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How longterm $DOT 💎🤲 can maximize their staking APY.

Instead of 14.5% APY up to 50% (and more)

A thread 🧵 (Not financial advice)
In this Thread I will explain:

- what is $cDOT

- Why it is the best longterm bet for $DOT holders

- How you can maximize your cDOT by using @ParallelFi's unique Money Market
(without liquidation risk!)

Let's go ⬇️
1/ cDOT is a derivitave token for 1 $DOT contributed to $DOT crowdloans.

Several of these DOT derivative tokens exist:

- bDOT if you contributed via @binance

- lcDOT if you contributed to @AcalaNetwork

- cDOT by contributing via @ParallelFi
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🍌 2022 is a roller coaster from the beginning for crypto investors 😅

Here are the 5 "Billion-Dollar" lessons to be learnt 👇 *literally* 🥶

Smol thread 🧵
"It is too big to fail, isn't it?"

From the recent $LUNA crash, most of us lost big money, now it's very clear that any project can fail at any time despite its Mcap.

Don't put all your life savings in just one project.

Diversify portfolio over diff projects & diff sectors
"Stable coins are safe right?"

Yeah, it's about $UST. We now know that even stables can't be trusted especially if it doesn't have any organic demand.

Even in stables too, diversify your capital over different stables. Also keep enough money in bank account too.
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Why I bought into @AkumuDragonz (AD), a thread.

Given the recent negative sentiments in NFT/Crypto markets and speculative assets in general, I thought it necessary to share my long term conviction for this project.😌🧠

I hope you enjoy.👇

Rule of thumb: Start with the art!🖼️

Even if FP hits 0, you still have something to look at.

AD is a visually pleasing collection of 10,000 pixelated dragonz. Given the attention to detail and interesting combos, the collection does well to draw in user attention.👀

Obviously, there are a ton of possible combos with some being more coveted than others.🤩

However, holders can rest easy knowing that regardless of rarity, they'll be purchasing a highly detailed PFP.

Check the rarity cheat sheet here.👇…
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Many assume that successful investing comes from picking winners during bull markets. However, it is during bear markets that life-changing wealth is created.

Here’s our playbook on how to navigate this Crypto Winter!

#WebTr3e 🌳 #DeFi #BearMarket Image
As we navigate #CryptoWinter together, here are some principles that can help you endure this bear market.

1️⃣ Downside Management & Capital Preservation
2️⃣ Asset Selection & Accumulation
3️⃣ Liquidity Optimization & Capital Efficiency

1️⃣ Downside Management & Capital Preservation

Hedging, sizing, and dollar-cost averaging (DCA) can help you mentally prepare for stressful market movements and generate positive expected returns in the long-term.

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Good morning and happy Friday, everyone! Stock futures were lower early Friday morning as investors focus their attention on key employment data due out later in the day with the May jobs report due out at 8:30 a.m. ET. The pace of job growth is expected to have slowed in May,
but economists say the labor market remains strong, even as parts of the economy have weakened. Stocks are coming off a strong session where the major averages rose for the first time in three sessions, putting them on pace for a green week.
General News:
• Russia's invasion of Ukraine hits its 100th day and Russia is starting military drills in the Pacific involving some 40 ships and 20 aircraft.
• Elsewhere, the oil-producer alliance OPEC+ has agreed to boost crude output faster than expected in July and
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On-chain "Audit" of PLAYA3ULL GAMES @PLAYA3ULL

My partner in on-chain P.I. work @0xLosingMoney has been getting a lot of requests for an on-chain look into projects...and he can't really handle ALL of them. So I'm giving him a hand.

Let's dive into $3ULL

🕵️‍♂️/1 Image
@PLAYA3ULL @0xLosingMoney First and foremost I need to state the following:

I am NOT a Solidity developer, so my knowledge on what to look for in a #smartcontract is limited.

Also, this is not a deep dive into the project, but only a look at potential security issues.

@PLAYA3ULL @0xLosingMoney OK, the first place I always start is @Token_Sniffer

The contract scores a 60/100...which is actually really good. The only issue is that the liquidity isn't locked.

Yes, locked liquidity DOES protect from #rugpulls BUT...

