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Violence against women and sex discrimination still exist. Women need reserved places, separate spaces and distinct services. Join our campaign to keep them.
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11 Dec 20
We have posted a short statement about EHRC advice to Scottish government and others and the legal opinion on this advice received by WPUK. womansplaceuk.org/2020/12/11/ehr…
The @EHRC (Equality and Human Rights Commission) misrepresents the law on collecting sex data in its statement to the @scotgov Scottish Government which advises that requesting, gathering and collating data on individuals’ biological sex could be in breach of the law.
The @ONS Office for National Statistics has levelled a similar line of argumentation regarding the collection of data on biological sex in the 2021 census.
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2 Dec 20
Some commentators are saying the #KeiraBell judgment undermines Gillick. They're wrong. See this blog by @TybilAlper womansplaceuk.org/2020/11/29/wom… #IStandWithKeiraBell
“Some commentary on the case has argued that a win for Bell presents a risk to Gillick competence, which governs circumstances in which children have capacity to consent to medical treatment & to Fraser guidelines, which set out criteria for contraceptive advice & prescribing.”
“The argument before the court, however, is much narrower. It concerns whether informed consent can ever be gained given the specific nature of the treatment:
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2 Dec 20
Our statement in relation to the P*nk News report on the donation to #WPUK from #Lush womansplaceuk.org/2020/12/02/wpu…
We will not respond to all the half-baked claims and insinuations masquerading as journalism in the PN piece. Many of the errors in the report could have been avoided by diligent journalistic research which it is not our job to provide. #Lush #WPUK #SexMatters
We are disappointed to see the same old canards about WPUK funding and our campaign regurgitated despite the fact that we have refuted them time and time again. We have recently published this WPUK MythBusters womansplaceuk.org/2020/11/28/wpu…
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2 Dec 20
From the start, WPUK has faced smears, slurs, lies intended to discredit us. Our rebuttal to Pink News on the subject of the Lush grant womansplaceuk.org/2020/12/02/wpu…
We will not respond to all the half-baked claims and insinuations masquerading as journalism. Many errors could be avoided by diligent journalistic research. However, there are some falsehoods which must be corrected and we do so in this rebuttal. womansplaceuk.org/2020/12/02/wpu…
WPUK welcomed the statement made by Lush on 30 November about its grant to our campaign and we share the concerns expressed in that statement about the toxicity of debate. We have been on the receiving end of that toxicity since our inception.
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29 Nov 20
“WPUK have managed to run a successful and growing campaign for women’s rights on a small budget sourced almost entirely from individual women and men who support us in what we do.
“We are determined to prove that a democracy works best when it is driven by its own people, not when it is in yoke to biased funders or dodgy donors.
“We are grateful to everyone who has supported our campaign either financially or with the volunteering of time and expertise.
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27 Oct 20
We are pleased to see that Edinburgh Labour Students have removed the statement they published yesterday which we believe defamed both our campaign and Ann Henderson.
We are disappointed that Edinburgh Labour Students have not responded to our email or our response or apologised for the false claims they have made about us.
We also note that the statement from 2018 which made the orginal defamatory allegations is still on the Edinburgh Labour Students Facebook page. This should be withdrawn as well.
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27 Oct 20
A reminder to Edinburgh, Cambridge, all other universities:HE providers - “freedom of speech in HE should be upheld at every opportunity & should only be limited where there are genuine safety concerns or it constitutes unlawful behaviour.' equalityhumanrights.com/en/our-work/ne…
Thank you to Northumbria University for hosting our meeting in May 2018: A Woman’s Place is Standing Her Ground.
Thank you to Oxford University for hosting our meeting in October 2019: A Woman’s Place is at the lectern
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27 Oct 20
Our response to the statement from Edinburgh Labour Students. We wrote last night to ask them to withdraw the statement. We have had no response. womansplaceuk.org/2020/10/26/edi…
Read our statement from October 2018 condemning an earlier attack on Ann Henderson womansplaceuk.org/free-speech-at…
“A stalwart of the labour movement, Ann has spent her whole adult life campaigning for equality and social justice. Repeated attempts to silence women who merely wish to debate the potential impact of a proposed change to the law are Orwellian...
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25 Oct 20
The story so far - 319,700 YouTube views, 40,000 Twitter followers, 10,000 Facebook followers, 26 meetings in 21 locations, 1 conference, 4 webinars, 0 meetings shut down. Thank you for your solidarity and support. #SexMatters Image
319,700 YouTube views - here is a link to our channel - youtube.com/channel/UCzFqs…
Here is a link to our most-watched film @michelemooreEd at over 36,000 views
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18 Oct 20
Just a few minutes to take your seats for our Webinar on Sex in the Census We will be tweeting at #WPUKCensus. .
Welcome. Event is chaired by @selina_todd who is introducing now #WPUKCensus
As an introduction @selina_todd explains how counting females shows how expectations change and how women and men experience life differently because of our sex. #WPUKCensus
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12 Oct 20
The treatment of Rosie Duffield MP is deplorable. We applaud her courage in speaking out. @UKLabour says it wants more light and less heat but its actions don’t support this claim. This is a thread of some of our attempts to get Labour to listen this year.
In February 2020, we published this post about the failure of @UKLabour to respond to our formal complaint about behaviour by Labour Party members at our unofficial fringe in Brighton. Six months later we have had no response
This is the letter one of our co-founders @ruthserwotka wrote to Lisa Nandy when she made false and damaging allegations about us on the Radio 4 Today programme. We have had no response.
