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Italian journalist Filippo Rossi who has worked for years in Afghanistan shared documents with Italian @Tg1Rai proving that President @ashrafghani, @MDustom @Atamohammadnoor received MILLIONS from Qatar to hand the country over to the Taliban without a fight 1/5

On August 2 President Ghani invited and encouraged the country to fight and resist. This document shows that Afghan central bank governor says he receive $110,478,000$ from Qatar for president Ashraf Ghani as a “gift”. 2/5

#Qatar #Afghanistan
( On August 11, the president flies to Mazar i Sharif where he meets with Marshall Dostum and Atta Muhammad Noor to coordinate the resistance, later Dostum declares that the people will rise up against the Taliban and they won't take the north) 3/5
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Some missing excerpts from General Carter's @BBCr4today talk with Pres. @ashrafghani.

Why #Ghani left:

"I didn't want to give satisfaction to Pakistan's ISI to humiliate the Republic and compel a statement under duress. Or worse than that, to interrogate an Afghan President."
"By staying, I'd have legitimated a violent coup. This was a coup. It was not an agreement, all previous statements by the Taliban regarding their conduct had been violated." By leaving, "the road for genuine political settlement was opened and not simply a takeover legitimated."
On events leading up to collapse:

"It had been repeatedly made clear to me that Taliban didn't want to deal with me. And in your active role [Carter], part of the discussion that I had, said “find a dignified way to get Afghan people involved. My insistence was on a Loya Jirga."
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Per la rubrica

ecco il tipico tweet pieno di menzogne idiote, scritto senza aver nessuna conoscenza degli argomenti trattati e cavalcando un odio cieco e ignorante.

1) "Anche Prodi vuole dialogo con i talebani":

Sì. Esattamente come #Trump,
> ImageImage
#Pompeo, #Biden, #Putin, #Merkel, #XiJinping, #Johnson, #VonDerLeyen, #Borrell e tanti altri.

Perché, volente o nolente, costoro sono i nuovi governanti dell'#Afghanishtan, come da accordi firmati con gli #USA (che li finanzieranno).

Quindi è importante dialogarci per
> ImageImageImageImage
sospingerli tramite la diplomazia a posizioni meno radicali.

Perché, come noto, con la guerra non ci si riesce.
La guerra (salvo pochi casi di liberazione) non ha mai portato nulla di buono.

Lo sanno bene gli USA, che dalla fine dell WWII sono in guerra perenne e non ne han
> ImageImageImage
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Ennesimo thread sull’#Afghanistan. Stavolta sul serio non mi attendo tante notizie oggi, però conviene lo stesso riportarle in un thread unico. ⤵️
Qualcuno fa notare che una delle cause del caos enorme degli scorsi giorni possa essere stata la decisione affrettata degli americani di abbandonare #Bagram, un aeroporto molto più grande e difendibile di quello di #Kabu, ma anche più lontano da raggiungere dalla città va detto.
Gli americani hanno evacuato fino a ieri circa 1.100 americani con le loro famiglie ed attorno a 2.000 civili afghani che hanno ottenuto il SIV, visto speciale per immigranti dato a coloro che hanno collaborato con le truppe americane durante la missione in Afghanistan.
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BREAKING: Erstaunliche Wendung in #Afghanistan – mit einigem Grund zum Schmunzeln, versprochen. (Quelle: privat)

Wie sich herausstellt, ist Aschraf #Ghani, ehemaliger Präsident Afghanistans und Wirtschaftsprofessor mit zwei Doktortiteln, ein richtig schlauer Fuchs.

Von ihm hatte die afghanische Armee die Order, nicht zu kämpfen, sondern die #Taliban in kürzester Zeit ungehindert bis ins Zentrum von #Kabul vorrücken zu lassen. Das Tempo hat alle überfordert: die Amerikaner, die Deutschen – und auch die Radikalislamisten.

Die Taliban stürmen also die Regierungsgebäude suchen nach den Akten – aber die gibt es nicht. Jedenfalls nicht in Papierform. Ghanis Regierung hat nämlich in den letzten 5 Jahren fleißig alles auf digital umgestellt. Ohne IT-Kenntnisse läuft hier gar nichts mehr! 🤭

