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Thread for ‘but is this happening in schools’ #Edutwitter. Yes it is. Firstly personal testimony: “the school nurse had referred her to the school counsellor [who] informed [her] that a hatred of one’s breasts could be an indicator of a non-binary”…
More testimony: “I am utterly horrified at what was taught at a PSHE lesson at my school recently. It was to a group of children, most are 11-12 years old. It is so, so much worse than I thought.” #Edutwitter #DiverseEd #LGBT…
More personal testimony: “We did request to see their transgender policy and it was kafkaesque – it repeatedly conflated sex & gender… & downplayed the effects of binders, blockers and hormones” #Edutwitter #WomeEd #PSHEPeeps…
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Thread: At #Jeffco board meeting, Director Miller’s questions get to the truth about the current state of the scandal ridden $800m bond program…@wsj @The74 #copolitics #edcolo #k12 #edpolicy #edchat
(1) After net $19m in costs at schools receiving students from 16 closed ES, only $34m (!) is left from $118m in bond premium ($51m was spent on athletic facilities not disclosed to voters in 2018)…
(2) About $100m from original bond proceeds is currently allocated to projects that haven’t begun, including construction of 2 new ES (!!!). This includes $17m for projects now in design phase, and $83m that haven’t begun.
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Thread: If a picture is worth 1,000 words, this 1Feb23 video of the teachers union presentation to the board of @JeffcoSchoolsCo (nation's 39th largest district) is worth a million. But first, some background... #edpolicy @FoxNews #edchat #suptchat #k12 #edcolo #jeffco @WSJ
Before the union presentation, the Jeffco board spent more than an hour discussing this affluent, educated suburban district's dismal student results, which have been declining for a decade... Image
Last June, the 4 (out of 5) union backed board directors approved such a large comp increase for teachers that Jeffco was plunged into financial chaos. Faced with $130m of projected deficits and reserve drawdowns, 16 ES have been closed, with more MS and HS to follow...
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Tomorrow evening is a public hearing in the Iowa legislature for HSB1, a bill broadly restructuring education funding in Iowa & establishing ESAs to pay for private schools. Here are the public comments I hope to make opposing the bill. A 🧵:
My name is Nick Covington. I taught high school social studies for 10 years, and I am the parent of 2 children in public school.
As a teacher, I saw first-hand that most Iowans, including teachers and parents, want the same thing: strong, quality public schools that give every student the freedom to reach their full potential. Where all students deserve the freedom to learn and succeed.
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This morning I decided to play around with #ChatGPT and asked it to write a lesson plan. I chose to center the lesson around the first Indiana standard for 8th grade social studies. Here's how it went:🧵
#sschat #edchat
The standard reads: “Identify the major Native American Indian groups of eastern North America and identify cause and effect relationships between European settlers and these Native American groups that led to conflict and cooperation.”

I prompted #ChatGPT and in under 30 seconds it gave me the following lesson plan:

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1/ In 2022, we produced and updated over 20 videos and films. Take a look at some of our highlights from over the past year ⬇️. Image
2/ Produced in partnership with @frontlinepbs, “American Reckoning” covers a lesser-known story of the civil rights movement and Black resistance to racist violence in Mississippi.…
3/ We documented the lasting legacy in Latin America from revolutions, coups, and uprisings that became commonplace during the Cold War. #Teachers can find our classroom materials related to this video here:…
#teachersoftwitter #edchat Image
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Imploring #edchat journalists to ask these data questions of current/proposed #SchoolVouchers schemes.

It’s how we know the so-called #COVID19 exodus for private/#homeschool will come back.

5-year voucher exit rates *before* COVID were near 💯

There are 3 groups of #schoolvouchers users—each giving lie to #EducationFreedom:

🤑 long-standing #privateschool parents cashing in—far the largest group

🤔 voucher-curious kids leaving soon after (most of the rest)

😵‍💫 some stray sorters—often susceptible to recruiting

2/ Image
There is NO evidence that #schoolvouchers give long-term “lifelines” out of so-called failing schools. They’re a tax-giveaway to parents already sending kids private…

…and for the rest a crypto-like short-term gamble that they usually back out of soon after enrolling.

3/3 Image
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I've been mulling on a thought since @elonmusk's announcement of the #Neuralink development status: what does a humanities curriculum look like when you don't teach writing? Hang with me as I walk through this. #edchat
2/ @elonmusk mentioned that our devices are limited by the input process. Our mental compositions are currently limited by the screen typing or voice to text typing. There is a lag and delay between what we want to say and imputing the data to say it through the device.
3/ The show and tell for reference
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It’s a big edu/policy research conference week (#APPAM2022 #ASHE2022 #UCEA22) and here’s a short thread on ideological diversity in edu-research and edu-journalism #edchat using the Greene/Heritage studies as a hook

1/ ImageImage
Some formal edu research/journo communities have tolerated increasingly far-Right stuff for years, in part because of a genuine commitment to multi-perspectives, and also out of fear of being labeled ideological or against free speech themselves

And in the #edchat journalism space there is some of the notorious #bothsides pressure too, to give voices to the Heritages and Catos if the world.

