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Democracy is at stake in the midterms. The media must convey that.

We journalists have to try harder and find new ways to convey to voters how badly things could turn out

Good article about journalistic responsibility by @Sulliview…
"thanks to a paranoid, delusional and potentially violent new strain in our nation’s politics, Americans may not be able to count on future elections being conducted fairly — or the results of fair elections being accepted."

#DemocracyInDanger… Image
"most of the Republican Party publicly touts the LIE that Donald Trump won the 2020 election but that the vote was rigged and victory stolen from him.

The Republican elected officials who won’t back Trump are being driven out of office by his faithful."… Image
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"Current events in Sri Lanka make this something that is being watched with hope in your hearts...
It is never too late for justice"
- Leon Willems
#lka #SriLanka #news #media #journalism #JournalismIsNotACrime #DontKillTheMessenger
"It is our collective duty to demand justice for journalist murders
We need a safer world for the truth"
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Today in @DisInfoChron, journalist @thackerpd takes out after a piece by @paldhous in @BuzzFeed about the role played by a small, little-known animal rights group in the debate over Covid-19 origins.…
The debate centers on two main competing scenarios: That SARS-CoV-2 transferred to humans from an animal host, or that it leaked from a lab, specifically the Wuhan Inst of Virology, and then infected humans. The lab-leak hypothesis encompasses both genetically…
Engineered viruses and unaltered viruses that may have been cultured in the lab. Although Thacker is pretty harsh, I have to agree that Aldhous and BuzzFeed have pretty much manufactured a scenario that is not accurate: The idea that the lab-leak hypothesis has become…
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Our paper now posted as a pre-print:…

'Visual portrayals of fun in the sun misrepresent heatwave risks in European newspapers'

Co-authors: @sylviahayes98 @nadinestrauss @DoutreixN @lkathe @JoshEttinger Ned Westwood @JamesPainter61

A summary 🧵:
1/10 Image
#heatwave communication is an important part of effective adaptation. News media play a key role in shaping how we think and feel.

Whilst there's ++ research on textual media representations, there's far less on visuals. But visuals play a key role in communication!

We examined media coverage (text and visual) from the UK, Netherlands, France and Germany during summer 2019. Importantly, this was for news that mentioned BOTH keywords #heatwave and #ClimateChange.

Our detailed codebook and coder instructions are available in Supp Info

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1 Happy May Day! Did you know most photojournalism labour in Canada is freelance? It’s incredibly precarious work that’s in danger of vanishing. Imagine what your news would look like without photojournalists 🧵 #DemocracyUnseen #DemocracyUnderThreat
2 We will be sharing redacted front pages here, to help visualize what we would be missing without photojournalists. This affects communities of all sizes, please share your own if we missed your local outlet.
3 Precarious work means no security, no labour protections, unsustainable rates &, until UPOC, no collective action #DemocracyUnseen:
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a large portion of reporting is just trying to get contact info, there are databases, but they are hit or miss,
TBF with the media's record I understand why people abhor all journos everywhere, but honestly, there are a lot of us that do really want to do the right thing with our stories & sources

I've screwed up & made mistakes,
but never intentionally & I don't plan to change that
there is a sort of wilful ignorance that's popular right now,

you see it in pieces where they talk about a story but don't link to it

Well that extends to some writers as well, thinking that audiences couldn't handle the full context lest it undermine their argument
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3 things #journalism #startups need to continuously innovate are: content, distribution and revenue strategies.


It’s not enough to want to do everything, it’s how you do one well that matters for impact and scale.
Plus, #DIY articles are not enough to start your journalism business, #feasibilitystudy is key 🔑.

e.g. Who are the 1-20 clients or customers that would pay $100k annually to run my business if my running cost is $3-6 monthly?

Do I have their contacts & edge over competition?
When you get the 100k in first 2 years, don’t jump. Measure!

Measure impact of one product before you jump on the other… what have you learned from one that you’re taking to the other?
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The Crimes of Julian Assange:🧵

Publishing a US Army manual on "standard operating procedures" for Guantanamo Bay, showing a policy of hiding some prisoners from Red Cross inspectors & holding new prisoners in isolation for 2 weeks to make them more "compliant" for interrogators
The Crimes of Julian Assange: 2/

Publishing Collateral Murder: the infamous video footage from a 2007 U.S. Apache helicopter attack in Baghdad, Iraq, that killed at least 9 men, incl. a Reuters news photographer and his driver, and wounding 2 children.
The Crimes of Julian Assange: 3/

Publishing more than 90,000 documents related to Afghanistan and more than 400,000 documents from the war in Iraq. Documenting how the US had underreported civilian deaths by at least 15000.

