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PSA for funded #PhD students:

If you blindly throw the numbers from your Form 1098-T into tax software or over to a tax preparer, odds are that you are paying TOO MUCH in income tax.

No #gradstudent can afford to do that!

#AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #gradschool

Of course, I can’t say this is true for everyone, but I’ve seen it time and time again for fully funded graduate students, particularly those whose student health fees and insurance premiums are paid on their behalf.

Here’s why:

The IRS allows you to use your “qualified education expenses” (QEEs) e.g., tuition and some fees/expenses, to reduce your tax liability through 1 or 2 education tax benefits.

But what shows up on Form 1098-T in Box 1 is not (necessarily) the sum of your QEEs.

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Best software and suggestions to prepare a #poster presentation

my summary of the 80 answers received from @AcademicChatter community for the #sciencetwitter

Prepare popcorn, it's detailed but long 1/9, you can also just read the doc attached
#scicomm #STEM #phdchat
@AcademicChatter Tips 1/2
Set up a slide w/ dimensions you plan print
Keep things simpler than you first imagine
Make sure all writing can be read from no less 3-4 feet away
Use projector to test and final proofread before printing
Best posters can be digested in 2-3 minutes
Add QR code to share
@AcademicChatter Tips 2/2
Ask students for feedback
Ask someone from outside ur field for feedback
Add Twitter handle
Use online template and start adding your stuff
Start from a template that senior members of your lab have used
Submit a week before conference
Give yourself 2-3 days to print
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Thread: Having just finished a major overhaul of my PhD thesis' bibliography, I invite you all to gather 'round so you don't make the mistakes I did. I should have known better, me being an academic publisher; I didn't follow my own professional advice, & I suffered. #PhDChat
2/n So some handy tips you can follow as you conduct your research and writing. An ounce of prevention . . . .

Don't be lazy and use "et al." That might work in the notes, but you may be asked (like I was) to list EVERY author in a multi-authored publication for the Bibligraphy
3/n Don't restrict yourself to author initials. These people have names. And while some authors do prefer to use initials when they publish, many use their full given names. I had to go back through my Bibliography and change all the initials to names. Fun (not fun).
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My previous threads on #qualitative #interviewing referred mainly to one-to-one, semi-structured interviews. Research interviews, however, can be conducted in more than one way. #1 @AcademicChatter #phdchat #QualitativeResearch
@AcademicChatter In this thread, some different ways to conduct interviews are discussed, so have a look and see whether a different format could help answer your research question better. #2
@AcademicChatter The social research literature categorises research interviews roughly into #structured, semi-structured, and unstructured interviews based on the degree of #planning or preparation from the interviewer’s side and the #leeway available for participants in their responses. #3
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Please please please be aware that just because your PhD acceptance letter says fully-funded it does not necessarily mean that funding is sufficient for your needs.
If you share an apt with 4 ppl near public transport, don’t own a car, don’t pay car insurance or for gas, stay on your parents’ cell phone plan, don’t have pre-existing conditions and stay healthy, don’t have debt to pay monthly, have no children or pets, it might be sufficient.
Keep in mind many programs limit or prohibit your working outside the program. Keep in mind many programs cap how much you can earn additionally on campus. Keep in mind not all programs cover your insurance premiums. Keep in mind funding might be for 9 months, not 12.
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Woke up so ready to get back to writing! I’m definitively finishing this sub-section today, but I would be thrilled to make major progress into the next sub-section too. Knowing how long this main body section (with 3 sub-sections) will be helps figure out the shape of the rest.
Current shape of the chapter is a beefy intro, a big body section with 3 sub-sections & then either a smaller section then a conclusion, or I move the ideas for that smaller section into the book conclusion & go straight into the chapter conclusion when I finish this section.
A lot of folks who have read my first book, #BodymindsReimagined, have commented on how clearly organized/presented the writing & argument is in it. That’s meaningful to me bc I spend A LOT of time working on chapter structure. The order & style of presenting an argument matters!
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Hello @AcademicChatter!

Last month you asked me to show you my #logbooking tips - the blog is coming soon! But in the meantime here is how to set up your OWN log book in 5 minutes.

Part 1 is just about the tools you'll need! Scroll down for the rest 🤩

Part II : a bit of theory behind "pleasing" note taking and how to find the right balance.
Part III is setting up your categories and color coding in a way that makes sense for *you*.
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[Thread] I'm a bit late but as people are prepping courses for the new semester (or already started) I wanted to share all my teaching materials for those that may find them useful! #TeachPsych #PhDchat please RT to share!
1. The Psychology of Human Sexuality [3000 level, elective, 4 credit hours]. I took an evo, cross-cultural approach. The 2-day a week course was split, I did lecture one day & discussed a recent research article the other. Term paper materials included
2. Intro to Lifespan Developmental Psychology [2000 level, program req & gen ed, 4 credit hours]. Formatted for a 2-day a week full semester (fall 2019) and a 8 week 2-day a week summer semester. Scientific literacy assignments included!
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The hardest part of a PhD and an academic job isn’t intelligence, grants, or research chops..

