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Bringing Real-World Assets to DeFi and making Real-Impact. 🧵👇

#DeFiwithBrú #DeFi #NFTs #web3 #BTC #RWAs #assets #Crypto #DeFiforeveryone
Brú Finance enables farmers, artisans, MSMEs, and women to convert their assets into tokens and get instant loans against them, from the #DeFi pool.
Brú Finance has brought Open Finance and #DeFi together to materialize the vision of #financialinclusion.
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Har Har Mahadev

Passing by.

#JaiShriKedar ImageImageImage
En route. Only divinity. Nothing else. Vast difference in developing this place even in last 4-5 years. #Rishikesh
#HarHarMahadevॐ #JaiShriKedar ImageImageImage
#Rishikesh is giving Brigade Road a complex!!! ImageImage
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Union Finance Minister Smt. @nsitharaman met Mr @MiebachMichael , CEO @Mastercard , in Washington D.C., today. (1/4)
Mr @MiebachMichael informed Smt. @nsitharaman that @Mastercard has set up huge #DataCentres in India and is focusing on training and digitisation of small businesses. (2/4)
FM Smt. @nsitharaman spoke about GoI committment to #Digital #FinancialInclusion with focus on #women and #SME by developing world-class #homegrown #technology #solutions. (3/4)
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The @wef has just released our evaluation of #stablecoins for #financialinclusion, looking closely through case studies about where they can help. We find no compelling added value from the use of stablecoins for financial inclusion. 🧵…
#Stablecoins are subject to the same barriers and constraints as pre-existing financial options (or higher barriers in some cases, e.g. need for internet and smartphones). They can also introduce important risks on economic and technical levels.
One must closely consider the specific barriers to #financialinclusion that exist in a region and how #stablecoins or other options might address them. Regional context is imperative to addressing the complex challenges with inclusion.
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The Gates Foundation New Partnership with EU European Investment Bank

What kind of relationship does the gates foundation have with blockchain technology?

Share your research in the comments!👇…
Some partnerships I have seen over the years

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Creates Mojaloop foundation and partner with

#Ripple #Interledger #ILP $XRP ImageImage
Details of the Ripple & Mojaloop Partnership and how it's changing the world of payments in developing countries.

One day this could include a new 1.6 billion people of the unbanked to participate in global trade.
#unbanked #fintech #financialinclusion #XRP #ILP ImageImage
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पंतप्रधान जनधन योजनेला (PMJDY) आज 7 वर्षे पूर्ण

✅28.08.2014 रोजी योजनेचा प्रारंभ.

#वित्तीय समावेशनासाठी (#FinancialInclusion) राष्ट्रीय मोहीम

अधिक वाचा:…

पीएमजेडीवाय हा जगातील सर्वात मोठा वित्तीय समावेशन (एफआय) उपक्रम आहे ज्याने स्वतंत्र भारतात मैलाचा दगड स्थापित केला आहे.

पीएमजेडीवाय, बँकेपासून वंचित राहिलेल्यांना बँकिंग सेवा सुनिश्चित करण्याच्या दिशेने एक मोठे पाऊल आहे.

पंतप्रधान जनधन योजनेच्या 7 व्या वर्धापन दिननिमित्त अर्थमंत्री @nsitharaman यांनी योजनेचे महत्त्व पुन्हा सांगितले आणि यामुळे समाजातल्या शेवटच्या माणसाला, गरिबातल्या गरीब व्यक्तीला वित्तीय सेवा पुरवण्यात उभरती वित्तीय समावेशन परिसंस्था सक्षम ठरल्याचे त्या म्हणाल्या.

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#eRUPI #UPI Vouchers for benefits is a radical departure from #DBT. Purpose and person aware #G2P payments are here. #SaveOurPrivacy… is digitized food stamps, but crucial digitization difference is it converts a bearer instrument like stamp / coupon into a person / purpose specific instrument, embedding automatic data emission about beneficiary upon use.
The naming of this is curious. When countries around the world are discussing #CBDC / issuing new digital currency, naming a private payment instrument #eRUPI is sign of things to come (?). One can only speculate at the moment.
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I had asked @EthzemaLeader the following question after his controversial/deliberate remark against #IslamicBanking/#InterestFreeBanking (as it is called here in #Ethiopia). I have today watched another video of him where he tried to "Clarify" but continued to insult us more.
First of all, he has tried to defend that he is not an #islamophobe by bringing #Muslim audience & that his grandmother was a Muslim. This is the same reply many persons give when they are confronted with their #Islamophobic attitude. #BerhanuNega is no different.
You can have #Muslim parents, lived with #Muslims fasted #Ramadan, eaten #Dates or #Sambusa etc you can still be an #islamophobe. One can claim to be a Muslim but in reality be the most #Islamophobic person that hates #Muslims and #Islam. It is a lame excuse!


