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THREAD - Here are my thoughts on generating themes in qual research & why they don't emerge. I've included my BAE notes to situate myself. I hope you will read and share. #AcademicTwitter #qualitativeresearch #critqual #highered #highereducation #educolor #dataanalysis #phdchat
1. First, generating theme is only ONE type of inductive analysis in qual research. It shouldn't be confused as THE path to data analysis in qual research. Thematizing is quite intuitive, despite being presented as a form of systematic approach to data analysis in qual.
2. Also, while some disciplines privilege a systematic approach to qual analysis, because identifying codes, categories, themes can be an extremely intuitive process to which we try to put language, a lot remains unexpressed even after articulation.
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The advice I continue giving folks looking into PhD programs is to look for an advisor who is kind.

Don’t look for the “most brilliant” advisor. Look for the person who is kind, who mentors you, lifts you up.

And pro-tip: kind folks are usually the most brilliant.

Getting a PhD is a long journey. And it’s a journey that is challenging not just intellectually but emotionally. You learn a lot about yourself in this process and you grow in ways you weren’t expecting.

Kind advisors walk through the PhD process with you and help name your growth, name your gifting, and push you where you need to be pushed. Kind advisors don’t just care about you as a “scholar,” but as a human being. And in the end that matters more.

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I mentioned that I’m prone to anxiety and Imposter Syndrome. So how have I dealt with these challenges? Here are my tips for diminishing the stress of #gradschool. #PhDchat

Though these might be useful for folks at other levels/in other sectors as well!
1. Take care of yourself.

It makes such a difference when you feel healthy.

For example, I’ve learned I need to prioritize exercise. I like to do barre classes that focus on getting STRONG. I also dabble in yoga, which keeps me feeling zen when grad school stress hits.
1a. Pro-tip: find a workout buddy. It’s easier to stick with it if there’s someone to hold you accountable, and it’s a lot more fun!

Here’s me and one of my barre buddies who also happens to be a #BAWIS #HERper, @TaliaMuadDib after we did barre for a whole month straight! Talia and I are each holding up a frame around our faces that says
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Last week I put together a thread about archive workflow () and said I'd create a thread about using DEVONThink as a tool for source analysis and management. Here it is. #phdskills #phdchat 1/
My primary source analysis is all done w/ @devontech DEVONThink Pro. As I said in my last thread, I drag and drop the PDFs from the archive directly into a “dissertation” database in DEVONThink Office Pro + run OCR on them. (I have diff databases for diff research projects.) 2/
DEVONThink is really powerful, but I only really use a couple of features regularly. The main thing I use it for is to take notes on primary sources, and I do that through the annotate function (shortcut: ALT + SHIFT + CMD + A). 3/
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Last year, I did a questionnaire focusing on Black women and science fiction. I haven't written much on it, and I couldn't figure out why until today. Today, I walk back and share the comments. #reclaimingmytime #phdchat #AcademicTwitter #blerd
Most of the responses were soooo valuable, and I know that #Blackgirlnerds are everywhere across the globe based on the 300+ responses that I received. But... there were a couple that I couldn't deal with at the time.
To keep these together, I'll use #NerdingWhileBlack ... I think it's appropriate when I think about all the times that people have been amazed that I read sci-fi and fantasy and watch anime consistently. I also think it fits since being a #nerd has often been raced as White.
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Inspired by folks at #phdskills, I've been thinking about my own research & writing flow as I finish the dissertation. I enjoy reading about others' workflow hacks & thought I’d share my own system +tools. I hope you'll add your own workflow experiences to the thread! #phdchat 1/
I’ll start in the archive for this thread. I use two apps, @TurboScanApp on my iPhone and @devontech (DEVONThink) on my mac to recreate the physical archive on digitally on my computer. 2/
I use @TurboScanApp on my iPhone to copy in individual folders as single PDFs. Eg I open the app, start a new scan, take a photo of the box id, a photo of the folder id, then scan each page into a single PDF. 3/
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I was in Clacton, in a living room with Sarah, brother Sam & daughter Linda, small children & a few pets. All three adults voted Leave & UKIP.

This #TuesdayThoughts, I want to share bits of their story with you.

How did that happen? I asked Sarah.

"There are so many English families living in one room, yet they're letting all these in and they're housing them, having houses built for them!", said Sarah.

