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Abro paraguas ☂️

Clean Code es un libro obsoleto que en 2020, con los paradigmas de desarrollo de software que manejamos, puede hacerte más daño que beneficio.
Voy a elaborar, para que quede claro mi punto de vista y que no es simple trolling.

Para empezar, creo que es un libro excesivamente dogmático en sus principios. Sólo hay una forma correcta de escribir y evolucionar código. No habla de contextos, situaciones ni excepciones.
Me he encontrado muchas veces en momentos en los que he hecho una implementación"poco ortodoxa" y por querer hacerla más "limpia" incrementar su complejidad, líneas de código, archivos e indirección.
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Hoy me gustaría compartir algunas reflexiones fruto de las últimas novedades aparecidas y mis experiencias en cliente con #infrastructureascode en #AWS. Vamos al lío 👇
Siempre me he sentido más atraido hacia el enfoque declarativo por su falsa sensación de control y orden, pero con configuraciones grandes, poder refactorizar el código hacia abstracciones propias y modificar su definición/parametrización con código ha sido determinante
En ese sentido, #cloudformation como tal siempre me ha parecido muy locura y un formato más de bajo nivel que otra cosa. En general siempre trabajo con herramientas que lo generan como #serverlessframework o #amplify
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Built a website with react since I desperately needed a platform quick to try out blockchain!
Then I made a website just to try deploying on #firebase.
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"3 Months Coding Interview Preparation Guide"

I work at Dell & many #developers ask me how should they too prepare for “Big Tech” companies.

So, I created a roadmap of topics frequently asked in software engineering #Interviews

🧵A Thread🧵

#100DaysOfCode #InterviewTips
3 Months #interview preparation schedule

Week 0: Programming language
Week 1, 2 & 3: Data Structures
Week 4, 5 & 6: Algorithms
Week 7 & 8: System Design
Week 9 : Operating System
Week 10: Object-Oriented Design
Week 11: Behavioural question
Week 12: Revision.

Programming language -

The best programming language for your #coding interviews is the language that you’re most comfortable with. Prefer - #Java or CPP or #Python or #javascript

Brush up all the concepts of the #programming language of your choice.

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I have a #PHP joke, but I can't remember if the punchline is the first or second argument.
I have a #PHP joke, but the headers have already been sent.
I have a #PHP joke, but everyone in the audience uses NodeJs.
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Here is the list of resources that I am using to improve my JavaScript knowledge.

Feel free to add your suggestions👇🏻

Thread[1 of 8] 🧵

#javascript #100DaysOfCode #programming #Coding
I started with @yu_angela udemy course. If you're looking for a good complete courses, definitely check this out

[2 of 8]…
You can't learn programming without self-exploration and there is no better place to do this than documentation.

W3 schools and mdn are pretty famous but probably you haven't heard about DevDocs(a complete guide).

[3 of 8]
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As expected, #JavaScript didn’t fail to meet our expectations in June either. Ranging from music recognition softwares to drones, you will surely find lots of insightful thoughts.
David Neal (@reverentgeek) put #JavaScript on a timeline during @NDC_Conferences.

“The Death Star superweapon is actually a very powerful JavaScript committer.” - it might not be the most important thought of his talk, but it's surely one to remember!…
Ever wondered how #Shazam and all the music recognition apps work? Well, so did @royvanrijn!

He decided to create his very own music matching build, and during @GOTOcon Oslo, he uncovered the algorithms, secrets and tricks he used.…
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It’s #RSTwittorial Thursday! 🙌 Today we’re Generating a Rendered #HTML Diff Report using #Python 🐍🔥

Here’s the output 👇
What are we learning? 👨‍🏫

🧠 How to generate a visual report showing the difference between the raw HTML and the JavaScript Rendered HTML using the requests_html Python library 🐍🔥
Why is it practical? 🧐

🔍 When webpages use #JavaScript, the HTML rendered on the client-side 🧑‍💻 could be different from the raw HTML coming from the server-side ⌨️

🔍 Creating a diff allows you to quickly see 👀 the JavaScript changes 🖥️ (great for JavaScript #SEO!)
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Every AI developer starting to work in the real world should read this!