My mom hugged me yesterday and started to cry, “I wish you lived closer” I was visiting for Christmas. She had brain surgery two weeks ago.
@AcademicChatter #phdchat #AcademicChatter
This has been the hard part for me. The necessity of moving across the country to find the needle in the haystack. Seeing loved ones and friends grow up , and now grow old, from a distance.
So many of us have had to choose between the career that we love and the people that we love, and now that the holidays are over and we head back to our lives we will deal with the what if’s and the guilt.

Solidarity, friends.
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Welcome to #SchizoChat, the biweekly forum where I ask questions, take questions, and post facts about some #schizophrenia-related topic every ~5 minutes for two hours! Today’s topic: "So, you've just been diagnosed with schizophrenia, now what?"
I’m not an expert on these topics—I’m merely an individual with schizoaffective disorder hoping to get a conversation going and #EndTheStigma. Please correct me if you notice I’m saying something incorrectly, and please share! #SchizoChat
This topic, like most, can get really personal, so please respect each other’s opinions! Or their right to have an opinion at least. #SchizoChat
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How I chose the lab where I did my PhD, a thread:

In my biomedical sciences program, I had to rotate through 4 separate labs (it’s a lot, I know). 1/n

#AcademicChatter #phdchat
When I started grad school, I was certain I wanted to join a virology lab, so 3/4 of my rotations were in molecular virology labs. I was having fun, but was overwhelmed with classes and imposter syndrome. 2/n
Halfway through my last rotation, I found myself staring in disbelief at a positive pregnancy test. (Sidebar: Birth control is only 99% effective when taken correctly, y’all) This was 8 months into a PhD program and I was terrified. 3/n
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Academic writing - a thread

This fall I have taken a course in academic writing. I have learnt a lot and to synthesize some of my lessons I have made a manifesto - ideals to live by and points to remember.

@AcademicChatter #academicwriting #AcademicTwitter #phdchat This is my manifesto presented in graphic form. All the points in the thread are listed here. Read the whole thread to read all the points in this image.
1. Write every morning until 10. Then reward yourself with a 10-minute break. Yes, even the days you don’t really want to.
2. Start writing, even though you feel you need to read more. You’ll know better what you need to read, once you start writing.
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This micro-thread is for graduate and undergraduate students writing their theses. As you know, I've developed resources not only for students but also for faculty, ECRs, postdoctoral researchers, etc. ANYBODY can use my materials and adapt for their own uses. So, here are...
... a couple of recommendations of tools I've developed that may not be obvious for the usage of #PhDChat students.