🕵️‍♂️/3 Image
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[THREAD] 1/10.- Débuter dans la crypto

Ce thread a pour but d’être un guide pratique récapitulant les bases nécessaires pour commencer son voyage dans l’univers Crypto. Il abordera les concepts à maîtriser et les bonnes pratiques à avoir.
2/10. Se former
Pour bien commencer dans le monde de la technologie blockchain, il est IMPORTANT de se former afin de saisir les concepts-clés. Je sais que cela peut être un peu intimidant lorsqu'on débute mais en se formant avec les bonnes bases, votre aventure sera meilleure.
3/10. Comprendre la Monnaie
Pour comprendre la révolution que représente la Blockchain et les cryptomonnaies, il faut comprendre le fonctionnement de la monnaie; voici un article très intéressant sur le sujet.…
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Ok, so we've already gone over how to find micro-cap's ripe for scalping...

(here it is again in case you missed it: )

Now let's talk about a couple of actual strategies. Here's a thread (31 tweets) on using charting indicators for scalping.

First, I want to discuss a couple of my ground rules.
1. I don't do leverage (right now).
2. I don't short (right now).

This means I'm only looking for upward momentum so I can buy.

So I preface this by saying that in bear markets this can be more challenging.

So step one, I'm looking at the daily chart to determine the overall trend. I really want an obvious upward trajectory, but a solid rebound from a downturn works too.


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Hope this is useful; some comments on DEI peg. T-Bond model: debt issued by the U.S. government to raise money. $DEUS will mimic. When you buy a T-bond, you lend the federal government $, & it pays a stated rate of interest until loan comes due.
Main goal: bring DEI back to peg. So to do so, they plan on using this model. $DEUS will sell treasury bonds in exchange of collateral.
Now, what happened? During the hack, @DeusDao is short on USDC on treasury.
This proposed approach intends to burn 35M (by selling these bonds) and to add collateral . Adding this, means less risk.
So: this will create an unbreakable backing at 1 DEI: 1 USDC while also making have $deus less selling pressure in the future!
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Posible explicacion a lo sucedido, no oficial.
Las cosas no pasan solas, como ocurre en biologia o quimica, se necesita una energia de activacion o umbral que cruzar para que un sistema en reposo cambie de estado o dispare una serie de procesos. Que una red entera caiga...
a diferencia de un protocolo,requiere de una energia de activacion grande.Una vez pasado el umbral,el pasaje al otro estado es inmediato y no frenable.Como reacciones nucleares,x + q bajen las barras de control q absorban parcialmente los neutrones,la reaccion no revierte.
Ahora, que causalidades se tuvieron que dar para que esto pase en Terra y no en otro lado (por ahora)?
Emho, estos son:
1. Una red que crecio muy rapido con puntas sueltas o no robustas q no pensaron un ataque masivo, sino actores parciales, como se dio hasta ahora
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My attempt at humor in the dark times.
What kind of #cryptotrader are you?

Everybody invests differently, but there are some common themes among trader personalities. Do you fit in any of these?

- the tech analyst

”I’ll place an entry as soon as the stochastic crosses the MACD line and hits a Fibb level on the third Gann line”

🧵/2 Image
- the fundamentalist

“Your magic #TA 8-ball couldn’t predict this, but fed is raising rates tomorrow and if Powell scratches his nose it means six more months of low crop yields so SELL NOW”

