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This week we are RT-ing #prevention2022 #RANZCP2022 & #RTP22. Curated by @MelissaSweetDr
Sep 15, 2021 8 tweets 6 min read
And now we're up to the final #YHFSummit session: being led by @jahintanvir_ and @andrewhollo - to develop the Call to Action, with artwork from @101Storytellers Image Big ideas, notable ideas, exciting ideas: bringing together some of the major issues from #YHFSummit @jahintanvir_ Image
Sep 15, 2021 8 tweets 6 min read
Next #YHFSummit session: @roxxmacdonald talks to @SandroDemaio (he of #SolidarityPancakes #lockdown fame). @VicHealth has announced new partnerships with young people's orgs… Image Shifting the focus from health to wellbeing in governments: looking at 'building back better' not just from pandemic, but intergenerational challenges/inequities that have continued to play out. Look beyond GDP as indicator of success: @SandroDemaio #YHFSummit Image
Sep 15, 2021 35 tweets 20 min read
Young people as change makers - @all__that__jas and Zinab al Hilaly in #YHFSummit conversation with @michelle_telfer and @PatMcGorry #YHFSummit Image #YHFSummit Image
Sep 15, 2021 31 tweets 18 min read
'Developing ideas for the future': session being led now at #YHFSummit by @jahintanvir_ and strategist @andrewhollo - thanks Jahin for featuring in our @CroakeyNews preview… #YHFSummit Image
Sep 15, 2021 20 tweets 11 min read
We're splitting into two rooms now at #YHFSummit for concurrent sessions on: Building capacity for better services for young people.

Session 1: Engaging with young people: when is co-design real co-design: with @kellyanagram Image . @kellyanagram #YHFSummit #codesign Image
Sep 15, 2021 21 tweets 11 min read
What are the policy makers missing? @YouthHealthFor1's Georgia Gardner is leading #YHFsummit discussion with: @CaitFigueiredo (Co-Chair, @AYAC_, co-founder #GirlsTakeoverParliament), @unicefaustralia Young Ambassador Franklin Hooper, @samueljhockey @BrainMind_Usyd Image Lot of young people feeling frustrated and disconnected in the policy space, says Georgia Gardner #YHFSummit Image
Sep 14, 2021 34 tweets 19 min read
#YHFSummit is set to begin, with an opening session facilitated by @roxxmacdonald and Luke Catania, national coordinator @YouthHealthFor1. Check out the program here:… #oh Image And we're off #YHFSummit, with Luke and @roxxmacdonald Image
Sep 8, 2021 18 tweets 23 min read
Robert Yates of @ChathamHouse and @LSHTM comes to us from a sunny London! We are so lucky to have him chat to us about how palliative care can get a "decent crack of the whip" on universal health reforms. #21OPCC @ChathamHouse @LSHTM "This is an opportunity for radical change. We should be prepared and get organised." But what is Universal Health Coverage? Important to nail down the definition. #21OPCC Simple definition here 👇 Image
Sep 8, 2021 13 tweets 17 min read
Changing gears from death law to death literacy. Tweeting now from @KezNoo workshop on using the death literacy index. #21OPCC @KezNoo From care & social networks in 2008, to Death Literacy Index today, translated into multiple languages. A fantastic journey @KezNoo & team have been on linking networks with death literacy with public health with social determinants. #21OPCC @PHPalCare
Sep 8, 2021 17 tweets 9 min read
I'm tweeting now from the workshop on End of Life Law for Clinicians led by Prof Lindy Willmott
@QUT #21OPCC @QUT Lots of relevant resources here: #21OPCC
Sep 8, 2021 22 tweets 20 min read
I'm tweeting now from this workshop on Project Hamrahi. Come along and hear about the project, everything it has learnt, @ meet some of the team. #21OPCC… @AusPallLinkInt @OdetteSpruyt @rachelcogs @AusPallLinkInt @OdetteSpruyt @rachelcogs Here is some more information and history about Project Hamrahi. Hamrahi is Hindi for "fellow traveller". A project of mutual learning and development between Australian/NZ and Indian palliative care providers, run by @AusPallLinkInt… #21OPCC
Sep 8, 2021 21 tweets 15 min read
