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Alice Bondi, LWD Working Group, presents
"How 50 yrs of women's liberation led to Labour Women's Declaration" - short clip from our recent webinar.
More info here:

40 yrs ago this wk Alice was one of 11 women arrested for protesting at Bradford’s Odeon
about an offensive porn film.
In the wake of Peter Sutcliffe’s death Alice has written this account of her arrest and treatment..."The police persisted…
in asking us who our leader was, and got more and more annoyed as we first of all shrugged our shoulders then indulged in some banter between us about who might be a leader....the fact that we were a group that functioned perfectly well without a ‘leader’ seemed incomprehensible
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We look on with grave concern at the attempts to shut down liberal values such a free expression. It's a concern to us that the reputation of an important news outlet such as The Guardian has been diminished.

That it has become controversial to defend our rights in law that are predicated on the reality of biological sex only strengthens our resolve.

We believe that current ideas of gender identity are pseudoscientific and present a risk to people who are same-sex attracted.

We believe that there is a need to have a legitimate, respectful, and open discussion about our concerns.

This means that we all have to listen to each other and to expose ourselves to ideas and views that we don't agree with, and that may even make us feel uncomfortable.

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. @Ubisoft cancelling @helenlewis for wrongthink

Thank you @IanDunt for standing up.

So important that people stand up for their colleagues and their peers when the mob and cowardly organisations come for them.
Helen says she believes that "trans women are women"

But she also criticises self ID and defends single sex spaces - and speaks up strongly for the need to be able to talk about this, including the freedom of speech of those who disagree with her…
Helen's is a careful, moderate voice in all of this. Moderate enough to stay on the right side of @jolyonmaugham @samsmethers @fawcettsociety (... but will they stand up for her?)
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The story so far - 319,700 YouTube views, 40,000 Twitter followers, 10,000 Facebook followers, 26 meetings in 21 locations, 1 conference, 4 webinars, 0 meetings shut down. Thank you for your solidarity and support. #SexMatters Image
319,700 YouTube views - here is a link to our channel -…
Here is a link to our most-watched film @michelemooreEd at over 36,000 views
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No @ComdtAC - it doesn't show you as progressive.

It shows you don't think women's sex based rights matter and have signed up for genderist ideology without care. #SexMatters #NoRespectForWomen
"The RAF Gender Network orders state: “Total inclusivity is not negotiable. It is critical to team cohesion and operational success.

"All personnel are encouraged to ensure they address individuals in line with their chosen pronouns." >>>…
"The open and transparent sharing of chosen pronouns is encouraged for all workforce colleagues.

If a person’s chosen pronoun is not known, personnel should use a rank or grade instead."

"Encouraged" ie compelled speech in our armed forces. Shameful.
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Watch @UKLabour councillor @KevinPrice57 resign live at full Cambridge Council meeting
"Trans rights are human rights. Of course that is indisputable"
"The first three sentences of this motion will send a chill down the spines of the many women who believe
there is a conflict of rights and who want to be be able to discuss those in a calm and evidenced based way, as indeed was shown by World Rugby in its recent decision to exclude transgender women in those areas of the sport which it controls on the grounds of safety and fairness
for women...In 10 years I have never once voted against a Labour motion on this council, because I am on this council as a member of Labour Group. That is not a principle which I intend to break now....But there are also times when principle - or conscience if you prefer - must
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The principle of anti discrimination laws is that ppl shld not be treated differently because of a protected characteristic

Exceptions are put into the law in recognition that sometimes fair treatment means different. Eg to meet needs related to disability, pregnancy, sex etc
This relies on an objective reason (usually related to something physical) or may be to overcome disadvantage of a group
Exceptions are also put in in recognition of freedom of association and belief. People should not be discriminated because of religion, sex, ethnic origin etc.. but people should be able to chose form associations based on characteristics & practice their beliefs
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The treatment of Rosie Duffield MP is deplorable. We applaud her courage in speaking out. @UKLabour says it wants more light and less heat but its actions don’t support this claim. This is a thread of some of our attempts to get Labour to listen this year.
In February 2020, we published this post about the failure of @UKLabour to respond to our formal complaint about behaviour by Labour Party members at our unofficial fringe in Brighton. Six months later we have had no response…
This is the letter one of our co-founders @ruthserwotka wrote to Lisa Nandy when she made false and damaging allegations about us on the Radio 4 Today programme. We have had no response.…
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. @TheLawSociety got so excited doing a spring clean of the protected characteristics they put pregnancy and maternity in the bin

@MaternityAction @ehrc @PaolaUccellari #sexmatters
This is what they say .....…
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When the combined voice of @englishpen @ScottishPEN @pen_int come together to make a statement on freedom of expression and online harassment it should make a boom, not a whimper.

