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#Tory election & #postal vote fraud continues !!!!!!

A letter from @michaelgove was delivered to many of his constituents today. It encourages them to fill out a Postal Vote registration form - and to return that form to the local #Tory office ?????????:
instead of the official #Council Election officer.
It also give an unidentified gmail address (presumably managed by Surrey Heath #Tories) if you want to request Postal Voting forms - rather than the official council email address. @michaelgove did you authorise this letter?
Do you have any comment, #Surrey Heath #Conservatives? Since it's your constituency address on the Freepost evelope send to constituents?
Replying to
I had the same request in #Haslemere from Jeremy Hunt’s office
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New important thread.

Explored: Rockefeller communique on #contacttracing, Verified (UN) guide on #vaccine #communications, insights via #Vaccine Confidence Project, & a Behavioral Insights report. Today> special report from Oct 15 2020 meeting, #WHO, Technical Advisory Group.
"On 15 Oct 2020, the WHO Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on Behavioural Insights & Sciences for Health held a special meeting w/ the WHO Department of Immunization, Vaccines & Biologicals to discuss behavioural considerations in relation to COVID-19 #vaccine #acceptance & uptake."
The report was developed by members of the WHO Technical Advisory Group on Behav. Insights & Sciences for Health, chaired by Cass Sunstein, largely credited w/ developing/popularizing notion of "nudges" as policy tools.

Technical Advisory Group members:…
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"This is especially true of those who follow the corrupt desire of the flesh and despise authority. Bold and arrogant, they are not afraid to heap abuse on #celestial #beings;"
2 #Peter 2:10 #Bible
#Divine #Council #Theology Image
BTW: Divine Council Theology teaches that there is a council of supernatural beings that are above angels in authority. Some of these beings rebelled, getting humans to worship them as gods. This idea can seem to some as heresy at first, considering that proponents of it will
call this divine council (aka Bene Elohim ("Sons of God" in Hebrew) "gods" (Elohim can be translated as such). However, this is due to a misunderstanding of the Hebrew word "Elohim", which not only is a Name of God, but also a general term for beings from the supernatural realm.
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Exclusive: @Labour pays out thousands to settle action brought personally against right-wing MP and council leader over unpaid bill

3 Commentson Exclusive: Labour pays out thousands to settle action brought personally against right-wing MP and council leader
over unpaid bill
Yet again party forks out large amount of member subs to settle legal action – this time one the party wasn’t even involved in
Virendra Sharma (L) and Julian Bell
Next week, unpopular centrist MP Virendra Sharma and controversial #Ealing council leader
Julian Bell – who has just scraped through a no-confidence vote by fellow councillors – were due to appear in #Uxbridge County Court to face a claim by a local venue over an unpaid bill of £5,600. Legal costs had already increased the claim to almost £7,000 by last March.
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Rochelle Street.
While roadsweepers disappear home 2 to 3 hours into their shifts we are left to gaze at this.⬇️
@TowerHamletsNow or @MayorJohnBiggs or his two lackeys on a extra £10 grand @Dan_Bromley_N @THLP_ASMA
and sat/sun they turn up and get overtime. ImageImageImageImage
Okay not the worse,compared to what other people in THs are enduring,but highlights the incompetence of this @TowerHamletsNow .
Total up all the hours these staff are not actually working,but getting paid.Staggering.
#tower hamlets council #council tax
Hey @TowerHamletsNow @MayorJohnBiggs
we did not think our tweet on your incompetence on

cleaning on Rochelle would be trending world wide in mins.
Its alright ,don't panic,you can go back to sleep now.

#tower hamlets council #street cleaning

😂😂😂 Image
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We are in the era of "Personalized Longitudinal Conditioning" and in lack of mutual reference point, we can't even express our position to another person. Long forget the evaluation and remedy. #personalization #conditioning #SocialEngineering #psychology #Sociology #BlackMirror
The OTT platforms are subjected to Brain Hacking by "Micro Expression" through Deep Fake AI.
Is it possible to use Mobile speakers for high frequency sound output to trigger and brain control?
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Next Wednesday @CityofVancouver staff report back to #Council on ramping up our #ClimateAction, in line with the #IPCC science and in response to the #ClimateEmergency. Here’s my breakdown of the recommendations 👇
This #ClimateEmergency report outlines 6 Big Moves for Council to direct staff to pursue & come back w. comprehensive/costed plans. Plus 53 Accelerated Actions to move on now. The targets are strong & won’t be easy. This is what governing in line with the science looks like.
Big Move 1: By 2030, 90% of people will live within an easy walk/roll of their daily needs (we’re at 45%). Focused on land-use & complete n'hoods, it would ⬇️ 153,000 tonnes carbon/year, while creating ⬆️ housing choices, ⬆️ social interaction, and supporting local businesses.
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Morning! I'm Iain McIver, SPICe's EU researcher. Some reflections on #euco decision to extend the #article50 #Brexit process last night. See #council conclusions for more details… 1/10
#euco met in its EU27 formation meaning the UK Government was not part of the decision-making process. Instead, the Prime Minister spoke to #euco ahead of its considerations. 2/10
The UK will not now leave the European Union on 12 April. Instead a flexible extension has been granted to 31 October. If the Withdrawal Agreement is ratified before then, the UK will leave the EU at the end of the month in which the Agreement is ratified. 3/10
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Lucia Mokrà, @tepsaeu board member, is presenting the recommendations of TEPSA to the incoming EU presidency #Romania #PPCBucharest Image
She highlights the many crucial event that fall in the Romanian presidency: #Brexit, #Sibiu summit and #EPelections
In the run-up to #EP2019, a Europe for Common values gains importance
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