#WikiLeaks #FreePress #assangecase
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Dear Media. PLEASE HELP. Could you PLEASE stop following the PM around and do these things 10 things instead because IT IS IN THE PUBLIC’S INTEREST to know how to use the most powerful tool they have in their hands in a democracy?
1.Ask scientists working on the Reef to recount their observations of bleaching. 2. Talk to someone unable to seek vital med treatment cos it’s been cut from Medicare 3. Talk to a relative of someone who has just passed from COVID. 4. Talk to a bushfire survivor to ask if
they’ve received govt assistance 5. Talk to ppl counting Koala populations and ask what is killing them 6. Talk to someone who is working 4 jobs without sick leave, parental leave or any job security. 7. Talk to a woman in her 50s living in her car. 8. Talk to the head of a
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🧵Had the pleasure of attending a talk by the inimitable @edyong209 at @UBCJournalism @ubcSPPGA. He’s a superb journalist and just as good a speaker. His insights about #journalism, science and pandemics are remarkable too. #PandemicJournalism /1
Many of our standard modes of operation, like reporting today's news without context, have failed us during the pandemic. "Sense-making is important," said @edyong209. "It's not just about telling people what happened, it's helping them understand." #PandemicJournalism /2
We make the mistake of treating some doctors as all-knowing. "Expertise is very deep and narrow. For our work to deep and broad we need to speak to many people with different expertise" - clinicians, social scientists, epidemiologists, nurses, patients... #PandemicJournalism /3
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For @townhallcom ✍️

Dear Elon Musk, For the Sake of Freedom of Speech in the Public Town Square, buy Twitter ASAP!💰🐦… @elonmusk #elonmusk #ElonMuskBuyTwitter #ElonMusktwitter #musk #elon @SophiaNarwitz @ItalianxComedy @chadfelixg @BlueBoxDave
yes i know the title is a mouthful lol
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"The Viral Delusion: The Tragic Pseudoscience of SARS-CoV-2 and the Madness of Modern Virology (1 of 5) - Behin"

#pandemic #pfizer #pfizerdocuments #mrna #vaccine #covid19 #virologists
How can anyone trust the science, if the science cannot be questioned?

Censored Science:
#Fauci #Evil #Science #Censorship #NIH #Pfizer #Polio #Covid #AIDS #VAED #BigPharma #Microbiology #Biology #MSM #Journalism
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Worldwide, journalists are being killed, harassed, and imprisoned, as public opinion about #journalism globally is at an all-time low. At 11 am PST we'll discuss this with @pressfreedom, @RicardoTrotti, Slavic Sacramento and @goldkorn. Join via FB:
Welcome to today's briefing, "#Journalists in the Crosshairs: The War on Information." You can follow the conversation here @EthnicMediaSvc and via FB Live:
"In the 50 years I have been working in this field, it feels like a very dangerous time to be a #journalist," says EMS Director Sandy Close. #PressFreedom
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"They [journalists] are supposed to invoke neither fear nor favor. How do they navigate the sticky wicket of a two-party system in which only one party seems to value the truth?"

"this coming election will include many state-level positions, and that many of those candidates are running on the Big Lie.
Hard to treat a person as a normal candidate when one of his main positions is undermining democracy."

#journalism… Image
“The mainstream press (the reality-based press, to distinguish them from the right-wing press) should focus on what's good for citizens and not the horse race aspect of the midterms, and they should call out lies clearly.”

#journalism… Image
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#Satellite investigations around #Ukraine crisis has many facets, opportunities & problems.
Short thread on potential for more research & findings
#OSINT, #Intelligence, #Ukraine️
1) Most obvious: Showing the sheer extent of destruction from high-res satellite images. Like here (my video eval video) on a destroyed warehouse in Stoyanka, Kyiv region. Maxar, March 10.
2) Satellite images can also help to dismiss #disinformation. Fake posts claimed that the warehouse in Stoyanka exploded/burned up in 2015. That's impossible. We see it untouched on dated images inf 2019 & April 2020 on Google Earth
Good tool:
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ENOUGH: I'm talking to many journalists who are tired of being threatened, doxxed, intimidated, and in some cases, violently assaulted by aggressive activists or dare I say it, "Antifa." But journos like me and @MrAndyNgo should not have to walk alone.…
It’s time for journalists and other news outlets to make a decision. Either we sit passively on the sidelines, or we publicly condemn the threats and violence. I am calling on industry friends like @rcfp @aaja @spj_tweets @pressfreedom @uspresstracker @FTVLive to do the same.
With the warmer months ahead of us in Seattle, we are going to see more protests. Most of it will be peaceful. But when certain actors choose to block our cameras with umbrellas, physically assault us, and prevent us from shining a light on the truth, that’s a problem. 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 Image
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Kicking off our seminar with @christogrozev from @bellingcat on using open source intelligence to cover the war in 🇺🇦. We'll be live-tweeting highlights of the event in this thread #RISJSeminars

