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Creatives are absolutely wrecked by Scottish education conservatism, bureaucracy, the ambition of those who want out of the classroom and the utter distrust of teachers who cannot/will not replicate lessons by…

The past ten years of teaching has been pretty bad for my mental health. The past two years even worse, as

1 the control freaks lost control but pretended they hadn't and

2 the untalented managerial types practised -insisted upon- their fantasy of education
by tick box melded with a grafting on of some sort of torturous private sector board meeting style timetable and constant interview /crit thing that exists nowhere else other than an unimaginative public sector.

Education, creativity and health and well being of all
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You can make a difference. Here's five practical ways you can help #refugees and people seeking asylum - which will you pick?

Sign up to #MilesForRefugees and walk, run or cycle to raise money for anyone forced to flee their home:… | #EveryRefugeeMatters
Sign up to #MilesForRefugees this June!

Run, walk, cycle whilst raising money for our vital #refugee services.

Listen, learn, and amplify.

You can do this by hearing people's first-hand stories in the We are VOICES #podcast! @VOICESNetworkUK

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Hey English teacher friends! This year in Creative Writing, I started a daily sentence study warm-up that I called Word Lab. It was the most beneficial 10 minutes of our class, hands down, and I want to share all of the resources I created with you! [thread!]
I curated a list of 50 sentences from a wide range of genres, passages that would get students thinking about style & craft & grammatical moves in authentic ways.
We followed three simple steps: [1] transcribe the passage in their digital notebooks; [2] analyze the techniques they noticed; and [3] imitate those techniques in their own original sentences (& of course, share!)
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Cedar the highland surveys her kingdom.
She & Willow are just beside the main Topsy #farmyard.
We're working on building a nice platform/railing/deck for our visitors to say hi
Right now the viewing area is a piece of salvaged plywood.
Topsy is leveling up.
But, leveling up...1/5
in a way that feels right for us.
Each new click of the gear gets us closer to the place where we would like to be.
What does that look like?
It looks like the #animals getting the best possible care, all of the time, & not having to factor in what a vet costs or how much a...2/5
particular medicine costs.
The Topsy staff always has enough human resources to mostly work on projects they want to work on most of the time.
It looks like more #rewilding.
It looks like having #SallysGarden as a #teaching, #workshop space.
It looks like the buildings...3/5
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A quick introduction: I used to be a physicist, which is where I learnt coding.

As a university academic, coding and teaching were both things I enjoyed.

#coding #python
I always felt that explaining abstract and complex concepts in an accessible way was something I'm good at.

My undergrad students agreed…

And now, so do my coding students, young and, er, not so young…

#teaching #learning
Now I spend my time:
—> running @codetoday_
—> teaching coding to kids & adults
—> writing articles and books on #coding and #Python
—> creating and running Python courses and workshops (coming soon…)

You can read my articles on:
º @realpython
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Intro to Comics, student visual analyses interlude. Three on pages from From Hell by Alan Moore & Eddie Campbell (@ecampbelldammit). #comics #teaching
@ecampbelldammit Three on pages from Sabrina by Nick Drnaso. #comics #teaching
@ecampbelldammit Three on Alien: the Illustrated Story by Archie Goodwin and Walter Simonson (@WalterSimonson). #comics #teaching
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PEOPLE OF SPACE! I’m super excited to be hosting this week! We’ll be covering a bunch of topics that are near and dear to me including #space (obviously), astronomy, supernovae, radio astronomy, science communication, and MORE
#science #scicomm #spacetwitter #intro #Thread
But who is this random dude yelling at us about space?
Well the short version is that I’m a physicist who finished high school with every intention of becoming a lawyer - pictured is 19yo me not caring about science
#accidentalscientist #accidentalphysicist #throwback #SPACE 10 years ago before I had considered a career in science - I
For a slightly longer version you can check out this #thread I did on my @funfactscience account recently to reintroduce myself to #spacefam and any newcomers to my page
#introductions #spacetwitter #space
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Fort- & Weiterbildung geht weit über die jährliche Planung von 12 Monatsfortbildungen, präsentiert in einem Hochglanz-Flyer, hinaus.

