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#mgmttwitter #phdchat Do you know any review paper about text analysis (unstructured & long text in particular)? I am interested in both ML and non-ML methods. Thanks in advance! 😃 my starting point is @justingrimmer and stewart 2013
also it does not need to be in the field of management. I know there are many good papers in other fields, including sociology and political science.
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One of the most useful things I found in preparing for the viva was reading the questions other people had here are 13 (out of many) questions (not verbatim...from my memory 🤯) that I had in my viva last week... #phdchat #phdviva #AcademicChatter #thesis
1. What would your elevator pitch be to summarise your thesis? A summary in your own words, say you met someone

2. What is your motivation to research this topic?

3. What spoke to you about a foucualdian approach , why did you choose it?
4. What have you learnt doing a doctorate?

5. What is the value of a Foucauldian approach?

6. How do you understand resistance, conceptually?
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I hope PhD students on the job market are getting advice for how to navigate applying to non-academic jobs from their departments. If not, here's a few things I learned when I started applying to industry jobs last Spring when the academic job market collapsed:
First off, there are FAR more industry jobs than academic jobs. I don't think we realize how limiting it is to only apply to professor jobs (at least I didn't). Searching things like "data analyst" or "researcher" will yield tons of results.
Sites like Glassdoor and Google jobs make it easy to find industry jobs for PhDs. However, you will have an advantage if you have some industry experience first. So if you can do an industry internship during grad school, definitely consider it! #phdchat
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Ever wanted to harness repeatedly-measured predictors within a clinical prediction model but found the existing literature overwhelming?

Look no further, our recent methodological review can help! 👇👇👇

#epitwitter #statstwitter #phdchat #epidemiology https://diagnprognres.biome...
💡 To make this field more accessible for applied researchers, the extracted modelling techniques were grouped based on similarity, and how they used repeated observations to enhance prediction. 💡
The three main motivations to incorporate repeatedly-measured predictors were:

1⃣ To improve model specification and applicability over time
2⃣ To infer an error-free predictor value at a pre-specified time
3⃣ To account for the effects of predictor change over time
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Next up in my "should and how do I PhD" series of videos... tips for PhD applications! feat e.g., knowing the faculty, reaching out to potential advisors, statements of purpose, how to be smart about letters of rec, etc. #phdchat
Going to summarize for folks who don't want to sit through the whole video! Tips for PhD applications:
(1) Check requirements early because they will surprise you with how different they can be
(2) Know the faculty in the departments you're applying to.
(2a) It is not enough to think "I want to do computer science" so you apply to every CS program. You have to know what KIND of CS you want to do, and that there's someone in the department who does that thing.

This is also important for two more reasons...
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Deeply unappreciated fact: the most "impactful" person in science right now is this Kazakhstani hacker queen. She is the one-woman bridge to the largest repository of scientific knowledge ever collected.
She has probably done way more for under-represented/under-funded/under-resourced communities who can't afford the gatekeeping of modern publishing than any well-meaning "broader impact" grant.
Posting because it always blows my mind that there are still folks out there unacquainted with her sorcery. #phdchat
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PhD candidates! Do you ever wonder what your thesis examiners actually *do* to prepare for your viva? Let me tell you what I have been up to for the last couple of days... 🧵

