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Apr 13, 2020 21 tweets 4 min read
Virginia Health Sec Dan Carey says data is incredibly complicated, no model is perfect, but working on it.
"This is not a crystal ball" change every day

He's briefing media on Virginia's models it is looking at We are seeing presentations from RAND & UVA on different #COVID19 models - UVA, Penn's CHIME, Univ of Wash IHME models are the focus, which keep getting updated/changing
Apr 2, 2020 20 tweets 7 min read
Now getting a bit more from #WMATA GM Wiedefeld and Board Chair Smedberg following approval of placeholder budget… New: #WMATA says rail and bus service this weekend will be same as last two weekends - trains only every 30 minutes, 19 stations remain closed, buses on only 26 routes.
Update on next week's service will not come today
Apr 2, 2020 49 tweets 18 min read
(Virtual) #WMATA Board meetings beginning shortly. They are expected to give final approval to a far-from-final budget plan with significant service and fare changes… #WMATA now has 9 employees with confirmed positive #Covid19 tests, plus contractors.

Ridership on the rails was down 95% Wednesday year over year
Bus ridership down 75%

19 stations remain closed, buses on significantly reduced schedule…
Mar 23, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
Wiehle tie-in: How the Silver Line to Dulles & Ashburn ended up held up by a few circuit boards… #WMATA #MWAA If you're looking for (mostly) non-coronavirus news - I got some documents showing the Silver Line software issues in some form go back to before Phase 1 even opened to riders…
Mar 21, 2020 8 tweets 3 min read
NEW: #WMATA is shutting down bus service at 5pm on a number of routes. Unclear how people out now are supposed to get back.
It is part of larger additional bus service cuts. Metro now cutting back to 20 bus routes, although those 20 routes have not been officially posted yet Here are the ONLY Metrobus routes that will keep running after 5pm today or any time on Sunday: 32, 33, 36, 52, 70, 90, 16A, 16E, 28A, A6, A8, C4, D12, F4, K6, P12, Q2, S4, U8, V4, X2, Y2 and Z8 #wmata #dctraffic
Feb 11, 2020 142 tweets 32 min read
It's crossover day here in Richmond - the final chance for bills to pass in the house they were introduced in to stay alive for the year… Since it's raining some of the people here to greet lawmakers heading into caucus are inside - includes CASA and minimum wage increase advocates
Feb 4, 2020 28 tweets 3 min read
Va Senate votes to ban discrimination based on hair texture/type/braids/locks/twists, require data on school resource officer discipline/restraint, define music therapy, allow more community service in lieu of court fines, make needle exchanges permanent Va Senate also votes to repeal old segregation laws, require THC oil potency testing, eliminate race info from divorce papers, allow cremated pet remains in human grave
Feb 3, 2020 22 tweets 3 min read
Va House votes to eliminate race ID from divorce/annulments; clarify Chiropractic; Allow buying casket in advance from whoever you want; Expand sex trafficking investigations to human trafficking; ban disability discrim in organ donation; OK toll bills sent in regular mail Va House votes 82-16 to have all high schools give any enrolled 18 year olds info on how to register to vote
Jan 30, 2020 21 tweets 3 min read
Va House votes 76-24 to repeal Virginia's crime of profane swearing in public Va House also votes to require political ad disclosures online, and to add text messages to what counts as political campaign calls; Also votes to allow traffic incident management vehicles to have red/white warning lights to make cars pull over
Oct 22, 2019 65 tweets 16 min read
House oversight subcommittee hearing begins shortly on #WMATA
Focus includes safety, Jack Evans ethics investigation, operations progress & more.
Witnesses are Metro GM, Board Chair, Inspector General & Metrorail Safety Commission CEO In opening remarks, @GerryConnolly to praise #WMATA GM Wiedefeld:
"Some of these initiatives have not been popular, but these improvements coincide with increases in on-time performance, customer service ratings, and ridership — trends we must strive to continue."
Jan 24, 2019 69 tweets 19 min read
#WMATA Board meeting day: Changes to Metro hours & an update to bus overhaul plans among items on agenda……… Safety tip of the day: avoid winter slip, trips and falls