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Dear Medical Doctors, if you want to help patients with complex chronic diseases (and they sincerely need your support!), here are some important wishes from a patient’s perspective.
1. Believe the patients
Believe them their perception, their symptoms, their adverse reactions to treatments, their degree of suffering. They are the experts for their own symptoms. They know their bodies and reactions better than anyone else.
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@Jacob2dash2 @long_covid I understand your surprise. It is so counterintuitive. But millions of #ME/CFS patients can tell endless stories of post-exertional malaise/crashes that can go as far as leading to permanent severe disability. 1/ @Jacob2dash2 @long_covid You are right. There has to be a better solution. But that will require massive research, recognition by HCP, health authorities etc., listening to and learning from the many ME/CFS patients who have often dealt with their debilitating symptoms for years or even decades, … 2/
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Da die Frage aufkam, wie stark die „strong recommendation“ der @WHO bezüglich


zu verstehen ist, habe ich dazu etwas recherchiert und finde das Ergebnis vielversprechend. ⬇️

In Kürze: Die WHO-Empfehlung „KEIN SPORT bei PEM/PESE“ entspricht der Stärke der Empfehlung für Antibiotika bei Lungenentzündung, für Blutverdünner bei Thrombose oder Rauchen aufzuhören zum Schutz vor Tabakschäden = sehr starke Empfehlung!

Details und Quellenangaben im 🧵⬇️

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As the question came up how strong of a recommendation the WHO‘s “strong recommendation“ for NO EXERCISE in LONGCOVID patients with PEM/PESE is, I had a look into it and found the result reassuring and promising. ⬇️

In short: WHO‘s “NO EXERCISE with PEM/PESE“ recommendation is on the same level as recommending antibiotics for pneumonia, blood-thinners for thrombosis or quitting smoking to prevent damage from tobacco. It truly is a strong recommendation!

Details and references in 🧵⬇️

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Finally! New @WHO guideline specifies: NO EXERCISE THERAPY for #PostCovid patients if they suffer from POST-EXERTIONAL SYMPTOM EXACERBATION.

Hope this will protect more patients from becoming bedbound by wrongly applied #rehab measures like GET

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For more info see 🧵⬇️ The new recommendations can be found in the WHO “Living Guideline for the clinical management of Covid-19” (publ. 09/15/22).

Link to the original document as PDF or via online platform here:

Excerpts in the thread (PEM/PESE mentions and highlights)

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Jetzt warnt auch die @WHO explizit vor aktivierender #Reha bei #LongCovid , wenn #PEM bzw #PESE vorliegt!

Vielleicht hilft das, weitere #LC Patienten vor Bettlägerigkeit durch falsche Rehamaßnahmen zu schützen 🙏

Fachleute und Betroffene sollten das kennen!

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Es handelt sich um die "Living Guideline der WHO zum Clinical Management of Covid-19" vom 15.09.22.

Hier findet sich das Gesamtdokument als PDF oder Online-Plattform.


Im Thread folgen noch Auszüge (PEM/PESE-Erwähnungen und besonders Relevantes).