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30 Sep
Its the final week of Julian Assange's extradition trial at the Old Bailey. I am reporting on proceedings through the court video link for @ComputerWeekly. I will report updates here in between taking notes. #Assange
@ComputerWeekly Here is a report from yesterday's hearing which covered conditions in US prisions

@ComputerWeekly Witness statements were read out in court. Patrick Cockburn, Middle East Correspondent for the Independent, Stefania Maurizi, Italian investigative reporter, Guy Goodwin-Gill, former legal adviser to the UN High Commission for Refugees, and US lawyer Robert J Boyle. #Assange
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29 Sep
Judge grants anonymity of the two witnesses. The names will be disclosed to a confidentiality ring, including a named CPS official, an FBI agent, and names counsel for due diligence.#Assange
Witness 2 approached the law firm of Baltasar Garzón in Madrid requesting anonymity and expressed fears of serious repercussions, according to Summers. #Assange
Later Witness 1 was introduced to the law firm. Both witnesses made a statement anonymously to notary on the basis that they and their families were at risk. #Assange
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29 Sep
Claire Dobbin for prosecution begins cross examination
Summers for the defence makes an application to grant anonymity to two witnesses to give evidence concerning UC Global, the company which had the contract to provide security services at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London when Assange was there. #Assange
Witness 1 and Witness 2 have been designated as protected witnesses in a case being investigated by a Spanish court #Assange
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29 Sep
Lindsay Lewis, US lawyer who represented Abu Hamza al-Masri is giving evidence. #Assange
She said that US gave assurances to English courts that Hamza would not held at the ADX (SuperMax) prison Colerado during his extradition aside from a short period of time. #Assange
Lewis said the assurances were not honoured. Hamza was subject to Special Administrative Measures (SAMS) two weeks after his arrival in US. Hamza has been held in ADX Colorado for the past 5 years. #Assange
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29 Sep
I have joined the court video stream for day 16 of witness evidence in Julian Assange's extradition. Witnesses will be giving evidence until the end of the week. I will give updates in this thread in between taking notes. @ComputerWeekly #Assange
@ComputerWeekly Former US prison warden Maureen Baird is to give evidence for the defence shortly #Assange
@ComputerWeekly Yesterday the court heard evidence that contrary to assertions by US prosecutors, Assange would be held in solitary confinement in the US bit.ly/3jbXeoI #Assange
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28 Sep
Lewis asked Ellis a series of questions about state and federal inspections on the Alexandria (ADX) jail, which Ellis had no personal knowledge about #Assange
Lewis said that during the last inspection period which began August 2017 the inspection found there had been no complete suicides. Ellis said that Alexandria had a good record when it came to completed suicides. #Assange
Ellis said there was not difference between federal and state prisoners when it came to came to access to education or recreation programmes. If prisoners are under administrative segregation, they cannot take part in programmes with other prisoners. #Assange
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28 Sep
I am joining the court video feed for week 4, the final week of the extradition hearings at the Old Bailey against Julian Assange #Assange
I will post updates here in between taking notes #Assange
A report from evidence on Friday.:Forensic expert, Patrick Eller, questions US claims that Julian Assange conspired to crack military password.

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24 Sep
Report: ‘Not unjust’ to extradite WilkiLeaks founder Julian Assange, court hears bit.ly/3mRCK79 via @ComputerWeekly #Assange #AssangeTrial
@ComputerWeekly It is day 14 of court hearings into Julian Assange's extradition at the Old Bailey. The court is about to start shortly #Assange
@ComputerWeekly Report on yesterday's court hearings: computerweekly.com/news/252489587…
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24 Sep
It is day 13 of legal the extradition hearing against Julian Assange at the Old Bailey. Today we expect to hear medical experts for the prosecution. ##Assange
Here is a recap of the evidence given my medical experts for the defence. Assange's defence team will rely on the legal precedents set by Lauri Love and Gary McKinnon to argue against extradition. bit.ly/3mLuzJp @ComputerWeekly #Assange #AssangeTrial
@ComputerWeekly This is a useful legal analysis of the precedent set by Lauri Love in his extradition case. The High Court found that given Love's diagnosed mental health conditions it would be oppressive to extradite him to a US prison. bit.ly/3mMAL3V
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23 Sep
It is day 12 of Julian Assange's extradition hearing, taking place at the Old Bailey. I am reporting for @ComputerWeekly, through a remote dial-in to the court. #Assange
@ComputerWeekly Dr Quinton Deely NHS Consultant Psychiatrist specializing in autism, ADHD and mental health is giving evidence #Assange
@ComputerWeekly Deely is giving evidence that there is a high risk of suicide if #Assange is extradited in the light of his diagnosis.