Und da dieses Thema für jede|n wichtig ist, durfte ich einen Vortrag hierzu halten.

Keypoints hier für euch zusammengefasst, ein Thread:

1. Fortbildung ist kein Selbstzweck. Mitarbeitende spüren, wenn Fortbildungen nur angeboten werden, um einer Leitungspflicht nachzukommen, oder ob die Fortbildung angeboten wird, weil die Weiterentwicklung der Menschen -& in der Gesamtheit d. Abteilung- am Herzen liegt.

Damit Fortbildungen nicht einfach zusammenhanglos im Raum stehen, ist es sinnvoll, die Inhalte an die Ziele der Gesamtabteilung zu knüpfen. Die transparente Darstellung d. Jahresziele & verknüpften Fortbildungsinhalte zeigen den Sinn & geben d. Fortbildung damit Gewicht.
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Come be my colleague!

@Uni_Newcastle #EarthScience is hiring!

We have three, ongoing Level B roles open today:
1. #Coastal & #Ocean #Geoscience
2. #SpatialInformationScience (#GIS)
3. #Hydrogeology

Applications due 8 Nov.

#AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter [🧵1/5]
All three roles are mixed #teaching-#research roles based at Callaghan Campus in #Newcastle.

I'd be happy to chat to anyone who's interested about what it's like to work at UON/live in Newcastle or feel free to ask questions here.

Please share far and wide!
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As in all fields in the digital age, the new trends have emerged in the field of education. Turkish Maarif Foundation follows the new trends very closely to provide better education, as can be seen from the title chosen by the foundation for #IstanbulEducationSummit.
#EduTrends Image
In this thread, 5 methods will be shared to emphasise and explain new #trends in language #education.
#Flipped learning, which was developed to carry the #learning environment out of the classroom through technology and to transfer the practice phase given as homework into the classroom, is improving as an efficient method in language teaching. Image
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Good Morning!

So I have A very special reQuest, I Am asking ANY & ALL artists out there to do me A HUGE favor ..

I don't ever ask for much so I'm in hopes someone will really take this seriously & really put

The Man Comes Around via @YouTube
their heart & soul into what I Am asking..

What I Am asking is, would it be possible if someone could take the song above & put A little TWIST to it?
What do I mean by this? Let me explain. This thread may bay A little long, so I do hope ANY & ALL artists out there have the
So what I mean by this is, 'When the Woman comes around' ..
One of THE MOST IMPORTANT things in life that God has taught is HOW to fall back in LOVE with LIFE again & fall back in love with YOURSELF again. So many songs were written about what God had to do
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Today I'm going to #LiveTweet my reading of "Anti-racism and Universal Design for Learning (building expressways to success)" by @FritzTesha

This book covers two very important topics all teachers should choose to bring into their classroom.

#EdChat #LitChat #UDL #Teaching Image
xi - oppressive systems of white supremacy are built into our school systems, which disadvantage the abilities for black students to learn and express themselves.
x - black students are asked to conform and comply by adhering to White standards of expression, identity, and beauty.

These systems prevent students from feeling safe and must be disrupted.
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Stroke outcome #prognostication

☝️#Stroke clinicians are routinely asked by patients and families regarding prognosis.
🧠The cognitive process underlying prognostication is #complex, poorly understood, and sometime #biased by personal experiences Image

#Fact: Clinicians, even those with expertise in stroke, perform poorly in predicting clinical outcomes
In this case-based study, overall accuracy for predicting death or disability at discharge was <20%😩
#JURaSSIC… Image

