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9 Apr

This thread is for you.


Now that they don't want you to invest in foreign stocks via Bamboo and Trove, so you don't fall for scams.

1. Don't buy any cryptoasset from any group on Telegram, all of them are SCAMMERS. Use P2P on binance for all your buying and selling of crypto. I have a video on that to help you.

2. Don't transfer your cryptoassets to any unknown platform for the sake of investment.
3. Don't fall for scam Airdrops requesting you send crypto to claim your coins. There are many of them disguising to defraud newbies.

Many of them are also on Telegram, pushing you to get referrals to increase your chances.
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7 Aug 20

From 2020 to 2023, Canada will welcome more than one million new immigrants! There are many pathways to immigrate to Canada and secure Canadian permanent residence, but @TravelXStudy is committed to keeping things simple.

#Thread Please RT
Canadian Immigration Programs Overview.

There are more than 80 pathways to immigrate to Canada! @TravelXStudy would outline the broad categories of Canadian immigration in an effort to keep things simple.
Economic and Business Immigration Options
Economic and business immigration options are for professionals who have skills that support the Canadian economy. Each program differs greatly in the qualifications required so no one-size-fits-all description is possible.
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27 Jul 20
Canadian schools that might waive IELTS for Nigerians:

Try your luck with any of them:

* Brock University
* University of Winnipeg
* Simon Fraser University
* Thompson River University
* McMaster University
* Brandon University
* University of Manitoba
* Concordia University
* University of Regina
* University of Northern British Columbia
* University of British Columbia
* University of Winnipeg
*University of Alberta

If you need further assistance, contact @TravelXStudy
* Athabasca University
* George Brown College
* University of Windsor
* Dalhousie University
* Mount Royal University
* University of Calgary
* University of Saskatchewan
* Carleton University
* McGill University
* University of Toronto
* York University
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15 Jul 20
The Police people at Ogudu police station wants to cover their personnel on the illegal detention and extortion of @_VALKlNG

We want to see the @PoliceNG officers who collected 260k from @_VALKlNG.

We must put an end to this mess. @segalink
For records we are not interested in the refund of the money only.

We are interested that such police officers must face the consequences of the their actions.

If @_VALKlNG didn't come online to talk, those criminals would continue their evil actions.

@segalink #EndSARS
The DPO said the criminal @PoliceNG officers are back to work.

Can you imagine? People who kidnapped and extorted a young man of 260k have returned back to work to continue their evil work.

We want to see the officers and put their face here.

This evil must stop. #EndSARS
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20 Jun 20
Good morning guys,


I started exploring Linkedin in the last one month and i have connect to the CEO of a multinational company and we are working on a project together already.

Linkedin is the largest professional networking site in the world. It is the most valuable asset to access professional and career networks for self advancement. Recently i met a lady who gets all her consulting clients on Linkedin, her minimum consulting fee is 600k.
You can also use the platform for business growth. In 2019 alone, LinkedIn had 645 million accounts, and 40% of those users actually logged on every single day. With over 30 million companies now active on the platform, there were over 20 million open job postings in 2019 alone
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24 Mar 20
My team after some extensive research plans to develop a mobile app that can help detect #COVIDー19. We need $15,000 for development

1. Ability to test for covid19 in a person.
2. Ability to run a questionnaire & predict the current stage from symptoms of the virus.
3. Ability to track individual users by (Location, Names, Email, Phone Number, and a next of kin or someone else who can be contacted)
4. Ability to track cases across the world based on the location of the users.
5. Ability to call the appropriate emergency lines for clarification and possible cases.
6. Ability to educate the people on the following (Self Quarantine, Possible Preventive Medicine, does and Don's, etc)
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17 Jan 20
Migrating to Canada to practise as a medical doctors is simple & very easy.
There are 341, 000 new comers are expected in Canada in 2020 out of which 88,000 are expected to be for Express Entry.
So you stand a good chance if you intends to migrate.

Here are the steps:

There are certain programs designed specifically for trained medical doctors who intends to migrate and practise in Canada:
1. British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP);
2. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)

You can migrate under any of those programs.
First make sure the medical school you graduated from is recognised by Canada, you can verify on the World Medical School Directory Website.

Secondly, you are expected to apply and qualify for the Medical Council of Canada's Examinations.
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15 Jan 20
I have a story that would interest you.

After my masters degree, I went back to my home state & I met most of the young folks have taken to yahoo yahoo.

There was this young boy schooling at RUGIPO, who has taken to the yahoo business.
So he has a friend that he introduced to me that was interested in learning coding.
That his friend couldn't get any admission into any school. But I couldn't teach him then because he was in a different state.

Not long after, I left permanently for Lagos.
The guy named Segun didn't have anywhere to stay in Lagos,so he had to hang with someone in Ikorodu.