Who is being housed, I ask? Have you been waiting for a long time?
Brother Sam cannot walk after an accident and is unable to work. Sarah has a lung disease and also has been out of work for a few years. It's only Linda who works in the household, who has two small children and no qualifications. She's working on a vocational qualification now.
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I am at the airport, waiting for my flight home after the first semester of my PhD. This time last year I was visiting prospective labs; for any anyone starting that process now I want to share questions you should consider asking prospective advisors and lab mates! #PhDchat 1/n
First, most important: Are you happy? This is a question for everyone you meet! You can ask more specific things like: Are you happy in this lab, in this department, in this city? People will be honest, and you can start to get an idea if you would be happy there. 2/n
Another good general question: What changes do you see occurring in the lab/department in the near future? For me, this helped to get a sense of department priorities. I was looking for answers around diversity & inclusion, because we can all do better 3/n
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This is a thread on how to address criticism of low sample size in qualitative research. I hope you will read and share. #AcademicTwitter #QualitativeResearch #critqual #phdchat #phdadvice #educolor #PhD #acwri
1. Any question about sample size must not be answered right away until you understand the context of the question. Otherwise, you will fall into the trap of justifying qualitative research by using the criteria for quantitative research. It's a set up for failure. Avoid.
2. To understand the context of criticism about small sample size, inquire about the concerns first. Is it because the inquirer thinks nothing can be learned from a small sample size, are they asking questions about generalizability, data saturation? What is exactly the concern?
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Alright, let's have some #PhDChat fun! Before I start this thread, keep in mind that this is based on my own experiences - what works for me might not work for someone else & the other way round.

So, how do you survive your PhD and/or stay sane in academia?
1) Choose the supervisor as much as the project.

As mentioned before, a great supervisor can make a non-dream project fun. A bad supervisor can ruin even the most awesome project for you.

Talk to the supervisors, if possible. Talk to other lab members/former PhDs etc.
(This isn't to say that you need to be best buds with your supervisors. You don't. But you should a) at least get along on a fundamental human level and b) have similar work philosophies.) Which leads me to my second point...
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Hi you can get paid $35,000+ to do research on the brain for 5 or 6 whole years of your life.

If you're low income you can apply to grad school for free, if the schools dont require GRE 😊
Stipends vary at different institutions and in different fields but almost every biomedical research PhD program in the US will pay YOU to get your PhD.

You dont need a master's beforehand either.
People get mad at me every time I tweet this, but you can totally apply to PhD programs as a backup plan.

If you've done research and love it but don't know if you wanna do it for the rest of your life, you can still apply and see if it's something you're into.
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Next up is @harvardclassics' Miriam Kamil, whose talk is entitled "Straightening the Classics: The Censorship of Homoeroticism in the traditions of Sappho and Catullus." #teachancient #glassics #phdchat
M begins w some background information on Sappho and notes that, by the 19th c, sapphism becomes a synonym for lesbianism. There is an argument to be made that Sappho's homosexuality was censored even by her contemporaries. Stories started by comedians that she was a prostitute
M: Censoring of homoeroticism or usual attacks on women? Prevailing view now that Sappho's poems lost bc they were written in Aeolic dialect - fell out of favor and stopped being read. It's been suggested that suppression of Sappho's homoeroticism was to make her more "palatable"
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Welcome to a special Hestia live tweet of @harvardclassics's GLassics workshop (2nd meeting), set up to create a safe space to discuss LGBTQ+ identity in classical texts. Today's workshop will focus on gay reception.
First up is Chris Cochran, who will be discussing "The Gay Reception of Petronius in the #metoo Era" #teachancient #glassics #phdchat

(Chris' introductory slide features the Norman Lindsay's "The Catamite" [1922])
C starts with the scholarly reception of sexuality in Petronius. At the time, Sullivan 1968 seems to give "frank" discussion of bisexuality, 1 year before Stonewall and 10 years before Dover. Today, scholarship suffers from linguistic issues (e.g.: terms such as homosexuality,
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Rejection letters & harsh reviews are wack, but they almost always provide us with clues on how to get better. Here’s a quick thread with some ways of dealing with rejection. 👊 #SocTwitter #AcademicTwitter #phdchat 1
Before I even click on the PDF containing reviewer comments, I tell myself a little mantra that is huge in jiu jitsu: “You either win or your learn. There is no losing.” It sounds hokey, but this mantra has helped me appreciate very critical reviews #SocTwitter #AcademicTwitter
Then, while reading reviewer comments, I look for the “fatal flaws” that got my work canned. Usually the issue is about theory choice, methods, or a mismatch between theory / data. I don’t get mired in little stuff...yet... #SocTwitter #AcademicTwitter #phdchat 3
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✂️🐟🎉🏀 Hey everyone, @Science_Baller here! I'll be the guest host today talking about all things #STEMed #scioutreach #scicomm and #CRISPR today! Jump with questions at any time and I'll try to answer them! It's going to be a #zebrafishparty and I'm pumped! 😎
A little about myself: I am a new lecturer in Biological Sciences @VanderbiltU . I teach a section of Introductory Bio (220 students) and 3 sections of Intro Bio Lab (16 students/each). What's the biggest course you have had to teach? #STEMed #AcademicTwitter #phdlife #phdchat
I graduated with my Ph.D. in Biochemistry in May from @RiceUniversity . My research focused on #zebrafish genetics using #CRISPR mutagenesis. My big paper discussed a new #CRISPR tool that we developed which has an increased mutation rate+longer deletions…
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Seeing lots of PhD students starting out on their journey, as well as plenty in the middle, and some towards the end. Twitter was a wonderful tool for moral support, so I thought I'd put together a few thoughts about the process, for the @phdforum, #phdchat and #phdweekend folk.
1. The most important one right at the start. Look after yourselves. You are doing a PhD, but it shouldn't define who you are. I made the mistake of becoming consumed by it, and it took its toll on my health. Be engaged and committed, but remember to live your life too.
2. Forge a good relationship with your supervisors early on, and make sure you know what they expect from you, and what you should expect from them. Will your meetings be weekly/monthly? Will they read your work regularly? Agree on the working relationship early on.
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How to write a PhD in six months, a twitter thread from remarks by @MeganhMackenzie @Usyd_ssps at our writing sprints #phdchat #academicwriting
You must be openminded, optimistic and realistic. @MeganhMackenzie @Usyd_ssps #phdchat #academicwriting
If I want this to be done, let's have a "come to Jesus" moment. @MeganhMackenzie @Usyd_ssps #phdchat #academicwriting
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Let's talk #academiclife relocation as a #postdoc #phdchat