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21 Sep
The court is about to start its tenth day of hearings into Julian Assange. I am joining by remote video link for @ComputerWeekly. I will post updates here during the day between taking notes. #Assange
@ComputerWeekly Professor Christian Grothoff is about to give evidence, a computer security specialist #Assange
@ComputerWeekly WikiLeaks was attacked by denial of service attacks from November 2010.
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18 Sep
Good morning. Its Day 9 of the Old Bailey of the extradition hearings against Julian Assange.Westminster Magistrate's court is borrowing space in the Central Criminal Court for this hearing because of Covid-19 restictions #Assange
I will post updates in this thread in between taking notes. #Assange @ComputerWeekly
@ComputerWeekly New Zealand investigative Journalist Nicky Hager is giving evidence. #Assnage
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16 Sep
Julian Assange held back 15,000 documents to prevent harm to US government bit.ly/33EboZ8 via @ComputerWeekly #Assange
@ComputerWeekly Its day eight of proceedings in the Old Bailey of Julian Assange's extradtion. The hearing is about to start. I will post updates here in between taking notes. #Assange @ComputerWeekly
@ComputerWeekly Professor John Sloboda is giving evidence #Assange
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16 Sep
This is day 7 of court hearings against Julian Assange held in the Old Bailey. I will give updates as the case progresses. #Assange @ComputerWeekly
@ComputerWeekly Julian Assange is in court. John Goetz, senior editor of investigations as NDR is giving evidence #Assange
@ComputerWeekly The court takes a ten minute break
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15 Sep
Back in court to hear evidence from witness Paul Dunkin in #Assange extradition at Old Bailey.
Durkin is a US defence attorney who has practiced for 47 years. #Assange
He said that there are major limitations on the access by defence lawyers to government documents in national security cases #Assange
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14 Sep
It is day 5 of extradition proceedings against Julian Assange in the Old Bailey. The hearing will start shortly. I will file updates here in between taking notes #Assange @ComputerWeekly
@ComputerWeekly There are 9 people waiting in the court room.
@ComputerWeekly Judge Vanessa Baraitser has arrived #Assage @ComputerWeekly
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10 Sep
The fourth day of the extradition hearing of Julian Assange at the Old Bailey is due to start today. The court hearing is expected to start at around 10.30 am #Assange
I will post updates here. US lawyer Eric Lewis is due to give evidence for the entire day. You can find more about Eric Lewis here bit.ly/3ig4DTH
The proceedings have been delayed because of an incident with Covid-!9. More to follow. #Assange @ComputerWeekly
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9 Sep
Day 3 of Julian Assange's extradition hearing at the Old Bailey is about to start at 10:30 am #Assange @ComputerWeekly
I will post updates in this thread as much as I can in between taking notes.
Yesterday Clifford Stafford Smith, founder of legal support organisation Reprieve gave evidence on the importance of WikiLeaks in exposing war crimes. #Assange @ComputerWeekly
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8 Sep
Day 2 of Julian Assange's extradition hearing at Court 10 of the Old Bailey. The Defence team has requested half an hour to take instructions from Julian Assange. The case is due to start now at 10:30 #Assange
Witnesses due to appear today include the New Zealand investigative journalist Nicky Hager bit.ly/2FcqsVB and @DanielEllsberg the Pentagon Papers whistleblower. #Assange
Professor Mark Feldstein bit.ly/329PWf8, journalism historian from the University of Maryland, is also expected to continue giving evidence today from the US, following technical difficulties yesterday.
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7 Sep
The Court hearing into Julian Assange's extradition is due to start this morning. We are waiting for the judge to arrive. Hearing expected to last at least 3 weeks #Assange #Wikileaks
The number of places available to reporters in the court was highly restricted due to Covid-19. I am dialing to a video stream of the proceedings.
There are currently around 10 people in the Old Bailey court waiting for procedures to start. I understand that many of the defence team lawyers are in a separate annex participating by video stream. #Assange #Wikileaks
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11 Aug
Its deja vu all over again. EU and US are holding talks to create Privacy Shield II, after the European Court of Justice found Privacy Shield I unlawful. Statement here bit.ly/3fIw3zf. Report on CJEU decision here bit.ly/3iq58tK# Privacy Shield @ComputerWeekly
EU and US start discussions on 'enhanced' Privacy Shield data sharing agreement bit.ly/33PEB5l via @ComputerWeekly #PrivacyShield #surveillance @maxschrems
The former US ambassador Anthony Garner has made some extraordinary claims about @maxschrems in a personal tweet. It reflects wider US disquiet over the CJEU decision to strike out Privacy Shield and question US surveillance laws. #PrivacyShield #surveillance @maxschrems
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