine-sharing deal is agreed.

For that, "We will continue our discussions". But time is running out.
A deal with reciprocity in exports needs to be reached by start of #EUCO summit at 1pm today in order to take export ban threat off the table.

If not, EU PMs and presidents could today back the export ban idea in their conclusions. Frantic London-Brussels negotiations continue.
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Thread: Today the Commission will pre-empt tomorrow's #EUCO summit and expand EU vaccine export mechanism so it can block exports because they're going to countries that aren't exporting back.

Up till now the only way to block was if company hasn't met EU delivery commitments.
"After all the discussions the president had with leaders of member states, I see no reason not to move forward now," an EU official says.

In other words, majority support from national capitals already seems assured.
The other big change is EU's neighbours (Switzerland, Serbia, Israel, etc) will no longer be exempt from export declarations (but developing COVAX countries will be).

"With a strengthened system, there is always the risk of circumvention." Designed to stop vaccines sneaking out.
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New thread:

There's 2 different types of vaccine export bans being discussed in Brussels: targeting a company, or targeting a country.

The 1st can be done using existing export transparency mechanism. The 2nd would need a new mechanism agreed by EU leaders at Thursday's summit
If AstraZeneca tries to send doses from its EU plants to the UK, to make up for the India delivery shortfall, the existing mechanism can be used on the basis of AZ falling short of its dosage delivery promises to the EU.

Such a block is almost guaranteed to happen if AZ tries it
But to block exports of Pfizer, which is meeting its delivery promises to EU, a new mechanism would be needed.

That mechanism would target countries rather than companies, saying doses can't go to vaccine-producing countries that don't reciprocate, perhaps using Article 122.
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BREAKING: President @VonDerLeyen announces EU will use 'all tools at its disposal' to convince US and UK to start exporting vaccines produced in their territory.

"We will reflect on whether exports to countries that have higher vaccination rates than us are still proportionate"
VDL notes vaccines made in EU are exported, but none from US&UK

"We need to ensure that there is reciprocity and proportionality. If the situation does not change we will have to reflect on how to make exports to vaccine-producing countries dependent on their level of openness"
VDL notes UK has received most vaccines made in EU of any country: 10m since 31 Jan. EU getting no doses from 2 UK AZ plants in EU contract because of UK-first Oxford contract.

"This is an invitation to be open, so we also see exports for those countries coming back to the EU"
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Will a Draghi-led government affect the EU?

Despite all the buzz, #Draghi’s mandate - by finding its legitimacy in multiple sanitary, economic & democratic emergencies affecting the country - is set to confine his action to Italy (spoiler)

A thread 🧵 Image
Contrary to conventional wisdom, #Draghi’s government is not technocratic but hybrid in nature with a surprisingly low-profile team, made of 2nd/3rd tier politicians and few technocrats without EU experience

This won’t help Mario in Brussels. Image
To see Draghi play some role in #euco need to wait few months, with Italian action plan submitted &validated, Covid-19 brought under control...

Ultimately, #draghi’s projection into EU conditional on his ability to make his incompatible supporting parties speak with 1 voice Image
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Mario Draghi’s influence on the EU project - as a PM sitting in #EUCO - might potentially be consequential

This will however highly contingent on the NATURE of his government

THREAD #Draghi
The first round of consultations suggests that a Draghi’s government might be:

1. Technocratic (made of independent experts of his will): LEAST likely

2. Hybrid (experts + political figures): MORE likely

3. Political (political figures picked by supporting parties)
By kicking off on a narrow initial majority, Draghi’s government set to rely on ‘variable majorities’:

on each file it will have to find a different constellation of support 3/
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Hungary has become the first EU country to use its ability to emergency-authorise a vaccine before @EMA_News approval.

A minister says they've approved Russian vaccine Sputnik and ordered doses from Moscow.

Sputnik is not even on radar for EMA approval.…
This could throw both Commission's procurement process and EMA's approval process into crisis.

It's essentially a gentleman's agreement not to pre-empt those two EU-level processes. Now that one country has broken ranks, will others follow?