I gave him a laptop to learn

To sustain himself he took into driving KEKE MARUWA days when he does not have coding classes.(Fri to Mon)

I had to allow him free access to learn
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12 Jan 20
As at December 2018, there are about 572,415 study permit holders in Canada of which 11,290 are Nigerians......

One of the easiest way to migrate to Canada is via studying, in this thread i would explain all you need to know about getting Canadian study permit

For many people who want an opportunity to study&work, for the purpose of raising enough money to fund different expenses like housing,public transportation,food expenses & other study related expense,Canada lets you work per-time during your studies. You have up to 20hrs/week
The following are mostly the general requirements of international candidates;
A. A proof of identity(international passport)
B. Proof of Financial Capacity
C. Proof of Proficiency in English or French(some institutions wave this if you are from an English speaking country)
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3 Jan 20
Things you need to know about migrating to Australia. Firstly, Australia is 6th largest country in the world with over a total land area of 7,692,023 Km/sq, a continent comprising of Tasmania Island and other smaller Island, over 260 indigenous languages, multi-cultural citizens.
Australia is the best place to migrate to now on earth. In this thread i would only focus on the easier ways to migrate to Australia from Nigeria. This would be based on online resources.(Travel Abroad Adviser)
This is your best option to migrate to Australia from
Nigeria – the study in Australia route. How can you utilize this study in Australia route?

First of all, you have to find a school in Australia with reasonable school fees that are also affordable.

You are required to apply here from Nigeria or maybe through an
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2 Jan 20
Going to Canada 2020 is easy and straightforward if you fulfill the following conditions:

1. Transcripts - 20k for each certificate you would present (cost depends on your school)

2. WES -93K (for each transcript you want to verify, WES means World Education Services)

Passport - 30k (for each person traveling)

IELTS - 75K(for each adult, and if you are lucky to pass at a sitting)

Medical -46k (cost depends on hospital)
Then if you have fulfilled all above requirements and gotten invitation
Application fee- 1040 CAD
Biometric fee- 170 CAD

Then show evidence of the following via account statement.

Single person - 3.5M
Family of 2- 4.5M
Family of 3 - 5.5M
Family of 4 - 6.5M

Welcome to Canada.
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31 Dec 19
The books my team of 2020 BOOK READERS would read and review in 2020.

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26 Aug 19

I applied to do PhD in Applied mathematics and computational science in December 2018. February 2019, I had the first interview in core maths areas like differential equations, probability
and statistics, linear Algebra, vector calculus and graph theory. I did so well that the professor said, if you get into kaust, please visit my office.

In March, I did another interview. In April, I did the third interview.
Then I got an invitation for the final interview in Dubai for third of 3rd May. Kaust booked my hotel and sent me a flight ticket from Pittsburgh, USA to DXB Dubai.

I pleaded with my professor in the USA to reschedule as exam so I can leave the USA on
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8 Aug 19
Who's awake?
Since sleep is not coming, can we start praying?
Prayer One: Prayer of Thanksgiving
Lord Jesus, we thank you for the gift of life. May your name be praised forever.

{Sing songs of Thanksgiving : You are Alpha and Omega, we worship you our God, you are worthy to be praised.}

Prayer Two: Prayer of forgiveness

Lord Jesus, we come before your throne of grace, forgive all our iniquities, cleanse us by your blood.

Give us grace to live an holy life and direct our part to righteousness.

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23 Jul 19
BREAKING: President of the Senate, Distinguished Senator Ahmad Lawan has announced receiving the list of ministerial nominees for confirmation from President Muhammadu Buhari
In no particular order, we have
1. Chris Ngige
2. Hadi Sirika
3. Rotimi Amaechi
4. Festus Keyamo
5. Uche Ogah
6. Emeka Nwajuiba
7. Sadiya Farouk
8. Musa Bello
9. Babatunde Fashola
10. Godswill Akpabio
11. Sharon Ikeazor
12. Ogbonnaya Onu
13. Akpa Udo
14. Adebayo (Ekiti)
15. Timipre Sylva
16. Adamu Adamu
17. Lai Mohammed
18. Shewuye (Borno)
19. Isa Pantami
20. Gbemi Saraki
21. Ramatu Tijani
22. Clement Abam
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12 Jul 19
Story Time...


I have been married for 14years 'we' have 3kids(all boys) but none of them belongs to me. I know this for a fact but my wife does not know that I know. Let me explain. 

5years before I met my wife, I was involved in a car accident together with two of my friends. We were traveling from Lagos to Abuja and our car skidded off the road. I was the only survivor of that accident, my friends died.
I spent about 11months at the hospital and that left me with a condition that says I can't have children.
I gave my life to Jesus Christ and became a committed Christian after the incident.
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