This is why people like Corey DeAngelis routinely are quoted as expert researchers when they’re really political activists

3/ Image
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NO the evidence for #schoolvouchers isn’t “mixed.”

Voucher “empirical” research showing positive academic effects are no less a political tactic than this piece of garbage here—and by the same organizations.

Heritage, Goldwater, Cato and EdChoice form the entire favorable base of evidence for #schoolvouchers.

No reporter would consider a study like this a neutral “study”

No reporter would consider this anything but a politically motivated “study”

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A hypothesis on why #CSforAll remains so elusive in American K12 education (a thread):

“Career pathways” isn’t cutting it as rationale for broadening equitable participation in Comp Sci education across K12.

We need to reframe the need.


#iledchat #edchat #edutwitter #twill
The impact of computing innovations on society, economy, and culture - particularly in just the past 25 years - is undeniably immense.

Not one school, district, state, tribal, territorial, or federal education administrator or policymaker will deny this.

But, even as educational leaders can see as clearly as #remotelearning just how pervasively computing innovations now-constantly alter our day-day lives..

..we’re afraid, systemwide, to take on the question of whether to allow K12 kids to study that which impacts them, too. 3/
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1 For anyone trying to understand why young people are struggling so much (@Literature_Lady @Edu_Historian ), here is how @stevensonhs administration has been grading students since before the pandemic as early as 2012! The crisis has been coming, but Covid made it worse. @ASCD
2 The Stevenson Administration (like Troy Gobble, Eric Twadell and Anthony Reibel) has travelled around the country with Solution Tree consulting to promote these ridiculous grading practices. I say ridiculous because they are not research based or peer-reviewed. #atAssessment
3 They are theoretical ideas bastardized from peo like @robertjmarzano and Gusky but repackaged by administrators who have not taught in the classroom in over a decade. But they happen to be at a high achieving school so ...
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NEW: This Post Was Written By #AI:…

From idea to content and published post in under 30mins, using free tools. This tech is developing *fast* and will have implications for teaching, learning and our graduates.

☝️Using tools from @playground_ai @peppertype_ai @AiWritesonic @copy_ai and inspired by @Suhail @kaifulee @FryRsquared @DeepMind @daniel_eckler and more. Follow them all for super-interesting news. #AI
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HAPPENING NOW: @Rweingartne joins @hshierholz, @BeckyPringle, and @ailenarreaza for a panel on strengthening education. Follow along in the thread below.
Right, @hshierholz: A big part of the staffing shortages we're seeing with teachers and school support staff is pay. The employment losses that came with COVID compounded the shortages we faced after the Great Recession. #EdChat #WhatKidsNeed @EconomicPolicy Image
.@hshierholz: There are COVID state & local fiscal recovery funds, and state & local revenues have rebounded from COVID. There is money to hire, and school districts are trying to. But people aren't willing to fill these jobs because of low pay. @EconomicPolicy #WhatKidsNeed Image
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Just in time for #ConstitutionDay my Government classes finished up our Constitutional Convention simulation games! Both of my classes broke with history and made some very different constitutions!

#edchat #sschat

(1/) Delegates for 1st Block’s C...Delegates for 3rd Block’s C...
The game was played over four sessions, based on a modified version of the @ReactingTTPast ConCon game. You can see the overview of the first session, where they debated the House of Representatives, in this short thread:

The second session was all about the Senate. The two issues up for debate was 1) the method of election, and 2) the manner of representation for the upper house.

Historically, this was election by the state legislatures and equal representation for each state.

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A couple of days ago I mentioned my US Gov classes were starting a sim/game for the Constitutional Convention. We've done the first day of it and thought I'd share the results.

For context, we're on a block schedule and I have 2 Gov classes this semester.

(1/) #edchat #sschat
I took the role of Washington as President of the Convention to facilitate the game. The first order of business was to elect the Convention Secretary (in the context of the game, this person helps me keep vote tallies).

In 1st Block, the Secretary was Gouverneur Morris (PA) while 3rd Block elected Charles Pinckney (not to be confused w/ C.C. Pinckney, both delegates from SC).

Honestly, I'm not convinced either of these gentlemen would want the job. The IRL secretary was William Jackson.

