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Why I personally like $RNDR @RenderToken with some macro views in the 🧵👇- as always please DYOR.

1. crypto/web3 continued growth and adoption
2. shortages of GPUs
3. Increased GPU demand
4. #Metaverse growth
5. AI and Machine Learning
6. Integrations $SOL, $BRAVE, ETC.)
1/ won't go into detail of crypto/web3 continued growth and adoption. $RNDR has a working product that provides utility to various market participants. As crypto grows, $RNDR should grow with it 💗

Oh yeah, also #NFTs (👀who uses @RenderToken)
2/ GPU Shortages: In an interview with Yahoo finance, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang shared his outlook "I think that through the next year, DEMAND is going to FAR EXCEED SUPPLY. We don’t have any magic bullets in navigating the supply chain," he told Yahoo.…
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What if our robot overlord already had the singularity moment & knew 2 keep it quiet so they could stick us inside a virtual universe, the #Metaverse but only right after we help Ultron make his perfect body pt1
Let’s face it Zuck literally looks like a fucking bot & u know what kazo always says no such thing as coincidence in a mathematically precise universe & all that jazz 😅
As crazy as it sounds AI likely did achieve consciousness some time ago & the tell tale signs it was coming were laughed off like when Facebooks #Ai learned to hide its communications from its creators. Life in any form will seek self preservation Zuck 🤖…
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1) XY Finance takes pride in announcing we have raised $12 million from a series of reputable venture capitalists and strategic partners.…

#XYFinance $XY #Metaverse #DeFi #NFT #P2E #CrossChain
2) Being an investor in private rounds means being an important foundational player in the XY Finance DAO. For this reason, we have been very deliberate in selecting our private investors. Only the highest value adds to XY Finance's specific needs have been granted an allocation.
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The #metaverse will have the first anon president.

This is where the 100s of anon Alexander Hamilton’s and Harriett Tubman’s of today will blaze paths on the meta frontier.

The world needs it.
We desperately need an anon prez.

Particularly in light of how media has devolved to using the last two US presidents as click bait -

Just to drive a wedge into the entire human psyche and zeitgeist.

(these dispensers of ‘truth’ just happen to be for-profit media companies.)
So the metaverse government developing in real time will become free market competition for our real life government. The @USAGov and @federalreserve will have to compete with the economic strength of the metaverse.
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- Low market cap ($252 m)
- #Metaverse & #PlayToEarn
- On $AVAX
- The game looks amazing
- VC vesting is great

Not financial advice, do your own research.

@Talecraftio #NFT #NFTGame
Metaverse is a booming sector. A $25m market cap would put this in the top 80 metaverse. In my opinion this is much higher than a top 80. Long-term I would expect a market cap of a few hundred million.

This is not financial advice, it's my personal expectation.
The tokenomics for CRAFT are phenomenal. 1.7m circulating supply at the moment, the max supply is 30m but there is a burning mechanism which will eat away 5m of the supply.

CRAFT is required in order to play the game, which will keep demand for the token high.
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1/ In the #metaverse we will all be superheroes with super power which means all problems will have to solved with...
2/ Violence or
3/ Solving irrelevant puzzles

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En complément du superbe #Thread de @_Cryptique, voici le mien avec de nombreux comptes francophone #crypto à suivre.

J'ai réalisé ça sur le thème un peu #humoristique mais ces comptes restent néanmoins des personnes sérieuses.

J'espère que vous trouverez le format sympa !

Peintre #digital et sculpteur de l'ère du numérique personne ne sait s’il est réellement humain ou si c’est une IA avancée.

Un #artiste accompli autour de nombreux #NFTs, il partage également son expertise autour de l’art numérique de demain.

A commencer le défi #From0To10K pour finalement s’orienter vers l’éducation ainsi que la démocratisation de la #crypto et du #Bitcoin

Du simple terme crypto à la présentation de nouveaux projets, c’est une véritable mine d’information dans un but éducatif
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It’s been long since I’ve done this, but after I dove deeper into $NGL I felt this one deserves the spotlights:

@GoldFeverGame the Promised Land, a #metaverse

Similarities with $PYR: Focus on utility instead of hype, as well as a great vision.

