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اى قلم امروز هر چيزيكه بنويسى نويس در سخن سنجى كسى را فرصت سانسور نيست عشقرى Our YouTube ⬇️ https://t.co/MaeodwJNFo
Feb 4, 2021 6 tweets 3 min read
جنگ طالبان با طفل، دختر، زن، مکتب، پُل و پلچک،... است USIP REPORT
Feb 3, 2021 5 tweets 4 min read
the relationship with the Taliban could be useful. But the envoy must now deliver a clear message to the Taliban: It will be accommodated within Afghanistan's existing structure as the price for peace but should stop expecting to rule Afghanistan again.

thehill.com/opinion/intern… #Khalilzad's muted response to #Taliban attacks lay in the language of the Doha agreement.The Taliban had made no commitment to a ceasefire & had only agreed that "A permanent &comprehensive ceasefire will be an item on the agenda of the intra-#Afghan dialogue and negotiations."
Feb 2, 2021 13 tweets 11 min read
Problem is Taliban, Khalilzada deal & then Ghani.
#Taliban, who’ve spent the past year on a rampage, are despised nationally, with approval ratings in the single digits. But #Afghan President Ashraf #Ghani’s government is also extremely unpopular.

foreignpolicy.com/2021/02/02/afg… Most #Afghans and U.S. officials agree that the #Taliban’s ability to continue the insurgency has been largely due to #Ghani’s bad leadership—and he has shown little interest in reaching a lasting peace agreement that might usher him out of power.