I'm here now tweeting from the concurrent session on The Future of Palliative Care in the Home. Chaired by @phillips_janey with our wonderful @Pall_Care_Aus Board Member @calvert_shannon #21OPCC Here's @calvert_shannon, speaking on her lived experience of palliative care, caring for her mother, whilst also living with her own health issues. Also sporting a lovely new haircut :) #21OPCC Image
Jul 18, 2021 34 tweets 16 min read
From 19 July, most COVID restrictions will be lifted in the UK, with the Govt's formal announcement noting that "Hospitalisations and deaths will continue to rise over the coming weeks and months" (this statement dated 12 July):… #UKfocus The move is "dangerous and premature", warns a letter by more than 100 scientists & doctors published in @TheLancet… #UKfocus
Jul 2, 2020 38 tweets 28 min read
3rd #HealthReimagined panel session is now live: looking at: Streets for people - Lessons from a return to local living. Am livetweeting for CroakeyNews Conference Service, working on the lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nations… Today’s #HealthReImagined panel: moderated by @ShelleyWare with @billiegc @annabike @seemaforshepp and Jackie Fristacky from @YarraCouncil…
Jun 23, 2020 24 tweets 7 min read
In April 2020, @IPESfood released its communique on #COVID19 'and the crisis in #foodsystems: Symptoms, causes and potential solutions". Important reading for all concerned about #FoodForAll & #HealthReImagined "The COVID19 health crisis has brought on an economic crisis, & is [making worse] an ongoing #foodsecurity & nutrition crisis. In a [few] weeks, COVID19 has laid bare the underlying risks, fragilities, & inequities in global food systems, & pushed them close to breaking point."
Jun 23, 2020 7 tweets 3 min read
A recipe for a #sustainablefoodsystem - and #FoodForAll #Healthreimagined

"Community gardens need to be supported by local govt. Parklands need to be redesigned to provide food growing areas. Water needs to be returned to Australian farmers growing food... "...Restrictions need to be in place to prevent our best soil being built on. All Secondary school students should be involved in growing food during yrs 7 to 10 so they understand where food comes from & how to prepare it....
Jun 22, 2020 17 tweets 10 min read
The 2nd Special Rapporteur on the #RighttoFood, Olivier de Schutter, delivered his final report to the Human Rights Council of the UN General Assembly on 24 Jan 2014. It was titled "The transformative potential of the right to food" De Schutter's 6-year mandate (2008-2014) coincided with the Global Food Crisis of 2007 - that preceded the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. He visited 13 countries, prepared 10 reports on thematic issues and 2 special reports on the Global Food Crisis -
Jun 22, 2020 14 tweets 7 min read
"Ppl who use food assistance...say they experience stigma, shame and hopelessness...seeking food traumatic, stressful and detrimental to one's health & wellbeing' - @ChristinaPolla8 @DrSueBooth "Food Insecurity & Hunger in Rich Countries' -… 'The Australian government is failing to fulfil its legal and moral obligation to guarantee the #humanright to #adequatefood for at least 1.2 mn people'. In a country that boasts about being #foodsecure & 'feeding 60 mn people', this is an indictment
Feb 29, 2020 11 tweets 8 min read
Today nutrition. Young cricketers need to be fit and able to play six hours a day, repeatedly. For the girls in the u15 national championships, it's six full days of cricket out of seven. They need energy, bone health, hydration, growth and development. #WomenInSport #Cricket Poor nutrition plays a part in tiredness, poor concentration and an increased risk of injury. #WomenInSport #Cricket
Nov 5, 2019 4 tweets 1 min read
The ceremony was electric expression & energy was fierce it just went through me. This is Jade she guided me through the cultural protocol & explained Warrea which attempts 2 determine intent of the manuhiri, which, once established, clears the way 4 the rest of the welcome 🌸💓 The ceremony removes the tapu (sacredness) from the manuhiri (visitors), who are referred to as waewae tapu (sacred feet) if they are first-time visitors to that particular marae