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@DaniManton is covering @IAHA_National conference. Last week the focus was on #50YearsofCommunityHealth. Curated by @MelissaSweetDr
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Hey all! I’m Erin, a white Australian woman. I was born and raised in #Naarm, on the land of the #Wurundjeri Woi-Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation. I’ve been many different versions of myself. Most recently I’m a psychologist, research assistant, and #PhD student
#PhDVoices Image For most of my life it's just been my mother, brother, and me. Things weren't always easy but we were always supported - in #learning and in life. I'm lucky that I've always been able to try things out without being scared of failure or judgement. It's all been an #adventure
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The Federal Government is progressing its commitment to establishing a national Centre for Disease Control, with the recent publication of a stakeholder consultation report summarising key responses about roles and functions of an #AusCDC

health.gov.au/our-work/Austr… Seeing many conversations about the Centre in recent months using the acronym #ACDC had us @CroakeyNews wondering what's in a name?

Is Australian Centre for Disease Control the most relevant name?

Will the acronym #ACDC work or will it be confused with the rock band?
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🧵While walking to VU this morning to teach class for #SystemsThinking in #PublicHealth, I began pondering the challenges I experienced. Also how designing & teaching this unit has taught me much about #LearningDesign & #teaching more broadly.

All pics in this thread by me! It does feel risky to write this thread but here we go...

The interaction of studying the Graduate Cert in #TeritaryEducation & designing & teaching a unit in #SystemsThinking in #PublicHealth has really altered the way I think about Public Health teaching & learning @CAPHIA1
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Side note - I want to say don't let this discourage you from hosting @WePublicHealth. Here are my tips:

1. Try & find people to tweet with u during the week. When I've hosted with even one person its made a huge difference, particularly when you've run out of ideas (or get sick) 2. Plan out the content in draft form for the week. Even if this is on a scrap of paper. You might have guessed from my tweeting this week that I had planned Mon, Tues & Thurs. I had guessed it would be easy to tweet about #IWD on Weds but I didn't plan my final 3 days.
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Good afternoon from #Naarm

Featured in this tweet and the one following are all pieces of street art from Naarm (some legal, some sneaky) that celebrate First Nations Australians. Perhaps some of you recognise where they are from? The tram one should be familar to most Victorians and is part of @risingmelbourne 2022 First Peoples art trams rising.melbourne/wormhole/2022-… It is called Blak Love and is by Dr Paola Balla (Wemba Wemba-Gunditjmara)
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And I got to teach this content today Late night tweet...which may go unnoticed...but heres hoping someone sees it & has ideas. Applying decolonisation to Learning Design for this unit (& others) meant talking about issues in #PublicHealth research & evidence. I find this to be a super complex teacher/student dynamic
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These women helped me to begin to build the #SystemsThinking content while the talented & patient #LearningDesigner Nick Lekakis kept me in line from a teaching & learning viewpoint.

Prior to VU I hadn't worked with a Learning Designer before, in fact I didn't know they existed! Nick unfortunately (or intelligently) is not a social media person but you can meet him here in this excellent explainer from @victoriauninews about what #LearningDesign is connected.vu.edu.au/the-road-to-le…
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A very good morning to you all from Naarm!

I took this photograph yesterday afternoon on my walk from the University to my apartment. This piece by Shawn Lu is part of the #Flashfwd program which includes 40 pieces across 40 laneways.

flash-fwd.com/laneway/langs-… @cityofmelbourne Image @cityofmelbourne Before I continue my twitter story about our #SystemsThinking unit I was so excited to see this reply from CAPHIA regarding the 3rd competencies inclusion of #SystemsThinking

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It is difficult to know where to start the twitter thread about designing this #PublicHealth unit in #SystemsThinking I have started this tweet at least 5 times... however my mind kept coming back to 2 incredible women: @mishymorgs @Riley_Therese

Photo taken on Larrakia Country Image @mishymorgs @Riley_Therese People can be the bridge between us & something new, something complex, something challenging. Both Therese & Michelle helped us workout the starting point for designing our unit in #SystemsThinking & provided key guidance along with resources.
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This week I am hoping that the varied content I will tweet will be interesting, create conversation & perhaps inspire in some form.

#Thankyou to @MelissaSweetDr & the @CroakeyNews for letting me once again host @WePublicHealth I must be getting close to hosting almost 10 times! The original premise for hosting was regarding #SystemsThinking incorporated in #PublicHealth #MPH teaching @CAphia - but we will also be incorporating #IWD2023 along with some live tweeting from the first day of this awesome conference
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A very good afternoon to you all from Naarm ❤️💛🖤

It is @LopeyPen here tweeting this afternoon & for the rest of the week from the lands of the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung People of the Kulin Nation.

