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As expected, the @federalreserve’s Federal Open Market Committee continued to discuss its plans to reduce, or #taper, the pace of its #AssetPurchase program at yesterday’s meeting.
While the details of this discussion were fairly sparse, the Committee statement did state that: “If progress continues broadly as expected, the Committee judges that a moderation in the pace of asset purchases may soon be warranted.”
Further, at the recent #Fed conference in Jackson Hole, Wyo., and at the press conference, Fed #ChairPowell emphasized that both he and most Committee participants now consider the test of “substantial further progress” toward the #inflation mandate to be largely satisfied.
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Africa Speaks to the World:

African National Leader addresses in the 76th #UNGA General Debate which started yesterday.

#COVID #ClimateChange #Equity #HumanRights #Justice

A thread...
President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo.

"The UN must have a greater impact on people's lives through a focus on peace-building activities."

#UNGA #AfricaSpeaks Day 1 - 21st September 2021
Faustin Archange Touadera, Head of State of the Central African Republic.

"Faced with new challenges sweeping reforms of [UN] organs are needed for it to remain the forum par excellence for multilateralism."

#UNGA #AfricaSpeaks Day 1 - 21st Sept. 2021
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Before #investing, one should always dig deep into the fundamentals of your #investment.
Below are a few quick indicators which can give you an insight on whether a company's financial statements are misrepresented or accounts are being window dressed.

1) Percentage of miscellaneous expenses as a proportion to total revenue

2) Change in Reserves unexplained by Profit/Loss for the year and Dividends

3) Provision for Doubtful Debt as a proportion of Debtors outstanding for over 6 months

4) Growth in Auditors’ Remuneration vis-a-vis growth in revenues

5) Change in method of calculating depreciation

6) Trend in Ratio of Capital Work in Progress to Gross Block

7) Contingent Liabilities as a Percentage of Total Net Worth

#equity #investorawareness
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It’s #FellowsFriday! Spotlight's on Ascend Fellow @ShereceWest, Pres.& CEO of @wrfound. She's a pivotal leader in #philanthropy stewarding investments in AR to produce measurable results & meaningful impact for communities, children, & families. Read abt her work in the thread.⬇️ Image
Sherece is guided by stories of families, small businesses, her lived experiences, and the hard data exposing systemic inequities that erode paths to prosperity for Arkansans. Hear how she equitably approaches her work from Ascend’s ThinkXChange. #equity
What do Mississippi County, AR, & Washington, DC have in common? Mr. Scruggs & Sherece West-Scantlebury. They bring the stories from their communities to national leaders to inform and build thriving families & economies.

📖Full story in blog by Sherece:…
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LTNs - Low Traffic Neighbourhoods - Good or Bad? 🧵(1/9)

(We're trying to be objective here & full disclosure - we have no direct experience of LTNs, just lots of tweets read.)

It seems to be far more complicated than just good or bad - there are layers on both sides...
We hear from people living *inside* LTNs that benefits include
* Lower #AirPollution
* Safer streets for active travel
* Quieter
* Less traffic within LTN, including rat-running
Yet we also hear the cons of living inside include
* Poorer access for disabled people
* Poor access for emergency vehicles
* Poor access for deliveries
* Difficulty having visitors
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Most Indians consider equity to be an asset class meant for speculation, and consider house/gold/FD as the safest investments. However, equity can give better returns if held with the same discipline for a longer term. (1/n)

#stocks #finance #investing #equity
Amidst all the noise, we have forgotten the basic definition of equity. Equity is a stake in a company. When the company prospers, the stake becomes more valuable. Holding some good names for a longer term has an added advantage to a person’s wealth creation. (2/n)
FD gives -ve inflation adjusted post tax return, and real estate has its own cycle of ups and downs. Yet, these are considered as safe havens. Gold has always given positive returns and Nifty, in the last 10 ys has given an average return of 12-13%. (3/n)

#stock #Investment
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1-Today there was a big protest in Montréal by healthcare workers opposed to mandatory vaccination.

