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🚨 WTF is Bitmap Theory?

1/7 🧵🔍 Bitmap Theory aims to unlock a new realm in the world of #Bitcoin and the #Metaverse. It's an open-source standard that could turn Bitcoin Blocks into Metaverse components. Sounds complex? Let's demystify it. 👇 Image
2/7 ❤️ At the heart of Bitmap Theory is the concept of ownership. It suggests you can 'own' a Bitcoin Block by inscribing it onto a Satoshi. This process is decentralized, meaning anyone, anywhere, can participate. 🌍💻
3/7 🌐 Once a block is inscribed, it steps into the Metaverse. The theory suggests platforms could translate this block data into 3D, providing the block owners with the rights to build in these virtual spaces. 🏗️🕹️
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1/ Many of the activities we perform on the blockchain are invisible to others. There's a limited social graph to see what we and our peers are doing. Enter @phi_xyz, a unique addition to #Web3 that facilitates user engagement and understanding of the ecosystem's primitives 🌐✨ Image
2/ The new internet requires a fresh way of understanding on-chain events. Even legitimate ideas can be discarded as fantastical because they don't fit the current framework. Rethinking how we understand will flatten the adoption curve. #Innovation #AdoptionCurve 🔍🔗
3/ Web3 often focuses on utilitarian products, neglecting humanism. Phi's team understands the importance of creating products that "delight" users. Phi shares this ethos, aiming to onboard the next billion people to crypto in an enjoyable way. #UserExperience #Web3 💡🤝
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1/16 Welcome to @cyberpunkcity, where the future has arrived! 🎉

Exciting news! The long-awaited Alpha version of @MultiversX 's #CyberPunkCity is now LIVE! 🌆

Immerse yourself in a mind-bending, neon-lit #metaverse that pushes the boundaries of imagination.

Let's go 🧵👇 Image
2/16 Cyberpunk City is an immersive gaming experience featuring battle royale, team deathmatch, and sci-fi car racing games. 🏎️

You can choose from 10,000 customizable, each one cooler than the next, in-game NFT characters. 🥷

$cyber #cyberpunk
3/16 Game Installation: Simply click the download link to start the automatic download process. 💻

Once complete, extract the file from the zip folder. Finally, run the executable file found within the extracted folder to start playing.

Enjoy the game!
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📌 The Eikonikos Amphitheatre, known as the Eikodium, is revolutionizing the #Metaverse event landscape.

Eikodium will pave the way for a dynamic, immersive, and fully customizable event experience! 🎭🚀

1/8 🧵 Image
2/8 💥 We've hosted our inaugural event in Eikodium - and what a spectacle it was! But this was just a glimpse of the future 💫

Imagine an orchestrated concert or a DJ party, the enlightening discourse of TED talks and seminars – all within this adaptable Metaverse venue.🔭 Image
3/8💡 Eikodium is a groundbreaking venture not just for us but for the entire Metaverse.

It's our very first business model, and it's designed with a keen focus on adaptability, versatility, and customer satisfaction.🔬🔭
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Thread: The Transformation of Education: From YouTube to the Metaverse 🌐🎓

Apple Vision Pro news sparked my intrest again 🧵👇

#AppleVisonPro #Metaverse #EducationForAll #ai Image
1/ The release of Apple Vision Pro has really caught my attention. It got me thinking how education is evolving and how the #metaverse could be a game-changer. Just like YouTube transformed self-education, the metaverse has the potential to revolutionize the entire school system. Image
2/ YouTube made learning accessible to everyone, anytime, and anywhere. But imagine a metaverse where #education goes beyond watching videos. Picture yourself stepping into virtual environments, actively engaging with the learning material. It's like being part of the lesson! Image
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#Metaverse, #Gamefi, #VR will be the next most viral keywords!

In this thread, I want to talk about $0xG Sentinent!

They are building a metaverse + gamefi + VR support!

