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Oct 18, 2021
Govt introducing a bill In the Parliament, The Criminal Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2021. It criminalises "false" claim of #EnforcedDisappearance with 5 years imprisonment. Your claim shall be deemed "false" if you're not able to prove it in court of law. (Contd)
1/n The bill makes the perpetrators unaccountable. Govt is obviously twisting it and claiming this a bill to "address" #EnforcedDisappearances. Clearly a lie. Parliamentarians must not be deceived by the title. Read it before voting it.
@CMShehbaz @BBhuttoZardari
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Jul 13, 2020
I'd beg to differ on the view that military estab is upset over the "performance" of PTI govt.
1- military was completely in the know of what IK can or can not accomplish.Yet it implemented its elaborate plan of installing PTI govt. Means performance doesn't matter for estab
1/n 2- For estab, PTI govt hasn't created any problems or disappointments. In fact, military's influence over political domain has increased by leaps and bounds. Why would estab go against it?
3- The plan for hybrid regimes was to install the puppets with mediocre intelligence
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Apr 11, 2020
#HistoryOfHygiene #StoryOfCivilisation

Eyebrows that did not look fashionable were often masked by tiny pieces of skin from a mouse.
#Thread #HistoryOfHygiene #StoryOfCivilisation

Pale look was in fashion during Elizabethan era. Ceruse was the foundation make-up of choice for men & women. It gave the famous smooth, pale look. It also contained lead that seeped into the body through skin leading to poisoning.
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Feb 13, 2020
Wrote this in 2012 for #ValentinesDay:

From the land of Sohni, Sassi and Heer.
From the land of Marvi the saint, who added another dimension to love.
From the land where Mira Bai sang in the streets of Vrinda Ban,

(cont'd) From the land that was honoured by Waris Shah, Bullhay Shah,
From the land where Sarmad Shaheed and Dara Shikoh wrote the story of their devotion with their blood,
From the land of Rehman Baba and Ghani Khan,
From the land of Khushal Khan Khattak and Sadhu Nenuram,
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Jan 11, 2020
Afkar Alvi is a young, very bright poet from Pakistan’s #Siraiki belt #SiraikiWasaib. His peculiar style involves using Siraiki to accentuate the flavour & bring richness to his #Urdu poems. I just stumbled upon one of his rather long poem. Pl follow this #thread to read the poem 1/

مرشد پلیز آج مجھے وقت دیجئے
مرشد میں آج آپ کو دکھڑے سناؤں گا

مرشد ہمارے ساتھ بڑا ظلم ہو گیا
مرشد ہمارے دیس میں جنگ چھِڑ گئی

مرشد ہمارے ذہن گرفتار ہو گئے
مرشد ہماری سوچ بھی بازاری ہو گئی
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Nov 6, 2018
Thanks to Dr. @ShireenMazari1, the PM is advised to sign International Convention on Enforced Disappearances. Last two civilian governments were not allowed to sign it though.
However, Pakistan might not sign the provisions that allow 1/n… ...families of disappeared persons to file complaints to the Committee on Enforced Disappearances formed under this Convention; mandates the Committee to consider the comokaints; and empowers the Committee to hold visits to the country in question. Also, Article 6(2) of the 2/n
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