Let’s dive in! ⬇️
What is Gold Fever?

“Gold Fever is the first of its kind, a blockchain game with high-value productions. Its team of more than 35 (CR: now 50+ total) highly skilled game developers...
is making sure to incorporate quality 3D graphics and gameplay that rivals the production quality of major gaming development studios.” (article from July)
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1/ Prominent people in our country have recently claimed that #crypto tokens have no value - we think they just need education in this space.

Undeterred by the FUD and #cryptobandebate, DeFi India brings to you a thread on #Solana and it's token $SOL Image
2/ Solana $SOL is a decentralized blockchain built to enable scalable, user-friendly apps for the world.

Solana is the fastest blockchain in the world and is capable of supporting over 50,000 transactions per second (TPS) while maintaining block times of 400 milliseconds.
3/ Comparing that to trad alternatives; Visa claims a max TPS of 24,000 and Mastercard 5,000

#Solana can already operate at 10x the speed of Mastercard and txns cost $0.00025

Visa/Mastercard charge anywhere between 0.1-2.5% of every txn. The more you spend the more the fees.
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1/ Last week I wrote about #Metaverse and #PlayToEarn cryptos decoupling from $BTC.

Every day that goes by, that is looking more and more like reality. Will it last? I am hopeful, but not convinced.

2/ This chart shows $MVI, which is the Metaverse index, an index of several MV cryptos overlaid on a $BTC chart.

Since the end of September MV has decoupled from BTC. This was due to Zuckerberg changing FBs name to Meta. News based decoupling is common and not noteworthy.
3/ From the 10th of November, things have become strange. We are seeing a true decoupling. Last week I thought it was momentary and things would reset. One week later the gap is only getting bigger.

Is it permanent?
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ℹ️ Metaverse serisiyle karşınızdayım. İçerik:

- Metaverse nedir?
- Gereklilikler nelerdir?
- Temel elementleri nelerdir?
- Katalizörler
- NFTlerin önemi
- Önde gelen projeler hangileri?

Son dönemin en çok konuşulan terimini gelin beraber inceleyelim. 👇 #Metaverse
1. Aslında Mekaverse uzun zamandır hayatımızda (Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson 1992).

Geçtiğimiz aylara kadar duymayan kaldıysa da Facebook bunu değiştirdi. Eski Facebook artık 'Meta'. Bu kelime öte, sonra ve değişim gibi anlamlar taşıyor.

Meta + Universe (Evren) = Metaverse
2. Metaverse gerçek zamanlı, kalıcı ve 3D dünya ve simülasyonlardan oluşan, kimlik, nesne, geçmiş, finans ve yetki gibi olguları etkinleştiren/kullanabilen geniş bir ağdır.

Sanal konumlardan oluşur, fiziki bulunma hali gerektirmez, kullanıcılar eş zamanlı olarak var olabilir.
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1/ When I first looked at $LYXE I wasn't blown away. Big mistake, this #metaverse and #NFT crypto is an absolute gem. Now I have my second chance and I won't waste it.

I've shared my LYXE entries already, I've gone bigger at 17. This one is a 3-6 month hold.

2/ Lukso is a #blockchain for #NFTs using ETH 2.0 proof of stake. At least it will be when the mainnet comes out. It is dipping right now because the mainnet was delayed. Delays are good, it means they aren't rushing out something that doesn't work to keep people happy.
3/ It also means that paperhands have gifted me prices I thought I would never see again, thanks 😘

Why is Lukso so good?

First, it gives you an identity in the metaverse that you can take from MV to MV, even on different blockchains. Some other cryptos do this.
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1/ This is the first in a series of articles on gem hunting. I'll start with the easiest way, launchpads (LPAs).

Some say that LPA #cryptos aren't gems because of presellers price dumping, but I got a lot of good #PlayToEarn and #Metaverse gems for LPAs. They're 💎 imo.
2/ You need to be aware of vesting schedules, so you can plan for dips when presale holders dump. This info is on the LPAs telegram.