As a healthcare professional & a bioethics I want to underline a few points about #VaccineMandates for healthcare provides
2-In bioethics, autonomy is no longer that centuries-old belief that the individual can or does somehow stand apart from their community, social circumstances & political environment. Also, autonomy has a different scope when intervention in question has implications beyond self.
3-Dr Nedelsky(…) calls the belief that autonomy is isolated from outside influence a “pathology”: “If we ask ourselves what actually enables people to be autonomous, the answer is not isolation, but relationships—with parents,
teachers, friends, loved ones.”
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It was 73 degrees and sunny in #JacksonHole, Wyoming, today; a perfect day for all those who were there….
Yet, there were no #monetary policy officials present at the traditional location of the @KansasCityFed’s late-summer #economic policy symposium, since they were conducting a “virtual symposium.”
That symposium provided #ChairPowell the opportunity to lay out a reasonably sunny perspective on the U.S. #economy, but also one that was not out of the woods yet, in terms of Covid variant risk and a maximum #employment target still to be achieved.
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PETER MANDELSON, a key Labour figure and pro-EU campaigner, was in 2019 organising a caviar-and-oysters dinner for Tory cabinet minister Michael Gove to meet “investors” and “corporates” to discuss “to what extent is Brexit an opportunity.”
Mandelson is currently a semi-official adviser to Keir #Starmer’s team. Morgan McSweeney, who was Starmer’s chief of staff and is now Labour’s “elections director,” is particularly close to Mandelson.
Mandelson was one of the leaders of the “people’s vote” campaign, which persuaded Labour to run on a second referendum on Brexit policy in the December 2019 election.
Labour advanced in the 2017 election on a policy of respecting the EU referendum,
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1/ This is why we need to #AlertTheClass, and the lack of mandatory #COVID19 #testing for all in place before opening #schools here may be a big mistake.

The #DeltaVariant is surging in #Arlington County, but the people who spread it "feel just fine."…
2/ #Delta's #KillerAdvantage:

Infected folks spread 🦠 for 1.8 days before they ever get first symptom.

Symptoms show up 5.8 days AFTER infection, on average, says Hong Kong research team.

Spreaders also have far higher viral load.
74% infections from presymptomatic spread
3/ One bit of good news in this: Vaccinated individuals were 65% less likely to infect someone, but the estimate is based on a very small sample size.
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C'mon man, order now!
U.S. “President” Joe Biden

Benghazi vs Afghanistan
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#Baerbock #Habeck
Wow! Was für ein Aufschlag! Grüne Klima-Finanzierung schon von mehreren Instituten gegengerechnet, Naturschutzverbände schon im Boot für Beschleunigung von Onshore und PV Ausbau, die 1. 100 Tage wird Merkels Sabotage rückgängig gemacht
Ich bin echt beeindruckt. So viel Kompetenz, kein Geschwafel (naja, Baerbock n bissl, aber im Kontext nich verkehrt). BAM BAM BAM geht das hier ab.
Die Fragen der Journos waren zumeist voraussehbar bescheuert 0/8/15. Typisch klimadoofe Polit-Schwurbler.
Guckts Euch an, 45min im wiedervernässten Moor. Auch das Setting echt gut gewählt. Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass das alles hinhaut. Ein wenig muss sicher nachjustiert werden, wenn Engpässe nicht im voraus abgefedert wurden. Stichwort Manpower und Rohstoffe.
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And we're back for another #CourageousConversations! Today we're talking about #housingdiscrimination and #redlining with local experts. Follow along for highlights from the convo!
.@saphyr29 sets the stage for the discussion noting that "housing in the United States is a case study for structural inequity." #CourageousConversations #equity #housingdiscrimination #redlining
Terri Gentry, with the Black American West Museum, begins by explaining that redlining is an extension of many other oppressive practices that have existed within our systems for a long time. #CourageousConversations #housingdiscrimination #redlining #equitablehousing
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The Biden administration has embraced full @DrIbram ideology (past racism must be fixed with present racism).

The result?

Covid relief policies that systematically discriminate against whites, Middle Easterners, North Africans, and others.

The Restaurant Revitalization Fund and $4 billion farmer debt relief for "socially disadvantaged" Americans explicitly discriminates on the basis of race.

"People of color" qualify/are prioritized - whites are excluded. But only *some* POC.

Only some "people of color" qualify for @JoeBiden's $4 billion farmer covid relief.

Indian: yes

Afghani: no

Indonesian: yes

Iraqi: no

Nepalese: yes

Moroccan: no

Middle Easterners, North Africans, and some Asians are ineligible to apply.

#Equity !…
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Great conversation with @MerrillLynch CIO Chris Hyzy, as part of their #MerrillPerspectives event. Some of the topics we discuss follow and the full conversation can be accessed here:…
On the #market lessons stemming from the pandemic, I suggested that- stepping back- while a lot has been thrown at the #economy and markets over the past 30 years, in every case the #policy response has been critical to evaluate in judging the ultimate impact: policy matters!
That said, we think there is an overestimation of the importance of exceedingly low #policy rate levels to the recovery but maintaining the stability and #liquidity of the financing #markets is critical, particularly at the top end of the capital stack.
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🧵1/7 The #CRISPresearch team developed recommendations for @IndyChamber to advance inclusive economic growth in Indy. They focused on economic development, housing, access to economic opportunity, & community equity. Read the thread below from the report:…
🧵2/7 Any region hoping to achieve full #EconomicInclusion & prosperity must address institutional disparities. That includes recognizing the negative impact legacies of racist and/or exclusionary policies had on residents & taking steps to correct those errors. #CRISPresearch
🧵3/7 #CRISPresearch analysts recommend developing plans to create wealth-building opportunities for people in groups that have historically been kept on the margins of the economy. To do that, leaders first need to assess & eliminate policies that reinforce economic disparities.
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Thanks to @steve_sedgwick & @cnbcKaren for having me on #CNBC #SquawkBox this AM.