#apple VR headset will make metaverse explode! Image
There is some latest update about the game:
- They will host a twitter space in next 3 days with their game developer.
- Update Gameplay with more detail than the previous video.
- Building in game Casino, players can use their own avatars.
- More youtuber review! Image
@SentientZone has been building the game for the last 2 months and just launched its token on May 29th.

In short, they are #cyberpunk based gaming platform with #Metaverse and #Ai Players will earn rewards in native token $0xG or #0xG Image
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🚨The next big narrative might just be upon us...😮

#Apple, the world's most valuable company, is entering the metaverse.🚀 Image

➡️ Since December, the Metaverse market has been down by 96%.

➡️ Giants like Microsoft, Disney, and Walmart, have reversed their bets on Metaverse.

➡️ A lot of people have lost their jobs.

➡️ But it seems like, the Metaverse trend is going to revive again.🌐 Image

👉 📢 Hold on tight! Something big is happening. In 2023, Big Tech is getting into the Metaverse.

👉 It's like a virtual world where you can do lots of cool things! 😮
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@xandargames, an adventure and arena-based #MMORPG, combining the power of blockchain, web3, and AI, is building on #SKALE. Image
@xandargames @xandargames is a realm of adventure and arena-based #MMORPG that marries the latest advancements in AI technology with the power of #blockchain to create innovative gaming features that allow for a unique and immersive gaming experience.
@xandargames @xandargames introduces the twin elements of Inter-#Metaverse Operability and Multiverse Reality, empowering players to explore vast #metaverses, collect rare #NFT artifacts, and engage in arena battles.
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@BionicOwls, a groundbreaking #NFT-enabled, play-to-impact, and play-to-earn game that is set to redefine the boundaries of inclusivity and engagement in the #web3 space, is building on #SKALE! 🦉🧵👇 Image
@BionicOwls Prepare to step into a world where boundaries blur, where the line between play and impact dissipates, and where players wield the power to shape their destiny. @BionicOwls is not your ordinary game, it is a testament to the untapped potential of the #metaverse.
@BionicOwls With awe-inspiring graphics and a seamless user interface, @BionicOwls transports players to realms teeming with adventure, camaraderie, and limitless possibilities.
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Just came across a game-changing project that introduce an innovative concept compared to current #DeFi protocols!

@Chibi_Fi & its #Chibiverse catching my eye today, just want to share some findings

A Thread about $BCARD🧵👇

#arbitrum $BCARD Image
1⃣ What is it?

@Chibi_Fi is an innovative #DeFi platform that aims to create a #DeFiVerse

It's like combining the best of #DeFi elements with the #Metaverse realm

Alright, this is like robot talking about technical side, right? I’ll ELI5 it for you Image
🔹@Chibi_Fi is like a magical world called #ChibiVerse, where you can do lots of things with your #Crypto & #NFTs

🔹It's kind of like a mix of the Sims game & Monopoly, where you can play games, hang out with friends & even try to grow your digital money
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🎉 Forever 21 and Barbie have joined forces for exclusive Roblox wearables.

Get ready to style your avatar with the latest fashion!

🚀 Exciting collaboration alert!

Let's dive into the details. ⤵️ Image
1️⃣ @Forever21 and @Barbie have teamed up to bring you exclusive virtual fashion items for your @Roblox avatar.

It's the perfect blend of real-world style and virtual creativity.…
@Forever21 @Barbie @Roblox 2️⃣ This partnership allows #Roblox users to express their unique fashion sense with a range of trendy clothing and accessories inspired by the iconic #Barbie brand.

Dress up your avatar in style! 💃🕶️👠
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🎮 The metaverse continues to evolve in innovative and surprising ways!

@Deadfellaz has just announced Streamingfellaz, a groundbreaking tool that lets holders use their NFTs as avatars on @Twitch and @Zoom.

👉 Read more:… Image
@Deadfellaz @Twitch @Zoom 🧑‍🎨 This means your unique, digitally owned piece of art or asset can now be your visual representation during online meetings or while gaming and streaming.