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I am humbled and privilleged to note that my #Research paper; "Sources of #Unemployment in #Lesotho" is now available and can be accessed via the People's Republic of #China's National #Science and #Technology #Library - #NSTL. I give thanks 😎 Image
So far this year, I have successfully published three #Research articles in #Macroeconomics & #Finance, with another two in press. I am currently hammering away at a handful of working papers which will most certainly find a home in reputable #Journals, come 2021 🙏🏽🙂 Image
Im currently internalising the very insightful reviewer comments on my latest #Research paper titled; "Investigating Determinants of Commercial Bank Spreads in #Lesotho", from the good folks over at the globally reputable #International #Journal of #Finance & #Economics #IJFE 😊 ImageImage
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Yesterday, we have witnessed the handing over of the 1st operational licence to the first full-fledged #InterestFree Bank #ZamZamBank which is a historic milestone in the #Ethiopia'n Banking industry. #IslamicBanking #IFB #FinancialInclusion
#ZamZam 1/n Image
After the promoters of #ZamZam initiated the idea to the #NBE a directive was issued in October 1, 2011 to allow conventional banks only to give the service along with their commercial services. The #NBE's decision has saddened many. 2/n

#InterestFreeBanking #FinancialInclusion Image
11 Banks has so far started the service in a window model. Currently, these banks combined has mobilized more than 60 Billion Birr in deposits through 5+ million accounts. It is a huge amount compared to the low attention & investment given to #IFB by all stakeholders. 3/n
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1/5) Governor #SBP Dr Reza Baqir apprises President of #Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi on measures for differently abled persons during a roundtable discussion on #FinancialInclusion of Differently Abled Persons. For details:
Urdu:… Image
2/5) Two #credit schemes supported by #SBP for the #financialinclusion of differently abled persons.
3/5)Small Enterprise Financing & Credit Guarantee Scheme for differently abled persons holding CNIC with a special logo for setting up new business enterprises or for expansion of existing ones at a subsidized financing rate of 5% per annum for 5 years:…
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Delighted to be re-appointed by the PM as Minister for Pensions + Financial Inclusion.

We’ve already achieved a lot, but there is lots more to crack on with.

Top priorities are the #PensionSchemesBill thru @HouseofCommons
+ continuing progress on #ESG
Our Bill will reach @HouseofCommons around Easter + will

👉 Introduce Pensions Dashboard so you can see all pension pots in one place
👉 Require schemes to take account of climate risks + disclose investment chain
👉 Establish #CDC's
👉 Give the Regulator enhanced powers 2/
At the same time we continue to
-support the savings revolution that is #AutomaticEnrolment
-There are now over 10.5 million people in the UK saving 8% a year, with thanks to the over 1.5 million employers big and small who support their staff with #AE contributions 3/
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@CentralBankJA is starting their “Conversation On Improving Access To Finance For MSMEs”

#Jamaica #financialinclusion
This is the handout for attendees and it has some sobering statistics about #Jamaica but it also shows the opportunity for the unbanked and underbanked
Reliance on cash remains high

- 65% of wage earners receive their wages in cash

- 23% of account holders do not make any deposits of withdrawals into their accounts
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Progress on #LongTermEconomicPlan:
- #Wages 🆙 4% = fastest wage growth in over 11 yrs ▶️ more 💷
- #Jobs: Long-term unemployment down 🔽 50% in last 5 yrs countrywide + in #Hexham 💪
- Female #employment = record high👩‍🔬…
Clearly more to do on #FinancialInclusion ... but massive good news on
#Savings, thanks to the inertia miracle that is #AutoEnrolment ➡️ 10 million UK working people now saving 8% every year = 100% Good news 👍 /2
#Tax now seeing #threshold up from 6k in 2010 to £12k+ = massive tax break for low paid. Means more in your pocket as low paid not being taxed as they were under labour. This was a Coalition policy but an undersold ongoing success story 3/#Keepingmoreofyourmoney
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#Livestream #bankenlive zu #Libra läuft. Bankenverbands-Chef Christian Ossig. begrüsst unsere Gäste @Techquartier. @osanten hat Moderationsposition schon eingenommen.
Wer unser Diskussionspapier zu #Libra nachlesen will, findet es hier:…
Stellen Sie Fragen, Moderator @osanten erinnert daran, auch gerne hier an uns via @bankenverband unter #bankenlive.
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Proud to be the first ever Minister for Pensions and Financial Inclusion. Watch this video 🎥 and follow this thread over the next 24h to find out more👇
✨ 10 million people have been #AutoEnrolled into a workplace pension. It is one of the greatest success stories of this @Conservatives government + work of Coalition / Lab #LongTermPensionPolicy