Germany already flirted with idea.
I was told that at last night's #EUCO video summit all prime ministers and presidents expressed continued support for the Commission's joint procurement and the EMA's regulatory independence. Even Orban 🤷‍♂️.
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Before tonight's #EUCO vaccine summit, here's an explainer of the EU vaccine roll-out situation, to clear up misunderstandings.

1st point is that for almost all EU countries, this isn't a supply problem. As seen in this @jfkirkegaard chart, national performance is varying widely
The chart shows best performers are using their supply. But most countries aren't even using half of what they've been supplied. Only Denmark is having a supply problem.

As of Tuesday EU countries have received 12.3m Pfizer doses and 650k Moderna doses, but given only 5m shots.
Some national politicians (and media) want to pin the blame for national distribution failings on Brussels - an old European tradition.

But when it comes to the Commission's role here, there is no supply problem - yet. We'll see if one comes later.
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Freiheit für Assange!
Heute zeigt sich wieder, was "Freiheit" in der angeblichen "freien" westlichen Wertegemeinschaft bedeutet, wie der Begriff verdreht, vergiftet und missbraucht wird im Dienste der Profitgier der Superreichen und aller am Kapitalismus erkrankten Mitmenschen.
Die Freiheit und echte "Politik beginnt immer damit, die Freiheit und den Wunsch der Menschen nach Teilhabe der Maschinerie der Macht zu entreißen"
Luisa Muraro
Warum leben ausgemachte Kriegsverbrecher und korrupte Politiker, die Millionen Menschenleben auf ihrem Gewissen haben in Freiheit wie Obama,
während die, die über diese Verbrecher aufklären von unseren Regierungen verfolgt, eingesperrt oder gar ermordet werden?
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🇬🇧🤝🇪🇺White Smoke: Habemus #BrexitDeal 🇪🇺🤝🇬🇧
UK govt spokesperson: "This agreement allows the beginning of a new relationship between the UK and the EU. One that we have always wanted - a thriving trading and economic relationship between a sovereign UK and our European partners and friends."
UK spokes says the #BrexitDeal just agreed ensures:

💷100% tariff liberalisation.

📦No constraints for UK investors & service suppliers on EU market access

👩‍⚖️Future law enforcement and judicial cooperation

🧑‍🔬Future research cooperation
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Hungary & Poland just voted against #RuleofLaw mechanism, and reserved their right to challenge it before Court (as anticipated in #EUCO conclusions)

But there’s (much) more

Hungary (not Poland) states that its veto remains on the whole #MFF and just been temporarily lifted pending the imminent Court’s case 2/
The Commission declares to be bound by #EUCO interpretative declaration in toto, which it green lights as legal under the EU Treaties.

Quod non. 3/
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What’s next in the adoption of EU budget, notably of its #RuleofLaw Regulation, following #EUCO?

(Spoiler: More, much more than is currently reported)

THREAD #MFF #NextGenerationEU
Although #EUCO conclusions on RoL Regulation are a political document, they’re legally relevant as they might potentially (yet illegally) amend the new #ruleoflaw mechanism.

For this they must however be ‘transposed’ by Commission & Parliament…

Here’s a preview of Parliament’s draft resolution to be adopted this week opposing #EUCO attempt at amending the RoL Regulation.

No reference to motion of censure against @vonderleyen but antagonistic tone against Commission is unprecedented 3/
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Some thoughts on the legality of the #EUCO #RuleofLaw declaration
Partially in contrast to this analysis ... 👇
IMHO the regulation doesn't have to have retroactive effect, as it comes into force on January 1, 2021. The coming into force is not postponed, just @EU_Commission
refrains from proposing measures under the regulation, which does not exclude the monitoring of situation in MS.
@EU_Commission isn't legally bound by the declaration, but apparently is part of the political deal. As the Commission has high margin of discretion how it fulfils its task as Guardian of the Treaties, it can hardly be sued for not proposing measures for any reason.
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After all-night negotiations on the EU’s raised 2030 climate target (finally just adopted), a *very* short update on #Brexit is now happening.

