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(1) @fairfaxcounty confirms @wmata gave the wrong address for the Reston Town Center #Metro Station. It delayed fire & EMS getting to a man in cardiac arrest. That man died. How did this mistake occur? #WMATA isn't saying but it fits a pattern. (more) @wmataGM Image
(2) For decades I've reported on Metro's poor communications with 911 centers, firefighters & EMS. Two weeks ago @MetrorailSafety reminded us of this continuing @wmata problem via its investigative report into a Nov. 7 smoke incident at Courthouse. Here's what WMSC wrote: (more) Image
(3) Multiple sources & radio traffic back @fairfaxcounty's official statement confirming Metro gave the Department of Public Safety Communications (DPSC or 911 center) the wrong address. (more) Image
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(1) LISTEN: A station manager at the Potomac Avenue Metro tried to call in right after this morning's shooting. He called 4 times on his radio & didn't get an answer. (more) @justingeorge @AdamTuss @tomroussey7news @JWPascale @MetrorailSafety @wmata @wmataGM #wmata
(2) LISTEN: About 2 minutes later the operator of Silver Line Train 612 called in urgently with this report. At the end of it you will hear the operator say she was getting off the train. (more)
(3) LISTEN: At 9:18, about 4 minutes before all of this the driver of @dcfireems Engine 18 heard shots fired. They were on an unrelated medical call in the neighborhood. As soon as they cleared that call Engine 18 went over to the Metro station to determine if there were victims.
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(1) Interesting parallel between 2 @MetrorailSafety investigations released Tuesday. One report proved @wmata put out misleading (a kind way to say it) statements that covered up the truth about the July 30 Woodley-Dupont fire. Details in this thread. (more)
(2) The second one was about a train operator who made a significant safety error endangering fellow workers & lied about it to @MetrorailSafety. Despite the lie, the train op still runs trains. @justingeorge has that story. (more)…
(3) The investigations illustrate a lot more than a lack of safety culture & crucial safety concerns continuing at @wmata. They show that candor, truth & transparency just aren't core values for #WMATA. I hope reporters insist @wmataGM & Paul "Safety First" Smedberg address this. Image
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The Metro Board today recognized 3 operators for heroic actions: * Victoria Stanley, who arrived at Metro Center station as a shooting broke out last month. Instead of opening the doors, she sped off to the next stop to protect her passengers.… 1/
* Quavena Hall who transported a two young girls to safety who had been shot getting off her Metrobus.… 2/
*Raynell Redd who saw a toddler who had slipped out of his home unnoticed into the freezing weather & brought the child onboard while she called for assistance. #wmata
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(1) @wmata tried to refute a July STATter911 story that it--once again--sent passengers toward danger, on an inspection that found smoke & fire. Today, @MetrorailSafety issued a report that confirms our story & shows #wmata's statements weren't true. (more) @knolkatie picture @knolkatie image
(2) Here's @wmata's statement plus comments given to @justingeorge following the fire & explosions/arcing between Woodley Park & Dupont Circle. Despite its own rules prohibiting sending passengers on an inspection train, #wmata desperately tried to justify the action. (more) ImageImageImage
(3) The rule that no passengers are supposed to be aboard any inspection train was announced in March of 2020 by the same spokesperson attempting to justify the actions during the July 30 Red Line incident. Here's a comparison: Image
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(1) Thank you @GerryConnolly! You absolutely get it. It's not @MetrorailSafety that needs to change here, it's @wmata. @wmatagm is trying to blame WMSC, ignoring what we all know about #wmata's tragic history. From @justingeorge's latest. (more)
(2) @SenatorCardin also gets it. He makes the case I've made for a long time -- there is no "culture of safety" at @wmata. It has never existed. Without @MetrorailSafety there's zero chance for it to exist. If anything, they should be giving WMSC more teeth. (more)
(3) Sorry @mkorman, this is wrong. Not everyone agrees "safety is the goal". Despite decades of lip service about "safety first" -- including Smedberg on Monday -- history, recent WMSC investigations & my own reporting shows that just isn't the case with @wmata. (more)
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(1) Prediction: Many political leaders & some of the public will largely forget Fort Totten 2009, L'enfant Plaza 2015, the series of @wmata worker deaths along with how enormously close we came to disaster with Arlington Cemetery 2021. (more)
(2) They will at least partially buy into Paul Smedberg's claim @wmataGM can't do this job if he has to put safety first. That's because Clarke is seen as the new @wmata savior & there's no higher priority than getting trains back to running more frequently. (more)
(3) They will forget the lives lost & all the reasons @MetrorailSafety exists. They will forget that @wmata almost never does the right thing when it comes to safety or even learn from its mistakes. They will ignore #wmata's consistent lack of candor. (more)
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(1) Another needless delay: The station mngr. immediately reported there was a person down in the roadway on Track 1 at 9:26 pm. Somehow--once again--there was a problem & the appropriate & needed Metro rescue assignment wasn't sent for 11 minutes--approx. 9:37 pm. (more) #wmata Image
(2) @dcfireems was initially dispatched for a cardiac arrest call at 9:30 pm. It took the officer of Engine 4 to read through the dispatch computer notes along with a little delay getting @wmata's fire liaison on the radio before the correct assignment was dispatched. (more)
(3) Why is it key to promptly get the correct fire & EMS units going? Because @dcfireems needs the special equipment to operate safely on the tracks. The difference between a patient being on the platform or in the roadway is huge. (more)
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Happy New Year! 🍾 Our December 2022 transit performance reports are now live @