The biggest increases have been for young people, women and the lowest paid. 📈👍 ImageImage
✨ We are using our pensions to tackle the #ClimateEmergency⚠️. Investors now must ensure the environment is at the heart of their investment policy. Our pension funds have exactly what we need to tackle climate change. 👇 #ESGChangesEverything 🍃
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Am staying out of the #ToryLeadershipElection, as it is down to members now, but some thoughts on this proposal to merge govt depts:
- I start with a desire for more devolution to local areas, more local accountability / powers
+ have championed #Borderlands + #NorthofTyne
Any Minister will tell you that
- a good relationship with Treasury is key, so integration is attractive ... if you still get joined up govt.
There are good arguments that @DFID_UK + @foreignoffice could, + probably, should merge to create synergy of govt approach 2/
More important than physical co location is the attitude + cooperation of ministers + civil servants. If they work well together, without ego, then stuff happens. So while infrastructure + transport have synergy, but justice was rightly taken out of the home office by Blair 3/
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Last month we held an event in Newcastle to hear from people about our #FinancialInclusion inquiry. @CatMcKinnell said that "we're going to use these discussions to feed into the Committee's inquiry."

Find out more about our inquiry here:
After the session, @WERS69154021 told us that to make financial services more accessible, they would like to see those granted refugee status get a bank account straight away #FinancialInclusion
We were told by @DeafBV that financial services need to make sure that they're more accessible in British Sign Language #FinancialInclusion
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We’re here at Newcastle City Library with @CatMcKinnell to hear from people about our #FinancialInclusion inquiry. Image
We’ve opened it up to a group discussion as part of our session in Newcastle on #FinancialInclusion Image
We’re now discussing access to bank accounts and the difficulties that people may face #FinancialInclusion Image
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Just landed in #Thailand & looking forward to speaking at the @AfiForum. At the event? Come say hello. #AFIF2019.
500+ of the world’s leading #investors & #FI will explore investment opportunities to foster inclusive financial markets across #AsiaPacific
#Davos #WEF19 or here at the Asia Financial Institutions Forum @AfiForum #AFIForum 2019 in #Bangkok: something to ponder this #MLKDay weekend & beyond. #microfinance #accessstocapital #fintech #finance #inequality
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In response to our inquiry on consumers' access to financial services. @MartinSLewis from @MoneySavingExp said that if he could make one change to help people who are vulnerable, "it would be to put systems in place that would enable people to protect themselves from themselves."
At our #FinancialInclusion outreach event last month, @macmillancancer told us that it's "calling for a legal duty of care to be placed on all financial services providers."
We also heard from @StepChange, among others, at our @FinancialInclusion event about the changes that they would like to see in financial services to help vulnerable customers.
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The Treasury Committee is at the @WAC_Lambeth for our event on accessing financial services #FinancialInclusion Image
Chair @NickyMorgan01 is speaking now at the start of our event #FinancialInclusion Image
Chair @NickyMorgan01 and @JohnMannMP are leading discussions in break out groups at our event on consumer access to financial services #FinancialInclusion Image
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#Muslims r one of the most financially excluded citizens in #Ethiopia & their primarily reason is #Riba. But I wonder how & where the data for such reports are collected? "Financial inclusion in Ethiopia: 10 takeaways from the latest Findex" via @WorldBank
Citizens who identify themselves as #Muslims account for 34% of the #Ethiopia'n population (CSA, 2007). This large segment of the society was demanding Shari'ah Compliant #finance for long time. Banks first responded by introducing 0% interest A/C #financialinclusion @WorldBank
Banks attracted millions of customers and mobilized billions of Birr in deposits. Sadly, customers were unaware that these deposits are not #ShariahCompliant and they were subjected to successive devaluations which has impacted them a lot. #financialinclusion #Ethiopia @WorldBank
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