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NEW: Metro has identified problems with its response to a 3/26 disabled train near Rhode Island Avenue station that affected 109 riders: poor communication, an inadequate response that left some riders stranded 90 mins, a train car that rolled 137 ft after riders got off. #wmata
GM Paul Wiedefeld says he’s taking several immediate steps, including adding Safety Dept. and Office of Emergency Management (OEM) staff to the rail operations control center 24/7 to coordinate the response to emergencies. #wmata
Metro says no one at the scene reported that a train car had rolled about 137 feet at less than five mph while they were trying to get it ready to tow. It should have been reported. #wmata
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In case you were wondering how much of your money Metro gave to Lyft because Metro can't seem to run trains late at night, here you go. #wmata…
It's not that useful as is, but this is the format Metro provided. Perhaps someone smarter than I can get this into a spreadsheet to sum up the totals.
And yes, I'm still cut off from freedom of information requests of Metro. Arbitrarily.

This was obtained by someone else.
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NEW: Standardized, monthly performance reports for our region's bus systems! Visit for PDFs that contain both system-wide and route-level performance summaries, automatically generated on the 1st of every month.

#WMATA's Metrobus just got a C+ for March. ImageImage
Here are all the regional bus systems we support at launch:
* @ART_Alert
* @DASHBus
* @mtamaryland Local Bus
* @Metrobusinfo
* @RideOnMCT

Pending data availability—we're still working with @ffxconnector to get real-time data from them, for example—this list will grow over time.
We use the same grading criteria to measure the performance of every route, regardless of who's operating it. Standardized metrics!

Please refer to the appendices at the end of every PDF for important details on our metrics, assumptions, and methodology:…
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Assuming a similar formula distribution to the CARES Act's $1.020 billion distribution to the DC area, this means about...

* $1.21B to #wmata
* $136M to PRTC (incl VRE)
* $60M to MTA

Again, these are just my estimates, not official #'s
#wmata says the DC region is getting $830.7M of the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSSA)'s $14B allotted to transit, $714M of which is heading to Metro (enough to complete FY22 w/o service cuts, tho below my earlier estimate) Image
#wmata FY22 budget recommends pushing Silver Line Phase II opening to January 2022.… Image
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ya go outside for *one* nice sunny day and something like this happens. Time to catch up... #wmata
Red Line train 122 departing Rhode Island Ave at 3:42p reported a stuck holding brake and brake air pressure problem. It's two hours later. #wmata
The disabled train from between Rhode Island & Brookland is slowly on the move, but single-tracking continues. #wmata Image
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#wmata SV trains are operating in two segments:

Wiehle to Stadium-Armory
Morgan Blvd to Largo

At this time there's no bus bridge.

At 10:01am, Silver Line train 607 reported a "small fire" on the trackbed between Benning Rd and Capitol Heights.

#wmata SV service remains suspended east of Stadium-Armory.

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Latest #wmata Silver Line update notes 17 open issues - 9 "unresolved" - with MWAA/construction, including 1 issue (cracked 3rd rail coverboard brackets) new since last month's update. The line will open no sooner than 3 months after handover from MWAA.…
#wmata appendix lists all currently-open issues. Cracked concrete panels no longer on this list (which WMATA OIG issued its own report about -…)
#wmata's "available track" metric came in better than expected in part due to Purple Line delays (shutdowns/single-tracking that would've impacted the Red Line for integration).…
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#WMATA’s first budget public hearing is at 11 a.m.
The outlook has changed dramatically after the Senate passed the latest coronavirus relief bill with $30B for transit. That likely means no more drastic bus and rail service cuts in Jan 2021.…
Here were some of Metros earlier proposals that now may go away
Oops that first tweet should read Jan 2022. I don’t know what year it is 🙈
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It has absolutely nothing to do with funding.

#WMATA gets money from both the federal government as well as dedicated funding from DC/MD/VA - on top of charging one of the most expensive fares in the country.

There are, however, some other items to consider here: /1
Ridership has been steadily decreasing since 2009.

#WMATA points to an increase pre-pandemic (February 2020), but compared it to ridership in about a 9% ridership increase. AKA: Nowhere near pre-2009 levels.
2009 marks a pivotal point in #WMATA history, in fact.

In June 2009, 9 riders died in the Red Line crash - which remains Metro's deadliest accident to date. /3…
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WMSC COO Samarasinghe is being made Acting CEO as Dr. Mayer is out on a personal leave of absence. The motion is retroactive to Feb 17th. Samarasinghe previously ran the Tri-State Oversight Committee (prior to FTA safety oversight, prior to the WMSC) #wmata
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Today’s WMSC meeting includes an update on ongoing investigative work, votes and presentations on final #WMATA safety event investigation reports, other oversight and audit updates & more
Watch live starting at 12:30
We are proud to offer closed captioning to make this meeting more accessible. If you want the option to turn the captions on/off, please join us through Zoom.
Also join through Zoom webinar link here if you would like to participate with public comment
Join us on YouTube now for our public meeting on our #WMATA oversight work
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Some of Metro's own board members think the number is too low, but #wmata isn't projecting many more rail riders even by the end of 2021:

Metrorail Number of Trips Oct - Dec
2019 45.5 million
2020 6.3 million
2021 (projected) 8.0 million
Some Metro board members indicated that is an extremely conservative estimate given how many people are expected to be vaccinated by then. #wmata
Metro's chief financial officer indicated many rail riders who can work from home may never come back five days a week: "Going forward, the expectation is that folks are going to be working perhaps one or two days in the office and the rest from home." #wmata
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Stabbing at McLean-Capital One Hall
Track fire at McLean-Capital One Hall
Derailment at McLean-Capital One Hall
Collision at McLean-Capital One Hall
Smoke incident at McLean-Capital One Hall
Robbery at McLean-Capital One Hall

h/t @jlavery522
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Quality real-time data is important and should not be thought of as optional. #wmata
Replace "traffic" in this predictive tweet with literally any other reason why a given shuttle bus might not be following its posted schedule. #wmata
When even the bus supervisors don't know where a given bus is and/or how long it will take to arrive, we have a problem. #wmata
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With trains now running only every 12 minutes during rush hour (every 6 on Red -…), now is a great time to bookmark @dcmetrohero so you always know how long it is until the next train - or the next bus. #wmata #adbutunpaid
Also: even though #wmata cut rush hour train service from 8min headways to 12min headways, peak fares are still in effect.
Morning rush-hour commute trip, trains every 12 minutes: $5.55

Mid-day commute trip, trains every 12 minutes: $3.85

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#wmata is single-tracking @ Rosslyn via the lower level due to a signal problem affecting a switch near the upper-level platform.
Well, folks, we've got delays. A #wmata rail supervisor is on scene and will be manually throwing the switch which trains cross over before arriving at Rosslyn towards DC. Until that happens, we're single-tracking around with 10+ minute holds.
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Today’s WMSC meeting includes presentations and votes on final #WMATA safety event investigation reports, audit and other oversight updates & more
Join live starting at 12:30
We are proud to offer closed captioning to make this meeting more accessible. If you want the option to turn the captions on/off, please join us through Zoom.
Also join through Zoom webinar link here if you would like to participate with public comment
If you have any issues accessing our meeting live, the full recording will be available on YouTube…
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Safety Audit: #WMATA Elevated Structures Inspection, Maintenance & Repair:…
Metro has taken several positive steps toward improving a program that faced significant challenges over the past decade, but this audit finds work remains for WMATA to fully implement these, and that other improvements are needed to address potentially significant shortfalls.
Metrorail does not have basic load ratings for its elevated structures to confirm the number or type of trains or size of equipment that can safely traverse the bridges or stations, which creates a risk that the structures could be inadvertently overloaded.
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Lisa Woodruff, a #wmata senior executive who the WMSC says broke safety protocols and instructed others to do so at the rail operations control center, is being appointed by Metro's Chief Operating Officer as his SVP for Business Process Development, overseeing 4 departments. 1/4
Woodruff was reassigned back in September, 2020, while #wmata investigated the allegations against her by the WMSC. Metro later issued a statement (…) clearing her of direct wrongdoing (but agreed that a caustic environment at the ROCC existed) 2/4
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BREAKING: Metro says $610 million it expects to receive from the Covid relief bill is only enough to stave off big budget cuts through next January.
GM *still* proposing closing stations at 9pm, 30 minutes between trains, turnbacks & closing 22 stations starting Jan 2022. #wmata
But noticeably absent from the new proposal - closing all rail stations on weekends, the GM is no longer proposing that at all #wmata
Bus service would also be slashed in January 2022 under the GM's new proposal. It would be reduced to 50 percent of pre-pandemic service. It is currently 75-80 percent, per a Metro document. #wmata
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BREAK-As Metro gets ready to start collecting fares on the bus once again AND resume front door boarding-the transit agency’s largest Union calls the move “dangerous” because of spiking Covid cases. @ATULocal689 President Raymond Jackson speaking with us @nbcwashington #wmata
These bus changes take effect this Sunday #wmata
The union has just sent this letter to Metro management #wmata @nbcwashington ImageImage
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No published timetables. Changes to service are not advertised.

Weeks of surprise (yet planned!) 12-minute rush hour headways.

How did no one on the bloated headquarters staff manage to put out a notice or update the website? (1.5 wks in, still nothing)

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We're working on folding this new real-time crowding data into our MetroHero app and pending confirmation that it is being made available to third-party developers via the data feeds they're already using. #wmata
Upon further analysis, we will not be folding Metrorail crowding data into our app at this time; crowding data for Metrorail is derived from historical data, not real-time data, so it will not, for example, reflect unscheduled service incidents, which can be misleading. #wmata
We will, however, be folding #WMATA's crowding data for Metrobus, which *is* derived from real-time data, into so that we can report vehicle crowding conditions in aggregate across the Metrobus system both historically and in real time.
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As of this morning, #WMATA has baked an unannounced service cut into its train schedule: Blue and Yellow Line trains are now running every 12 minutes during AM and PM rush instead of 8.

Graphs below show observed and scheduled headways for last Monday morning and this morning. ImageImageImageImage
To be clear, there have not been any MetroAlerts or service advisories corresponding to these service cuts. #wmata

The closest thing to what we're seeing on the Blue Line is that trains are scheduled to operate every 15-20 minutes on weeknights:…
This issue persists today, with no change in notice to riders as Blue and Yellow Line trains continue to run every 12 minutes during rush hours instead of every 8. This service cut will likely remain unannounced through the rest of the week at this point. 😞 #wmata
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