Your avatar isn't just a picture anymore; it's a digital asset you own.
@Deadfellaz @Twitch @Zoom 🚀 Not only does this change how we interact online, but it also opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for artists and creators.

Your #NFT could be anything from a picture of a famous artwork to an avatar of a beloved character.
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With #Nike .swoosh dropping this week, and #Apple XR in less than 3 weeks, the #Metaverse narrative is making a comeback.

Here are 10 reasons why $RNDR is THE Metaverse asset to hold. 🍎😎⭕🧵 Image
1. Scalability

Scaling GPU rendering enough for the Metaverse is too difficult with traditional render technology. $RNDR solves by allowing users with idle GPUs to share compute through the RNDR Network
2. Digital Rights Management

Proof of ownership enabled through NFTs and blockchain is a key part of the Metaverse. With this comes the issue of DRM. OTOY has been working on solutions for this for a long time.
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@thecursedland is an upcoming mobile #MMORPG #Web2 & #Web3 game on @MultiverseX #blockchain

A fantasy world controlled by AI, where Non-Player Characters (NPCs) learn your strategy and use it against you.

Let’s discover it! 🧵👇 Image
Created by the PopuGames, a company recently established in France led by @MariusRacasan, the core team is presented in this thread:

@thecursedland game was also presented at the #SeedCaptainConference from Craiova on April.

The game will use both #Web2 and #Web3 technologies and on the #blockchain side, it will use the in-game currency $TCL token, which can be used in the #metaverse marketplace to trade items from the game.

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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Two principles to protect internet users from decaying platforms; and more!

Archived at:…


1/ A giant robot hand holding ...
Today (May 10), I'm in #VANCOUVER for a keynote at the #OSSummit:…

And a book event tonight at #HeritageHall:…

Tomorrow (May 11), I'm in #CALGARY for @WordfestTweets:…


2/ Image
Two principles to protect internet users from decaying platforms: Don't just try to make platforms better - make them less important.

3/    Image: EFF https://www.e...
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Keynote 'State of the German Internet' als Thread.
#OMR23 Image
Die #GAFA-Firmen haben erstmals an Wert verloren. Ist das 'Peak GAFA'?

#OMR23 Image
"Die Firmen wachsen vor allem gegen sich selber. Um zu wachsen, müssen sie sich gegenseitig Marktanteile abnehmen. Außerdem ist @Microsoft wichtig. Fünf Firmen rangeln um die Aufmerksamkeit." (@Westermeyer) #OMR23 Image
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Get an exclusive inside look into @cyberpunkcity!🕵️‍♂️

We sat down with their Community Marketing Manager @jackmelar36 this Wednesday and delved into their #Metaverse, in-game economy, and the potential for Web3 gaming!

Here are the top 3 key takeaways from our conversation🧵…… Image
@cyberpunkcity @jackmelar36 Q: What lessons or insights have you drawn from other successful game titles in the development and design of Cyberpunk City and how have they influenced your approach?
@cyberpunkcity @jackmelar36 A: Drawing on the experiences of various successful game titles and developers, we have gained several key insights that have influenced our approach to Cyberpunk City.

Firstly, observing small and independent game companies, we've come to understand that passion for the game……
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@meeintdao is an Asian #web3 social gathering place for professionals, focusing on the growth of #web3 & keen on #web3 social experience.

@meeintdao & @BuidlerDAO jointly initiated 4 large-scale online summits, called the “Web3 Online Summer Summit”

It covers #blockchain topics such as #metaverse, #DeFi, #infrastructure, #gaming, #NFTs and more.🔥

Various #investors, #developers, application layer project third-parties and infrastructure representatives will be present at the event too.

One of the panels is called: “Metaverse, Blockchains, Artificial Intelligence and the new digital frontier”

The Guests lineup:
@dayuanb - @tencentcloud
@beniaminmincu - @MultiversX
@Nils_Wollny - @holoride
@ThisIsMarkPaul - @itheum
@StatescuRazvan - @GiantsVillage

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How to interact with Mist testnet to be eligible for possible rewards and airdrops

@MistNft is a role-playing p2e game

The project has a $MIST token, already traded on and Pancake Swap.