💬 Automated transcript…
📺 Watch…
👉 On an initial tip

"In Dec 2021 a whistleblower told us that war with Ukraine was on the agenda, that Putin had told a small circle he was going to start a war and was considering using tactical nuclear weapons," says @christogrozev from @bellingcat…
💣 On documenting war crimes

"As the war began, we started trying to archive any evidence of war crimes. That's what we do. A lot of this work is invisible. A lot of this work will end up in courts in the future," says @christogrozev from @bellingcat…
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#VladimirPutin / #Putin

Vision, politics and strategy for a better world

Listen first, then judge ⬇️

#journalism =

long thread ⬇️⬆️
Oscar®-winning filmmaker #OliverStone unprecedented access to the Russian president #VladimirPutin in 12 interviews over 2 years, no topic off-limits.




Watch #Ukraine on Fire:
The Real Story

Full Documentary by #OliverStone (Original English version)…

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THANK YOU @ChuckGrassley.

STEM OPT is an ILLEGALLY created program that should not be expanded by every admin at the whim of the cheap labor lobby.

If Congress wanted to give out 200K guestworker visas annually, they would have passed a law!…
@ChuckGrassley #Business and #journalism are unequivocally not "STEM" fields. Berkeley and NYU are simply desperate for international students to pay inflated tuition.
@ChuckGrassley There is no STEM worker shortage in these fields! BLS doesn't even keep statistics on the number of "anthrozoology" jobs. The only reason to classify them as STEM is to justify importing more international students for greedy universities.
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Today is my #Twitterversary -- 11 years. So I wanted to begin by thanking my followers, all 130,000+. Image
When I started the @picardonhealth account a decade ago, I decided it would be a curated feed, where I shared health stories from a variety of sources -- a mini online newspaper where all the stories are about health issues, running or #journalism. (Things that interest me.) /2 Image
A lot has changed on Twitter -- and in the world -- in the past decade. There's a lot of anger out there, and more so during the pandemic. The vitriol on Twitter – ranging from all-too-casual insults like “Nazi” and “pedophile,” through to death threats – has become pervasive. /3 Image
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#OSINT gets more important in #journalism. 📈

Today I gave a lecture to 🇧🇪 teachers in journalism about the force of online investigations. 🔎💪

Some inspiration. 👇

#HowToOSINT?🧐 1/5
This interactive map 🗺️ about Russian military around Ukraine by @TextyOrgUa shows how #OSINT today has the power of military intelligence with satellites 🛰️ in the past. 2/5…
@TextyOrgUa This amazing piece by @FoekePostma from @bellingcat is a good example of an #OSINT driven investigation about 🇺🇸 nuclear "secrets" in Europe.

Every journalist wants a scoop like this. 3/5…
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The largest #comics social media page on the net,

r/comics on Reddit banned @BloodyRedBaron & his new pro-cop superhero comic for racism & misinformation,

They also banned the @FDRLST citing my article for Baron's ban

Hat tip to @BleedingFool & @BoundingComics
In addition, Facebook has made it all but impossible for Baron & others for ads on Facebook for the Thin Blue Line @Indiegogo campaign,

Blocking ads under the "sensitive social issues that could influence public opinion" rubric
#comics #nerd #kickstarter #politics #conservatives
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A little journalism lesson:

The problem in journalism is that unless your screw-up gets big, or your org forces you to face it

U can basically ignore requests to fix it or comment,
It didn't use to be that way, but that's how the news media works these days
But just cuz the industry is in a bit of a moment when it comes to rectifying bad reporting,

Be a good journalist cuz its the right thing to do not cuz U will get in trouble #journalism #news #writing
As a journalist you will inevitably screw up something, make a mistake, it happens

the right thing to do is fix it, acknowledge it & move on

Learn from your mistake & do better next time
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How 1 brave esports host sacrificed her multi-million dollar network, career & the careers of her associates to complain about imaginary misogyny🔦

OH.....& how she mentioned G4 hosts don't play the games they have to review😬 #gaming #G4TV #gamers
Gaming world spiraled into outrage earlier this month when Indiana @Froskurinn Black, host of Comcasts new gaming network @G4TV lectured viewers on finding her less “bangable” than previous hosts

Lecture so shrill & destructive,
Must be seen to be believed👀
@FDRLST #frosk #rant
Outburst racked up millions of views across social media & gaming outlets covering the story

Old fans of G4, unaware the network had relaunched, were blasted w/ the decadent state of their old favs 😵‍💫
#gaming #g4tv #feminsim #gamers #business #economics #badadvice #tuesdayvibe
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