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Ok #AcademicTwitter. This month, I'm entering my 3rd year of PhD! yayy🎉

I was looking through my 1st research journal and found these "tips" I had written for myself. I thought I'll share them here.

So, here's a 🧵of #PhDtips for those starting their PhD!

#PhDlife #PhDchat Image
1. Maintain a #PhDjournal📒
Experiments, results, failures, meetings w/ guide, seminars, weekly plans, proposal brainstorming, talk prep - everything related to your PhD in one notebook.

(coursework & journal notes can be separate, but I used the same note. 1 note/year for me)
2. Read a lot of journal articles. A lot.
It is the best way to take your research forward!

(I wanted to try the #365papersChallenge, but couldn't keep up. I read way fewer papers than I want myself to. This could be my sign from the universe to step up!)
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Project funding isn't being released on time, labs are running out of materials, tenured PI's don't get to publish as often. But it's the PhD degrees that get most affected, if we don't publish on time, we may need to re-register and wait years..1/n
#phdvoice @CSIR_IND @DBTIndia
2/n...for years before getting the degree. We are expected to produce excellent research, but true excellence goes into figuring out ways to beg/borrow materials even for simple experiments. Getting into PhD, I never thought it'll get this bad..
3/n.. Toxic work culture wasn't enough, we have to struggle for basic requirements of research and livelihood (fellowships don't arrive on time either, do they!). I know I'm ranting, but honestly, at this point, I'm absolutely tired of feeling on edge ALL the time...
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In Phd Year 2, I submitted to 3 peer-reviewed journals. 1 gave a desk reject. 1 gave me peer reviewers' rejection. 1's results are awaited. All the editors were super kind & gave lots of advice. Here is what I learnt 🧵(1/n): #PhDVoice #phdlife #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter
Shortlist main journals in your field. Read their latest issues to understand genre expectations. For eg. some may prefer statements of positionality, some might not. Some may like only qualitative data while others are impressed with mixed methods etc. (2/n) #AcademicChatter
Your lit review v.imp. Cite: a) imp. folks in your field on the research area [everyone knows this]; b) but also papers in your target journal on that area! [I had no idea about this]. This shows fitness for conversation for that particular journal. Most imp criteria. (3/n)
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Ph.D admission decisions are kicking in & many students are going through rounds of interviews. Here are a few tips that I’ve learnt and shared over the years.

Disclaimer: These are based on personal experiences derived from a limited sample. Take it with a grain of salt 😀.
(1/19) First of all, let’s start off by acknowledging that PhD admission is extremely competitive. You're prolly fighting for an average of 5-30 spots out of hundreds/thousands of applicants. Attempting itself is a win. Kudos !👏🏿
#admissions #Competition #phdpositions #gradschool
(2/19) Money is at the stake. What does this mean? Someone out there is willing to take a risk on you & guaranteeing that you’ll be taken care of for 5-6 years. Your tuition, fees, health insurance, & monthly living allowance are all paid for by the dept.

#Funding #MoneyTalks
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#Gradschool interview questions & guided answers (I)

A. About yourself
- Academic history
- Current work
- Research interest

B. Why do you want a PhD degree?
- Your goal
- How a PhD degree will help you to reach your goal

#phdvoice #AcademicTwitter #Phd #phdlife #scholarship
C. Why the school?
- 3 indexes from your research about the school; for instance:
- faculty to student ratio
- publication index (e.g. nature index)
- national ranking
- Environment
- Core and facilities - how they will advance your learning
- Library holdings
D. About your previous research
- A brilliant summary of one major research with the following guide
- background
- technique - this will reveal your expertise
- results
- significance
- your major role in the research
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It's grad school interview season.

Here are 5 quality threads from United States Professors on expectations, potential questions and how to prepare.