🧵/3 Image
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1. People always tell you to do your own research, but you don't know where to start? This is a thread on how I conduct #DYOR on #cryptocurrency projects; hope it can serve as inspiration for you to dive deeper into #Blockchain.
2. First thing's first, I use excel to keep track of all of my findings. The main benefits:
-I don't waste time looking up something I've already looked up before
-I can easily compare metrics across projects
-I can conduct calculations and quantitative analysis
3. The first place I go is the website of the project. Here I look for the following:
-Project overview: does it solve a real problem / offer a unique solution
-Team: are they doxxed & do they have prior experience
-Roadmap: is there a clear timeline & has the team met milestones
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🧵 Here's how I make 43% APY on $USD (and my $EUR, $ETH and $BTC) by utilising a fully regulated brokerage service called #Freeway. Perfect for bear markets and I personally believe it is safer and with a better R:R than e.g. $UST on #AnchorProtocol or $USDD on #TRON. 1/20
❗ This is my own research presented in an objective manner. I include a few of my own opinions. Not financial advice, do your own research, be aware of the risks. Learn about #Freeway here (referral link, but using it boosts your rewards by 2%): 2/20
📜 Background: founded in 2017 as #AuBit, rebranded to #Freeway. Global team of 40+. Formally registered operations registered in Greece, UK, and Germany (prime brokerage), Estonia (licensed virtual currency exchange), and Seychelles (business operations). 3/20
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🧵 The market is tough right now so it's time to get behind projects with strong teams, use case and potential. I'm still bullish on #FaaS and here's a thread on @TheCryptoTrian1 $MUDA a #DeFi3 project that differentiates itself from competitors in some interesting ways! 1/12
The business strategy is composed of 3 pillars. The 3 sides of the triangle aim to make $MUDA an easily accessible form of passive income across multiple chains with direct retail onboarding via fiat onramp. The objective is to offer well rounded, safe and profitable #FaaS 2/12
Pillar 1 was launching multi-chain with a custom BEP to ERC20 bridge from day 1, allowing users to choose to invest on either #Ethereum or #BSC, as well as offering arbitrage opportunities to align the market cap on both chains. 3/12
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⭐ (Re)Balancing your coins out of the bear market! 🐻

The bear market is the perfect time to build positions, but most of those positions can be in huge losses by the end of it.

Here's a strategy to avoid capitulation and make the most of this season by rebalancing!
🧵 👇
1/What is Rebalancing?
It's a technique/strategy used by fund managers and investors alike to adjust risk and maintain asset allocation. It lets you capture the potential with risk-adjusted exposure to the flipside. I'm using the @kucoincom smart rebalancing bot for this.
2/Why not just HODL?
Because hodling some coins is just not the best sometimes. I'd prefer hodling #BTC or #ETH but what about some altcoins that plummet 70% in the bear market?
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Today we're kicking off a mini-series on tokenomics, vesting schedules & sale metrics as part of our #TGH series on how to successfully navigate through crypto and #DYOR

The focus for today is going to be on tokenomics, followeed by two more threads over the coming days -

so stay tuned!

just by understanding those couple of points you can already easily distinguish, whats worth looking into and what's a straight pass. generally you can find that information either directly on the websites frontpage, or in the Litepaper / whitepaper.

If you can't find it on either it's already a huge redflag.

as an example we are going to look at two of the recent #FitFi bangers - $GMT & $FITFI
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How do I find value in a project and/or if it’s worthy to mint? A beginner’s thread🧵

“I found a project, but I don’t know what to look for.”

Start with their Twitter Page and/or Discord if available. The most information you’ll find will be on these platforms.
Utilize the resources at hand.
If there is a Twitter available, you may notice links in some of the bios. Those links are usually a website created for the project specifically. There you can most often find an “FAQ,” “Meet the Team,” and sometimes even a roadmap within the site.
Overview all Information:
Whether given on Twitter or Discord, the information of FAQ, the team, and roadmaps can be extremely crucial. Pay attention. You will have to go through a series of questions to help identify the project’s strength. Research is key so be cautious.
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1/ @ElrondNetwork #EGLD → B.T.F.D. ✊
🚨 The most profitable trades of your life will be the most difficult ones to execute! The longer + lower price goes perpetuates a neg. feedback loop as disappointed investors create an echo chamber. Success means to rise above it!! 🧠⚡💪
2/ As new investors step in to buy supply, older ones incentivized to sell for profit add supply to the market as price rises. Continual cycles of contraction and expansion over time reveal the underlying sentiment towards the asset itself. Supply and demand; ebb and flow... ⚖️
3/ 💡Ready to take notes?📝

Constructive foundation *MUST* built by:

1. Market realizes resistance: too much supply / not enough demand at certain price level → Price falls.
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🧵 An attempt at an objective review of #YieldNodes. A #masternode service that has generated an average of 10% a month on #stablecoins for 3 years to date. Like everything in #crypto it is high risk. I present the pros, cons, benefits and risks, as objectively as possible. 1/12
What is it? #YieldNodes offer managed masternoding, pooling investor funds, and managing the infrastructure and profit distribution. Here's a link for you to #DYOR. It is a ref link which means I receive a small commission on any deposits you make.… 2/12
What are #masternodes? Here is the investopedia definition and a link for you to research in your own time. Masternodes have been a commonly used part of #blockchain infrastructure for many years so it is nothing particularly exotic or innovative.… 3/12
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Ok, so I've seen a rather false narrative floating around #CT that I'd like to address/dispel really quick.