PEN's weak statement dropped like a tiny pebble barely leaving a ripple. How embarrassing.
@joglanville1 's excellent piece in the Bookseller on why all writers & publishers should speak out in support of JKRowling even if they don't agree with her, in order to resist censorship has had a bigger response

This is what PEN should have written

What is the point of PEN if it can't say something brave about freedom of expression and about the silencing of women (and men) who want to be able to say that #sexmatters ?…
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Some more links to great speeches from our public events. Here are some films from #WomensLib2020 conference held at UCL in February. Seems like a long time ago now but it was a great day. Thank you to everyone who took part and supported it.
Here is Pragna Patel @SBSisters on 50 Years of Women's Liberation #WomensLib2020 #SexMatters
Here is @MForstater We can speak up and we can be heard #WomensLib2020 #SexMatters
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Scottish Parliament debate earlier today on the Forensic Medical Services (Victims of Sexual Offences) Bill. Many thanks to @aewingmsp for emphasising a point made in our letter to the @SP_HealthSport Committee.

Video clip:…
Many MSPs today spoke of the importance to women who have been raped or sexually assaulted of being able to access a female doctor. @rapecrisisscot have repeatedly stressed how vital this is to survivors.
So we were very pleased that the @SP_HealthSport Committee recommended that the Bill be amended from a person being able to choose the "gender" of their medical examiner to being able to chose their "sex".
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Our experience around the GRA consultation made us realise the precarity of women's rights in the UK. That's why, in January 2019, we made the decision to expand our campaign beyond our original 5 demands. We made some New Year Resolutions…
These were our 5 New Year Resolutions:
1. Women have the right to self-organise
2. The law must work for women
3. And end to violence against women and girls
4. Nothing about us without us
5. Sex matters
In May, published our women's rights manifesto which was based on these 5 resolutions. You can read our full list of demands here…
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“Thousands of women in distress are being arrested unnecessarily each year instead of being given the help and support they need, an influential cross-party panel of MPs and peers has found.”… @TheHowardLeague @APPGWomenInPS #sexmatters
“The APPG found numerous examples of women being arrested for alleged non-violent offences. They included a woman who was arrested for begging outside a supermarket. Another woman was arrested after she walked into a main road repeatedly.”
“The evidence provided by the five forces included details of cases where women had contacted the police to report a domestic incident but ended up being arrested themselves, and then released with no further action.” The law must work for women.
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When the government launched the public consultation on proposals to amend the GRA they stated: “We particularly want to hear from women’s groups who we know have expressed some concerns about the implications of our proposals.”… Image
“...this consultation focuses on GRA; we are not proposing to amend Equality Act 2010 and protections contained within it. We do realise, however, that there are concerns about interactions between the two Acts & we want to use this consultation as a way of gathering these views" Image
Woman’s Place UK, along with several other groups and organisations, worked hard to make sure that women knew about this consultation and how to take part. For this, women were subject to abuse, threat and ostracization.
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It is deeply disappointing that @UKLabour (my party) has allowed this racist & utterly regressive #Tory government to present itself as the protector of women's rights & children's safety. The current #Labour stance is wrong in so many ways it is hard to know where to begin. /1
Firstly we must be clear that for the Tories this is a risk-free & cynical act of political expediency that fits with their petty nationalist narrative that presents the left as an aloof "metropolitan elite". The same Tories have impoverished & marginalised women over the... /2
...past decade of austerity and they have failed to act upon the growing tide of male violence & sexual exploitation faced by women & girls. Anyone drawing the conclusion that a vote for the Tories is a vote for women is sadly mistaken. /3
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@benjamincohen No one cares you are gay, we care that you feel entitled to exploit a woman's body and rent her womb. We'd feel the same if you were straight. Of course, altruistic surrogacy exists, but you are framing your access to a woman's reproductive function as a human right. It isn't. /
@benjamincohen We also object - strongly - that you have denied that our bodies & our existence have any meaning or deserve any protection in law. Your publication viciously attacked women who say #sexmatters, being complicit in horrific, ugly misogyny culminating in death and rape threats./
@benjamincohen Now, because you've a use for a female reproductive system, you suddenly acknowledge sex is real. Now, because you want to accuse others of "sexism", you state you are in a same sex relationship when orgs like Stonewall have been gaslighting lesbians saying only genderID matters
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Lets talk about single sex services

