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To be clear, @stevensonhs your assessment is not working and has not been working for years. #atAssessment @solutiontreeAR This assessment (known as EBR at my school) has eroded study skills, and damaged work ethic while contributing to student stress. And this
assessment has eroded trust in the faculty while burning us out. Faculty feel that their professional integrity has been compromised and ethically feel that they are going against what they have been trained to do and what they believe is right. #atAssessment #edchat
I don't think that @stevensonhs upper admin wants to hinder students or teachers, but they have turned a blind eye refusing to dialogue with Ts about what works and what doesn't. This is NOT a professional learning community #atPLC and has strayed far from Dr.Dufour's school.
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In January, a Tennessee school district issued a report on 31 texts from its K-5 English language arts curriculum that had been challenged as being obscene, “critical race theory,” or inappropriate for elementary-age children.

Ultimately, only one title was removed.
Complaints targeted books in all five grades, and just over one-third of the criticisms came from parents who have elementary-age children in the district. The remaining complaints came from community members whose students are older or have no children in the district at all. A graphic showing 31 texts ...
One of the most common criticisms was that the material exposed students to difficult topics too young, or were otherwise age-inappropriate. #EdChat #k12 #EduTwitter #TeacherTwitter "To some extend, age-a...
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1/ School superintendent flat out lies to parents to keep CSAM grooming books in Texas schools @McKinneyISD. He blames, "political agendas, sensationalism, and exaggeration." He is a #groomer.

#edchat #parenting @SenTedCruz @mass_tx @RonnyJacksonTX…
"McKinney ISD in no way supports obscene or pornographic materials of any kind in our public-school libraries."

False. He doesn't tell you his definition of those terms means only those already adjudged as much by a judge and only on a case by case basis.
"On rare occasion, it is possible that a book ... could slip through the cracks...."

False. He doesn't tell you his books come from lists recommended by others that are known to make inappropriate materials available and other superintendents aren't so fooled.
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The California Association of Teachers of English (CATE) passed a resolution in 2020 about equitable grading.

I think it's commendable, and I'd like more people to know about it.

The following is that resolution in its entirety.

#edchat @CATE_California #sblchat @JoeCFeldman
BACKGROUND: Grading is a difficult and personal matter for educators to discuss because rather than using grades to reflect mastery only, educators have become accustomed to incorporating the participation and effort of students (a.k.a. socio-emotional skills, currently ...
...recognized as soft skills), and to averaging grades throughout a semester. These practices can often fail to accurately reflect a student’s learned knowledge and skills. Recent research, such as Grading for Equity (Feldman), What We Know about Grading (Guskey & Brookhart), ...
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1/ Recently a new game called #Wordle from @powerlanguish went viral.

Wordle challenges you to find a random word in 6 tries.

Its fun, simple and addictive. More importantly, it is a good chance for us to teach students about #ComputationalThinking (CT).

🕰 for a 🧵:
2/ CT s a problem solving framework; a systematic way of approaching a problem that can be used in any classroom and with any age of learners.

CT is broken into 4 distinct parts:

- Decomposition 🧩
- Pattern Recognition ⠻
- Abstraction 🧊 > ⬜️
- Algorithm 📍
3/ To learn more about the 4 parts of CT, check out this video from Google:

Or, if you're ready for a dive deep, check out this video from @UCCSEd leader Tim Bell:
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Thread: This afternoon #Jeffco Schools released two damning independent reports on the causes of poor achievement results and the out-of-control Capital Program. The district hid both from voters until after the election...#copolitics #edcolo #k12 #edchat
The first was @moss_adams' independent audit of Jeffco's Capital Improvement Program, which Moss finds is least $136 million over budget due to cost overruns and spending on projects not disclosed to voters:…
After she was elected to the board in Nov 2019 @Miller4Students repeatedly questioned the mgmt and governance of the capital program. Until Tracy Dorland became Supe, Miller's calls for an outside audit were blocked by the union-backed board majority. This report vindicates her.
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I almost passed my GRE or English test. If other requirements are strong, can I still submit my graduate school application?

It depends.

Here's why!👇

A short thread
#phdchat #phdforum #phdvoice #AcademicTwitter #edchat
Your chances will depend on how the application review process works for your intended program. Unfortunately, it is mostly hard to tell from the outside looking in.
For some programs, they use the test scores as an initial metric to screen out applicants when they have many applications than they can handle.

