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*Mental health thread*

At least 1 in 4 of us are suffering with mental health illnesses.

We are all human and we do not know what trouble the human beside us is facing.

🙏 CHOOSE to listen, support, be kind & fair.

Your hello and smile may be what gives someone strength.
The thing about mental health is that it can seriously affect how we see things, how we perceive ourselves and others around us.

Negative thoughts of failure or self-criticism or loss of confidence being wrongly reinforced by how others treat us can affect how we feel.
Eventually it can all become overwhelming.

One can feel that they can no longer cope.

Choose not to be the person who takes away someone’s sense of security, self belief, sense of achievement or confidence.
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Barangkali beberapa dari kita mencintai dengan alasan. Beberapa yang lain dengan syarat dan ekspektasi.
Mencintai terkadang menjadi hal yang rumit, karena kita menyertakan alasan, syarat, dan ekspektasi di dalamnya. Secara sadar ataupun tidak sadar, terkadang kita menginginkan sesuatu sebagai balasan atas cinta kita.
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1/ Not responded to the #CofE's latest #statement before now because I felt it as a body blow - a blow to those members of the #body of #Christ who God gave me as siblings & with whom I am united, whose pain echoes in me though it is not directly my own - & I needed to breathe...
2/ The #statement is thin paper stretched over a seething mass of different, deeply held #identities, opinions, lives & #loves that stand in #opposition to one another, yet somehow mysteriously #united in #Christ. There are #cracks we cannot paper over, divides staggeringly deep.
3/ I am really hoping this #lawyerly #statement from the church was just a 'holding statement' till the proper review that is coming, made because the law on civil #marriage changing pushed them into saying something because clergy would need guidance straight away..I am hoping..
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I want to make something very clear to the #infosec community. Just because you aren't deeply technical, a pentester, a red teamer, a forensics expert, or RE wiz doesn't mean that you can't teach people things. Everyone's life experiences are different and the more we 1/4
share knowledge, the better we all become. Even if it's your first week on the job in a SOC and you see how a piece of malware installs sticky keys, or your a manager who manages 10 red teamers but have never popped a shell, you have experiences that the majority of us 2/4
haven't seen or done personally. There is a lot of bravado out there. Many people speak on popping shells & APT like they are experts, that aren't, but when you share experience, real experience, we all get better. Shared knowledge, infinite curiosity, this is what it means 3/4
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The American motion picture is the greatest unconscious carrier of propaganda in the world today. It is a great distributor for ideas and opinions. The motion picture can standardize the ideas and habits of a nation.

Edward Bernays ✡️

"I'm not what you think I am."
The CIA is often credited with 'advice' on Hollywood films, but no one is truly sure about the extent of its shadowy involvement.…
A vast swathe of documents revealing the extent of US government influence in Hollywood .. indicating US officials have covertly helped produce at least 800 major movies and 1,000 television shows since 1910.…
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On 7/18/2016 .@POTUS made a “dramatic” entrance to the Republican National Convention. There are no coincidences...
Bigger than you realize
This was not just another 4 year election, this was a fight for #Humanity
The council is a collective consciousness from the Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Civilizations of Light, who are dedicated to assist humanity to transition into a new Era of Peace, Harmony, Unity, Oneness, Prosperity, Love and Wellbeing for Planet Earth.
They are here to assist in understanding each persons Star lineage, the awakening to your sovereignty as an individual and as a society on planet Earth. This allows you to begin a collaboration with advanced civilizations of the higher dimensions, to repair and restore Earth.
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Numerous animal sanctuaries, rescues survive ONLY through #donations

A cool gift idea: make a donation in someone's name✨
☑ .@rikkisrefuge and share some #love this #Christmas2019

#WishList #helpingothers #payitforward #ThursdayThoughts #FridayFeeling
Sanctuary in #Wales

What to give a friend for #Christmas 👉 a donation in their name✨

Or you can #sponsor a resident at .@BTWsanctuary #gifts of #love

#Christmas2019 #christmasgifts #helpingothers #SecretSanta #TwitterForGood #WishList
Sanctuary in #Warwickshire
.@FARSSanctuary could use some #love this #Christmas2019