As @trussliz said today the Equality Act permits the provision of services to one sex or the other
This is allowed by "exceptions" in the Equality Act 2010.

They are called exceptions because normally you shouldn't discriminate based on a protected characteristic

This is lawful age discrimination for example (allowed by an exception)
This is unlawful race discrimination (not allowed by an exception)
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The government has announced that it is not pursuing sex self-ID

This is a remarkable turnaround and is testament to the grassroots organising of ordinary women standing up for women's rights in the face of well funded lobby groups.…
Women stood up, despite smears, threats to our safety and livelihoods and silence from those meant to protect our rights.

I lost my job over wanting to talk about this government consultation

Many others too
Organisations -& official guidance - ran ahead of this decision, acting as if self ID was already the law.

The lack of clear guidance leaves service providers scared of saying no to males who want to use female spaces.

Fear & confusion should never be confused with consent.
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It turns out our view is "worthy of respect in a democracy" (although my appeal still to be heard on that)

Women spoke up though the democratic means of holding meetings, considering evidence, debating, writing, talking to friends, family, our MPs, demonstrating, direct action
In the face of lies, abuse and bullying , and the cowardice, indifference and capture of our own womens organisations, trade unions, voluntary sector and the human rights movement.
Self ID is off the table in England & Wales, for now. But we still need to fight it in Scotland. & get Labour to understand authoritarian irrationality is political suicide. We need to unpick it from institutions run ahead of the law. We need policies to recognise #sexmatters
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The biggest lie that was ever told about the GRA is that it is "just about updating the gender marker on a birth certificate"…
Amnesty International…
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I understand Network Rail's policy not to have political advertising. But as @campervanwoman points out they impose a political viewpoint on staff by their membership of the Stonewall Diversity Champions scheme.

Is the other political viewpoint: that #sexmatters accepted by NR?
Not according to their Diversity and Inclusion strategy "everyone matters": race, disability, gender, LGBT+, carers, faith, age all matter.... but what about sex? #sexmatters (not according to @networkrail ) Image
Terminology matters they say.... but their glossary doesn't give a definition of sex (or gender for that matter)

Sex is a protected characteristic in the Equality Act Network rail - use it. Image
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I regularly voted Green - until the last UK General Election, when my local candidate revealed he was in thrall to the gender cult. I learnt that redefining women to include biological males was integral to Green Party policy in England & Wales. It soon became clear that....1/7
The Green Party had been captured by gender identity activists, with dire consequences for women and children. This explained why it had indulged David and Aimee Challenor and failed the 10 year old girl who DC had imprisoned, raped and tortured. #safeguarding 2/7
Unwilling to never vote Green again, I became a member when it seemed that this summer’s leadership contest might restore sanity. But the existing leaders have been re-elected, and the reality-denying ‘transwomen are women’ mantra has been re-endorsed. 3/7
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Women spending their own money in pursuit of justice and clarity about the law.

Its a scandal says Aidan

Aidan says you must only give your money to official women's rights organisations who would surely fight your corner ...
You could give it @fawcettsociety - total income £1.3 million.

Total output on this topic - 1 blog post, 1 Q&A, 1 response to the GRA consultation (unpublished)
Or you could give it to @AmnestyUK - total income £20m

Amnesty argue for single sex spaces in other countries but in the UK they tell women to shut up for raising women's rights.

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