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11 Oct 20
Here are links to our submissions to @UKLabour Policy forum 2020: Health and Social Care womansplaceuk.org/2020/07/02/202…
Here is our submission to @UKLabour policy forum 2020 for work, pensions and equality womansplaceuk.org/2020/07/02/202…
Here is our submission to @UKLabour policy forum 2020 on justice and home affairs womansplaceuk.org/2020/07/02/202…
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4 Oct 20
Some more links to great speeches from our public events. Here are some films from #WomensLib2020 conference held at UCL in February. Seems like a long time ago now but it was a great day. Thank you to everyone who took part and supported it.
Here is Pragna Patel @SBSisters on 50 Years of Women's Liberation #WomensLib2020 #SexMatters
Here is @MForstater We can speak up and we can be heard #WomensLib2020 #SexMatters
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1 Oct 20
We are being asked to link to some of the many films on our YouTube channel so we will try and do that over the next few days. To kick off here are the speeches from A Woman's Place is resolute which launched our New Year Resolutions in 2019 womansplaceuk.org/new-year-resol…
1. Women have the right to self-organise @ruthserwotka
2. The law must work for women @luluchops1
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30 Sep 20
Our experience around the GRA consultation made us realise the precarity of women's rights in the UK. That's why, in January 2019, we made the decision to expand our campaign beyond our original 5 demands. We made some New Year Resolutions womansplaceuk.org/new-year-resol…
These were our 5 New Year Resolutions:
1. Women have the right to self-organise
2. The law must work for women
3. And end to violence against women and girls
4. Nothing about us without us
5. Sex matters
In May, published our women's rights manifesto which was based on these 5 resolutions. You can read our full list of demands here womansplaceuk.org/wpuk-manifesto…
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28 Sep 20
We are delighted to be joint signatories of this weekend’s statement on Govt's responsibility to uphold sex-based rights with
@FiLiA_charity @fairplaywomen @Fem_Institute
@LabWomenDec @WepWomen
@CUPWomensPledge @WomensPledge
@BasedLd @WomenUnitingUK
“We welcome this week’s announcement by the Minister for Women and Equalities. We are pleased that she has struck a balance between improving the process for obtaining a Gender Recognition Certificate for trans people and restating the importance of women’s sex-based rights.”
"All of our campaigning has been clear that we want everyone to be able to live their life free from harassment or discrimination.”
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27 Sep 20
Very few women – or men – knew about plans to change the GRA until women started speaking up. These were plans which would have a direct impact on whole of society and yet women were criticised for wanting to make their views known. Our submission is here womansplaceuk.org/wpuk-submissio…
In the end thousands of people responded to the GRA consultation which meant these plans were better scrutinised than they might have been – despite some people wanting to stitch things up behind closed doors appglgbt.org/news/appg-lgbt… Image
Women need a seat at the table and have every right to expect this as default. We were pleased to see that @fairplaywomen were invited to attend the meeting on the census in June and that they queried why they were the only women's group attending. murrayblackburnmackenzie.org/2020/09/24/bac…
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26 Sep 20
When the government launched the public consultation on proposals to amend the GRA they stated: “We particularly want to hear from women’s groups who we know have expressed some concerns about the implications of our proposals.” assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/upl… Image
“...this consultation focuses on GRA; we are not proposing to amend Equality Act 2010 and protections contained within it. We do realise, however, that there are concerns about interactions between the two Acts & we want to use this consultation as a way of gathering these views" Image
Woman’s Place UK, along with several other groups and organisations, worked hard to make sure that women knew about this consultation and how to take part. For this, women were subject to abuse, threat and ostracization.
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23 Sep 20
A year ago we were finishing our unofficial fringe meeting during @UKLabour conference after two hours of a noisy, aggressive protest which caused alarm and distress to many. We have never received a response to our complaint womansplaceuk.org/2020/02/15/no-…
The aggression on display that night was whipped up by and supported by some staff and delegates to Labour Party conference. Over 75% of the attendees present inside the meeting were members or delegates to the Conference. And yet Labour has never responded to us.
A member of Labour staff who attended the meeting tweeted about the failure of protestors to adhere to @UKLabour principles or rules womansplaceuk.org/2019/09/28/lab…
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17 Sep 20
Welcome to everyone who has joined us for our webinar, A Woman's Place is in conversation: challenging men's violence against women. We will be using the hashtag #WPUKAgainstMVAWG
Introductions now being made by @K_IngalaSmith. She is joined by Joan Smith @polblonde, author of Misogynies, Pragna Patel founding member of Southall Black Sisters @SBSisters and Afsana Lachaux @afsanalachaux, activist winner of @EmmaHPrize
@K_IngalaSmith, in the chair, is CEO of @nia_endingVAWG and is a founder of @CountDeadWomen which has developed into @FemicideCensus #WPUKAgainstMVAWG
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13 Sep 20
Monitoring the social media accounts of people you disagree with; threatening livelihoods and reputations by making spurious complaints to employers and professional/political organisations isn't political activism. It's harassment and bullying. Targeting women? That’s misogyny.
WPUK is committed to fighting for women’s rights. We formed to ensure women’s voices were heard in the public consultation on the GRA. Since then we have expanded our aims and they are reflected in the following 5 resolutions. womansplaceuk.org/new-year-resol…
1. Women have a right to self-organise
2. The law must work for women
3. An end to violence against women
4. Nothing about us without us
5. Sex matters Image
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