If you have a few pennies spare please help ▶…

#donation gift 🎁 #helpingothers #christmasgiving #WishList #ThankfulThursday
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45 dropped 4 today, as a signal of what’s abt to come...MOAB. Q-4 posted in 10/29/17=10/11/10=11/11 on 9:11/4:11... #BOOMERANGTIME 🙏🏻🇺🇸 for 9/11 by the 4/11 (Whistleblower heroes/Leaker Patriots/Avengers BTS) 😇
Q have emphasized time & again that there are MORE good than bad in this showdown. It has been a hostile takeover/plan of insertion by the GFL in all of the dark network/regimes, for the greatest victory of the GFL! Wray=Reveal:Disclosure is coming.
As much as all wants the truth out, can’t get it when ppl are still negative abt everything being projected 🎞...yes it’s hard to not get carried away at times. Even Q said disinfo is necessary, hence don’t take everything posted as truth, until further validation...bc it comes
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🔅Daily Inspiration Threat🔅
Seen this video @DGPurser shared.
It's moving, inspiring and heartbreaking all at the same time.

#Walter Blanks Jr
I see spelling wasn't your best class.
Your name: "ChozenOne"
Joking bro : Well done.

🔅Inspiration Thread🔅
This thread will be ongoing and updated regularly.
▫Twitter has become so negative with name calling, arguing, threats, filthy language, etc...
#Twitter needs more positivity.
▫Feel free to DM videos that inspire you or if you inspire others.
Random acts of kindness video compilation.
▫What ome did you like the most? I like the jewlery one the best.

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1. CNN Gets Triggered By a Supercut of Their Impeachment Coverage of President Trump, Has It REMOVED From YouTube

(But We Have It)

#TRUMP #NEWS #Impeachment #ImpeachmentHoax #ImpeachmentHearing #FakeNews
2. Senators Sanders and Warren Could Face Arrest if They Skip Impeachment Trial… #TRUMP #NEWS #Impeachment #ImpeachmentHoax #ImpeachmentHearing
3. President Trump Calls on CNN to Retract Fake Story That He Uses a Personal Cell Phone… #TRUMP #NEWS #Impeachment #ImpeachmentHoax #ImpeachmentHearing #FakeNews
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1 to 40 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019🤨👇🏼…
41 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019🤨👇🏼…
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It’s time to share your #WednesdayWisdom! Tag a friend and let’s go! #SBCCHAT #RelationshipAdvice #love #relationships #AdultsOnly
Q1. Every birthday, my mother-in-law gives me a block of molded cheese that she makes. She gives others diamonds, etc. My husband thinks she’s generous to me, but I think she’s being petty. (I’m her only Black daughter-in-law). Advice. #SBCCHAT
Q2. I’m still in love with my baby daddy. I was in love when he got me pregnant, but I acted like I did not care. He now has a girlfriend.
Ps. Our baby looks like him, he is no deadbeat though. He kisses my cheeks or forehead when he visits. How do I get over him? #SBCCHAT
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Love yourself first!

The big problem today is that most people don’t love themselves. Society never teaches that it is possible to love ourselves. Understand that unless you love yourself, you cannot possibly love another person.

#love #selflove #nithyananda #Inspiration
Only when you lose yourself to yourself can you lose yourself to others. We are taught that we can only love even ourselves if we have a reason. If we perform well, we love ourselves.

#selflove #love #nithyananda #InspirationalQuotes #WeekendWisdom #SaturdayMotivation
If we fail, we hate ourselves. We apply the same logic to others. We love them only because of something, never without a cause or a reason.

#love #selflove #success #InspirationalQuotes #SaturdayMotivation #nithyananda #hindu #spirituality
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This session with an entrepreneur and his wife yesterday had my brain working ALL night and so I’ve decided to do a #thread without my super personal details.

This is a thread about #love and being an #entrepreneur
Once I had clarity of purpose and felt in my soul that I knew why I was on this planet at this particular time, I wrote a plan to achieve that ultimate objective.

I studied role models to understand how they managed to find love, especially paying attention to @richardbranson
Staying married seems to be extremely hard for ambitious people willing to take risks few people will take.

It is easy to be singularly-focused and seem selfish. Your business can seem all-consuming. You drop so many balls trying to juggle them.
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I read somewhere #SteveJob's last words. They are so well-written, so touching, so thoughtful, so meaningful, yet so sad, something which we must inevitably go thru. I found them #TooGoodNotToShare ..