RT to help an anxious MS or PhD applicant. @OpenAcademics #phdvoice #phdchat
Dr. Amanda Montoya - University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

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Students & Postdocs applying for positions beyond academia will need a carefully tailored resume. But where do I start and what should I include? Sharing some hopefully helpful tips & strategies to get started.

Resumes - a quick thread.

@OpenAcademics #phdvoice #resume
Why Resume? It helps you get an interview & let's folks know what value you bring to a specific role. A typical non-academic resume is NOT a long list of experiences. Its a concise snapshot of experiences and skills *relevant* to the position you are applying for.
It can be 1-2 pages, sometimes 3-4 depending on industry! Write in reverse chronological order start with most recent experience first. Keep the look simple & easy to read is best! Fancy fonts and colors are distracting.
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I submitted my official withdrawal from my PhD program today.

I intended to wait until the dust settled before trying to put words to the feelings I’m experiencing, but some things just cannot wait. I have so much to say & I’m not sure where to start. I suppose I’ll begin here—
This decision has been one of the more difficult of my life, but I’ve come to have no reservations in trusting that it is the right one. I have dreamt of obtaining my PhD all my life, but the circumstances that both life and academia have presented me with have led me to conclude
that the time is not right to pursue such a dream. After a difficult year tainted by emotional lows and tough relapses in recovery from an eating disorder that I’ve yet to free myself from, I grew fearful and doubtful of my potential to reach a full enough recovery that would
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Anxiety Struggles: What you see VS what the person living with anxiety feels

This list might not reflect everyone's lived experience of anxiety. So pls feel free to add to this thread! 🙂

Source: BlessingManifesting

#AcademicMentalHealth #PhDVoice @OpenAcademics @PhD_Balance The ALT text for this image...
ALT text (1/)

What you see: Needy
What I feel: It's difficult to go places and do things by myself

What you see: Not a Team Player
What I feel: Group settings either make me shut down or do everything myself.
ALT text (2/)

What you see: Ignores you
What I feel: I love you but it's hard to invite you over or answer calls/text/ emails

What you see: Homebody
What I feel: I want to go, but I am too anxious and overwhelmed to go. I'm sorry.
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I almost passed my GRE or English test. If other requirements are strong, can I still submit my graduate school application?

It depends.

Here's why!👇

A short thread
#phdchat #phdforum #phdvoice #AcademicTwitter #edchat
Your chances will depend on how the application review process works for your intended program. Unfortunately, it is mostly hard to tell from the outside looking in.
For some programs, they use the test scores as an initial metric to screen out applicants when they have many applications than they can handle.

In this case, you are at risk of early rejection if you don't meet their minimum scores
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Wat de relatie is tussen spelende Joodse kinderen op een begraafplaats, het bewust breken van je heup en een fundamentele angst voor dichtslaande autodeuren... dat tonen dagboeken uit het Derde Rijk aan. #Holocaustresearch #wecom #phd #UAntwerpen #VUB #fwo #thesisthread (1/20) Image
#AnneFrank leerde de wereld met haar dagboek hoe het is om verdoken te leven. Hoe het leven in Duitse steden veranderde toen Hitler de macht greep op 1 januari 1933 en of er voor Joden nog veilige oorden waren, ook dat leren dagboeken uit 1933-1945. #Holocaustdiary (2/20) Image
Een blik op het leven in de stad is vernieuwend in Holocaust-onderzoek. Uit ethische verantwoordelijkheid werd lang gefocust op het leven in getto’s en concentratiekampen: massamoord vond hier plaats. Toch waren stedelijke veranderingen belangrijke stappen in dit proces. (3/20) Image
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(1/) Over the last few weeks, we've been working on a very special video series, and we're so happy to finally share it with you! 🌻💚

Presenting "Some days are better than others" (Part 1):

#AcademicMentalHealth #PhDVoice #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek
(2/) When talking about mental health (MH) in academia, there’s often discussion about how the individual can cope. But there isn’t enough focus on the day-to-day experiences and struggles that come with mental illness or MH issues, and on the people living with mental illness.
(3/) Through the experiences and stories shared in this video series, let's try to focus on the bad days and on just how difficult it is for someone living with mental illness to do basic life tasks, work, show up, and survive on these particularly bad days.
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I got 4 fully funded PhD offers in the USA

Here is what you can learn from each paragraph of my SOP

Check reply for this #thread....