#AI #DeepLearning #100DaysOfCode #100DaysOfMLCode #Python #javascript
We all imagine AI developer as a geek solving math equations all day. The funny thing is AI developers imagine exactly the same. We just want to be left alone with our models and develop in peace, but the real world doesn't work this way.
Business needs change often and we need to embrace it if we want it or not

The change in business needs means we have to change the goal of our algorithms to maximize the value we generate in the company. To give you an example imagine a company producing cookies
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The Ultimate JavaScript Free Resources Thread 🧵

Want to learn #JavaScript for free but not sure where to start? I've compiled a list of free resources that covers:

📘 Books
🖥️ Websites
📝 Free Courses
🎥 Youtube Channels


#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie #Frontend #webdev
📘 Books 1/2

Search Google for any of these #free books, they will show as one of the top results.

Download or read them online, they will provide you with a deep understanding of JavaScript.

- Eloquent JavaScript
- You Dont Know Js
- Learning JavaScript Design Patterns
📘 Books 2/2

- Speaking JavaScript
- JavaScript: The Good Parts
- JavaScript For Cats
- DOM Enlightenment
- Understanding ECMAScript 6
- Human JavaScript
- Flavio Copes JS Handbook

#javascript #CodeNewbies #books #100DaysOfCode
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Popular JavaScript Interview Questions with Answers.

JavaScript is most popular language with ample of job opportunities. Here is the list of 20 most asked #javascript interview questions to speed up your preparation.

🧵A Thread 🧵

#100DaysOfCode #Developer
1. What's the difference between undefined and null?

"undefined" is the default value of a variable that has not been assigned a specific value and "null" is a value that represents no value.

#100DaysOfCode #javascript #Developer
2. What does the && operator do?

The && or Logical AND operator finds the first falsy expression in its operands and returns it and if it does not find any falsy expression it returns the last expression.

#100DaysOfCode #javascript #Developer
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I’ve been asked a few times how I got the confidence to approach people about freelancing a lot lately.

Especially since my stack really only consist of HTML/CSS and a little #JavaScript .

Honestly, approaching my first client was a super intimidating experience

I have years of work experience, and my job has given me an ability to talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere which is a huge part of it.

Don’t ever underestimate how important your soft skills are. Being friendly, personable, and even having a little humor helps.
Also you need to be confident, it’s super easy to think I’m not ready yet.

@DThompsonDev told a story about how he sold his first site, sitting down at a restaurant and offering to redo their site because he tried to find their menu and it was so difficult to navigate.
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#CodeNewbie Tip of the Day #100DaysOfCode

This thread contains my most popular and useful CodeNewbie and Developer tips.
I have added all the useful Tips that I have ever tweeted and I will keep adding them here in the future.

#DEVCommunity #javascript
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I have built web projects when I was learning along the way on my own. Surfing the internet for simple project ideas is not easy.

Here are easy projects to help you improve your web Skills

Thread on building your own Web Projects while learning
#CodeNewbie #100DaysOfCode
1. Change Background Colour Project :

Input -To create a background color changing application, You are to create an array of different colors and then proceed in adding a “Click” event listener to the button.

Output- the background color will change once the button is clicked
2. Counter Project :

Input -This project is all about clicking on a possible one of two buttons which recorded the count of the on-page element

Button 1- Count Start(upward)
Button 2-Count Stop

Output- Count will start after clicking & Stopped when clicking on the stop button
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[CHALLENGE] J'ai souscrit au challenge #JavaScript de 10 jours proposé par la plateforme @scrimba. C'est en anglais, alors je traduis les exercices en français dans ce thread pour que vous puissiez tous en profiter 👌.
Mettez vos solutions dans les commentaires des exercices !
Challenge 1
1. Écrivez une fonction qui retourne la somme de deux nombre.
2. Écrivez une fonction qui retourne la somme de tous les nombres peu importe le nombre de paramètres passés à la fonction.
Indices : forEach(), opérateur rest
Exemple ci-dessous : 1/2
add(2,5) renvoie 7
add(2,5,6,3,1) renvoie 17
add(1,2,3) renvoie 6 etc.
Lien direct vers l'exercice :
Mettez vos réponses en répondant à ce tweet !
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Playing around with building footprints today ImageImage
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Guide to learn JavaScript important concepts!!