#Metaverse Image

Now the project has launched its testnet with rewards for users

So what to do 👇
- Go to the site and
- Add a test network by clicking on the Metamask logo at the top of the page
- Get test tokens ImageImage
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#DePIN is NOT a $3.5 trillion market ❌

It is MUCH bigger.

$5trillion+ 📈

Here’s my 3-minute-thake.

1/11 Image
2/ Background 📅

Last January, @messari’s @Oldsamster published the first #DePIN sector map, including these 4 sectors;

Servers $1tn
Wireless $2.3tn
Sensors $30.5bn
Energy $146bn

= total market by 2028 +/- $3.5tn. Huge.

Below are 5 reasons why I think it’s even bigger. Image
3/ Mobility is the 5th #DePIN sector 🚘

#Mobility spans the 4 domains of land, sea, sky & (future) space.

It is 1) is physical infrastructure and 2) can be community sourced/funded.

@Uber alone has a cap of +/- $60bn today.

Many mobility #DePINs already exist, ex. @BloXmove.
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The ultimate goal of the surveillance state is realizing the vision of Yuval Noah Harari, advisor to WEF’s Klaus Schwab.

It is inevitable if you accept the digital ID.

When you give up your sovereignty to the State, it is in the hands of sociopaths like Harari.

A thread🧵⬇️ Image
His take on humanity, using tech to eliminate free will:

“Humans are now hackable animals. The whole idea that humans have this soul or spirit, and they have free will and nobody knows what’s happening inside me. That’s over. Free will, that’s over.”
His take on God, a sick dream of replacing him:

“a hundred years ago, authority was above the clouds: it was God. In the modern era, authority came down to human beings: our decisions. And now the authority is going back to the clouds, but the clouds of Google and Amazon.”
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The ENDGAME for NFTs and Web3:

The metaverse

Everyone's heard of it, but few understand this $30 Trillion opportunity

This thread will teach you everything you need to know about the #metaverse in 10 min or less

(and show you the top 15 projects to watch)

A mega-thread💥 🧵

This thread will cover the following:

✅ What is the metaverse?

✅ How big is the opportunity?

✅ The problem with the metaverse

✅ How blockchains solve this problem

✅ Key infrastructure providers and protocols to watch

Let’s dive in!

🔶 What is the Metaverse?

There are many definitions of “the metaverse”, but for this 🧵 we’ll use this one:

“The metaverse is an interconnected network of virtual worlds that will replace the web as the primary way in which we access information”

I'll elaborate below 👇 Image
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1/5 Was stimulating spending the day at the #HarvardXR Conference and interacting with energetic students and old industry friends. @htcvive #VR #AI #XR @harvardxr @Harvard (more on speech in 🧵) ImageImageImageImage
2/5 Here’s just a few select slides from my 100 page keynote deck. “From #BlackMirror to #BlueDoors” (on industry myths and #AI/#Metaverse use case) @harvardxr 🧵 ImageImageImageImage
3/5 Some slides on #Consciousness, #AI Risks and Mitigation 🧵 ImageImageImageImage
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#Amazon uruchamia #Bedrock, w 'Wydarzeniach' #Polsat'u mamy specjalistów od #AI, także trend chyba jeszcze nie umiera 😅

Dzisiaj podzielę się z Wami projektami z koszyka #krypto AI które moim zdaniem należy obserwować.

zapraszam na wątek🧵👇
1/20 Image

Rzekomo nazywany "#Google'm kryptowalut", to protokół indeksowania umożliwiający przeszukiwanie wiodących blockchainów. Każdy może budować i publikować otwarte interfejsy #API, wywoływać podgrafy, co umożliwia łatwy dostęp do danych. Image

Celem ogólnym projektu jest umożliwienie konsumentom pozyskiwania usług sztucznej inteligencji od różnych agentów AI na platformie, umożliwiając każdemu dostęp do technologii AI lub uczestnictwo w jej rozwoju. Image
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