I just moved across the country (Louisiana to California) for a great govt postdoc. Big pay raise, benefits, a real job, etc.

I don't know if I can pay my rent next month. Here's why.
I had to pay $3,000 to move my family and me. We shipped whatever we couldn't sell and drove. We stayed with family to avoid lodging, made our lunches, and had our spending on lock down.

I won't be reimbursed for a penny because my job isn't a permanent position.
Because we couldn't afford to visit first to find housing, we had to go in blind (I interviewed in person at a conference).

To get into a duplex, we had to front another $4,000. Just to sign the lease!!
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1/n Tips for scientific writing: eliminate distractions (internet, phone notifications, people around you, chores). However, get up and walk around every half hour- helps with inspiration!
2/n Tips for scientific writing: when you get stuck on an idea, write yourself a note in the text and come back later. If necessary move on to another section of the paper- keep your flow!
3/n Tips for scientific writing: write in simple, clear, or even colloquial language first, to get the idea clearly from your mind to the page. Get most of the paper written this way. Polish later!
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Thread: some high level tips & general advice for phd students (based on my experience) #phdchat
1. Understand the incentive & motivation behind your choice to make this enormous commitment. Be fully transparent & honest w/ yourself. This is the big picture — the macro perspective. It will help you navigate the process w/ impeccable clarity, efficiency, & resilience.
2. Build a reliable network of kind and compassionate mentors characterised by a diversity of career backgrounds, levels of seniority/expertise, life experiences. Consult them often, build trust, and give them access to your dreams and fears. Nourish these relationships.
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I am part of the "hidden working class" in modern-day academia, a thread.
I went to a Russell Group uni as an undergraduate. By the second year, I had weakened my regional accent, and by the time I had finished, I all but lost it altogether.
My interests, hobbies, eating habits, and other small things also subtly mutated over those three years. It wasn't a conscious process, but a natural result of fitting in with middle-class peers.
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Hey Twitter, remember the Young Post-Doc Precarious?
You can now buy The Young Post-Doc Precarious on a mug, or as a sticker, or on a t-shirt. (Heck, if you want it on a duvet cover, give me a shout and I'll make you a higher-res version! 😂)…

#phdchat #acwri
Are you a post-doc precarious? Cheer yourself up with a cushion or a travel mug or a postcard!

Are you a PhD supervisor whose student is about to graduate? Give them a glimpse at their future!

There's even a white version to go on black t-shirts!
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1. I'm creating this thread to discuss how epistemicide is common in critical qual research, and why we must be vigilant of it.
#critqual #educolor #acaemictwitter #phdchat #phdadvice #qualitativeresearch #highered #phd
2. First - what is epistemicide? It is the erasure, dismissal of culturally-situated ways of learning and knowing that would otherwise be critical to creating knowledge (in qualitative research). This occurs to center dominant discourses. #academictwitter #highered #phdadvice
3. At a conference, I met an emerging scholar of color, who is working on race and identity from his sociolcultural position, but he was working with theories that had nothing to do with his work (Read: Dead, white French guys). #AcademicTwitter #phdforum #educolor #highered #phd
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#AcWri #PhDchat Fancy some lunch break fun?

I am the very model of a young post-doc precarious:
I have a PhD and my accomplishments are various.
I've publications numerous, a contract for a monograph;
Today's writing output has been a single tortured paragraph.
I fill out applications for jobs temp'rary and permanent:
Will your first-rate department be my unemployment's terminant?
I do impact, outreach, I am a public intellectual,
My tweets and rants and diatribes are passionate, effectual.
In lack of tenure-track professorships like in days halcyon,
I'll get my research funded - yay! - on ko-fi and on patreon!
In short I'm unemployed but my accomplishments are various:
I am the very model of a young post-doc precarious.
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