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Nov 21 • 18 tweets • 10 min read

Building a balanced diversified portfolio 101

In this thread we will cover in basic detail how you can create a strategy that allows you to divide your capital between multiple assets, marketcaps & platforms to maxmize profit, whilst reducing risk!

Thread 👇 2

Most ppl enter crypto looking for the 100x thats going to bring "financial freedom". But in reality the majority fail trying to achieve what the lucky few manage to pull off. So instead of basing a strategy on isolated, unlikely cases we advise people to spread their bets!
Sep 11 • 9 tweets • 6 min read
We invested in $POOP 👌

Yup, you heard us.

This isn't your average shitcoin. Just because its called $POOP don't for a second think, its a shitcoin.

$POOP has real world utility.

Read below 👇 Image $POOP utility

▫️ The gas token for @RaresamaNFT - ( the opensea for the $DOT ecosystem)

▫️ XC20 token on @MoonbeamNetwork allowing $POOP to move between parachains without bridging.

▫️ $POOP is going to be the metaverse utility token the team will build around Image
Sep 6 • 13 tweets • 5 min read
Did someone say #Airdrop? 👀

The hottest #Layer2 solution on the market is undisputably #Arbitrum - they are leading by TVL, Volume, userbase and overall adoption growth.

the recent #ArbitrumNitro update brought down fees even lower, while making the chain faster 🏎️ Image 2
As you might know there is no $ARBI token yet, but we're getting closer to the official airdrop which you definitely don't want to miss!

The way they designed the so called #ArbitrumOdyssey, you actually learn how to use the protocol while getting tickets for the airdrop &
May 5 • 23 tweets • 12 min read

Its time to take $XDB serious!

In this thread we're going to break down exactly why @DigitalBitsOrg is currently one of the most underrated projects.

Forget the short term shitcoins for 1 minute & let us enlighten you with this long term potentially life changing play! Image 2/22

You might have heard in recent news, huge names, brands, sponsorships, #totti, #davidbeckham & #PistaLab, to name a few signing, representing & sponsoring @DigitalBitsOrg . But do you actually understand the significance & whats potnetially coming next for $XDB holders? ImageImageImage
May 4 • 14 tweets • 6 min read

Today we're kicking off a mini-series on tokenomics, vesting schedules & sale metrics as part of our #TGH series on how to successfully navigate through crypto and #DYOR

The focus for today is going to be on tokenomics, followeed by two more threads over the coming days - 2/

so stay tuned!

just by understanding those couple of points you can already easily distinguish, whats worth looking into and what's a straight pass. generally you can find that information either directly on the websites frontpage, or in the Litepaper / whitepaper.
Apr 28 • 13 tweets • 5 min read
A thread on how to check a projects twitter and discord accounts.

We have added some tools for you to use when researching twitter and discord, we think you might like them. 🙂

1 Twitter

This is what we do when looking at a projects twitter account.

Scan the activity of the projects tweets, if they have not produced many tweets then you should skeptical.

Apr 27 • 8 tweets • 3 min read
TGH Education:

What this thread will be about: 👇

Scanning a projects website 🔍 When you are looking at a projects website, this is what TGH like to do.

Scroll up and down the website before clicking on anything, ensuring we get a good vibe from looking at the site.

Whilst doing this, we are also scanning to see if any red flags might pop out at us.

Apr 26 • 18 tweets • 6 min read
TGH Education: Etherscan

The next thread in our Education Series will be all about Etherscan. We covered the basics in the first thread, but here we'll dive a little deeper and show you not only how to use it, but also the best ways to take advantage of the data available

First things first, head to

At first glance, it might seem like a lot of info, but with a bit of practice, it becomes much easier

The main functions you'll want to take notice of are:
- the search bar
- Eth price
- Eth mcap
- Gas Price

2/ Image
Oct 10, 2021 • 6 tweets • 4 min read

In-depth thread on why we're bullish on Cryowar 👇

Cryowar is a real-time multiplayer PVP arena #NFT game developed in Unreal Engine and on the @solana network. Players engage in fierce multi realm battles in the expansive Sci-Fi Medieval gaming #metaverse. 2

Battles in Cryowar are an all-out fight featuring profound skill expression, where players are in a constant struggle for resources, territories, and world domination. Every player will have the unique opportunity to protect their realm and earn rewards in the process. Image