Fairfax Connector: B 📈
MTA Local Bus: C
MTA MARC Train: C- 🆕
Ride On: C-
VRE: C- 🆕
WMATA Metrobus: C+
WMATA Metrorail: B+ 🆕
.@ffxconnector's headway adherence and data integrity both significantly increased in December compared to November, bringing their overall grade up from a B- to a B despite schedule adherence significantly decreasing. 📈

more details:… Image
.@mtamaryland MARC Train received a C- in their first operational performance report. 🆕

more details:… Image
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As of ~10am today, we're not able to track trains west of Wiehle-Reston East and only intermittently between Braddock Road and DCA due to an apparent data issue on #WMATA's end. We've reached out to the agency for details. Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime!
Unfortunately, this issue has not yet been resolved, and we are still waiting to hear back from #WMATA about our report. 😞 Thanks for your continued patience!
As of ~1:40pm, this issue is now resolved. Thank you again for your patience and apologies for the inconvenience this caused our users and downstream consumers of our data. #wmata
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(1) NEW: I'm pretty convinced now the new motto from @wmataGM is "Service Trumps Safety." Again today, #wmata showed they learned nothing from Carol Glover's death & sent passengers towards an actual fire they were warned about. (more)
(2) @NTSB recommendation be damned (attached), Metro now is back to rolling the dice & sending passengers towards smoke reported by their own workers. The following is what @wmata & @dcfireems radio traffic clearly shows this evening at Metro Center. (more)
(3) 6:02 pm: Metro Center station manager reported smoke along the third rail on the lower level (Blue/Orange/Silver). Following this report, the Rail Operations Control Center did NOT stop any trains. (more)
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Join us for our public meeting today (12/13) at 12:30 p.m. Watch live on YouTube/Zoom. Image
Join us on YouTube now for our public meeting on our #WMATA oversight work
Safety message of the day: Safety messages.

Starting with a safety message can help prevent an accident, injury or death.

You do not need to limit this safety step to work-related events.

Be careful cooking, talk about allergies, make sure people don’t drink and drive.
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Since a 2009 Red Line crash that killed 9 people, Metro train operators have manually stopped & started trains instead of it being automated. New documents released today show #wmata wants to bring automation back, saying it would prevent red light overruns.
Metro says changes since 2009 mean it would be safer to use automation and #wmata feels there would be an increase in safety and not a decrease if they returned to using it.
A faulty track circuit caused a train to "disappear" from the system in 2009, leading one automated train to slam into another. Metro says every track circuit of the type that failed has now been removed. #wmata
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Join us today (11/15) at 2:30 p.m. for our public meeting with updates on our daily oversight work including our oversight of Metrorail's 7000 Series Return to Service Plan, WMATA's Silver Line safety certification, safety event investigations & more
Join us on YouTube now for our public meeting on our #WMATA oversight work
Safety message of the day:

Winter is coming.
Clean your vents and chimneys, check CO alarms.
Don’t overload electrical circuits or leave candles lit overnight.
Close (the doors to bedrooms) before your doze
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NEW: Metro says it will open the Silver Line extension on Tues. Nov. 15.

