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SNP MP for Edinburgh South West, Queen's Counsel and Feminist.
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3 May
Since I entered politics 6 years ago I’ve experienced more #misogyny than in 25 years of legal practice. I can honestly say that one person I never encountered it from was @AlexSalmond. On the contrary he was supportive while others were strangely silent
I do wonder where all those calling out #misogyny today were when @JoanMcAlpine & me were being called c**ts by young male activists & when they drew a target round a young female candidate simply because we supported women’s rights under the Equality Act?
Is it that some #misogyny is acceptable? Or is everyone so intimidated by these young men that they are afraid to speak out? Neither explanation is acceptable but I am genuinely puzzled 🤔
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9 Feb
Oh dear Gordon Brewer on #politicsscotland has misunderstood the process I’ve advocated regarding a consultative referendum. He’s still stuck on the outdated idea of a wildcat referendum which I have never advocated. What I’ve advocated is the following
Holyrood passes a bill to hold a consultative referendum then lets Johnson mount a legal challenge on whether they had the power to do so. The @UKSupremeCourt decides whether such a referendum is lawful Many legal experts think we would win the argument.
To lose would not set us back any further from where we are now. It’s a thought through political & legal strategy that’s not really that hard to understand and I do wish @BBCScotPolitics would get it right
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29 Jan
I do wish Brian Taylor would stop saying “it’s quite clear” that the power to hold a referendum resides at Westminster because that simply isn’t the case. The weight of legal opinion is that the Scotland Act is open to a different interpretation. #indyref2
If Holyrood passed a bill to hold a referendum it would be up to the UK Govt to challenge its competency & the @UKSupremeCourt would decide if it was competent. If they held that it was then you would have a “legal” referendum which might be hard to boycott
I’m not suggesting that this is a magic bullet. As @AileenMcHarg has pointed out the U.K. Govt could retaliate by retrospectively amending the Scotland Act to put beyond doubt that Holyrood could not hold a referendum
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26 Nov 19
A welcome independent take on last nights @afneil interview with @NicolaSturgeon from @akmaciver. Independent experts will tell you that joining the #EU is a process, been done in last 25 years by countries as diverse as Finland, Austria, Slovenia and Poland
And #Scotland is ahead of all these countries in having spent 46 yrs in #EU. Of course establishing an #Independent country takes some time but plenty of countries have done it whether Slovenia & Czech Republic or Baltic states throwing off Soviet bloc..
Naturally there will be technical work to be done, technical but it’s not rocket science. It’s been done before and from a standing start
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28 Jul 19
A thread on why I think it’s right for me as an @theSNP MP to take legal steps to prevent no deal imposing damage on Scotland’s economy while my @scotgov colleagues have the strategy for #Indyref2 in hand. 👇
The Union between Scotland and England is often compared to a marriage which has broken down and is teetering on the verge of divorce. #NoDealBrexit is akin to one partner openly talking about draining the joint account and burning down the house
You would unquestionably go ahead and divorce them if they carried out the threat but it's not in your financial interest to let them do so first. The threats alone would be sufficient grounds for divorce.
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7 Jul 19
A short positive thread on #CitizensAssemblies 👇
I’ve put a lot of effort into arguing the case for a #CitizensAssembly in Scotland & I’m totally committed to having a gold standard process
I stand by my comments that the #CitizensAssembly is a good way forward for Scotland in the #Brexit crisis. I see the ultimate destination as #independence. Others disagree. That’s the joy of democracy
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12 May 19
I’ve hit back at smear campaign against me calling for unity behind the #independence cause & an end to @theSNP infighting. The timetable for #indyref2 has been announced, our restiveness is at an end, with unity & civility we will win…
The problem is that from the moment the first parliamentarian complained against was hung out to dry a signal was given to those with petty motivations that if you seek to smear an @theSNP MP or MSP the party won’t get behind them, even if they are exonerated
Its important that @theSNP elected representatives are not drawn into trashing our members and supporters who work so hard for the cause. The so-called ‘War on Cybernats’ last weekend was unnecessary and has really upset our core support
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28 Mar 19
There seems to be some confusion about why @theSNP MPs abstained on #Boles & #Clarke amendments last night but it’s really very straightforward so here’s a thread explaining why #Brexit #IndicativeVotes
So @theSNP preference in line with the majority of #Scottish voters is to #Remain in the EU but v early on @scotgov put forward a compromise position in #ScotlandsPlaceInEurope to stay in the #SingleMarket & a #CustomsUnion & it was endorsed by @theSNP conf
It’s important to appreciate that to benefit from freedom of movement is vital for Scotland’s economic & demographic needs & to benefit from it you have to be a member of the single market.
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23 Feb 19
Thread👇. There’ve been a lot of misleading comparisons between #Brexit & Scottish #Independence recently. Here’s @ScotNational summary from @KirstyS_Hughes @SCER_eu of her scholarly analysis which puts the record straight #indyref2…
“With #Brexit we already see a chaotic, divided politics facing stalemate in the Commons, that some suggest starts to look like a failed state. It’s not obvious that such a political dynamic would be replicated on #independence@KirstyS_Hughes
“Scotland, if independent, would gain many more powers for the ...Scottish Parliament, compared to the current range of devolved powers. And as an EU member state, it would have a democratic say at the EU council of ministers that it doesn’t currently have”
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