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🔦 Now available: the *first national look* at how 9-year-olds' math and reading achievement compares to pre-pandemic performance. Here is what you need to know ⬇️


#NAEP #Education #EdChat #ELAChat #MathChat #EdEquity #EdData @usedgov @IESResearch @EdNCES @GovBoard
The initial results from 2022 show the first-ever declines in math & the largest drop in reading achievement since the 1980s. "These are some of the largest declines in 50 years," says Acting NCES Assoc. Commissioner Daniel McGrath.…

2/10 Image
The results underscore the widespread educational disruptions that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, lower-performing students were already experiencing declines. Since 2020, students at all levels are moving backward.…

3/10 Image
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We speak with Dr. Justin Reich (@bjfr), director of the MIT Teaching Systems Lab (@mit_tsl), and host of the TeachLab podcast (@TeachLabPodcast), about education technology. (1/3)

#EdChat #EduTwitter #EdTech #K12…
Hailed by some as the great equalizer, the beneficiaries of ed tech tend to be white and affluent. Focused on equity by design, Dr. Reich observes that when teachers learn, they have insufficient opportunities to practice. (2/3)

#EdEquity #EquityInEd…
So he and his colleagues are creating digital clinical simulations, practice spaces for teachers. They’re also helping educators to figure out what they can stop doing, to allow more time for what’s useful. (3/3)

#Teaching #TeacherTwitter #EdLeaders…
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#Gr10English students once again dazzled with their essay remxies!

"Read a novel, identify the themes, create a thesis, find supporting evidence, cite your sources...but DO NOT write an essay".

@TCDSB @ELANontario #tcdsb #disrupttext #onted #edchat #edutwitter

(thread below)
Our text was #TheHateUGive

Remix 1: "Code switching is a problem for Starr, not a solution"

Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes are normal, but the Oreo cupcakes were injected with mayo to make them taste bad 🤢

(more below) Image
Remix 2: "The negatives in Starr's life are actually positives"

Rosewater pastries (her dad), dandelion cupcakes (her neighborhood), & lemon juice pea flower tea (mixing communities) sound gross, but taste great! 😋

(more below) ImageImage
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Thread: #Jeffco parents and voters: The district's Capital Improvement Program has spent about $173 million on cost overruns, scope changes, and projects not disclosed to Prop 5B voters in 2018. Let's look at the facts. #edcolo #copolitics #edchat #k12 #edpolicy
In 2018, Jeffco voters approved the issuance of $567 million in bonds to fund a $705 million Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The remaining $138 million was to be provided by the annual transfer of $23 million to the district’s Capital Fund from the General Fund for 6 years.
Of the 705, 56m went to charters, $563m was to be spent on projects at district run schools, and $86m was for "Program Contingency." Each project at a district run school included a 10% "project contingency" to cover cost-overruns and scope changes. If these were > 10% ...
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ED thread-
To be clear, @stevensonhs your assessment is not working and has not been working for years. #atAssessment @SolutionTreeAR This assessment (known as EBR at my school) has eroded study skills, and damaged work ethic while contributing to student stress. And this
assessment has eroded trust in the faculty while burning us out. Faculty feel that their professional integrity has been compromised and ethically feel that they are going against what they have been trained to do and what they believe is right. #atAssessment #edchat
I don't think that @stevensonhs upper admin wants to hinder students or teachers, but they have turned a blind eye refusing to dialogue with Ts about what works and what doesn't. This is NOT a professional learning community #atPLC and has strayed far from Dr.Dufour's school.
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In January, a Tennessee school district issued a report on 31 texts from its K-5 English language arts curriculum that had been challenged as being obscene, “critical race theory,” or inappropriate for elementary-age children.

Ultimately, only one title was removed.
Complaints targeted books in all five grades, and just over one-third of the criticisms came from parents who have elementary-age children in the district. The remaining complaints came from community members whose students are older or have no children in the district at all. A graphic showing 31 texts ...
One of the most common criticisms was that the material exposed students to difficult topics too young, or were otherwise age-inappropriate. #EdChat #k12 #EduTwitter #TeacherTwitter "To some extend, age-a...
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1/ School superintendent flat out lies to parents to keep CSAM grooming books in Texas schools @McKinneyISD. He blames, "political agendas, sensationalism, and exaggeration." He is a #groomer.

#edchat #parenting @SenTedCruz @mass_tx @RonnyJacksonTX…
"McKinney ISD in no way supports obscene or pornographic materials of any kind in our public-school libraries."

False. He doesn't tell you his definition of those terms means only those already adjudged as much by a judge and only on a case by case basis.
"On rare occasion, it is possible that a book ... could slip through the cracks...."

False. He doesn't tell you his books come from lists recommended by others that are known to make inappropriate materials available and other superintendents aren't so fooled.
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The California Association of Teachers of English (CATE) passed a resolution in 2020 about equitable grading.

I think it's commendable, and I'd like more people to know about it.

The following is that resolution in its entirety.

#edchat @CATE_California #sblchat @JoeCFeldman
BACKGROUND: Grading is a difficult and personal matter for educators to discuss because rather than using grades to reflect mastery only, educators have become accustomed to incorporating the participation and effort of students (a.k.a. socio-emotional skills, currently ...
...recognized as soft skills), and to averaging grades throughout a semester. These practices can often fail to accurately reflect a student’s learned knowledge and skills. Recent research, such as Grading for Equity (Feldman), What We Know about Grading (Guskey & Brookhart), ...
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