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Strategies for getting into TOP MS/PhD programs & BUILDING EVIDENCE for SELF-SPONSORED Green Cards (NIW) as an Int'l student in the USA #PRforUSAScholars
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It's the season for Graduate school funding decisions.
We hope you get your own good news this month!

When you get it, it will be time to try to understand your MS/PhD offer.

Here is what a good offer should look like: First, look at the average monthly expenses of a student below.

Note: This changes drastically depending on the part of the U.S.

Your closest estimate is best given by a student on campus.
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Are you in a Tech-related field?

Here is how to use your Tech skills to design projects that may qualify for the U.S self-sponsored green cards (EB1A, NIW).

5 sample projects from MS/PhD students in Computer Science and Maths who got the NIW

A short thread. #PRforUSScholars 1. PhD student in computer science used her coding skills to develop a program that identifies disposal sites for radioactive waste.
A good fit for the NIW for its potential “benefits to the environment” (see pinned posts for other NIW areas).
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Legal immigration should be straightforward for MS/PhD students in 2022.

To enhance your concentration on scholarly work, here are 6 ways to become a permanent resident (PR) in the United States.

Some are self-sponsored: no employer or marriage needed.

A short thread 1. Family-based

The most-common path to permanent residency in the U.S.

Straightforward. A citizen sponsors you- as a spouse, or as their child, or sibling.

A lawful permanent resident (aka green card holder) can sponsor you as a spouse.
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We are very pleased to have Dr. Sombo Muzata join the team at Bestman Academy as our Senior Partner.

As a Non-STEM student, she earned the self-sponsored EB-1A path to permanent residency in the USA (aka Einstein visa 😁).

A short bio and how she will help Non-STEM scholars: Image Dr. Sombo Muzata @ChundaSombo has a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration (2021) from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).
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It's grad school interview season.

Here are 5 quality threads from United States Professors on expectations, potential questions and how to prepare.

RT to help an anxious MS or PhD applicant. @OpenAcademics #phdvoice #phdchat Dr. Max Heiman - Havard University

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Here is the response of an Associate Professor to our friend's SoP.

In your estimation, what are the chances of this candidate for a PhD position in her department?

Good or Goooooood?
#gradschool #phdchat #AcademicTwitter If you are still in the process of developing a captivating statement, here are the comprehensive resources this candidate used.

Paragraph 1- How to start your statement of purpose
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I almost passed my GRE or English test. If other requirements are strong, can I still submit my graduate school application?

It depends.

Here's why!👇

A short thread
#phdchat #phdforum #phdvoice #AcademicTwitter #edchat Your chances will depend on how the application review process works for your intended program. Unfortunately, it is mostly hard to tell from the outside looking in.