If you want to learn JavaScript, here are some of the free and amazing resources to learn important JS concepts👇

1. Var, let and const - @freeCodeCamp has really helped me in understanding these keywords, totally recommend for learning JS fundamentals and basic concepts.…
2. Functional Programming - "Learning Functional Programming with JavaScript" by

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I'm trying something new today and over the weekend. I'm making a simple 3D game prototype using Goodluck, a hackable template I created with @michalbe. I'll be taking notes along the way and tweeting them in this thread together with progress updates.

#gamedev #javascript
The goal of this experiment is to create a tutorial about Goodluck which can be followed commit by commit. We don't currently have good onboarding docs for Goodluck, but you can learn a bit more about it at
I'll be making a simple Wolfenstein3D clone, except that I'll use actual 3D rendering which I'll then try to stylize to give it a retro look. The codename for the project is Castle Peskenstein, after a 14th centrury castle in Southern Poland:…
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Ok, let's take a quick look at the @jetbrains "state of developer ecosystem 2020" report and what was interesting to me.

First, almost 20,000 developers took part. Many from midsize companies, so keep that in mind.
People still read books! That makes me happy. Devs get most info from community sites and social media. A few of you love the radio, apparently.
I see so many online conferences catering to the experience, but interesting to see that the vast majority of devs show up purely for the content.
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My goal isn't to hurt anyone. It is to provide you with information and you make your own informed decision.

Personally I can not support js_tut and I want to include screenshots to explain why.


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#Ember.js #Emberjs

"Until routable components are introduced somewhere in Ember ?, it is impossible to pass a closure action from a route. For now, you can only pass closure actions from a controller and on to child components."…
Is that true? In this case, if the action in the route controls the redirection, I need to create that login inside the component? #Ember.js #Emberjs #JS #javascript

I ask this because a consultant suggest to use closure actions to control redirect in components.
I don't want to use controller in Ember. But they cited the example of use a component as Modal in child forms to create the a new father without leave the child form.

In that case the component can be called from the father or child template.
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I don't understand yet the closure actions. I need to pass a route action to the component via template without controller.

The idea is pass a different action for each router.

Help me. #Ember.js #EmberJS #javascript #js ...
Nice article, but don't helped me, the article using controllers:…

I need to work with routes. The example:
The route have "redirectTo" action, the component call de action based in current route(From template). How to do that?
I can't understand yet how to pass a action from some route to the component dynamically.
In template "A" I want to pass the action "x" from a "A" route to the component. In "B" template a want to pass "x" action from "B" route too.…
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My React Native Journey:
A while ago, I fell madly in love with #React. And recently delved into #ReactNative. My React Native journey hasn't been as smooth though. Due to the frequent updates of the react-native framework, existing tutorials quickly become outdated.
In this thread, I have curated some of the most relevant materials I have found, which have brought the much-needed balance to my learning journey. They are listed below:
1. The React Native Documentation: irrespective of what other material you chose. This always comes in handy for quick reference. And it's always up to date.
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Segue o #fio de um #historiador sobre o curso Programação Web @metropoledigi @ufrnbr. Ideia dada por @brennovich no dia da #MarchaVirtualpelaCiencia @SBPCnet. Conversas com Brenno, @freireopaulo, @Guimme_ e outros sobre #programacao #Tecnologia #web #Historia #ensino #ti
04/05/2020: Começo da matéria Lógica de #Programação. De cara me lembrei dos livros de #HarukiMurakami que se passam nos anos 1980. Vários personagens aparecem japoneses aprendendo sobre #input e #output nos recém lançados editores de texto e computadores pessoais. #literatura
04/05/2020 Me lembrou conversa com @iberemoreno sobre editores de textos que funcionam com lógica de #programação. Aqueles em que ao invés de tentar reproduzir na tela o que você vê no papel, partem para a o que você "quis dizer" é que vai para o resultado final. 1/3
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