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The WMSC supports Metrorail's actions today that provide for the safety of Metrorail riders and workers.

Last month, the WMSC's Audit of Rail Operations identified that Metrorail is not meeting its operational refresher training and recertification requirements (Finding 6)
After issuing that audit, the WMSC learned and communicated to Metrorail leadership that Metrorail had stopped train operator recertifications entirely.
The WMSC communicated the seriousness of this safety issue to Metrorail and gathered additional information over the last few weeks so we are pleased that the #WMATA Chief Safety Officer and Metro Board are now aggressively addressing the matter.
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NEW: @ArlingtonVaFD escorted by @PFPAOfficial to the #Pentagon transit center for a report of smoke on the Metro tracks. Early info of an arcing insulator reported on the Yellow Line bridge. No further info. @Metrorailinfo #WMATA @WTOP @WTOPtraffic @ARLnowDOTcom
UPDATE: Yellow Line trains single tracking between L'Enfant & Pentagon City. @ArlingtonVaFD is scaling things back at the Pentagon & @dcfireems doing same on its side. Metro is sending its people to check an insulator on the bridge.
UPDATE: There's always a certain amount of arcing visible on the Charles Fenwick Bridge carrying the Yellow Line over the Potomac. That's inherent in a third rail subway. Normally I can see the bridge, but there's too much fog this morning.
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NEW: Metro GM gives update on return of 7000 series trains - and it won't happen soon.
A small number of 7000 series trains could return in May, but under his timeline most of them would not begin returning until summer. #wmata
"I do not expect a near term solution" - Metro GM Paul Wiedefeld said.
He said by bringing back 50 6000 series railcars, by May wait times on Green/Yellow should drop from 20 mins to 15.
Blue/Orange/Silver waits would go from 20 to 15 this summer when more 7000s return. #wmata
Metro GM said the cause of wheel issues that led to a derailment has still not been pinned down, so he's pinning his hopes of the 7000 series returning on high accuracy digital inspections & 6 automated inspection stations to be installed near the tracks in various areas. #wmata
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@AdamTuss @unsuckdcmetro @wmata I just saw a 6 car 7000 series train at White Flint with a sign saying test in progress? Should we hopeful??? #wmata
Second time seeing it too. Saw one a few days ago as well.
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NEW: Metro says no Yellow Line trains will be able to cross the Potomac for 7-8 months starting Sept 10.
They plan to do major rehab work on the tunnel & bridge to stop "water intrusion" & strengthen the tunnel lining. #wmata says it's the system's "top structural priority."
Metro isn't announcing exactly what alternatives they will offer yet, but it seems to me their only possible option is to send all trains onto the current Blue Line route between Virginia & DC since trains won't be able to cross the Potomac on the Yellow Line route. #wmata
And as if that's not enough, Metro says getting the future Potomac Yard station ready will require shutting down all rail service south of Reagan National Airport from Sept 10 to Oct 22.
So riders who experienced a summer shutdown in 2019 will have to do it all over again. #wmata
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Reported shooting victim on the platform at the Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metro Station. @dcfireems @DCPoliceDept @MetroTransitPD on scene. @popville @RealTimeNews10 #police #firefighters #EMS #wmata
Here's a little more video of @dcfireems @DCPoliceDept & @MetroTransitPD responding a short time ago for the shooting victim on the platform at the Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metro Station. @popville #police #EMS #firefighters
UPDATE: DC government source says initial report is the person found shot at the Georgia Avenue-Petwork Metro Station is believed to be 17-years-old. Sent to a trauma center with what appears to be a gunshot wound to the chest. #wmata @PoPville
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“What plagues #wmata is a culture-all too often-of mediocrity.” - @GerryConnolly. House subcommittee hearing on Metro & its recent & long term problems has begun.
Besides Northern Virginia’s Connolly, @StenyHoyer of Maryland is here & @EleanorNorton of DC is appearing virtually.
Rep. Gerry Connolly recalled how admired Metro was in its early days - “We’ve got to return to that.”
I remember personally as a kid how everyone used to be so proud of it, so different from now. #wmata
.@7NewsDC is the only local TV station at this House subcommittee hearing on Metro. Keep checking my Tweets for updates, plus we’ll have coverage at & on our newscasts. #wmata
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In celebration of #BlackHistoryMonth, we’re reflecting on the legacy of Carmen E. Turner, the first African American woman to head a major urban transit system, as GM of Metro from 1983-1990. #wmata
During her seven-year tenure, Turner skillfully navigated political and financial obstacles and expanded Metro from 42 miles and 47 stations to 73 miles and 63 stations.
On May 12, 1995, we dedicated a memorial in Turner’s memory at the @Smithsonian Station.
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Some pretty significant unannounced delays on the Red Line this morning, where trains are scheduled to be running every 12 minutes but are running closer to every ~18 minutes instead. #wmata
During this morning's "rush hour," Red Line trains arrived every ~17 minutes on average.

