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En 2013,de camino al matadero,Edith,la “oveja maravilla”,hizo un “Misión Imposible” y escapó del camión de la 💀.Todos los planetas se alinearon y fue rescatada.Semanas+tarde,Edith se convertiría en la primera habitante y fundadora moral del Santuario de animales #LeonVegano

Durante 8 años,LV ha dado hogar y rehabilitado a cientos de afortunadas excepciones como Edith:Los "animales de granja" y/o invisibles condenados x el sistema.Desgraciadamente,también fueron apareciendo dificultades q amenazaban la misión del santuario y las vidas d sus habitants
En 2018 LV tuvo que poner fin a los rescates,visitas y a que potenciales voluntarixs vivieran en el santuario. Si no conseguían moverse a otro terreno, tendrían que cerrar permanentemente. Necesitaban 100,000€ para comprar nuevas tierras para lxs actuales y futurxs inquilinxs.
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Help Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary! 🐱🐶🐟🐑🐓🦃🕊️🦆🦚

In 2013, on her way to the slaughterhouse, Edith, the wonder sheep, pulled a “Mission Impossible” and managed to escape from “the death truck”. Hooray! All the planets aligned & eventually she was happily rescued 💚🥳
Weeks later,she became the 1st inhabitant & moral founder of Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary(Spain).For the last 8 years,LV has given a home,looked after&rehabilitated hundreds of lucky exceptions,like Edith,so called farm animals or invisible souls forgotten/condemned by the system
Unfortunately, many setbacks soon started to threaten the mission and the lives of its rescues.
In 2018 Leon Vegano had to put an end to all the rescue missions, visits and the possibility of having resident volunteers living at the Sanctuary.
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Not one single human has any requirement to have these babies murdered. If you eat their flesh, you do it for selfish pleasure. What you have been told about needing meat to be healthy is lies. Please consider not doing it anymore. #GoVegan ImageImageImageImage
Not one single human has any requirement to have these babies murdered. If you wear their skin fur or feathers, you do it for selfish pleasure.
Please consider not doing it anymore. #GoVegan ImageImageImageImage
Not one single human has any requirement to have these babies murdered or hurt. If you use down, their feathers, you do it for selfish pleasure. There are plenty of alternatives. Please consider not doing it anymore. #GoVegan ImageImageImageImage
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A thread for vegans. Please read.

What is her life worth?

What if we could rescue her and all the others trapped alongside her?

We fight every day telling others to #govegan
But what will this mean for the animals trapped in this system?

We say to the carnists... They will all go to sanctuaries in vegan world.

Do we think about how that will work?
After being rescued.

Do you think about what each individual has witnessed?

The PTSDs they experienced?

The cost of feeding each one?

Or do you scroll by and think, they are safe now without thought?

Can I ask if you can think about these questions?
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A baby lamb is being tied up by soulless humans who think nothing of her pitiful cries. The most innocent on our planet are treated worse than human criminals in prison. Their gentleness and vulnerability used against them by human monsters to satisfy a bloodlust for their flesh.
"This cow shared a moment with the sheep still on the truck and then hesitated before he made his final departure into the slaughter house. We think animals are stupid. We should never govern our treatment of others based on our inability to understand them.
You don’t have to understand a cow in order to see that they too have emotions just as we do.. and they value their lives... just as we do. Please leave animals off your plate."
Via #iamCeciltoo
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Via #Huellavegana

Aterrado ante la presencia humana , para nada se muestra confuso , sabe lo que significa la presencia humana 👉🏾 es sinónimo de nada bueno para él ... Por eso se resiste .
¿Aún crees que los demás animales son como objetos incapaces de sentir y de experimentar emociones exactamente igual a cómo lo hacemos nosotros?
¿Aún crees que se trata de seres inconscientes de la situaciones en las que se encuentran y que no les importa lo que les vaya a suceder?