In this case, you are at risk of early rejection if you don't meet their minimum scores
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Higher ed in the West has become a hot commodity in the developing world—not for the education but as a route to immigration. As @nickhunebrown writes, with so much money to be made, the business is built on exploitation.… 1/6 #CdnPoli #EdChat
What’s the pitch? First, get a student visa—the school doesn’t really matter. Then get a postgraduate work permit that lets you stay in the country for a few years. Then apply for permanent residency. The problem? It’s never so simple.… 2/6 #CdnPoli Illustration of a universit...
Foreign students face tuition that starts at $20,000 a year in Canada. Families in rural Punjab are literally mortgaging their farms to send one child to community college. It’s a bet on a path to a better life that rarely materializes.… 3/6 Illustration of hands holdi...
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Today I'm going to #LiveTweet my reading of "Anti-racism and Universal Design for Learning (building expressways to success)" by @FritzTesha

This book covers two very important topics all teachers should choose to bring into their classroom.

#EdChat #LitChat #UDL #Teaching Image
xi - oppressive systems of white supremacy are built into our school systems, which disadvantage the abilities for black students to learn and express themselves.
x - black students are asked to conform and comply by adhering to White standards of expression, identity, and beauty.

These systems prevent students from feeling safe and must be disrupted.
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The hiring process has long been identified for school administrators as their single most critical job duty..

..but, en masse, hiring in education remains woefully antiquated.

Here’s a potential fix..

#iledchat #edchat
1️⃣ Rid the hiring process *completely* of the overwhelmingly fixed mindset-rooted Q&A that plagues it.

There is **zero** research base to associate a teacher “thinking on their toes” in giving “the right” answers to questions on the fly, and their efficacy in the classroom.
2️⃣ Replace the anti-#growthmindset Q&A with a lesson the candidate delivers in front of a hiring panel.

The content/skills to be developed during the lesson should be given to the candidate at least 48 hours in advance of the screening date.

In other words, kill the “gotcha”..
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Students have experienced more unfinished learning over the past year than ever before. Two key strategies have emerged to move forward—remediation or acceleration. @zearned’s new report with @TNTP shows why acceleration is the right approach. Here are our findings. #EdChat Image
In '19-'20, both cohorts struggled more than the prior year, but rates of struggle are similar. This year, the lines diverge.

The orange line follows remediation classes. Their struggles grew & they experienced significantly more struggle than the acceleration cohort (green). Image
It wasn’t just that the classes that experienced learning acceleration struggled less. They also completed 27% more grade-level lessons than the remediation group.
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Yesterday during a PD they asked what’s causing you stress & I put in the chat “they keep making us go back to normal and normal wasn’t working”

Today in a meeting my principal asked me what I meant by that. She gave me the chance to say more. So I did.
Everyone might hate me soon bc I plan to spend the next 4 months talking about how we should stop doing bad stuff to kids.

Doing bad stuff to kids is universally recognized as NOT what our work is. Yet we do bad stuff to kids every day. Let me explain:
Bad stuff we need to stop doing to kids:
-Cram them in a chair for hours at a time
-Refuse to let them talk to each other
-Stress & test them because we need the “data”
-Shame them for noncompliance
-Withhold water/food
-Blame them for not meeting the standards
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Mr. Csajko's Virtual Mini-Golf brings you 9 Holes on the "P.E. GA" Tour. Working on Striking with Short-Handled Implements
#PhysEd #athome #edchat
Holes 1-4
Holes 5-8
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Powerful! Tim Cook - "Technology does not need vast troves of personal data stitched together across dozens of websites and apps in order to succeed."…
"Advertising existed & thrived for decades without it, and we're here today because the path of least resistance is rarely the path of wisdom." - Tim Cook.
"If a business is built on misleading users on data exploitation, on choices that are no choices at all, then it does not deserve our praise. It deserves reform." - Tim Cook
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A thread of key moments, insights, and primary sources that students might find interesting. #hsgovchat #sschat #edchat
The Bidens began the day with a private mass. Note that he invited Republican leaders in Congress.…
Meanwhile President Trump left the White House and opted not to be part of Inauguration Day. As always, follow @cspan for many clips like this throughout the day.
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I'm SICK of everyone claiming we are going to have a generation of kids "left behind". What are they going to be behind in? Are we upset our kindergarten kids aren't reading their college texts and finishing their calculus? Give me a break. #EdChat
(Good) Teachers will do as they always have and address the gaps in their students learning so they may provide remediation as necessary. (Good) admin will do as they have and address areas of weakness and strategies for improvement in developing teachers.
As a society we must always look for improvements that can be made in every facet of our lives. We must also take time to appreciate the good things occurring around us.
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1/ Students can (and should!) think like journalists while reading news coverage.