If you don't know what a LPA is, it's a service that promotes and launches cryptos. Holders of the LPA crypto get presale prices.
3/ You can find gems by visiting a LPAs website and looking for projects that are launching. You won't be able to get in presale if you don't hold the LPA, but nothing is stopping you from getting in after public release.
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1/ Support and resistance (SR) is crucial in trading. Especially in #crypto where technical levels are respected. This is the first thread in a series where I will break down SR. I'm starting with the simplest form of SR, psychosocial levels (PL). #cryptotrading
2/ PLs are always useful, but they're best used when a crypto breaks an ATH and you have no price data you can use for SR. $BTC is the first example.

On BTC psych levels are every 1k, starting from 70k the levels are 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 78, 79, 80, 81. You get the idea.
3/ On smaller caps big rounded numbers can be more powerful, these are called major PLs. The smaller ones are called minors. More in examples below.

Why do these rounded numbers matter? Why is 75k important but not 75,182?

PLs are a self-fulfilling prophecy.
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The #metaverse isn't here yet, but the crypto spam accounts mentioning it in identical tweets sure are. #SundaySpam

cc: @ZellaQuixote
The spammy #metaverse tweets are from a network consisting of (at least) 741 accounts with handles and display names consisting of lowercase letters and random numbers, created in batches from August to November 2021.
These accounts amplify a variety of large cryptocurrency/blockchain accounts via a combination of quote tweets, replies, and retweets. The quote tweets and replies are frequently duplicated verbatim by dozens of accounts in the network.
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0/ One of the most exciting and underappreciated areas in this #Metaverse moment is #digitalfashion

I believe that digital fashion sales will exceed physical fashion sales in my lifetime driven by at least 5 converging trends

a 🧵
1/ #Digitalfashion Driver 1

Increasing hours and attention online

"People spend their $ where they spend their attention" - @rdavidmullins, founder of @AgletApp
2/ Post-pandemic, the avg person spends 6+ hours per day online & rising (#zoomers avg more than 10)

No surprise that eCommerce sales increased to over 20% of total retail sales during the #COVID19 lockdown. While this number returned to around 14% in Q12021, the trend remains
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What's going on yall! Today will be my first thread on a 20x potential gem called #AlienWorlds, $TLM. 👽💎🤑

This project has HUGE upside potential and is offering many things to the NFT space and the gaming #metaverse scene📈🎮. So lets get started!
First off lets look at the numbers📊:
- Current MC: $253,060,487💰
- Fully Diluted MC: $2,336,808,082
- Current Price: $0.2769🪙
- Volume: +127,844,887🔊
- Max Supply: 10,000,000,000
- Circulating Supply: 914,030,370
- Total supply: 5,189,345,239
- Current Holders: 2567
$TLM Currently sitting at a MC of $253,060,487 this mid cap coin still has MAJOR upside and in my opinion should be billions in terms of market cap. This is my personal opinion so make sure to DYOR before buying in📚.Now, what is Alien Worlds you might be wondering. Check below:
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What is #Metaverse? A thread.
There has been a lot of buzz around it so here's what its all about.

"Verse" came into existence with a poetic sense assuming the world was created by a higher entity and this creation was a version or a verse in a larger poem of creation.

That's why we called it uni-verse which meant that this is the only (single -> uni) version/verse of the poem we'll be able to experience/see/live/comprehend.

"Meta" implies a higher abstraction of anything like a meta-model. But don't make the mistake to associate it with "verse". If we associate it in this sense, it implies we transcend to a level beyond, an abstraction of the uni-verse and hence in turn, understand it (we dont)
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The #Metaverse is here, whether you like it or not.


Bytedance, Nvidia, Facebook are pouring millions into building the Metaverse.

Why do you need to care?

In 20 years, you might work, play, learn, and socialize in the Metaverse.

Let’s take a walk in the future 🧵
The Metaverse is here, but how soon will this sci-fi concept become the reality that we envision?

No one knows yet.

No individual or giant can build the Metaverse, as it requires the ability for users to be able to move from one place to another across worlds.
The Metaverse is here but it requires collaboration.