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1/A thread on @ashrafghani #ashrafghani, the former President of #Afghanistan who recently fled the country. I worked with him very closely for 5 years (2007-2012) before he was President- writing speeches, researching Afghanistan etc. At that point I knew him very well.
2/Most of what is out there on #Twitter so far tends to fall into 2 camps: the “he ran off with bags of cash narrative and is a traitor” or “he tried to do the right things but was a product of circumstances.” #Afghanistan #Taliban
3/ It is the Russians that are pushing this idea that he ran off with bags of cash- which the Western press is now amplifying. No evidence for this yet except unknown “witnesses”- and the Russians have a clear motive to discredit the American-backed regime.
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Nuovo thread con l’aggiornamento della situazione in #Afghanistan oggi 17 agosto. Vi anticipo che mi attendo che gli aggiornamenti saranno meno rispetto ai giorni scorsi.
Si inizia subito con questo: una prima assoluta nella storia dellmAfghanistan. Il portavoce dei #Talebani che risponde alle domande di una giornalista donna di @TOLOnews.
I #Talebani hanno dichiarato l’amnistia generale per tutti i funzionari statali. (Furbi: senza di loro non possono governare, la burocrazia serve sempre).
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Update #Afghanistan
#Kabul ist gefallen bzw. wurde kampflos den #Taliban übergeben.
Der afgh. Präsident floh aus dem Land.
Daraufhin kam es im Flughafen von Kabul zu apokalyptischen Szenen.
Menschen klammerten sich an Flugzeugen, um zu fliehen.
Weitere Details im Thread👇
Zunächst zur Erinnerung.
Kaum hat gestern der Sturm auf Kabul begonnen, kapitulierte die afghanische Regierung.
Es wurde eine friedliche Machtübergabe an die #Taliban ausgehandelt.
Mehr dazu hier👇
#AfghanistanBurning #AfghanistanCrisis
Zuvor eroberten die #Taliban innerhalb einer Woche die meisten Provinzhauptstädte.
Afghanische Truppen ergaben sich meist kampflos oder wechselten die Seiten.
Im Video: ein Brigadenkommandeur unterschreibt die Übergabe von Technik und Personal seiner Brigade an die Taliban
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Apriamo un altro thread per seguire anche oggi la situazione da #Kabul con particolare attenzione alla situazione all’aeroporto. ⤵️
Prima notizia del giorno: a prima mattina continua senza sosta l’afflusso di persone all’aeroporto internazionale in cerca di una possibilità di fuggire dai #Talebani che hanno occupato ieri la capitale. Queste le immagini di stamattina ⤵️
Gli Stati Uniti nel frattempo sembrano aver cambiato posizione sull’ospitare a casa propria gli afghani che hanno collaborato con loro durante la missione militare durata 20 anni e che quindi hanno diritto ad ottenere il SIV (Special Immigrant Visa).
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#Afghanistan 🇦🇫: thread sulla situazione a #Kabul sulla base delle fonti attendibili sul campo.
Si sono sentiti colpi di arma da fuoco nelle strade della capitale afghana #Kabul questa mattina.
Il Ministero degli Interni afghano ha subito dopo confermato che i #Talebani stanno penetrando nella capitale da più parti.
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● Les #Talibans sont ce samedi 14 aout soir à #CharAsyab, à 11 kilomètres au sud de #Kaboul
■ August 14, #Taliban reaches Char Asyab district, just 7 miles from the Afghan capital, #Kaboul…
Avec la chute ce samedi soir de #CharAsyab à 11 kms de #Kaboul, son siège est imminent et sa chute davantage question d'heures que des jours. Toutes les ambassades accélèrent les évacuations.
Une nouvelle nuit noire tombe sur l'Afghanistan. #Tristesse…
● Une panne d'électricité plonge #Kaboul dans le noir ce samedi 14 août soir, annonciateur probable du siège #Taliban.
■ A power outage plunged #Kabul into darkness on Saturday 14 August, a likely precursor to the taliban siege.
(( HT & Pic @RebeccaRambar ))
#AfghanistanBurning Image
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President #Ghani pressed by the Islamist lobby in Washington to resign, while the #Taliban advance on Kabul.

Will join @alarabiya to comment on #Afghanistan
#Taliban forces invade the house of general Dustum in the north. Approach the suburbs of #Kabul.
Joined @AlArabiya on a panel to discuss the ongoing events in Afghanistan, for the next hours.
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Catastrophic 72hrs for #Afghanistan, as the #Taliban capture 5 provincial capitals -- taking military bases, airports, emptying prisons etc.

The U.S. (then NATO) withdrawal is clearly an utter disaster, but that ship has sailed -- muted response from #Washington says everything.
#Taliban control in #Afghanistan:

Mid-April: 77 districts:
Early-August: 229 districts

Nearly 50% of provincial capitals are now under #Taliban threat.

(via @LongWarJournal) ImageImage
@LongWarJournal NEW -- Early reports emerging that the #Taliban may have just captured its 6th provincial capital in 4 days: #Aybak, in #Samangan.
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Problem is Taliban, Khalilzada deal & then Ghani.
#Taliban, who’ve spent the past year on a rampage, are despised nationally, with approval ratings in the single digits. But #Afghan President Ashraf #Ghani’s government is also extremely unpopular.…
Most #Afghans and U.S. officials agree that the #Taliban’s ability to continue the insurgency has been largely due to #Ghani’s bad leadership—and he has shown little interest in reaching a lasting peace agreement that might usher him out of power.
#Khalilzad was unable to secure guarantees on #humanRights, #democracy, or protection for #women’s rights. The deal has no provision for a #ceasefire or even an express promise by the #Taliban to end violence.
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