What did we discuss? Well, #inflation of course!

I prepared some slides for the show which I'm happy to present in this thread.
#macro #Fed #Yellen #JeromePowell #bankofengland #QE
Are people in denial or is the #centralbank money flood just drowning all the signals?
#Commodities, #freight, #carbon - and a whole lot besides - sure do cost a lot more, these days.
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Beyond thrilled to have been awarded a *renewal* for my @NIH_LRP award!!!!!! Story time (on #privilege and #perseverance)

#medtwitter #academictwitter #blackinSTEM 1/
As a first-generation #Kenyan American, raised in #Kenya and very much an #African child (if you know you know), a #doctor is very much what I was going to be from the time I was born. 😋 (thankfully, also a marrying of my love of science and taking care of people!) 2/
So it was to my parents’ incredible delight when I got accepted to #medicalschool, never having... basically... known someone who had done so, in the US anyway. #firstgen #firstgeneration (yes, this story has a comical peak, wait for it...) 3/
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Next up at #Quality2021

Empathy, automation and #AI in healthcare: making technology person-centered.

Presented by @tlhardie1, @timjhorton, @ktclarke and @BecksFisher

Hot topic, starting in five minutes.
Let's meet the speakers quickly:

Tom Hardie is an Improvement Fellow @HealthFdn

More about his work here:…
Tim Horton is an Associate Director of @HealthFdn, specialising in policy and innovation.…
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Morning all. For the next three days I'm part of the #beyondtheroom effort at #Quality2021.

In 15 minutes it's Leslie Arnott and Mary Waria on a new way forward for partnering with consumers in health care.

Live stream will be here: Image
A bit of background about our speakers. Leslie Arnott is co-founder of The BEAR Program, Lamaze; Australia. Leslie Arnott has over 19 years’ experience as a consumer advisor and advocate in maternity services.

Mary Waria also co-founded The BEAR program. She is a Torres Strait Islander with over 15 years’ experience working in Indigenous Student Engagement roles at various universities for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students.

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3i Infotech Daily Chart

1. Stock is outperforming the NIFTY50 over the past 50 days
2. Stock is trading above the 15, 40, and 100 day SMA & it crossed the 15 day SMA yesterday
3. MACD histogram has given an uptick below the 0 line
4. RSI14 is in the bullish zone, facing up & is in convergence with the price action. A positive crossover between RSI5 & RSI14 happened yesterday
5. The stock is on the verge of breaking its previous high of 6 years at 9.8 & will also breakout from a 6 month consolidation period
6. Buy at the CMP with a stop-loss at 8 (40 day SMA) for the following targets -
- 13.55
- 18
- 22

Note - The targets are very conservative as the stock has made a rounding bottom & 2021 has recorded the highest volumes in the history of the stock, suggesting strong accumulation
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Dear Democrats:

Your plan to transform schools into woke indoctrination camps is backfiring.

Parents “woke up” to your #equity, #CRT, and other Marxist-driven racism and nonsense.

And ⁦@UnsilencedOrg⁩’s ⁦@iandprior⁩ is the tip of the spear.…
Dear Democrats:

Racial discrimination almost always violates federal law.

This includes #equity and #CRT, Marxist-driven garbage that unabashedly promotes racial discrimination.

Don’t believe me?

Read this decision by Judge Amul Thapar from last week:…
At @UnsilencedOrg, we are fighting back against #CancelCulture and the woke mobs and their enablers.
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Dear House and Senate Republicans:

@SecBlinken ordered all American embassies and consulates to fly the flag of a domestic-terrorism organization founded by self-described “trained Marxists.”

Where are your calls for his resignation?
If our elected Republicans are going to go-along-to-get-along with Marxism-lite, primary their asses. Stay home.

Cultural Marxism is the red line.

If they don’t start speaking up—loudly—against #equity, #CRT, #BLM, and other racist woke nonsense, they don’t deserve our support.
On Tuesday morning, *call* (don’t email) both of your home-state senators, along with your House representative.

Demand that they condemn @SecBlinken, @POTUS @JoeBiden’s Secretary of State, for flying #BLM flags above all American embassies and…
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Day 440 of isolation. Perfectly healthy child attending virtually because @Sflecce & @fordnation refused to adequately fund #onted to ensure @ONThealth & @GovCanHealth recommendations were met in schools.
Why weren't these same experts advocating for ALL students in the fall? 1/
Our most vulnerable not provided a safe place to learn; otherwise healthy children sacrificing their own #mentalhealth, bearing the burden of protecting the lives of their vulnerable/high-risk loved ones... 2/
Why did these experts permit schools to open in the first place without adequate safety measures in place? 3/
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