Hope you enjoy reading and find them as meaningful as I did ..
Let’s be fair to all while we still have the health to do so.....

Here goes another addition to my #TooGoodNotToShare series

"I reached the pinnacle of success in the business world. In others’ eyes, my life is an epitome of success ..
However, aside from work, I have little joy. In the end, wealth is only a fact of life that I am accustomed to.

At this moment, lying on the sick bed and recalling my whole life, I realize that all the recognition and wealth that I took so much pride in, have paled and become
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Last Friday I spoke a GOTV rally in Stafford, Virginia hosted by @QasimRashid, @jessfosterva and Joshua Cole for Delegate. Hearing Sen @timkaine, Gold Star father Khizr Khan, former MI gubernatorial candidate Dr. @AbdulElSayed, and many others speak, a common theme emerged:
Democrats lead with compassion. That’s where our policies start. That is our compass. In my remarks to the crowd, I told a story I had never publicly told before.

Last October, I was sitting in court with my client, a large, burly man from El Salvador.
He had a bright, cheery-eyed daughter, no more than 7. We'd just finished our asylum trial. I looked over to him, and saw him tear up. He turned to me quizzically.

I figured he would ask about his appeal rights, or some procedural question. But I’ll never forget what he said.
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सफलता क्या है ??? 🤔🤗👇

4 वर्ष की उम्र में सफलता यह है कि आप अपने कपड़ों को गीला नहीं करते।

8 वर्ष की उम्र में सफलता यह है कि आप अपने घर वापिस आने का रास्ता जानते है।

12 वर्ष की उम्र में सफलता यह है कि आप अपने अच्छे मित्र बना सकते है।
18 वर्ष की उम्र में मदिरा और सिगरेट से दूर रह पाना सफलता है।

25 वर्ष की उम्र तक नौकरी पाना सफलता है।

30 वर्ष की उम्र में एक पारिवारिक व्यक्ति बन जाना सफलता है।

35 वर्ष की उम्र में आपने कुछ जमापूंजी बनाना सीख लिया ये सफलता है।
45 वर्ष की उम्र में सफलता यह है कि आप अपना युवावस्था बरकरार रख पाते हैं।

55 वर्ष की उम्र में सफलता यह है कि आप अपनी जिम्मेदारियाँ पूरी करने में सक्षम हैं।

65 वर्ष की आयु में सफलता है निरोगी रहना।

70 वर्ष की उम्र में सफलता यह है कि आप आत्मनिर्भर हैं किसी पर बोझ नहीं।
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1 to 40 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019🤨👇🏼…
41 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019🤨👇🏼…
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1 to 40 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019🤨👇🏼…
Maduro Confirms Troops Will Remain on High Alert on Border with #Colombia After Drills
#Geopolitics #Military #USA #Venezuela
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1 to 24 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019🤨👇🏼…
25 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019 🤨👇🏼…
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The Global #ClimateStrike continues today, with massive rallies in some countries. Love and strength to all!
Alongside the grief and fear, I feel a sense of relief. For 30 years, privately and publicly, I've been told I'm mad. Sometimes I felt I was, and sometimes I behaved that way, lashing out irrationally. Now I know that if I'm mad, so are millions of others. Mad as hell, in fact.
Now we come together, motivated by something that's almost unmentionable in this market-driven world.
We are constantly told self-interest reigns supreme.
It doesn't.
We rebel in love for each other, love for the living world, love for what we might become.
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1 to 24 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019🤨👇🏼…
25 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019 🤨👇🏼…
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Guru is a compound of two words, Gu & Ru. Gu means ' darkness ' ;
Ru means ' light ' - that which dispels the darkness of ignorance is called Guru. In India this word is used with reverence and is always associated with holiness and the highest wisdom. It is a very scared word.
It is seldom used by itself, but always with its suffix, deva. Deva means “bright being.” An enlightened master or Guru is called Gurudeva. There is a vast difference between an ordinary
teacher and a spiritual master.
All followers of a Guru, whatever their age, even if they are eighty years old, are like children to him. He will feed them, give them shelter, and then teach them, without expecting anything in return. I asked my master, " why does he do this ? "

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