Currently I am on the 15th floor of @victoriauninews Image Before I begin my week of tweeting #PublicHealthMoves I would like to acknowledge that the Wurundjeri People are the traditional owners of the land I am on. I note that March is luk Eel Season based on the Eastern Kulin Seasonal Calendar (image from @museumsvictoria). Image
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Hello, the #AppreciationDay tweets have rolled over all week...We have so many individuals and organisations to thank for supporting #PublicInterestJournalism & @CroakeyNews Image Big thanks to @VicHealth who, together with @COHealth, are #HealthEquityChampion members of the @CroakeyNews Funding Consortium. We appreciate their support for #PublicInterestJournalism & engagement in wider public debate about health Image
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The @CroakeyNews bulletin is emailed to subscribers every Thursday.

Here's a wrap of this week's stories...

"Consumer submissions to the Parliamentary inquiry provide a detailed picture of diverse experiences of people with #LongCOVID" @JenniferDoggett
croakey.org/listen-to-the-… "Looking at that quote & the Grattan Report side by side, it’s easy to feel like not much progress has been made in general practice policy in the three decades between them" – @JenniferDoggett

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Now, let's go #BehindTheScenes with @CroakeyNews 👋

A general #WeekInTheLife of Croakey involves:

* a Monday mtg to discuss health-related news to cover in our bulletin (which is FREE to subscribe to this week!)


croakey.org/subscribe-to-c… #WeekInTheLife @CroakeyNews cont...

* interviews
* sourcing health updates via Twitter, media releases etc
* attending webinars & meetings
* commissioning stories
* working on special projects
* editing opeds & other stories

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There are many ways in which researchers & research organisations can engage with Croakey and public interest journalism to translate your research.

Follow this thread for some examples – AB.

#CroakeyFundingDrive #ResearchTranslation As @MelissaSweetDr has tweeted this morning, one of her favourite stories of #ResearchTranslation is how @AKction2 go about it...with an important focus on involving patients in the research from the beginning! AB


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We @CroakeyNews also appreciate the support of @_PHAA_ , Australia's peak body for #publichealth.

As like @AHPA_AU, the @_PHAA_ have member branches in each state/territory & advocate for #publichealth policies

#CroakeyFundingDrive #AppreciationDay
phaa.net.au/about-us/who-w… .@_PHAA_ are calling for abstracts for the Preventive Health Conference, to be held on Kaurna Country next May.

You have two days left – abstracts have been extended until Wednesday 7 December!

#CroakeyFundingDrive #AppreciationDay

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Huge shout out to funding consortium members @AHPA_AU, the only professional association in Australia specifically for people involved in practice, policy, research & study of health promotion.

#CroakeyFundingDrive #AppreciationDay

healthpromotion.org.au .@AHPA_AU have member branches in each state/territory and keep busy advocating for health promotion, such as their submission to gambling harm Inquiry, & supporting members through their #healthpromotion activities

#CroakeyFundingDrive #AppreciationDay

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On #AppreciationDay, the @CroakeyNews & @CroakeyServices team sends a big shout out to @LowitjaInstitut for wide-ranging work for health and wellbeing through quality research, knowledge translation and by supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health researchers The @LowitjaInstitut & @JanineMilera have been longstanding supporters of public interest journalism in so many ways, including as a #HealthEquityStar member of the Croakey Funding Consortium Image
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Now to put the spotlight on @COHealth - who have been a fantastic supporter of @CroakeyNews from soon after we first set up as a non profit organisation. Read more about their work here: cohealth.org.au #AppreciationDay #HealthEquityMatters2023 #CroakeyFundingDrive Why might a community health service support public interest journalism? Perhaps because @COHealth has a holistic view of health & works for health equity. As they say: "We pursue health & social equity through care for individuals, care for community & care for society." Image
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Good morning! @AlisonSBarrett from @CroakeyNews here.

The inaugural #CroakeyFundingDrive officially kicks off today with a week-long program of activities.

We will be tweeting from @WePublicHealth during the week to share why supporting public interest journalism is important. Image Firstly, I would like to acknowledge that I live and work on the lands of the Kaurna people & pay my respects to Elders past and present – AB.


Photo: Karra Wirra Parri/ River Torrens Linear Park Image