☝️Several prognostic #models have been developed to aid prognostication after ischemic stroke
These models #outperform clinician #judgment in predicting stroke outcomes
@GeorgeNtaios Image
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1/ If you're interested in teaching What Happened Was: next fall in a creative writing or gender studies class, DM me. I have lesson plans on my website & am happy to do class visits at no charge if you're teaching the book. #poetry #teaching
2/ It's time for fall book orders. Here's a sample from What Happened Was: up at @WhaleRoadReview, in case this chapbook might work for your creative writing or gender studies class. DM me or @harbor_review to request a copy to review for teaching.
3/ Here's what What Happened Was: is about. Written in the wake of Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony in the Supreme Court confirmation hearing and steeped in the memory of Anita Hill’s testimony thirty years ago, What Happened Was: explores the cumulative effect
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And so Day 3 of my story of God at work in my life as part of #OfGodAndMe #ThisNunsStory series. Yesterday mention of the book, The Silver Sword seems to have struck a chord with many so perhaps its not out of place to mention that today 7th April is #Worldhealthday 1/20
Ian Serraillier ended his talks by showing this photo with the words, ‘No child should ever again have that expression on his face’. My hope this the UK as host of the upcoming #G7 summit will prioritise Universal health care for all. #UCH 2/20
So back to my story. Living at home again and my dream of religious life gone out the window I applied and got a place for September at Brighton College of Education to do a cert ed in biological science & primary education 3/20
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/02/2021…
Linguistic tricks to grab your online audience’s attention…

#linguistics #AudienceAttention #engagement
Mistrust of the CBO is unfortunately a growing bipartisan avocation…

#CongressionalBudgetOffice #data #trust #reports #politics
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Mega-thread 1/?
Here is a list of publishers of books, including fiction and non-fiction, relevant for Librarians and teachers across primary and secondary. I'm including the publisher name, along with their website so that you can take a look at/download their catalogues ...
... and sign up for newsletters, along with the twitter handles where available so that you can follow them too. I've included as many of the major publishers as I can think of, along with a pretty good list of smaller and diverse presses. While mainly ...
... focussing on the UK market, there are some international publishers too. It will be by no means comprehensive, but may be a good place to begin discovering new texts and resources for your classroom, your library, and to inspire young people. Feel free to add any ...
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JohnBrady @smithcollege, is a pedagogical master! He just has finished his free and amazing online #petrology #teaching tool! GREAT online #lecture material for #geographyteacher #geology #MetamorphicGeology and many more

@SchornSimon @GeodynamicsG @EGU_GD @UniGraz @ETH_ERDW
Check your "Jiscmail" inboxes! I think you might be interested in some of the online teaching tools John Brady provides!
@KeepItRheol @KeelePetrology @ign_petrology @petrochronics @PetroFactory @petrology @petrologyslides @petrologychonn
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Here is a university road map on how the strengths of conventional, face-to-face teaching and online T&L can be optimally used to address today’s lecture room challenges.

I am not an instructional designer, but I have been teaching online internationally for over 10 years (2)
In the last 2+ years, I taught hybrid & online undergraduate courses at the University of Maryland Global Campus, among the largest top-20 online colleges in the USA.

UMGC has received numerous awards for its innovations: and (3)
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Getting students to turn their cameras on: a thread.

I'm not the most experienced uni teacher, but I've been thinking about this recently during teaching training and wanted to share some tips from what I've figured out & what's worked for me /1

#phdchat #ecrchat #teaching
First: to explain why the tips work, I want to cover some common reasons I've gleaned from talking to students & observing behaviour. The most important thing to note here is that, mostly, IT'S NOT DONE IN BAD FAITH. This doesn't have to be a battle with students! /2
1) Many students are unclear/anxious about what is 'appropriate' for dress and background. Many do not have access to private spaces other than their bedrooms, or only have access to their bedrooms. They are worried it is inappropriate to have visible:
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Why I love learning.
Personal reflections from an #ActuallyAutistic perspective.
I realised I loved learning at nursery school. I pressed my painted palms onto sugar paper and slid smooth wooden beads on an abacus. I sat on a vintage tractor in the grounds and marvelled at its mechanics. To learn was to wonder.
I loved the fabric of the building. A small human sized door set in a large wooden gate. My coat peg with its sunflower motif. The canvas and metal camp beds we slept on after lunch. Collaborating with my cousin David, who helped do up my buttons, while I tied his shoe laces.
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[DAY 23/24]
#ChristmasIsComing 🎄

We are coming to the end of our #advent calendar! Still more space for #fun and #creative resources to spend a nice #Christmas moment with your family and #kids?


#STEAM #creativity #education #programming4kids Image
Get some inspiration for #festive #programming activities around #Christmas


Discover #Christmas #teaching resources and ideas to be performed at #home around the table after a huge Christmas dinner!



Thanks @STEMLearningUK 🙏
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