In "News Goggles," @BySuzannah and I show them how. It's a new feature in The Sift® with classroom-ready resources.

Love slide decks? Hate making 'em? We do that, too. #sschat #edchat #engchat Image
2/ We turn #newsliteracy concepts into bite-sized classroom activities. These slides make great bellringers!

Some weeks, we offer paragraph-by-paragraph annotations of news reports — like on this AP story on deadly wildfires.
SLIDES —>… ImageImageImage
3/ How do you know that a report can be trusted? We break down public records and watchdog journalism, as in this @propublica investigation.

SLIDES —>… Image
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🧵 alert! How can educators support students and lay the groundwork for a more resilient system moving forward? Ahead of #naeycAC and in light of the current challenges in education today, we're proud to share this special collection from our partners at @ChildhoodEdIntl⬇️ #ECE
"One of the greatest challenges educators face is responding to urgent concerns caused by crisis affecting their students, while also creating the groundwork for a more sustainable and resilient system moving forward.
Teachers need creative ways to respond to disruption, students need emotional support to build resilience and perseverance, and schools need ideas for transformative approaches with the flexibility to respond effectively to future disruptions.
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A few months ago, @knowledgeworks published some guidance on systems thinking & I tweeted some critique.

Katie King reached out & we recorded a great convo on color-evasiveness & tools for racial justice. Check it out below.
"Our diagram did not illustrate the racist policies and beliefs that led homes in predominately White neighborhoods to be valued more highly. It did not illustrate that White parents often draw conclusions about a school’s quality based on its demographics..."
"..., believing that a school that serves mostly White children is a better school than one that serves mostly Black children. It did not illustrate that many wealthier schools and districts, which already have access to more tax revenue, also receive private funds..."
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1. Updated thread on children and #COVID19, summarising the latest research.

Summary: schools can only reopen safely if community transmission is low, otherwise outbreaks will occur.
#SchoolReopening #edutwitter #edchat #edchatEU #auspol #Schulen #école #enfants
2. First, a recap, showing that child-to-child and child-to-adult transmission of #SARSCoV2 occurs, and that cases in children are being missed (which will affect the findings of some studies published to date).
3. The thread linked to previously has many sub-threads. I've linked to an important one below.

It contains evidence that children and adults are equally likely to be infected with #SARSCoV2 given the right circumstances.
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Reopening American schools will be a disaster. So will keeping them closed.

When the #coronavirus hit, we failed to control it — and America’s children may pay the eventual price.
Of all the American institutions the pandemic has shut down, none faces pressure to reopen quite like schools do. Pediatricians exhort schools to open their doors wherever possible or risk developmental harm to kids. Working parents are in crisis.

#EdChat #TellEWA #CovidEdu
.@realDonaldTrump has threatened school funding in his campaign to get school doors open. But many school districts have made it clear that they can do no such thing.

#COVID19 #education #k12
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I was inspired to do a bit of systems planning this morning to organize my thoughts (anxieties?) about the return to school.
After reading this article (…), I was inspired to do some systems planning (anyone who knows me knows my love of Multitiered Systems of Support/#MTSS).
What if we approached the return to school in a systemic way--that offers a both/and. For example--ALL students are provided with online, virtual instruction that teachers have had time to plan for (unlike the spring)--this is Tier 1.
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Haven't heard about #JuneteenthDay until this year? You are not alone, and that's a problem.

What is taught in school shapes our worldview. What is NOT taught in school can negate the history, culture and value of our own neighbors.

What has not been taught in school is part of erasing the history of systemic racism and the contributions of Black people and other minority groups.

#JuneteenthDay isn't the only thing you didn't learn about: Tulsa Massacre, the Zoot Suit Riots, Japanese internment?

“There’s a long legacy of institutional racism that is barely covered in the mainstream corporate curriculum. It’s really astounding how little the contributions of Black people are included in much of the mainstream curriculum." -@JessedHagopian

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I am writing a blog post to encourage more teachers to join Twitter for professional development. I want to include recommending some Twitter accounts that they should follow. Who do you think is someone that they should follow?
I will also be recommending TWITTER CHATS! Keep them coming! #masterychat #TLAP #edchat #kidsdeserveit #eduductTape #formativechat #digcit #satchat
Also, if you answer this question, I would love to quote you on my blog. "What are the benefits of teachers using Twitter and WHY do YOU use it?"
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