#PhDchat #ECRchat #AcademicChatter
Here is a thesis I’ve just finished reading. Every orange tab is something that I would like to discuss at the viva. The purple tabs are little mistakes we don’t need to discuss, but that the candidate might like to change before final submission (like typos)... 2/15
In practice, we have to prioritise so probably only a third to half of these points will get discussed. My co-examiner will also bring a list of things to discuss and will also not get to discuss every single one. 3/15
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Yesterday, I officially #graduated with a #PhD from @UF. I spent 5 years working on #Conservation #Ecology of #Dholes or Asiatic wild dogs. Here's an #illustrated #SciArt thread of my #dissertation. #AcademicChatter #phdchat 🦊🤎(1/22)
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Spent the last 8 wks working as an intern at a biotech hedge fund, very different from being at the lab bench. Top learnings I'll be applying to my PhD [1/x]:
1. Identify the key risk in any project and pursue it aggressively. If the project is going to fail, find out quickly.
2. Go deeper. Think you've found your answer? Keep reading. The literature is rich with information to be gleaned, even if it isn't stated overtly.
3. At the same time- be efficient with lit review. Know what you are looking for, and chase the answer(s) with intention.
3. Communication is key. Slide design is king. Nobody cares what you have to say if you can't present it in a way that is digestable. @BECLmit skills really came in handy.
4. Don't spend time guessing what your supervisors want. Just ask, and adjust accordingly.
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"Further validation of the affective bias test for predicting antidepressant and pro-depressant risk: effects of pharmacological and social manipulations in male and female rats" @Dr_Hinch @doctmcgee…
Summary: #pharmacology #affectivebias #depression #animalmodels #affectivestate #malesandfemales #ABT
The need for a reliable and #translational tool measuring emotional behaviours in animals that possessing robust validity is unquestionably important but 1/
but very challenging to achieve. Commonly used assays are generally lacking in at least one aspect of #validity and do not fully translate into #clinical work. In this paper, the affective bias test (ABT) has demonstrated to reliably detect both positive 2/
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We are going to be running a series of anon questions that revolve around applying for grad school!
If you are applying & have questions, or struggled with something when you were applying, DM us & we will add it to the thread!
#PhDChat #GradSchool #PhDBalance #PhDApplying
Q1 - How do you start to look for programs in a field? How do you even start to assess them for differences?

#GradSchool #PhDChat #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #PhDApplying
*You can DM us if you want to answer any question anonymously and we will post it for you!
Anon Answer to Question 1
Start by contacting the graduate admissions office or officer (website should be able to tell you). They will be able to tell you whether you can apply & then find a supervisor or if you need a supervisor to agree to work with you before you can apply.
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What I want in a professor's syllabus (only if they mean it): #AcademicChatter #PhDChat

Accommodations and Disability

I will adhere to all accommodation letters given to me from the Disability Services office. I will not ask students to disclose their disability. 1/3
Please contact me through email or in-person if I am not providing proper accommodations to you as a student with a disability. I will truly try my best to accommodate you. 2/3
Please contact me if you have issues with the attendance policy in this syllabus, particularly regarding your disability. I will try my best to be an advocate for you as a student. 3/3
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| How to overcome Imposter Syndrome |

Without a doubt, this is one of the most prominent issues in #academia. Feeling as if you are not worthy, or don't belong, can have a serious effect on your overall wellbeing.

Hopefully this graphic (+thread) can help!

#phdchat #phdlife
1. Recognise

Awareness of imposter feelings when they emerge is the first step. Track these thoughts, what they are and when they occur.
2. Rewrite

Remind yourself it's normal not to know everything and that you will learn more as you progress. Rewrite this in to your mental programs.
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Faculty hiring 2020 is coming. Yes there will be TT jobs available. Yes there will be many fewer than last year. Should you apply this year? Wait it out? Give up altogether? A few thoughts (1/n) #AcademicChatter #phdchat
Now more than ever you need your mentors to help you make this decision. Your PI, PhD committee, other trusted faculty are all great resources but even more - they can put you in contact with dept heads and chairs who can give you more insight. (2/n)
Take stock of your personal life and determine if you can wait a year or if you need to give it a try. Bring that info and your CV to multiple mentors and ask for candid feedback about your preparedness. Also bring a 1 slide overview of your proposed research program (3/n)
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Thread for PhD students whose work was interrupted by COVID-19. #phdchat 1/
I’ve examined 101 PhDs, but the one that sticks in my mind was from someone whose partner had a life-changing illness halfway through the PhD timeline. 2/
Family comes first. The student suspended their studies, looked after partner for a year, then (with support) returned to part-time PhD alongside heavy carer responsibilities. 3/
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Academia can be confusing 🧠🧐
(advice for students/postdocs - anonymous story):

During my PhD, I was told IF means nothing, paper citations matter A LOT. So my paper (against my will) ended up in a low (5-6) IF journal, but got cited a lot. 💪1/5

#phdchat #scicomm @_atanas_
--> During my postdoc, reviewers of my fellowship applications and transition grant applications said: "no major papers" and rejected them. 🤨 2/5
At the beginning of my postdoc I was told that collaborations, co-corresponding, and senior authorships matter A LOT. So, I collaborated a lot (got CNS papers), got co-corr papers in journals with IF 10-15, and got senior author papers in journals with IF 5-6. 💪 3/5
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[1/14] PhD completion thread

Boy this is weird…

🤓Since 2016 I lived in Perth Australia where I worked on my #PhD day in, day out. After I send-off my PhD thesis to the reviewers at the end of February, I traveled back to the Netherlands to see my family and friends


❌After 2 weeks, the Netherlands (almost) closed everything due to #COVID19 and so did @WAGovernment & @ausgov. Meaning I’m still stuck in the Netherlands and I have no idea when I can travel back home because I’m on a student visa.