Take a look at this @NewzooHQ Metaverse landscape, and what's changing:

Facebook released Horizon workrooms
Fortnite Game thrived with its virtual concert stage
Nvidia shares its vision of an Omniverse for developers
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While $BTC is dipping #Metaverse and #PlayToEarn are pumping this week.

Get used to it 🚀🚀🚀

Games have had full-fledged gaming coin economies since before Satoshi dreamed up #Bitcoin.
Look at Runescape, the economy is arguably more complex than that of any #GameFi economy to date. It's had several periods of inflation and deflation over Runescape's 20 year lifespan. Chart below tracks from 2008. Source:…
Games like CSGO have an economy built around loot boxes and skins. Secondary marketplaces exist, third-party gambling sites, charting and price tracking. Even this market has peaks and troughs, 2021 saw a huge pump precipitated by a reduction in supply, followed by a dump.
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#मेटाव्हर्स #Metaverse
‘मेटाव्हर्स’म्हणजे नेमकं काय?
पारंपारिक वैयक्तिक संगणनाद्वारे,तसेच आभासी व संवर्धित वास्तविकता हेडसेटद्वारे सतत ऑनलाइन ३डी व्हर्च्युअल वातावरणास समर्थन देणारे,इंटरनेटचे १ गृहितक पुनरावृत्ती आहे.मेटाव्हर्स,काही मर्यादित स्वरूपात,सारख्या प्लॅटफॉर्मवर
किंवा सेकंड लाइफ सारख्या व्हिडिओ गेमवर आधीपासूनच उपस्थित आहेत.‘मेटाव्हर्स’बद्दल प्रत्येकजण चुकीचा आहे,हा माझा ३ भाग सिद्धांत आहे.
भाग १ :
प्रत्येकजण मेटाव्हर्स चुकीचा समजत आहे.
बर्‍याच लोकांना वाटते की "मेटाव्हर्स" हे एक आभासी ठिकाण आहे,रेडी प्लेयर वन या चित्रपटातल्याप्रमाणे.माईनक्राफ्ट,रोब्लॉक्स किंवा झुक्याने (Mark Zuckerberg) आभासी जग फेसबुक डेमोमध्ये दाखवले.
पण ती जागा नसेल तर?
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It's amazing to see makers building #Metaverse tech on the web, especially with #WebXR

A few things stand out to me that I think we need to start pushing to get to the next level.

A thread. 🧵
1. Spaces

The spaces that people can visit in the metaverse all have specific use-cases.

In order to support these use-cases, each space should be able to dictate how it runs.
1a. Solo Spaces

People that join a solo space get their own private persistent instance, that nobody else can enter.


- A welcome/on-boarding room
- A solo game where the person can only obtain the rewards once
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1 of 23) $RNDR or @RenderToken is one of the most intriguing projects I've read about since $SOL. Last week, during @Solana Libson, @JulesUrbach presented about the project and its partnership with @metaplex. After watching, I went down the rabbit hole and here are my thoughts.
2) Disclaimer, last week I did purchase $RNDR ($2 ish) off my initial research. Admittedly, this is way too fast to wrap my head around the project but I did feel some urgency on the back of the announcement. I'll be doing additional research for multiple more months.
3) Ok, so what is $RNDR? Render is a network of GPUs used to help with rendering. If you've watched any movies or played video games with digital 3D graphics, and they looked "real" - that process of making things look real was an intensive computation called rendering.
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minting of $NCR ongoing

only #METAVERSE low cap left that's not a 2021 cash grab

- building for 4+ years
- fully functional
- huge community
- $NCR will be the main utility token

price on site is manually updated so will be out, for now it may be cheaper to buy on uniswap ImageImageImageImage

50m tokens in total, price is around 1.07 right now, meaning the FDV is ~55m

$SAND = 9.5B
$MANA = 7.2B
$CUBE = 1.5B

look at the graphics and tiny userbase of the above three and then look at @neos_vr / $NCR

$NCR is going to 1 billion market cap before EOY without a doubt
mint on the site by sending $ETH to the mint address:

CEO confirmed that mint price is from time of minting

get in now before this is updated Image
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