The long-awaited six-station, 11.5-mile extension connects to Dulles International Airport and puts Metrorail into Loudoun County for the first time. The new terminus, Ashburn, is 30 miles from D.C. #WMATA
"On opening day, customers who visit the six new stations - Reston Town Center, Herndon, Innovation Center, Washington Dulles International Airport, Loudoun Gateway, Ashburn – will be greeted by Metro teams handing out commemorative pennants, a tradition that started in 1976."
Metro hasn't submitted the safety certification for the line yet as it has a few open items left.
"We are coordinating daily with the WMSC," Metro says in a release.
WMSC says everything on the list has to be done before the opening date.
Metro seems confident it can do that.
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The WMSC has reviewed WMATA’s 7000 Series Return to Service Plan revision submitted today, October 25, 2022, and the WMSC has informed Metrorail that the WMSC has no technical objections to Metrorail’s revised plan as submitted today.
WMATA’s plan specifies the steps Metrorail must follow to increase the number of 7000 Series passenger trains in use each day.
The revised plan includes the introduction of cars with solely high press tonnage axles on the Blue, Orange and Silver Lines, and the introduction of a limited number of cars with low press tonnage axles each day on the Red, Yellow and Green Lines.
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BREAKING: Metro says the Silver Line to Dulles Airport and Loudoun County is ready to open in time for the Thanksgiving travel rush - BUT…..there aren’t enough trains because of those sidelined 7000 series railcars #wmata @nbcwashington
Metro has not been permitted to return its full fleet of troubled 7000 series railcars back on the tracks. The agency says opening 11 more miles of track with the existing number of trains in use would increase wait times, increase crowding and could lead to dangerous conditions
Metro is asking its top safety watchdog, the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission, for permission to return its entire fleet of 7000 series railcars. But there are disagreements over data and measurements. Over a year ago, a 7000 series train derailed because of wheel issues.
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Metro GM Randy Clarke says he wants Metro to be “boring.” Reduce the drama #wmata @nbcwashington
Clarke also talking a lot about being more transparent. Says he is committed to giving out information quickly and effectively #wmata @nbcwashington
Clarke “we are never going to be a business. We are not supposed to be a business.” #wmata @nbcwashington
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#WMATA has requested bus shuttles; bus shuttles are not yet in place.
#WMATA radio transmissions do appear to suggest that damage to Metro power infrastructure may have been intentional, and is what's causing this service suspension. Few details available yet as to power restoration timeline.

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#WMATA has released its own timeline and after-action report of the July 30 cable fire event on the Red Line:…
#WMATA does not know who asked for the Red Tag outage to physically rack out breakers in the area of the tunnel fire on 7/30?

"reportedly requested"
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#WMATA offloaded Red Line train 114 due to a propulsion issue. The train is now being "Proceeded" - that is, a lookout in the lead car is radioing back to someone further back in the train so the train can move - in order to get it back to a rail yard.

Delays, both directions.
The #WMATA ROCC appears to have found a clever way to route around the disabled train just outside Grosvenor. Inbound trains are traversing via the pocket track; outbound is unaffected.
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At about 8:30am, a Silver Line train operator reported potentially hitting someone with their train. The strike was apparently low-severity; the passenger ended up on the 3rd rail side of the tracks past the train, and was able to be walked back to the platform.
The timeline for this incident appears to be unnecessarily extended

* #WMATA did not appointed the "on-scene commander" until about 20 minutes after the incident

* Did not get confirmation of 3rd rail deenergization until almost 1hr after incident

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