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5 Oct
*THREAD 1/8*
I was blown away by the #ANES20 Rovenstine lecture from @JoanneConroyMD
She initated a call to action for anesthesiologists by acknowledging the biggest issues for our specialty:
Disruption sums up 2020. Our lives will never be the same. But disruption can make things better. Let's embrace it & lead periop medicine. Telehealth connects us to pts out of the OR, for preop eval & postop follow-up. Working remotely creates innovative practice structures.
3/8 #ANES20
#Equity focused on gender, drawing attention to the #genderpaygap & #motherhoodpenalty, 2 real elements that are often dismissed. There hasn’t been much progress around eliminating them, even after identification years ago! As @JoanneConroyMD said:
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3 Oct
For those of you who missed the live Tweet of my @ASALifeline #ANES20 RCL on perioperative management of adults with T21, CF, DMD, &ex-preemies, I've linked all of them together in this thread, for a summary. 1/19 @PediAnesthesia @SPAQIedu @PedsAnesNet
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7 Aug
This is crazy but sharing for safety purposes. Please retweet!

Something very scary happened to my brother yesterday and I want everyone to learn from it.

@RUBraveEnough @SashaShillcutt @EMARIANOMD @JulieSilverMD @AmyPearsonMD @HarrietHopfMD
My brother received a phone call from my phone # (with my name attached to it). When he picked it up, he heard a woman screaming & a man on the line told him that he had me & was going to kill me. He then tried to extort my brother by telling him to download CashApp & send $$.
My brother was awesome because as freaked out as he was, he stayed calm, kept the guy on the phone & asked appropriate questions for proof of life, while my sister-in-law called the police. My sister-in-law was reached me on my cell phone to know I was ok.
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24 Feb
In today's @ASALifeline MMO, learned about Dr Herman Barnett's accomplishments & strife. Thanks @marydahlen: "It’s clear that more needs to be done for equality, both in society overall and in medicine and anesthesiology specifically." #BlackMeninMedicine #BlackHistoryMonth

1/ Image
Dr. Barnett was a fighter pilot in WW2, followed by 1st African-American medical student in Texas, at UTMB...although not without controversy, prejudice, & discrimination. Graduated cum laude, pursued surgery residency, then anesthesiology residency.

A great leader & physician, he was appointed to Texas State Board of Medical Examiners, & elected president of Houston Independent School District (1st African-American in both positions). Sadly, his potential & life were cut short by a tragic plan accident at 47 y.

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5 Oct 19
Reviewing residency apps tonight. Fun to read letters of recommendation from my @Twitter friends like @emilysharpe.

However, just read this for a🚺applicant for #Anesthesiology from a Chair of Surgery:
"She and her fiance are in the couples match and I am interested in her fiance for her our dept."

🚺is AOA & had full scholarship to med school. Very little written about her besides reciting her CV (which is awesome).


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21 Aug 19
@nytimes this article is misleading. While work-life balance of medicine has improved, it has for most professions. The life of a MD/DO is not “family-friendly.”

@womenMDinanesth @RUBraveEnough @JulieSilverMD @WomenSurgeons @PROWDWomen

As a 🚺 MD, I continued working after having kids bc bring a physician is a calling & I had sacrificed too much in my life to ever give it up.

Additionally this article does nothing to address the gender bias in medicine that has 🚺 working less hours, being paid less, being promoted less, & doing more domestic work.

And why does it not discuss the benefits of “family-friendly” for 🚹?

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3 Jan 19
Fellow #SheleadsHealthcare participant @arghavan_salles writes in @TIME re: huge issue #WomenInMedicine face: when to pick personal vs professional life & the consequences. @womenMDinanesth @WomenSurgeons @WomenInCTAnes @AmyPearsonMD 1/ time.com/5484506/fertil…
Reproductive years occur during the critical portion of a physician's training: residency. If ♀️wait, fertility is an issue (& major $$ invested in procedures that may not be successful). If ♀️have kids, lack of support from the workplace & bias occur. 2/
Another reason why policies and support for #personalleave and #parentalleave, as well as clear expectations for clinical competency, is needed. Thanks @ASALifeline for the Statement on Leave & @AbaPhysicians for reviewing their Absence from Training policy. 3/
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6 Feb 18
Watching first season of #ER again (aired 1994). Noticed a few things:
1) medical diagnoses and work ups are quite normal and accurate for a tv show,
2) diversity displayed same as today. However the 2 trauma surgeons are African American (incl 1 woman). Only 2 women mds on show of 10-12 men. And female er doc’s decision making is questioned more than men’s.
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