First: if you're writing chapters of your thesis, you can incorporate supervisor's feedback using an adaptation of my Drafts Review Matrix…
Second: if you are planning each chapter and trying to figure out when you need to get what written by in order to graduate, you can use my Backcasting technique. Here I am using it for an R&R, but you can apply it to new drafts or in-revision material…
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I'm about to start marking my 97th PhD thesis. Based on the previous 96, here are some tips for supervisors on how to pick examiners and prepare the candidate for what they might ask. #PhDChat 1/
The thesis should be written with a particular set of examiners in mind. This is NOT so as to insert the examiners’ own publications into the reference list…. 2/
…it’s to ensure that the people examining the thesis have, broadly speaking, a similar view of the nature of reality (ontology) and how that reality should be researched (epistemology) as the candidate and supervisors have assumed. 3/
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Just finished reading 150 applications for an RA position in my lab (it's a jungle out there). Thought some of you ECRs might like to hear some thoughts from this side of the recruiting story... #ECRchat #PhDchat (a thread)
Most important thing first: read the job description and person specification and tailor your application accordingly. I have to use a shortlisting form based on the JD and PS. No matter how great you look, I cannot shortlist you if you don't show you meet the requirements! 2/
Some applicants I was pretty sure, based on the titles of their MSc projects, that they probably could do (say) cell culture, but is it fair to assume that? Maybe not. And it certainly put those candidates at a disadvantage vs those who explicitly said "I can culture XYZ cell" 3/
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When peatlands get featured in @AGUbiogeo @AGU_Eos, you know it's time for a deep dive into why these ecosystems are so unique! Stick w/ this thread today to learn @ peat, carbon, what is challenging its resilience, & why peatlands are a global treasure.…
@AGUbiogeo @AGU_Eos What IS a peatland? Seems simple- they are systems that have accumulated at least 40cm of peat. What's peat? It's dead biomass, mostly plant but also microbial & animal remains. So when enough dead stuff vertically accumulates, we call it a peatland. This is where simple ends....
@AGUbiogeo @AGU_Eos First, peat can accumulate for different reasons. Most scientific studies begin with this: "Peat accumulates where ever plant production exceeds decomposition". I have written this many times! But I now realize it's only partly true, & this is really important for resilience.
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I've given feedback on 3 grad school research statements so far this fall. I do this every year for folks in my fields, and every year, I see really similar patterns! Here are a few of them:
Good paragraphs but bad/no overall flow. I tend to think that an application is all about showing exactly why you're a great fit for a program. So every experience is a step in the story of "...and that brings us to right now, me perfectly set up to succeed in this program!"
When people aren't used to writing about their own work experience it often feels very disjointed, big blocks of paragraphs describing separate jobs and no helpful linkage. Make your points explicit: THIS set me up to be a scientist, THIS taught me THIS skill...!
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If you are moderating a focus group, please be aware of the introvert participants. Extroverts would dominate the discussion and... #phdchat #qualitativeresearch #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #epitwitter #meded /1
is your duty as the moderator to verbalize any nonverbal cue of the introverts to invite them to participate. Example: “Mike I noticed you smiling when Karen mentioned … What do you think about it?”. #phdchat #qualitativeresearch #AcademicChatter /2
“I noticed that you put a surprise face when … was mentioned. What are your thoughts?” Everyone should be involved in the discussion as early as possible. #phdchat #qualitativeresearch #AcademicChatter /3
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1/ What follows is the story of why I will not be attending #MPSA2020. Here, I discuss the aftermath of my #MeTooPoliSci disclosure, which I discussed last year: The #thread is long, so please bear with me. #MPSAfail
2/ When I first saw the editorial statement on the @AJPS_Editor website in April 2018, I was devastated. In that statement, my harasser told the #polisci community that what I said about him harassing me was untrue.
3/ He also indicated that his cooperation with the ongoing investigations with the @MPSAnet, @michiganstateu, and @UMich was an attempt to clear his name.
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For novice interviewers in #qualitativeresearch, remember that the richness of the interview would mostly depend on your skills. But you could start by adding the following type of questions to your repertory:

"Can you tell me...". #AcademicChatter #phdchat /1
"Can you give me an example?" "Could you say something more about..." " Can you give me more details on...". #AcademicChatter #phdchat #qualitativeresearch /2
"What did you actually do when ..." "How did your body react?". #AcademicChatter #phdchat #qualitativeresearch /3
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#PhD students trying to move out of #academia often struggle with what to put on their non-academic CVs. So here's a list of 6 sets of TRANSFERABLE SKILLS (THREAD)
#AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #phdchat #JobSearch
Here's a link to the full article this thread is based on:…
1.Communication - You are extensively trained in oral presentation & writing. Data visualisation and condensing information with all the details is a valued skill set! And also at listening & improving based on feedback.
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Hi, #AcademicTwitter! I just finished reading "How to Write a Lot" by Paul J. Silvia, PhD, and found it had a lot of tips that might be handy to others in the academic Twitterverse. So here you go: WRITING TIPS, A THREAD
@AcademicChatter @GradWriteSlack #AcademicChatter #phdchat
1. Set aside a specific time to write. Try starting with 4 hours a week of writing time - you'll be amazed at how much you get done!
2. Writing is not just the typing of words - Silvia says “any action that is instrumental in completing a writing project counts as writing”, so get your journal-reading or number-crunching done in that time you’ve set aside for writing.
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Hey @PennLaw, it's a good thing that you gave Professor Wax a sabbatical so she could enhance your brand!

And the @NewYorker was happy to help!….


#Lawtwitter #academictwitter #phdchat #racism @atlblog @JosephPatrice
Some highlights on this thread. First quote from Wax: "Why are successful, peaceful, orderly, prosperous, technologically advanced, democratically sound countries so rare and so few, and why do they clump up in one tiny corner of the globe, namely Europe, the Anglosphere?"
(Gosh, I dunno, you never spoke to anyone about colonialism?).

Wax: "I think colonialism as an explanation is just a nonstarter. Colonialism came very late on the scene."
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Today I am tweeting out from a #CroakeyPopUp w @SummerMayFinlay hosted by @BronFredericks - tips for researchers on using Twitter
@SummerMayFinlay @BronFredericks Twitter is a social platform, @SummerMayFinlay tells #CroakeyPopUp participants. IE don't just broadcast. Find your own voice for Twitter, she advises.
@SummerMayFinlay @BronFredericks Now @SummerMayFinlay is stressing the importance of using hashtags on @Twitter and encouraging #CroakeyPopUp participants to pull out their phones, and get tweeting
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