¿Aún sigues creyendo que son incapaces de valorar sus propias vidas?
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How many videos must I post before you realize that the non-human animals (even the ones on your plate) are no different than us?
Repost from @roxannasaurus116

Max and Ruby were living a quiet existence - together, as strays - when one early morning,
Ruby wandered too close to the road. The driver had no regard for Ruby or her life and ruthlessly ran over her body. With no one to care about her, Ruby laid in the middle of the road for hours after. The only living being to stay with her through it all..was Max😭💔
His love and dedication to her outweighed any consequence that might have come from sitting in the road with her. He didn't care if he got hit - so long as she knew she wasn't alone. Ruby, confused and hurting as ever, tried desperately to move her legs..but she couldn't move Image
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World Whale Day is an opportunity to join together in raising awareness about these fascinating mammals and their plight.  ⁠⁠
Did you know Animal Save Movement has a Whale Save Chapter? Reykjavik Whale Save launched in 2018!  ⁠⁠
“Many of us ask
what can I, as one person, do, but history shows us that everything good and bad starts because somebody does something, or does not do something.” ⁠⁠
- Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer ⁠⁠
Swipe to find out more about them and what you can do to help. ⁠⁠
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Why I am disgusted by the human species.

Speciesism Part 2: Marine Life

It is estimated that up to 3 trillion fish are caught from the wild & killed globally every year: This doesn’t include the billions of fish that are farmed. Fish account for 40% of animal products consumed
Fish farming is forecast to overtake wild-caught fish production in 2021: For context, farmed fish accounts for 70% of all farmed animals worldwide. This presents a host of problems. For example, shrimp farming has led to the destruction of three million acres of coastal wetlands
Like all captivity of sentient life fish farming is creating disease. This ends up in the wider ecosystem damaging and polluting wildlife.
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Bueno, despues de ver una mina festejar que va a carnear a su cabrita domesticada, quiero escribir un poco acerca de Beyond Meat $BYND . Abro hilo!
En primer lugar, que es Beyond Meat? es una empresa que produce alimento sustitutivo de la carne (sucedáneo de carne) hecho de mezcla de proteína de soja, proteína de guisante, levadura y otros ingredientes.
Historia resumida: Su CEO, Ethan Brown funda Beyond Meat en 2009 con el objetivo de eliminar las desventajas de la industria carnica innovando con un sustituto. Ethan, visitaba en su inflancia la granja de su padre (Maryland) donde comenzo a preocuparse por el bienestar
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70% of global wildlife populations have been wiped out by humanity in the last 50 years.

Here's a picture of what that looks like when factoring for total mammalian weight.

Notice the collective weight of cattle dwarfs any other species, with humans a close second.

Want to learn more about the connection between animal agriculture, habitat destruction and the extinction of wildlife as we know it?…
Without a diverse and stable food web, we can see cascading die offs of multiple species--eventually leading right up to humanity.

Habitat destruction, and wildlife extinction, jeopardizes our food web and as a result our own population's survivability.…
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🩸 … About 1.5 Billion rabbits are raised and killed for #meat every year. Did you know that many of them scream when they die? ...🐇

“The preferred method of killing rabbits is the dislocation of the neck. The rabbit is held firmly by the rear legs and head; it is (1/5)
stretched full length. Then with a hard, sharp pull, the head is bent backwards to dislocate the neck. After dislocation, the #rabbit is hung by one of the hind legs above the hock joint. The head is immediately removed to allow complete bleeding. The forefeet are then (2/5)
removed. The next step is to cut the skin around the hock joints of the legs and then to cut between these points across the lower part of the body. Remove the tail and pull the #skin down and forward over the body. The skins of young or fryer age #rabbits are easily (3/5)
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Hoje tirei a manhã para estudar mais sobre dieta vegana (à base de planta), macronutrientes (carbohidrato, proteína e gordura) e esportes.

No fio resumo o que aprendi ou revisei, com base em nos 3 artigos científicos que li hoje com os quais mais aprendi.

🧵🥬💚🏃‍♀️ #govegan
⚠️ Antes de mais nada: não sou da área e me limito a repetir o que achei nesses artigos científicos.

🚫 Não confie cegamente no que eu falar e procure gente da área! Eu compartilho por paixão ao tema (não por ser especialista).

🤦 Especialistas, me corrijam se quiserem : )
Os 3 artigos que escolhi eu linko no final do fio.

