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Oct 9, 2020 25 tweets 7 min read
A thread: My personal experience with #TRPscam:
(1) It’s been rigged in India for at least 30 years
(2) Not just @Republic but many channels benefit
(3) Scam value is up to Rs. 25,000 cr a year
(3) Don't blame Republic, but @WPP that owns @Mindshare @GroupMworldwide @Ogilvy
In early 90s I lived in HK & helped MTV launch in India (Quickgun Murugan times).

I moved to the US. Was then hired in 1999 to come back to India to try turn around rival Channel V (We Are Like This Only times)

As we geared for re-launch, we agonized on distribution
Oct 7, 2020 8 tweets 3 min read
My @EddieVedderRock memory. Read on.

It's the early 90s, I'm living in Hong Kong and I pick up #NusratFatehAliKhan 's fusion album with #MichaelBrook. Mustt Mustt (& later Night Song) on Peter Gabriel's @RealWorldRec I'm entranced.

1994. I move to Portland, Oregon
(1/n) 1995 or 1996 I randomly hear Nusrat is performing in #Seattle. Never been there before, but I book tickets and get the front row. Drive over and land up well in advance. He wasn't as well known then, the crowd is thin but dedicated.

Lights go down, Nusrat comes on to stage
Mar 12, 2020 10 tweets 3 min read
Thread (1/7): So I tried to get tested for #COVID19. Really. I have no symptoms, but wanted to be sure.

I got off a flight from Amsterdam yesterday at 0100, and took a cab straight to Kasturba Hospital in #Mumbai, the only authorized #coronavirus test center in the city. (2/7) They said it was open 24 by 7. I thought it'd be bustling.

It was dark & deserted. After some looking, found a counter where I paid Rs. 10 to a gent for an appointment, and walked over to the OPD where a doctor woke up, put on a mask, and talked to me.