✍️I was (still am) planning to apply for a new visa after I complete my PhD but I can only apply for this visa when I’m in Australia and within the first 6 months after graduation.
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Hello again #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #phdchat #phdlife #phdthings #CoronaContract #AntiCasualisation @sheffielduni @sheffielducu

Arresting headline in the article below....

"Sheffield University denies plans to sack 8,000 staff and rehire them on lower pay"

On cursory inspection @sheffielduni make no mention here in the excerpt below nor elsewhere in the article of how many fixed term contract teaching staff - like me - they have already made redundant.

Or indeed that they have made anyone redundant...

Which I found odd since @sheffielduni made redundant 4UTs in my dept. alone.

So thank you again for your (non) recognition as outlined below in the article.

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1/ Let's do the math of the cost of applying to graduate school in the US: A THREAD.

Graduate school applications usually involve:
1. Application Fee
2. Taking the GRE
3. Taking the TOEFL
4. Sending GRE and TOEFL scores
5. Occasionally, a hard copy of the previous transcript
2/ I come from India, and $1 = 75 INR.

According to the internet, the average application fee is $43 but the most common is $50. For the benefit of doubt, let's consider $43, which equals 3225 INR.
3/ Taking the GRE costs $190 outside the US, which equals 14250 INR. To put this into perspective: this is 2000 INR more than what a friend of mine earned in her first job as an architect who graduated from one of the best colleges in India.
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A thread for students taking undergrad courses online:

I didn't realize til becoming a TA of these courses how much data about your behaviour on your learning platform is surveilled and available to instructors. I think it's important that you know.

Your profs and TAs can see:
- the last time you logged into the platform
- how much time you've spent on the platform
- how many "page views" you have
- how often you have participated in course activities
- which days you've been active
- your student photo
- how often you've communicated with instructors
- which assignments you've completed, including which have been submitted on time vs late
- a "star rating" of your participation and how often you've viewed pages
- what percentile you're in for grades in the class
- your major
- possibly more (or less), depending on your school
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Read about our @NatureEcoEvo comment on how to prepare a growing #postdoc workforce in the @nationalpostdoc #POSTDOCket! The nb of postdocs has doubled in 30 years, but faculty positions nearly not changed. We propose 5 key points to better prepare us for a wide range of careers:
1.Align career development with job markets: a survey found that #STEM PhDs lack skills essential for the current #career landscape. #Postdocs need to be encouraged by advisors & departments to invest time in professional development.
#phdchat #beyondprof…
2. Sustain wellness & work-life balance: a happy worker is a productive worker! No #postdoc should lack access to healthcare, sick leave or parental leave, we need more transparency about benefits & recognition of #mentalhealth consequences of short term contracts & relocation.
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My tips for conducting a #SystematicReview - a thread.

1. Have a look whether any systematic review or #metaanalysis has been conducted on your topic before. If so, what (gaps) did they uncover? How did they structure their results? How will your review differ?

2. Have a look at the resources available at @PRISMAStatement, including the checklist and flow diagram (…), and use it to guide your processes.
3. Get in touch with the reference #librarian at your institution, or check out the resources available through any #HigherEducation #library website. They'll have valuable insight into search string development and database best practice.

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Being an academic - a summary of some of the stressors that can impact #mentalhealth.

This is a topic we need to talk about more. Something affected you that isn't listed? Please let's get the conversation started ⬇️

@AcademicChatter #phdchat @OpenAcademics #academictwitter
This poster explores some of the stressors that academics, including professors, experience that affect their mental health. Alt text for screen readers! 1/
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Back pain is the greatest cause of disability and lost productivity world-wide:…

Back pain generates significant financial costs for society in developed countries, such as the United States of America, Japan, Europe and Australia (e.g. US$80 billion per year in direct and indirect costs in the United States of America):

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