Per #WMATA's MetroAlert issued 10 days ago, "trains will operate approximately every 12 minutes." No MetroAlerts have been issued for the Red Line so far today to explain these new delays.
The Red Line is currently operating every ~20 minutes; the delays appear to be steadily getting worse. #wmata
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(1) Throughout my career & especially in recent years I've uncovered confusion & delay by @wmata in notifying area fire departments about rail emergencies. @NTSB found these same issues during Metro's first deadly accident, 40-years-ago today. (more) #wmata
(2) Here's part of the timeline of the detrailment near Federal Triangle on January 13, 1982, killing 3 & injuring 25. Metro initially only asked for an ambulance 4 minutes after the derailment. It took 12 minutes to relay to DCFD that passengers were trapped. (more)
(3) Here's @NTSB's findings from inside the Rail Operations Control Center. It's very similar to more recent findings of ROCC chaos by @MetrorailSafety. (more)
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At a Metro board meeting GM Paul Wiedefeld said more #wmata employees have Covid and are absent from work than at any time during the pandemic. Says they will bring back now-reduced bus service "as soon as we can" when fewer workers are sick.
Metro GM Paul Wiedefeld also revealed he recently tested positive for Covid and said he was out of work roughly two weeks. #wmata
Metro’s board is now talking about next year’s budget, which starts July 1. Although federal Covid relief will help them in the coming year, they are looking at a potential $500 million shortfall the following year as ridership continues to be low. #wmata
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Metro GM Wiedefeld to board members: this is a “tough period” for Metro, which is dealing with the most employee Covid cases since the pandemic began. Says service will be brought back quickly, as soon as absenteeism declines @wtop #wmata
@WTOP Wiedefeld says “a few” Metro employees have still not been vaccinated. Says “definitely over 85%” vaccinated. Also mentions his own bout with Covid despite being vaccinated @wtop #wmata
Metro GM Wiedefeld says recent numbers show ridership has dropped to 15-20% of pre-pandemic levels on rail, somewhere in the 30s, percent-wise, on bus. Says the drops are seasonal as well as Omicron-related @wtop #wmata
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When will WMATA be held accountable for their countless failings? There have been no real repercussions since the Oct 2021 derailment and the only people being punished are the riders.
My trip from Crystal City to Ballston takes anywhere between 45 minutes to almost an hour and a half. And that’s a relatively short distance in comparison to those with much longer commutes.
Everyday is a fresh hell when it comes to the metro. Where are the updates? Where are the concessions being made for exhausted commuters dealing with constant delays and an inconsistent schedule?
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I'm at Gallery Place Metro waiting for a yellow line train. I have been waiting for almost 30 minutes when the sign (of course) switches to the informative "DLY". An announcement states the next yellow line train is servicing PG Plaza and "will arrive shortly." 🤔
It was only a 38 minute wait during "rush hour". #wmata
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Assuming a normal weekday schedule, today's AM rush has concluded. The following tweets show how each #WMATA Metrorail line performed...
Blue Line, AM Rush Performance Report for 1/4/22 (see attached) #wmata
Green Line, AM Rush Performance Report for 1/4/22 (see attached) #wmata
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On Metro, normal service appears to mean fires and track obstructions. #wmata
Taxpayers spent a fortune ostensibly to keep this sort of thing from happening.
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Assuming a normal weekday schedule, today's PM rush has concluded. The following tweets show how each #WMATA Metrorail line performed...
Green Line, PM Rush Performance Report for 1/3/22 (see attached) #wmata
Orange Line, PM Rush Performance Report for 1/3/22 (see attached) #wmata
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OR/Vienna 903 @ Metro Center was instructed to offload at ~12:25pm. At 12:36pm the #WMATA operator reported smoke coming from underneath the train.
OR/SV: service suspension between McPherson Square & Federal Triangle

BL: service suspension between Rosslyn & Arlington; trains run from Franconia to Mt. Vernon Square
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Assuming a normal weekday schedule, today's AM rush has concluded. The following tweets show how each #WMATA Metrorail line performed...
Orange Line, AM Rush Performance Report for 1/3/22 (see attached) #wmata
Red Line, AM Rush Performance Report for 1/3/22 (see attached) #wmata
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It looks like #WMATA is running a reduced schedule today; either due to shortage of operators, getting trains out of rail yards, or both.

Check real-time train departure info for train frequencies & locations.
#WMATA current rail schedule & headway performance:
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Thus begins Thread #6 of the ongoing 7000-series derailment and events thereafter. You can find Threads 1-5 here:
(I'm told not to read too much into this; the switch to daily 7000-series inspections ran straight into lack of inspection staffing over the Christmas holiday; they'll be back in a couple days)

Still no 7000-series railcars running in service today. #WMATA Image
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BL/Franconia 404 is disabled at/outside Metro Center due to a brake pressure issue. It's possible the train may have hit an object on the roadway (purported to be a shopping cart) which could be the source of the issue.
Minor correx: the incident train is BL/Franconia 401, not BL/Franconia 404.

Orange/Silver/Blue line trains continue single-tracking between Smithsonian & McPherson Square due to a disabled train outside Metro Center.
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BREAKING: Metro says riders will finally see some 7000 series trains return in the coming days & weeks, after @MetrorailSafety said today it had no objection to a #wmata plan to bring them back.
Metro says the process will be gradual though, so long wait times won't improve yet.
@MetrorailSafety You may remember all 748 Metro 7000 series railcars were pulled in October after a derailment exposed major safety concerns with their wheels.
Metro's plan for bringing them back involves inspecting them every seven days - pre-derailment they were inspected every 90 days! #wmata
Despite this news Metro still can't give a date when riders will see noticeable improvements on wait times, which have been long ever since the 7000 series train cars were pulled. #wmata
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We want to share an update on the 7000-series railcars. In November we conducted testing of two 7000-series trains under simulated passenger service conditions to establish the correct, data-driven inspection interval for these railcars.
While the test period has ended, Metro’s Safety Department and Railcar Maintenance engineers are busy reviewing the data and incorporating observations from the test period into a final inspection plan.
The proposed plan will include more frequent wheelset inspections which must be reviewed and accepted by the WMSC before the 7ks can return to service. We hope to know more about the timing of their return soon, but all steps in the process must be satisfied to move forward.
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