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Bhav Bhagwan Hai
Sep 26, 2020 53 tweets 49 min read
Weekly NIFTY50 analysis thread.
September Week4.

All posts are for educational purposes. 1
Adani enterprises
Sep 20, 2020 52 tweets 45 min read
Sep 12, 2020 52 tweets 37 min read
Sep 6, 2020 52 tweets 32 min read
Will be posting TA of all #nifty50 stocks in this thread. Any comments, suggestions are welcome! 1
May 29, 2020 7 tweets 7 min read
#tweetthread How to make 30% ROI in a day:
Step 1 – Accumulate. Pick a very speculative stock - VodafoneIdea. Take long all out cash+calls+futures #sizematters ImageImageImage Step 2 – Pump. #Createthenews Attach a big name – google, and create your own fairy tale. Image
Sep 14, 2019 5 tweets 3 min read
@Airtel_Presence @airtelindia Being harassed by your technical team for the happy code. Despite having made 7 complaints this month. Freq. disconnection still happening, so i refused to give happy code- as problem not resolved. Now your support guy threatening to disconnect 1/5 @Airtel_Presence @airtelindia disconnect my internet till such time I give him happy code. This is the fourth time I have received a happy code and unhappily had to give the code to close the call only to be reopened in the same week for the same problem. 2/5