Squeezed in at the last moment at 8am. These leaders are not changing their red lines.
An EU official says the #EUCO #Brexit update was indeed brief and that "the probability of a no deal is higher than of a deal".

Negotiations will resume today.
President @vonderleyen on #Brexit: "On level playing field we have repeatedly made clear to our UK partners that the principal of fair competition is a precondition to privileged access to the EU market. It is the largest single market in the world and it’s only fair." Image
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#EUCO leaders have talked through the night on two contentious issues: sanctions against Turkey and raising the EU’s 2030 emissions reduction target.

On thé latter, we’re close to a deal but not quite there yet. Eastern countries want more money for the energy transition.
But they are still stuck on the 2030 climate target as Poland wields its veto, just as it did for the 2050 target.

Last time Poland was bypassed and the target was signed by all except Warsaw. Will they have to do that again now?
PM #Morawiecki says he’ll only drop his climate veto if #Poland can keep more profits from #EUETS emission trading, reportedly telling the other leaders he’ll lose his job if he returns to Warsaw without this concession (having caved on his #EUBudget veto threat last night).
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Global elites announce a partnership between their Big Corps and Big Religion under the guise of saving humanity.
#CIC Council for Inclusive Capitalism is #WEF 2.0
#UNAgenda21 #UNAgenda2030
#Bergoglio met w/ #CIC members at the #Vatican for the 1st time in 2019.
With the new partnership, the 27 leading members, called “guardians” will continue to meet annually w/ @Pontifex & @CardinalTurkson
Guardians, aye?
🚨BREAKING: Following #CIC guidelines, the #EUCO just announced it's agreement to follow #KlausSchwab into the 4th industrial revolution. The EU is well under the spell of the #CICGuardians
#NextGenerationEU #Davos #WEF
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#EUCO but it’s Harry Potter

Feat. the entire EU wizarding world
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Polish PM #Morawiecki is one of the 1st to arrive

Uncharacteristically, he gives doorstep remarks in English about #RuleOfLaw. "Dear citizens of Europe" he says. The #COVID19 fund and MFF need to be agreed. But "we need to avoid any arbitrary and politically motivated decisions" Image
Polish PM says mixing #EUbudget and #RuleOfLaw "creates a very dangerous situation where politically motivated premises may stand behind the mechanism of attacking any country"

"Today we fear we may be attacked in an unjustified way. But in future it could be any country"
Sweden's PM Löfven, one of the hawks on #RuleOfLaw, enters #EUCO saying he thinks German compromise does a good job "making sure the agreement made between Council & Parliament stays as it is."

"There's no compromise on the content" Image
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EU prime ministers and presidents are about to start arriving here for the #EUCO summit.

Key thing to watch as they make their doorstep remarks: any sign of wavering on #Brexit? Any openness to changing the negotiating mandate red lines?

So far there has been absolutely no sign Image
On #Brexit, @SwedishPM Löfven is "more gloomy today", he says entering #EUCO. "From what I hear there's no progress made in recent days."

"We've always said we're preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. But it's a difficult situation"

No indication of surrender. Image
The Polish & Hungarian prime ministers both chose to speak in English upon entering the #EUCO summit - a rarity. But neither mentioned #Brexit. They spoke about the imminent compromise on #EUbudget #RuleOfLaw dispute.

Brexiteers once thought Poland would be an insider ally in EU ImageImage
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Hungary/Poland lift their veto on EU budget, after being reassured that new #RuleOfLaw mechanism won't be applied to them until a judgment of ECJ will define 'methodology' to be applied.

This is not only unprecedented, but also LEGALLY questionable THREAD #EUCO 1/ Image
The draft #EUCO Conclusions, a non-legally binding political declaration, de facto suspend application of #RuleOfLaw mechanism.

As such, notably point 2 c), could be challenged by an EU institution, such as the European Parliament, before @EUCourtPress as ULTRA VIRES 2/ Image
Regardless of whether #EUCO conclusions will be challenged, the inaction of the Commission while omitting to apply #RuleOfLaw mechanism pending the Court's judgement might also be challenged before the ECJ.

Art. 5 of the rule of law mechanism says that the Commission "shall" 3/ Image
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