I have seen a number of tweets talking about how difficult it is to start an LLC in the US. As a result, I see a lot of praise handed to protocols that do so.

Not saying that a protocol that legitimizes themselves in the eyes of the US tax authorities is a bad thing...just that if anyone claims it is a difficult/arduous task to start an LLC, this is NOT TRUE.

I can quickly walk you through the steps:

Step 1:
Use a registered agent to start your LLC.
If your business is digital, you don't have to create the LLC in your home state. You can use a representative agent. My personal favorite is since WY has favorable biz taxes.

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🧵 On the theme on legit projects with strong teams, real utility and a long-term game plan and upside, here's a thread on @ADRTtoken $ADRT. A really unique project that I would categorize as a #DeFi #IaaS protocol. Here's what I like about it. 1/9
🚀 So, what is it? There is a 12% buy and sell tax. 4% goes back to holders as #ETH reflections, 4% to an investment treasury to generate returns for holders, 2% to liquidity, and 2% to marketing. So, there are taxes, but they are sensibly distributed and deployed. 2/9 Image
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Team: we're all tired of getting rugged by anon devs, and it's a cliche but people buy people, and the founders James and Kris are both fully doxxed (in fact I'm meeting Kris for coffee next week). They are also joined by 3-4 others with extensive experience. 3/9 Image
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🧵NEW PROJECT ON @RealCryptoGraph!!🧵
1/@xxvrmeta racing P2E where you buy your own car to earn coins. Seems straightforward but not very engaging with potato quality(Potato emoji x3)? Is it worth trying?👇
Estimated using data on #gitbook.
BIGGEST FEATURE is self-sustainable in-game economy, even without players joining in 1-2 weeks.
Don’t think it's gonna fall down the hole of @StarSharks so I’ll try out by getting 1 out of the 3000 NFT.
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Aujourd’hui c’est le #Snapshot pour l’attribution des tickets de #Bhero, le Launchpad de @BlackHatNetwork  !

J’ai décidé de vous présenter différents #Launchpad qui sont (ou vont être) lancés sur la #Blockchain @ElondNetwork 👀

⬇️⬇️ #ESDT Image
#Launchpad : BHero
Projets incubés : #Crypto / #NFT
Conditions : Stake $EGLD & $BHAT

Lancé par la team @MGStaking via @BlackHatNetwork, il accompagne de jeunes projets dans leur formation, développement et financement.

Je l'ai déjà présenté ici 👇

Comme #BHero, il s'agit d'une plateforme de #Launchpad, créée sur @ElrondNetwork.

🔸Cette Plateforme a pour but de mettre en lumière des projets #early pour leur permettre de lever des fonds & aux investisseurs d'investir dans les 1ères phases d'un projet. ImageImage
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Les Bro, comme promis, voici les erreurs que nous avons faites en tant que débutant. On veut vous les éviter 🙂

Rappelez-vous un petit ❤️ ça fait du bien et 🔁 pour aider les autres 👍🏻
1) Jamais de #Futures, #Margin
2) Analysez le #Fondamental
3) Top 100 #crypto uniquement
4) Pas de #Swapping
5) Jamais de #FOMO
6) Ne jouez pas vos économies
7) Evitez les influenceurs "#ToTheMoon"
8) Ne perdez jamais la valeur de l’argent
9) Prenez vos profits
10) Pas d’affect
1) Les marchés dits "à effet de #levier" sont interdits quand on débute ⛔️

L'appât du gain est facile car vous pensez exploser vos gains grace à l'effet multiplicateur. Or vous allez surtout multiplier vos pertes et potentiellement tout perdre 🤕

Débutez par le marché #Spot 👍🏻
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