#AcademicTwitter #phdchat #PhDposition #phdlife #phdvoice #phdadvice #phdpositions #Scholarships #Phdapplications
Paragraph 1 (P1): Introduction

- Problem you want your career to solve

- Why the problem raises concern

- Why the problem needs to be solved

- Your career statement (may involve your aim to provide solution to the problem)

- Declare your intention to apply for a program
P2: Research
- Your research at undergrad and or post-baccalaureate
- Describe problem, approach, result, & significance of your research
- Highlight your role in the success of the research
- State how your research will influence your success in #gradschool
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Following my increased activity on #AcademicTwitter, if I see a question pop up many times, I write a blog post/article about it

Here’s a thread of 10 articles with useful resources & platforms for students, PhD researchers & academics

@AcademicChatter @OpenAcademics @PhDVoice
Interested in handy and practical books that can help your research, studies, writing skills, presentation techniques, career development and all-round personal and professional development?

If so, check out:…
Looking for a reference management platform to automate your bibliographies and list of references?

Check out:…
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For me, the worst part of being #disabled is the drain on my ego. Its incredibly hard to maintain a sense of self-worth and confidence when you are literally constantly thwarted by simple tasks that almost everyone else does with ease, compounded by the social isolation. 1/8
This thread isn't to invite pity.

For the #disabled, its to give hope that you can achieve great things. I'm living out my dreams, even though I still struggle with the weight of my brokenness. 2/8
For the abled, this thread is to share a piece of my world and ask that you extend empathy to those who have a very different set of challenges and blessings due to a disability they have zero control over. 3/8
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1. #phd Vivas are scary, preparation is key. Inspired by a recent pre #viva chat, here are some of the questions I prepped which massively help me during the #Defence, the questions, goal and comments included.

#AcademicTwitter #phdlife #AcademicChatter #phdadvice #phdchat Image
2. Who are your examiners? What's their background, field of initial & #doctoral degree? What have they published? Any special notes on their history? (Industry background, Preference for a specific method).

I tabled this for quick reference to frame any specific questions. Image
3. A key question format learned from the amazing @SMARTlab program was the "Swiss Cheese" question. A question looking to talk about a similar but different area of research!

This is common when examiners are from closely related but different fields. Image
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Having trouble getting started writing your Statement of Purpose for #PhD programs?
Don't worry! Talking about yourself is ✨hard✨

Here's a thread 🧵 outlining what mine* looked like:

*I applied for biosci programs.

@AcademicChatter @OpenAcademics #phdchat #phdvoice

Attention-getting first sentence that centers a connection between me and [broad field]. Three sentences on a personal anecdote about how my background and life has shaped my critical analysis and creativity skills in the sciences.

Pursuing my interests in XXX at the XXX, I began by studying [most general description of my first research project].

4-7 sentences on my first research experience, including:
- How I specifically contributed (I isolated… I led… I developed…)

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1/ Let's do the math of the cost of applying to graduate school in the US: A THREAD.

Graduate school applications usually involve:
1. Application Fee
2. Taking the GRE
3. Taking the TOEFL
4. Sending GRE and TOEFL scores
5. Occasionally, a hard copy of the previous transcript
2/ I come from India, and $1 = 75 INR.

According to the internet, the average application fee is $43 but the most common is $50. For the benefit of doubt, let's consider $43, which equals 3225 INR.
3/ Taking the GRE costs $190 outside the US, which equals 14250 INR. To put this into perspective: this is 2000 INR more than what a friend of mine earned in her first job as an architect who graduated from one of the best colleges in India.
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