Comecei essas leituras pois me veio a pergunta: como fontes de proteínas de dietas veganas são, normalmente, ricas em carbo, como fica o balanço de macronutrientes, principalmente em atletas amadores (meu caso)?
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Warming tamarind chickpea curry with cumin chickpea crepes 🌿🌶
Full recipe below ⤵️

Per serving: 490g
Cals: 473
Protein: 23g
Carbs: 64g (fibre 15g)
Fat: 19g (sat fat 5.4g)

#vegan #plantbased #govegan #HealthyEating #SaturdayMorning
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Aubergine Katsu Curry w/ Edamame Rice 🍛🌿 Recipe below⤵️

Serving per person: 570g
Cals: 523
Protein: 17g
Carbs: 68 (fibre 16g)
Fat: 25g (sat fat 13.6g)

#vegan #veganfood #govegan
Full recipe on Instagram Image
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Coconut, lemongrass, tofu and noodle soup 🍜🌿 Recipe below⤵️

Serving per person: 600g
Cals: 434
Protein: 25g
Carbs: 30g (fibre 6g)
Fat: 27g (sat fat 12.5g)

#vegan #veganfood #govegan
Full recipe on Instagram… Image
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Mushroom, Walnut and Lentil Bolognese with Sweet Potato 🍠🌿

Serving Size Per Person: 563g
Cals: 501
Protein: 21.5g
Carbs: 62.6g (of which fibre 16.5g)
Fat: 22g (sat fats 2.6g)

#vegan #veganfood #govegan #SaturdayKitchen #SaturdayMorning Image
Where do you get your protein tho? Image
🥦🌽🥑🥕🍠🍐🍏🍐🍊🥝🥬🥭🍓🥥🍍🍉🍌🍑🍒 Image
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Jonathan Safran Foer: Meat is not essential. Why are we killing for it?…
"The number of #slaughterhouse workers who have already died this year is on par with the number of U.S. servicemembers who have died annually fighting in Afghanistan over the last five years."
"The answer lies in how we have let agribusiness effectively normalize worker exploitation, and the mercenary skill we sometimes employ to deny or forget our support for that industry’s actions." Are you helping agribusiness normalize worker exploitation by eating their products?
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When I speak against dairy which is directly related to beef industry, the rabid leftists attack me for being against the minority while many self proclaimed Hindu Dharm Rakshaks call me out for not respecting Gau Mata. Let the following thread break your bubble. #GoVegan
As a devout Hindu myself, an animal lover, I look at any thing in the universe as if it were me. That's how compassion is born. Right? You empathise.
Now how do things work in the Cruel Dairy Industry? Here's how.
Here is a snippet from National Dairy Development Board website which comes under the ambit of Ministry of Agriculture and Farming. Image
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Odavno se spremam da napišem thread o veganstvu, i biće baš dug. Ovaj thread nema za cilj da vas ubijeđuje u bilo šta, već moje lično iskustvo i razmišljanje koje će možda podstaći da preispitate vaše prehrambene navike i njihove posljedice.
Prvo i najvažnije, nemam nikakvog interesa da govorim bilo kome kako da živi. Niti vjerujem da sam moralno superiorniji od bilo koga zbog toga što sam vegan. 22 godine sam jeo meso, još 5 mlječne proizvode. Dakle, trebalo mi je 28 godina da shvatim zašto ih nikad više neću jesti.
Moj osnovni cilj, zašto ovo i pišem, je zaštita životinja. Broj vegetarijanaca i vegana je u velikom porastu gotovo svuda u svijetu, i trenutno čine oko 8% svijetske populacije. Svakom kome su potrebne dodatne informacije moj inbox je otvoren i možemo da razmijenimo mišljenja.
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(1/13) [THREAD/FIL]
NUTRITION VÉGÉTALE : LES NUTRIMENTS CLÉS (Source fédération végane - Vive la B12) #NutritionVegane Image
(2/13) (Source Fédération Végane)
Voici les conseils nutritionnels que nous pouvons donner aux personnes véganes ou qui se dirigent vers le véganisme. #NutritionVegane #Govegan
1. Une alimentation végane saine comprend : #NutritionVegane
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#EarthDay #ExtinctionRebellion #Vegan #PlantBased #GoVegan #Meat #Environment #Climate

Impact of Animal Agriculture

The farm animal production sector is the single largest anthropogenic user of land, contributing to soil degradation, dwindling water supplies, & air pollution.
The animal agriculture sector also encompasses feed grain production which requires substantial water, energy, and chemical inputs, as well as energy expenditures to transport feed, live animals, and animal
products. All of this comes at a substantial cost to the environment.
One of animal agriculture’s greatest environmental impacts is its contribution to global warming and climate change...
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